Bible Erotica 01

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Bible Erotica 01

Lot and his Daughters

Based on Genesis 19:30-38

[The Bible contains a number of erotic tales. This is a mere extrapolation of one of them.If it is received well, I will write more!]

“Tell me everything about last night, sister,” whispered Zitsah breathlessly, as she stroked Meshi’s long raven hair.

“All in good time, Zitsah,” Meshi answered, running her hands absently over her younger sister’s bare, smooth shoulders.

Both sisters were naked in their family cave dwelling, reclining on soft animal skins on their crude rock floor. Since their late teens, they had enjoyed pleasuring each others’ supple bodies while their father Lot was in the fields. Meshi pushed her sister’s shoulders, forcing her back against the furry floor covering, while her mouth suckled Zitzah’s breast. Her teeth lightly closed upon the hardening nipple, causing her sister to suck in a quick breath communicating equal parts pain and pleasure.

Lot believed his daughters were virgins. Nothing could be further from the truth. Meshi and Zitsah had spent their formative years in the fleshpots of Sodom. While Lot was offended by the feral sexual practices of the city, his daughters grew up seeing the lusts and passions of the Sodomites as immensely to be desired. Not only did they experience heterosexual intercourse, they sampled the entire range of erotic offerings of Sodom. And there were so many.

Meshi continued to plant swift tender kisses as she moved down Zitzah’s abdomen, She paused to flick her tongue in her sister’s naval, eliciting a soft moan from Zitzah. “Oh, Mesh! Tell me about last night!”

The pleasures of the softer side of sex was a favorite. Their late mother, also unbeknownst to Lot, had willfully participated in the erotic delights of their new hometown. She had cuckolded her clueless husband on countless occasions. And it was she who nurtured both of her daughters in the tender art of the tongue to the casino oyna womb. Many were the days when the three of them spent hours in a twisted tangle of flesh, experiencing and giving one orgasm after another.

Sex was found in every form and at every hour in the city of sin. Meshi and Zitzah wantonly frolicked in mass orgies with their young peers. Mouths and genitals indiscriminately coupled with one another—men and women, women and women, men and men.

And the act which was labeled for the town—sodomy—was enjoyed by men and women alike. The sisters learned to render the fat of their father’s flocks and mix it with fragrant oils to create a sexual lubricant that allowed anal penetration that was deep and pleasurable. Meshi and Zitzah also learned to polish thick, round sticks to service themselves and one another on those rare occasions when an erect penis was not available.

And until last night, erect penises were difficult to find. Or at least not easily accessed. Since the firestorm swallowed Sodom and reduced the entire population, including their mother, to dust, Meshi and Zitzah lived in hiding with their father in a cave that passed as their new residence,

Their mother, Zayish, had been with them as they fled the conflagration. But she paused to look back longingly at the site of her sexual halcyon days. In that moment, she was engulfed in the inferno. All that was left of her was a pillar of the ashes of her oxidized body, indistinguishable from the other salt formations that dotted the desert landscape. Ironically, Zayish’s yen for Sodom made her a permanent part of it.

Meshi squeezed the top of the swollen labia of Zitzah, causing her large clitoris to poke out from its fleshy sheath. “Let me tell you, little sister, every thing you want to know.” She crooked her middle finger of her free hand slightly, reaching into her sister’s slippery flower, looking for her most sensitive treasure.

Zitzah began to purposefully, canlı casino rhythmically, tighten and release her pubic muscles, causing her sister’s pinching fingers to caress the length of her tiny member. “Yes, Meesh, everything!”

A week before their plan had taken shape. Although their wooden toys and each others’ soft lips and talented tongues were satisfying, they both missed the heterosexual pleasures they used to enjoy frequently. They plotted to share the only male member within miles—that of their strict and prudish father, Lot..

Lot, though three decades older than the sisters, was a strong, handsome, rugged man. But the depression following the loss of his wife was as black as the ebony curls with which Meshi now fondled. Lot’s wife, though perennially unfaithful, coupled with him even more regularly than with any of her paramours. Now the wine he drank with his evening meal flowed freely even after the last morsel was eaten. Meshi and Zitzah believed that the alcoholic stupor and his unfulfilled needs would break down the moral defenses of their priggish father.

“Yes, dear sister,” Meshi, cooed while sliding two more fingers effortlessly into Zitzah. “After Abba had emptied his first skin of wine, I did as we planned. ‘Abba,’ I said,’ you look exhausted. Why don’t you retire to your bed, and I will bring your wine.’”

“Ahhh,” sighed Zitzha, rocking her hips in rhythm with Meshi’s thrusting digits. “And then . . .?”

“I removed my garments and perfumed myself. I entered Abba’s chamber as naked as I was born, holding his skin of wine in front of my nether lips. ‘Abba,’ I asked. ‘Do you still thirst?’”

“Oh, Meesh!” Zitzah was breathless and was feeling her heart beat madly.

“Abba, looked at me through the fog of the wine. He had removed his outer garment, and I immediately saw stirring in his loins. Since he was reclining, I straddled his body placing the ripe persimmon of my womanhood directly before his face and dropped kaçak casino the wineskin. ‘Drink my chalice of spiced wine, Abba,” and pulled his mouth into my feminine sanctuary and lowered my body on his countenance.”

Meshi removed her fingers from Zitzah’s womb and slid her middle finger into her sister’s small, tight orifice. “Uhh,” the younger sister reacted upon the sudden invasion. “Go on, sister. Tell me . . .ah , , ,”

“He was stunned at first, but quickly began to devour me with lust. I reached back and under his inner garment, freeing his straining member,” Meshi reached for her favorite wooden toy and sensuously licked the length of it. “I rode is face gently while my hands tightly gripped and stroked his member.”

Her sister could barely speak because of Meshi’s ministrations and the picture of her father lapping her sister while being stroked off by her. “Was . . . it . . . big. . .?”

“About the same as this,” answered her sister as she slid to straddle her sister’s face and shove the phallus deeply into Zitzah’s hungry womanhood. ” I turned and mounted him quickly, shoving his entire length in this deep!”

“Ahhh . . . take me Meesha!” Zitzah’s voice was muffled in her sister’s musky mound.

“I will, dear sister.” Meshi’s strokes were deliberate and rapid as Zitzah rose and fell to meet her stroke for stroke. “And guess what Abba called out as I rode him?”

“Wha . . .,” mumble Zitzah, nearly dumb with passion.

“Abba shouted, ‘Zayish, I want you, Zayish!’”

Hearing that her father called her late mother’s name while plundering Meshi’s treasure, drove Zitzah over the edge. Quivering with the spasms of passion, “He thought you were mother! Oh Meshi, how wonderfully depraved!”

Meshi’s juices flowed freely into Zitzah’s gaping mouth, She dropped her fuck tool, locked her thighs around her sister’s face, and pulled her pungent flower to her. The wanton sisters rolled over and over, enjoying one orgasmic wave after another.

After riding the wave of their passions for what seemed like an eternity, they parted, completely spent.

“Rest up, sister,” winked Meshi. “Tonight is your turn to play momma.”

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