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My dad overheard me and my BFF and he fucked our brains out. (part one “fucked silly”)

I walked to my dads bedroom telling Tina it started in the bathroom after I showered and how my dad told me he overheard us talking. He came in and ripped my nighty open.
Dad picked me up and carried me to his bedroom.
He laid me down on the bed and started teasing me, sucking on my thighs, blowing a bit at my clit, licking above my pussy. I moved as much as I could to get my pussy to his face.
I blurted out “oh fuck, eat my fuckin’ pussy out”

My pussy is on fire Tina, are you going to help me out while I tell you how my dad fucked me?

Oh fuck Carrie I wanted us to try this but I was always too afraid.

My legs aren’t spread wide for no reason.

Tina started sucking on my thighs and flicking my clit with her tongue much like my dad did only she was also finger fucking me.

You’re a hot little teen slut aren’t you Carrie?

I am, I’m your slut and my dads slut.
With every movement of Tinas finger I raised my hips up and down.
Holy fuck Tina I said as I raised my hips again.
Right there, oh fuck, thats it right there, suck my clit, suck it off. HOLY FUCK, OH MOTHER FUCKER. You’re making me cum, OHHH FUUUCCCK TINA.
My hips fell back down on the bed.
I was breathing heavily, trying to catch my breath I was able to ask Tina where did you learn that?

Nowhere, I know it’s something I’d like to have done to me.

I pulled and squeezed Tinas long hard erect nipples. Sit on my face bitch. I want some pussy too, sit on my face.
I went right for her clit, tounging and sucking her swolen clit.

Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah. Eat my fuckin’ pussy out. Make me cum, make me cum all over your fuckin’ face.

Tina sitting on my face was great. I enjoyed eating her pussy as much as I liked cock and listing to Tina and her dirty talk. At si(x)teen I was already enjoying the best of both worlds.

Oh fuck Carrie, fuck yeah, tounge fuck me. Stick your fuckin’ tongue in my little fuck kaçak bahis hole.
Fuck, fuck, fuck you’re going to make me fuckin’ cum. You fuckin’ bitch I’m fuckin’ cumming, I’m fuckin’ cumming on your tongue, your face, your hair agggg FUUCCKKK MEEE.

Oh mother fucker Carrie, you fuckin’ slut. I wish we would have done this years ago, holy fuck you ate my pussy so fuckin’ good Tina said as she rubbed her clit hood.

Tina what are you doing??

Looking in your dads nightstand.

I don’t think that’s right.

What’s he going to do, come in and spank us? Better yet tie us up and spank us, Make us blow him, face fuck us, bite our ass or fuck our brains out? I’m good with however he wants to punish me.
Oooo fuckin’ A looky here porn DVD’s.
I fucked the babysitter, neighbours da(u)ghter, daughter swap, creampie my si(s)ter everyday, my slave co(u)sin loves me and “my videos”

Put these “my videos” in the DVD player. Lets see what our perv daddy is up to.

What else is in there?

Several bottles of lube, his and her lube, a few pocket pussies, vibrators, vibrating egg, some black bulb like vibrator with a handle and fuck yeah butt plugs and nipple clamps.
Hmm why butt plugs?
Bend over Carrie.

What, why?

Bend over for me I’ll show you.

I felt Tina lube my ass then I felt Tina pushing at my asshole.

What are you doing to me Tina?
First off I’ll fuckin’ do anything I want to my sluty friend.
Right now I’m going to put this butt plug up your little ass.
Spread your cheeks for me. Don’t push it out, take this in your fuckin’ ass. You want to be a good fuck don’t you?
Tell me you want to be a slutty girl, a three input girl.

I do, I do want to be a sluty girl for my dad. I want to be a good fuck, a great fuck.
Give it to me Tina, open my ass for my dad. I want him to fuck me, fuck my ass, my face, cum in any hole I have.

Daddy will love to fuck your teen ass. You’ll love the feeling of his hot cum in your ass, it’s a different better orgasm. Now take it slutty girl.

WHAT THE FUCK? Back perabet up the DVD, back it up!


Un-fuckin’ believable, we hit the jackpot with your dad. This is going to be fun!!


Stop, the DVD, turn up the volume.

Now we know what this thing is (Tina picked up the black bulbish vibrator with the handle)

Back up a little further. Listen to your dad and watch closely.

The DVD of a babysitter is playing and dad is narrating.

See, see his got this in his fuckin’ ass Tina said holding up the black bulb like vibrator. It must be a fuckin’ prostste massager.

That’s it fuck the little girl, fuck her hard. Give it to her, fuck her tight pink pussy, fill her pussy with your cum. She wants your cum.

We watched as my dad beat off with a pocket pussy.
He took the pocket pussy off his cock and we could barley hear the prostate massager in the background.

Holyyyy fuck, ahhhh mother fucker.
My dad cried as he wiggled the prostate massager.
We could see his cock start twitching.
Then cum came shooting out of his cock, his cock jumping up with each burst of his cum.
Holy fuck, phew, oh mother fucker was that so fucking good.
He removed the prostate massager and tasted a little bit of his cum.

FUCKIN’ A Tina hollered while pulling on her nipple, rubbing her pussy lips together, jumping around more then my fathers cock when he was cumming. That’s what the butt plug is for? I’d like to fuck him with the prostate massager and lick his fuckin’ cum up or better yet opeb my mouth and let his cum slide down my throat.

Play it again, play it agin I love it.

We watched again as we could see my dads cock start twitching.

I’m fuckin’ ready Tina yelled, I’m ready lets see that cum!

Then cum came shooting out of his cock, his cock jumping up with each burst of his cum.
Holy fuck, phew, oh mother fucker was that so fucking good.
He removed the prostate massager and tasted a little bit of his cum.

We hit the jackpot here, the fuckin’ jackpot I tell you.
Can I fuck him too perabet giriş Carrie, please can I fuck him too?

Thinking about what my dad told me about my mom and Alice not letting him fuck her without hesitation I said sure, of course you can.

Tina kissed me pasionately, thanks Carrie.
Imagine the posibilites, his fantasies, your fantasies and my fucked up fantasies will all be fufilled.
Fuck me again Carrie, please fuck me. My pussy needs to be fucked. Look at how big and hard my fuckin’ nipples are.

Looking at the clock gave me an idea.
I remember seeing handcuffs and soft rope in other drawer of the nightstand Tina went through.

You’re a naughty little girl aren’t you Tina.

Fuck yeah I’m a naughty girl, are you going to spank me? Slap my hot wet pussy?

I pulled out the handcuffs and rope.
I’m going to tie your slut ass up and have you begging for more.

Fuck yeah I like that.

I took the handcuffs and cuffed Tinas hand together, looping them over an ornamental object at the middle of the headboard.
I slipped a pillow under her hips for easy access to her pussy.

You kninky bitch! What are you going to do to me?

I’m going to give you the fuck of your young life. You’re going to have to lay there and take it.

Then I tied her ankles to the foot of the bed.
Tina laid there he(lp)less spread eagle, her big firm tits standing straight up and her two inch nipples erect.

I kissed her thighs and ran my hair up her pussy slit. Teasing her wet pussy with the ends of my hair.

Fuck, fuckin’ fuck me. I’m all yours.

In due time I said as I left the room.

Dad was comming in the garage door. Naked I ran to greet him.
I grabbed his cock through his pants, told him to shower in my bathroom, I have a surprise for you waiting in your room.
Dad kissed me.

I see my surprise, I love you.

Shhhh, it will be better in your room.

As dad showered I went into his room. I tickled Tinas swollen pussy lips with a feather and ran a vibrator a few inches above her clit.

Oh fuck, you fuckin’ bitch, fuck me. Stick your fuckin’ head in my pussy I don’t care just fuck me.

Soon Tina. Soon I will give you the fuck of a lifetime and twisted her butt plug a little.

If there’s enough hits or comments I’ll continue on?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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