Between father amd son at the pool

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Between Father and Son at the Pool
It is a hot august day and my eight-year-old son is splashing in the swimming pool as I doze off sunbathing in my running shorts, my chest and face exposed to the sun’s rays to improve my tan.

The sun warms my blood and gives me that familiar itch between my legs. I rub my hand against the smooth fabric covering my burgeoning cock. Three things happen: my breath gets shorter, the edge of my shorts rides up my thigh uncovering the head of my penis, and my young innocent eight-year-old son becomes curious as to what I am doing and why I am breathing so hard.

I half moan that “Daddy is just making himself feel good” as he perches at the bottom of my yard recliner. He curiously watches me masturbate. For some reason this turns me on even more. I am so hard and turned on with my young son watching me that I pull my shorts aside and expose the fullness of my throbbing penis.

My son’s eyes get large in disbelief and I moan, “It feels so good! Do you want to try it for Daddy?”

He excitedly says yes, and I motion him closer, taking his hand and resting it on my cock. His hand is so small and cool. I guide his hand up and down my manhood and tell him to stroke it with his fingers. His eyes light up in curiosity. I tell him to wrap his whole hand around the pole and to pump it up and down.

At first it feels like my cock is being milked like a cow’s teat … I close my eyes and push against his fist, and push my bottom up against his timidly pumping hand. I can feel his breath on the head of my cock. I tell him to push hard against my thrusts.

“That’s it. . .twist casino oyna your hand. . .and yes! yes! You’ve got it, son. . .just a little more!” I grab the back of his head and shove it down against my cock. “Lick Daddy! See? This is where you came from just eight years ago. What is going to come out is what I put into your mommy to make you happen. That’s it! Now nibble nicely! Oh yes, Daddy’s good boy! Ahhhh! Daddy is coming!”

My cum spurts out and splashes against my son’s startled cheek and runs down over his pumping fingers, covering them in creamy daddy juice.
“Hmm,” I hear, and sit up quickly with my young son’s hand still gripping my creaming cock. His grandfather towers over me, also dressed in running shorts, with a sly yet undecipherable look on his face.

He asks his grandson if he is having fun. “Oh, yes,” comes the reply. “Good, then maybe you would like to watch your daddy have fun with Grandpa?” “Oh, yes,” the little sprite quips.

In utter disbelief my jaw falls as my son takes his hand from my cock. Slowly my dad draws down his running shorts revealing his own mature manhood. “Oh yes, your daddy will have lots of fun.” Instinctively I reach between my father’s legs and tentatively massage his testicles and ass, then kneading his hard body as he closes his eyes and bends over to allow his cock to swing toward my waiting mouth.

I lean up knowing that this is where I came from, my father’s sperm bank. I kiss and lick the head of his penis, stroking his balls, tightening my eager lips around the meat that fills my mouth as my father kneels over my adoring face.

Dad is fucking my canlı casino face fiercely, holding my head between his hands and telling me how nasty I am. He tells me how much of a cocksucker I am, in front of my own young son. I massage his ass and tickle his rim with my finger hoping that this will make him cum quicker.

He plunges his penis into my mouth, fucking my face as my young son watches. He reaches down and tweaks my exposed nipples really hard making me moan around his cock. He finally cums and cums, noisily. I am afraid the neighbors have heard us. His creamy cum is delicious in my mouth and spreading over my face.

He talks to his grandson: “Your daddy has done a good job hasn’t he?” “Unh-huh,” quips my quick son. “But he hasn’t given you a good job yet has he?”

“No,” answers my son as I prepare myself for the task ahead of me. Dad picks up my son and places him on the nearby table helping him out of his swim suit. My “little man” gloats knowingly as he lies down, spreading his legs, exposing his small man-hood. My dad turns to me and says, “Well, son, do a good job.”

I kiss my young son’s thighs, slowly at first, and then with more gusto as I pick up the fresh scent and feel of his young flesh, getting even smoother as I work up to where his little penis is already hardening from what he has experienced.

His smile widens. Being encouraged, I snake my kisses and tongue up to my son’s testicles, so firm, so tight against his ass cheeks, so innocent and untouched, yet delicious. I lick and lick, loving the scent and taste of my boy. I cup his small buttocks in my hands, pushing my mouth onto his kaçak casino hard little cock as he writhes.

Unexpectedly, I feel grandpa’s hands parting my ass and a stiff intruder forcing its way into my love box. I look back and see my fathers hardened cock violating me anally. I stiffen but am only met with stronger and stronger thrusts.

Loving the feeling and the thought of my dad fucking me, I continue my cock sucking work in earnest. I am moaning as I swallow the tiny pole and take my boy’s balls into my mouth at the same time, stroking his hot little anus with my little finger.

Dad is saying what naughty boy I am between slapping my ass cheeks and thrusting his huge member into me, and my boy is wiggling and moaning in ecstasy.

Dad tells me to stick a finger into my boy’s ass. I change from the little finger with which I had been stroking my son’s anus and take my middle finger and slowly, gently push against my son’s tight opening. His whole body stiffens, yet he grinds ever so slightly at my finger, encouraging me. I spit on the end of my finger and push in again as he pushes against me. My finger is sucked in. “Oh Daddy! I like that!” he grunts as he grinds hard against my finger.

I am exhausted and ready to cum. I quicken my tiny cock sucking and finger fucking as Grandpa slams hard into me, grinding his bush against my ass. My son cums first, and screeches “Oh yes, Daddy!”

My dad pulls me straight up by my hair, reaches around me and grabs my cock, firmly gripping it in his strong right hand. He continues to fuck me and kiss my neck. He sticks my cock into my son’s mouth for him to suckle as my knees give out during an exploding orgasm. Not caring who hears us, I scream at the top of my voice “OH YES, DAD! SON!. . .I LOVE YOU BOTH!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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