Beth and Allyson’s Date

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I stood in my doorway admiring Jenna’s tight ass as she walked away. My pussy was dripping, my face was smeared with her juices, and as I closed the door I wondered when I’d be able to get my hands on my 18-year-old lover’s cute derriere again. I glanced at the clock and I still had about 30 minutes before Sara was dropped off. I closed the door, quickly stripped off my dress and plopped back on the couch, spreading my legs wide open I plunged the two middle fingers of my right hand into my steamy cunt. I could feel my pussy was much looser than normal after Jenna’s fist-fucking, so I added a third finger. The fingers of my left hand moved to rub my swollen clit and I was quickly on the verge of another orgasm. My mind went to Jenna talking about taking Emily to my bed, and to something else the little vixen had planned. That was enough to send me over the edge, my body convulsing as I came yet again. As my orgasm enveloped me I never slowed down and kept teasing my clit and fucking my oozing cunt, stimulating myself to two more quick orgasms before I made myself stop. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean as I slowly recovered.

I stood, grabbed my dress and went into the bathroom to check out my appearance. Not surprisingly, I looked like I had just been fucked. My body was a rosy red, my cheeks flushed, and my hair was tousled. I slipped on my dress and made myself as presentable as possible. I walked to the kitchen to get some water and a few minutes later Sara came bursting through the door. I scooped her up and hugged her, very glad I made myself stop masturbating when I did. One more orgasm would have been cutting it really close. We had a great evening together and she helped distract me from my insatiable pussy. The evening went by quickly and soon I was tucking her in for the night. I was exhausted from the long week and my romp with Jenna, so I retired for the night too, hoping to dream of my sweet lesbian plaything.

The next two days were incredibly busy and I didn’t have a moment to think about the fire smoldering deep in my core. When the day ended Friday I was relieved and thankful for the weekend. I picked up Sara and arrived home to find a package on the doorstep. I brought the cardboard box into the kitchen and started to open it, and then realizing what was inside, decided I better take it upstairs so I didn’t have to try to explain to Sara what it was. I went upstairs and quickly finished opening the package in my room. I stripped off my clothes and then reached inside to pull out the strap-on. I studied it for a few moments, loosened the straps and stepped into it, pulling it up over my hips and fastening the Velcro. I walked to the side of my bed and looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror, chuckling as I saw myself with a cock for the first time! I reached down and grasped the red dildo, stroking it.

Instantly my mind raced with the fleeting image of Jenna kneeling in front of me, sucking on the fake cock, and then me behind her, hands on her hips, fucking her. I pulled the straps and dropped it to the floor, my fingers sliding into my panties to caress my wet cunt. I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to cum, but summoning all the willpower I had, I stopped. I didn’t want to keep Sara waiting, and a part of me wanted to let my arousal build for my evening with Allyson. I wasn’t sure I could go that long without an orgasm, but I was willing to try. I dressed, hid the strap-on in my bedside table and went downstairs to start my evening with Sara.

We had just finished dinner when my phone rang. I picked it up, saw Allyson’s name displayed and immediately answered. “Hi Allyson, how are you?”

“I’m doing well,” she responded. “Glad it’s Friday. It has been a long week.”

“Me too. I’m not sure I could have survived another day.”

“So, is tomorrow night still good for dinner?” she asked. “If so, I was thinking about Sullivan’s on Second. Have you ever been there?”

“Yes, tomorrow is still good for me. I’ve never been to Sullivan’s, but I’ve heard good things.”

“Great, I’ll make a reservation for 7. I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you also. If you could, please tell Jenna to be here by 6:15.”

“I will tell her. I’ll see you there tomorrow. Have a good night. Bye.”

Before I could respond, the call ended. I wasn’t sure how to read Allyson yet. On one hand she did seem excited, but she was so matter-of-fact. Maybe that’s just her typical phone etiquette. I was excited about having dinner with her. My mind had been all over the place considering the possibilities, but I really had no idea where this was leading. I didn’t know if this was a date, or just two possible friends out for dinner. I guess I’d have a better idea tomorrow.

Sara and I had a wonderful evening together and after reading her a bedtime story I tucked her in for the night. With a glass of wine in hand I ventured into my closet to find something to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wear for my dinner with Allyson. I don’t consider myself a fashion diva, and I don’t own an extensive wardrobe, but it did take quite a while to search through the dresses hanging in my closet. Just when I thought I may need to shop for something appropriate I spied a dress I had almost forgotten about. I pulled out the dress and padded out of my closet into the bedroom. I slipped off the t-shirt and shorts I was wearing and pulled the dress on. It was a simple red silk sleeveless dress and it hugged my curves nicely.

As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I thought it was sexy enough, but not slutty. The dress went to mid-thigh and the neckline scooped low enough to show a bit of cleavage and matched my red nails almost perfectly. I found red heels that would match and then walked to my dresser to find the right accessories, settling on gold hoop earrings, a gold necklace, and matching bracelet. I opened my top drawers to finalize my wardrobe, thinking maybe this was the most important choice I was making, but wondering if Allyson would ever see my choice. I rummaged through the drawer till I found what I was searching for; a pink satin push-up bra with lace edging and a pattern of red roses. The bra plunged deeply and gave me at least another cup size. It wasn’t subtle, but I didn’t want subtle. I found the matching thong and placed both on the dresser. My ensemble was complete. I hung the dress back in my closet and went downstairs, horny as hell. I contemplated looking for porn on my tablet, but once again refrained. I could feel my pussy pulsing, begging for attention, but I was determined to let my anticipation, and sexual desire, build. I puttered around for a brief time and then decided to go to bed, wondering what tomorrow would bring with Allyson and Jenna.

I was semi-conscious Saturday morning when Sara came bounding into my room and jumping on the bed, a bundle of energy. I groaned and stretched, waking slowly, and then pulled her to me for a big good morning hug and kiss. I sent her downstairs and told her I’d join her in a minute. I waited till I heard her bouncing down the stairs to slip out of bed, not wanting her to see my naked body. I pulled on some yoga pants and a t-shirt, went into the bathroom to freshen up and then went downstairs. Sara had already pulled out cereal and fruit and was in the fridge trying to retrieve juice and milk when I walked in. I helped her get what she wanted, started coffee and then we had breakfast together. We decided we would go to the park today to enjoy the sunshine. The diversion would help keep my mind occupied, otherwise I would sit around the house all day thinking naughty thoughts of Allyson and Jenna. Going to the park would also tire Sara, and hopefully have her sleeping soundly tonight for whatever may transpire. After breakfast Sara settled in with some books and puzzles while I did some mundane household chores. After a couple hours I told her it was time to get ready for the park. Sara squealed with delight and ran upstairs to get dressed. I followed behind, changed clothes and tried to make myself look presentable to go out in public without a shower.

The local park was filled with what seemed like hundreds of kids on a Saturday morning, and the cacophony that accompanied them. There were soccer games, kids riding bikes and a flurry of activity everywhere you looked. Sara and I headed to the playground, by far her favorite place. By the time I caught up to her she was already climbing and having a great time. I sat down on a nearby bench to observe, basking in the warm sun. I recognized some of the kids and parents as I watched them play. I enjoyed the down time, just watching as Sara explored and socialized. When she ran over to me and exclaimed she was hungry I was astounded to see we had been there for 90 minutes. We wandered to the concession stand, ate, and then Sara was gone again in a flash.

As we sauntered back to the playground from our meal, two girls passed us hand-in-hand. They were older than Jenna, about 20 I guessed, and quickly passed by. As Sara hurried back to the playground, I sat down and spied the two girls now sitting partially hidden under a tree away from the playground. There was something about how they were acting that intrigued me. I discreetly watched them laughing and talking for a few minutes and then turned my focus back to Sara and her friends. A short while later my gaze shifted back to the pair under the tree and as I watched, they began looking around conspiratorially.

A few moments later, satisfied they weren’t being watched, their bodies leaned toward each other and they kissed. I was shocked and the scene made me gasp. From my vantage point I watched as their kiss lingered and I imagined their tongues exploring each other’s mouth. I had done a fair job of pushing my desire down, but watching the two young girls quickly had my body responding. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri The girls were sitting facing one another and I couldn’t tell if their legs were intertwined of if they were side-by-side. As I watched their arms encircled one another as their kiss continued. Finally, their lips parted. They seemed to look at each other for a long time and then they once again glanced at their surroundings to see if anyone had detected them. Confident nobody was watching their lips came together again in a long, sensual kiss. I rubbed my thighs together as I watched, my pussy dampening more by the second. I suddenly wished I was closer so I could see better and to hear the soft purrs I’m sure they were both emitting. I quickly turned to find Sara, and when I confirmed all was well, I went back to observing the girls under the tree.

The two were still kissing, and the girl on the right, who I thought initially had looked like Jenna, still had her arms around the other girl’s back. The dark-haired girl on the left had moved her arms, no longer hugging her friend. I stared at the couple intently and watched as they broke their kiss and pulled apart slightly. In a brief flash I imagined I could see the brunette’s arms between them and her hands on the blonde girl’s breasts. From the distance I was I couldn’t be sure, but it sure looked like she had her hands on her friend’s boobs. The two looked around again, laughing, and then I watched as the blonde moved her hands also, moving them to the brunette’s chest. I was sure now they were playing with each other’s boobs, right out in the open on a busy Saturday! The thought that they were so brazen turned me on enormously. I could feel my pussy leaking into my panties and I desperately wanted to touch myself, to masturbate, right there on the park bench!

I’m not sure how long I observed the young lovers. I tried not to watch, but kept being drawn back to them, my arousal growing as I spied on them. Finally, Sara ran over and jumped up on the bench beside me, startling me out of my voyeuristic pleasure. I checked my phone and we had been there almost four hours. My little girl looked tired, so I took her hand and reluctantly left my bench. I took one last gaze at the pair under the tree. They were locked in another passionate kiss, oblivious to their surroundings. I turned and walked to the car and headed for home. In the car I told Sara I was going out and she would have a new sitter, actually two new sitters, tonight. She was excited to have someone new and asked me dozens of questions about Jenna and Emily as we drove home.

When we arrived home Sara had a quick snack and then I sent her to take a bath, and told her I was doing the same. I ran the bath for Sara, adding plenty of bubbles, and she eagerly hopped in the tub. Having her situated, I went to my room and ran a bath also, adding orchid scented bath beads to the water. I stripped off my clothes, taking notice of my very damp panties, and sunk into the hot water. I knew my time was somewhat limited because Sara would only be content for a short time, so I couldn’t indulge myself too long.

I soaked for about 15 minutes, hopefully enough to soften my skin to Allyson’s liking, and then stepped out of the tub. I went directly to the shower enclosure, first washing my hair and then shaving to make sure my legs and pussy were perfectly smooth. Stepping from the shower I used a hand mirror to examine between my legs and used my razor to remove some stubble I had missed and a few stray hairs between my cheeks. Happy that I was now totally hairless I massaged in some baby oil to make myself as smooth as possible. I worked on my hair and make-up and just as I emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, Sara called for me. Perfect timing. I slipped on a robe and attended to her, and when she was dressed I sent her downstairs while I went back to my room to finish preparing. I slipped on the bra and thong, the soft satin feeling great against my skin. I slipped the dress over my head and managed the back zipper on my own. I added my jewelry and 3″ red heels and checked myself out in the mirror. I hoped Allyson would like what she saw. I glanced at the clock and realized Jenna and Emily would be arriving in about 15 minutes so I went downstairs with Sara to wait.

It seemed time was standing still as I waited for the two teens to arrive. 6:15 came and went and my anticipation heightened. Finally, at about 6:25, the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door to find Jenna and Emily waiting, both looking absolutely scrumptious. They stepped inside and I gave Jenna a hug. Jenna then introduced me to Emily and I shook her hand as I tried to avert my eyes from her cleavage. She was wearing a green and gray striped t-shirt dress with cap sleeves that hugged her curves snugly. The neckline dropped low enough to give an unobstructed view of the tops of her big boobs. No wonder Jenna had the hots for this girl! Jenna was adorable in a güvenilir bahis şirketleri ribbed, tight pink tank top with lace trim and a little white bow on the trim, tiny pink tie dye shorts and cute sandals. It was obvious Jenna was braless as her hard nipples were poking through the thin material of her shirt, making me wonder if they were late because they had been fooling around somewhere. I ushered them into the house to meet Sara, and in an instant both were on the floor playing with her. As they moved around on the floor I got a brief flash of Emily’s gray panties beneath her dress and felt myself becoming more aroused by the second. I told them I didn’t know if they had eaten yet so I made enough dinner for all three of them. Jenna looked at me slyly and responded, giggling. “We haven’t eaten yet, but we’re looking forward to eating tonight,” and then winked at me. I asked Jenna to come into the kitchen with me for directions to prepare dinner and as soon we were out of sight I grabbed her and we locked lips, kissing deeply. Jenna ground her body against me as we kissed, our tongues dueling in each other’s mouths. I knew we didn’t have much time, so reluctantly I pulled away, smiling as I saw Jenna’s hard nipples once again protruding through her shirt. I reached out and tweaked a nipple, eliciting a soft moan from Jenna.

“I wish we had more time,” I said softly.

“Me too,” replied Jenna. “But we’ll be here when you get home. You look absolutely gorgeous. My mom’s going to love your dress. Red is her favorite color.”

“I hope she likes it. I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.”

“She is looking forward to it too.”

I gave her the quick rundown on dinner and Sara’s instructions for the night. Satisfied she had everything under control I told her I needed to leave. Jenna grabbed my hand and pulled me to her again, wrapping her arms around me. I could feel her warm breath on my ear as she spoke.

“As soon as we know Sara is sleeping, Emily and I will be naked. You’ll find us in your bed when you come home.” She stepped back, smiling at me, her bright blue eyes shining.

“I’ll look forward to that all night,” I answered, kissed her again quickly and then went to say good-bye to Sara, kissing her and telling her to be good. I grabbed my purse and headed for the door, my pussy already dampening my thong and my libido in overdrive.

I managed to focus on driving, and not my needy pussy, on the way to the restaurant, but between my anticipation of my night with Allyson and Jenna’s last comment to me, it took a supreme effort to concentrate on the road. I arrived just before 7 and had the valet park my car. I walked in and was immediately impressed by the ambience. I didn’t see Allyson and gave my name to the maître d’ and was seated. I had just dropped into my seat when Allyson entered. I was awestruck by her beauty as she walked toward the table, and I wasn’t the only one as almost every head, male and female, turned to look at her striding toward our table. She wore a royal blue, lacy sleeveless dress that hugged her curves perfectly, showcasing her hourglass figure. Allyson’s blonde hair hung loosely to the top of her generous breasts. A simple string of pearls and matching, dangling pearl earrings were the perfect accents to her wardrobe. Her makeup was perfect, and she oozed class and sophistication, with just a hint of sexiness.

When she reached the table I stood and we hugged briefly. The feel of her big boobs pressing against me and the scent of her expensive perfume brought an electric charge to my body that centered between my legs.

As we sat back down, she smiled a dazzling smile and apologized for being a few minutes late. I realized I was totally smitten and barely had the capacity to comprehend what she was saying. Almost instantly the waitress, a cute dark-haired girl, appeared and asked for our drink orders. Allyson asked her to return so we could peruse the wine list and she whisked away to another table. Picking up the menu, I quickly asked Allyson if she had any recommendations since I had never been here before, hoping I could calm myself so I could have a rationale conversation, even though my panties were very wet and clinging to my hot pussy. Allyson gave me a few options and, as if reading our minds, the waitress appeared again asking if we had decided on drinks. We both ordered a glass of chardonnay and she retreated to fetch our drinks.

We settled into a comfortable conversation, talking about our days, although I left out the part about me spying on the two young lesbians in the park. As Allyson spoke I noticed she had a perfect French manicure, the tips of her nails done elegantly, and wondered if she had a pedicure to match. The waitress returned with our wine and took our orders. I wasn’t sure how much food I could handle in my excitement and I didn’t want anything heavy, so I ordered a sesame tuna salad, something I thought sounded delicious and would be easy on my digestive system. Allyson ordered a salad also and the waitress departed, leaving us alone at our somewhat private table for two. Allyson lifted her glass, and I copied. “To new friends” she toasted as we brought our glasses together. The wine was delicious as I took my first sip, hoping it would help calm my nerves.

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