Best Friends Ch. 02

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Jaelyn sat painting her toenails a bright, fiery red. She’d begun drowning out Adrianna’s chatter twenty minutes ago and was deep in her own thoughts.

“Did you hear what I just said?” asked Adrianna incredulously. She couldn’t believe that Jaelyn was being so…un-Jaelyn. She was supposed to be the patient and attentive one; she was always there to listen to Adrianna’s jabber. That’s what she loved about the girl. But now it seemed that Jaelyn had clocked out and wouldn’t be returning for a while. What was up with that girl? Adrianna huffed and got up to leave the room. “Seeya,” she said, clearly perturbed.

“Seeya,” Jaelyn returned, absentmindedly. She concentrated on executing smooth, accurate brush strokes and enjoyed the tickling sensation that managed to get past the barrier of her toenails. She wondered if she’d made the right decision.


“…I would never want to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with, just tell me now and I’ll stop.” Bryan was saying.

Jaelyn’s heart skipped a beat. How had they gotten into this situation in the first place? Oh yeah, she turned her back one summer and he’d gone and turned into Prince Charming on her. And considering the delicious position she was in beneath his hard body and even harder cock, he was evidently damned good at his new role. And to think that only a few weeks ago she was in nearly the exact position with Keith.


“Keith, I’m just not ready,” Jaelyn whispered. He was grinding against her quite roughly and her vagina and nipples were still burning from his previous assault. The girls had talked about getting fingered as if it were a good thing but Jae had not been the least turned on when Keith had licked sloppily on her face and neck and exhaled his hot breath all over her breasts. So when he slid his hand down into her panties and forced his finger into her semi-moist pussy it was uncomfortable to say the least. She’d actually felt violated. ‘Why aren’t you wet for me?’ he’d asked and Jaelyn couldn’t think of a response that wouldn’t hurt his feelings.

Appearance wise Keith was very attractive to her, and all the other women for that matter. He was tall, with the physique of an athlete – which he most proudly was – and had gorgeous hazel eyes and creamy caramel skin to top it off. He kept his hair cut low with a sexy fade, and never stepped out in anything that wasn’t stylish. Yet their relationship was sorely lacking in intimacy and intellect. They didn’t hug or hold hands on a regular basis; due to Keith’s strict schedule, they didn’t stay up talking all hours of the night; they didn’t even kiss until Keith was ready to get some kind of sexual gratification, and frankly Keith was quite bad at it anyway. Plus, he didn’t seem interested in discussing anything much besides sports and sex. No talk about morals, values, politics, family or saving the environment – nothing that sparked Jae’s interest since there was only so much you could say about sex when you weren’t getting any.

Yet, lying beneath Keith on his couch, Jaelyn felt like she owed him an explanation.

“I don’t think we’ve been together long enough. Our three month anniversary is coming up. I promise I’ll be ready then,” she’d said hurriedly. And reaching to relieve his sexual tension with her hand instead, she honestly thought she would be.

When the time came, Jaelyn was almost excited. Almost. She was twenty years old and still hadn’t lost her virginity and, according to everyone she knew, that was lame. Everyone except Bryan, that is. He at least thought it was pretty cool, yet he’d lost his virginity over the summer and then gone on to sleep with three other girls. What a double standard! She’d thought it was so unique that he was a guy and was still a virgin. As soon as he’d gotten a job as a construction worker, got a tan and grew some muscles, however, that was out the door. He’d certainly made up for lost time. Yep Jaelyn was determined to lose her virginity that night.

But when she’d caught Keith messing around with some girl at the club that they were supposed to have met up at, she was relieved. She was pissed because she’d gone out and bought a sexy dress and a sexy set of lingerie specifically for that night, and because he had the audacity to embarrass her in a club full of people who were very aware of the fact that they were dating (and probably knew that he was supposed to get some tonight as well) – but, though it had been a sharp blow to her self esteem, her deepest feeling was pure relief.


Jaelyn stared up into Bryan’s eyes. He was beautiful. His jet black hair that he’d decided to cut short over the summer, his thick expressive eyebrows, and his sparkling eyes, which were so damn sexy staring down at her, while he waited patiently for her response. She’d already learned to recognize that stare; it was most definitely lust. There was a mixture of something else there that she’d seen plenty of times before, but hadn’t yet learned poker oyna to read. Her gaze dropped down to his lips, red and slightly swollen from the kisses they’d shared. Could she ever have imagined what those lips could do? How they could make her feel? She reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips to hers. She kissed him with all of her heart; and in that kiss was her answer.

She thoroughly enjoyed the passionate kiss Bryan bestowed upon her at her response. His tongue plunged into her mouth with a need that she’d recognized within herself, and therefore could recognize in Bryan as well. Jaelyn loved the feel of him rubbing his hardness against her and was utterly surprised when he moved away from her. He must not have gotten the hint!

“Bryan I want you to!” She gasped, suddenly cold from his absence. He looked at her and smiled.

“I know,” he said and winked before getting up and sauntering to his dresser to retrieve a condom which he flashed at her. Oh. Embarrassment washed over her and she swallowed a lump in her throat. She was so hot and ready for him that she would have given it up completely unprotected and not thought twice about it. Luckily he was sane enough to use his mind. Though there was a twinge of regret when she realized she wouldn’t feel the hot skin of his cock inside her pussy…

Jaelyn watched as he removed his clothing before slipping back in bed beside her. The brief glimpse of his cock was enough to momentarily stop her heart. Exactly how was that supposed to fit inside of her again? Her fears disappeared when she once again felt his hot, moist mouth upon her neck. He was so sexy, she thought, as he gently nipped and sucked on her neck and ears, his soft hot lips grazing her sensitive skin. She couldn’t believe the sensations he stirred in her as he slipped his hand down to her pussy and teased her clit with his fingers.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

“I…ooh…was just thinking…” she could barely speak through the sensations Bryan was stirring inside of her, “…the same about you,” she managed and gasped when he slipped his finger into her extremely moist pussy.

“You’re so ready for me, Jae,” he whispered as if he were surprised and extremely turned on by that fact. “You sure about this?” he asked.

“Positive.” She answered clearly and confidently. There was no way she was going to let him slip away without feeling him inside of her. She heard a package rip and felt him shift in the bed to turn the lamp on and slip the condom on his thick shaft. Her nerves kicked in. Was he going to keep the lamp on?

“I want to see you; I want you to see me,” he said, as if, once again, he’d read her mind. She was going to argue that she saw him just fine in the dark but she had to admit that the light lent a lot more clarity to the scene. She saw how his skin had gone red with passion, how his pulse jumped in his throat, how his blue eyes were a shade darker than normal, how large his cock was…she groaned, arching her back and rolling her hips, waiting for him to touch her again. She didn’t have to wait long.

She avidly received his lips and tongue, sucking his tongue invitingly. She thought she would cream herself when he gently touched the head of his dick to her awaiting entrance. Oh goodness! He broke their kiss and she pushed away her disappointment.

“I’m going to slide in Jae, tap me if it hurts,” she nodded her head and her heart jumped as he began urgently kissing her once again as he started sliding the head of his cock inside of her in long, slow increments. They had only just begun when she felt her vagina stretch widely to accommodate him, she tensed up. He froze, maintaining the kiss but waiting for her to adjust.

“You okay?” he asked after a while, breathing unsteadily. She nodded.

“Please…keep going Bryan,” she whimpered. She saw fire flash in eyes and witnessed his battle to control it. God she loved this man. The thought didn’t surprise her as much as the sensation that washed through her at the realization. She wiggled her hips a little and heard Bryan suck in air.

“Be still,” he commanded. And she stilled at the dangerous look in his eyes, deciding not to tempt him any further…yet. Once again she welcomed his kiss.

“Mmnnggh,” she moaned into his mouth as he continued sliding his hard, thick cock into her soaking pussy. She had just started to enjoy the sensation of him moving forward at an excruciatingly slow pace when a sharp pain engulfed the inside of her vagina, she immediately tensed up and tapped his shoulder.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” he said apologetically, his voice still husky with emotion. He stilled inside of her again, staring into her eyes. She waited a while, letting the pain slip away and embracing the sensuous fire that replaced it.

“S’okay Bryan, go ahead,” she whispered, becoming increasingly hot for him once again. He continued. My, did he continue, she thought. It seemed canlı poker oyna like forever before he’d finally buried himself deep inside her to the hilt. He’d definitely reached places inside her that had never been discovered. He felt amazing inside her pussy, condom and all. He hovered over her and she felt his heart beating erratically and it seemed that her heart beat matched his to the tee. What was he doing to her? He languidly sucked on her tongue and nibbled on her lips until she wanted to scream.

“Uh, Bryan?” She didn’t know what she would do if he didn’t move inside of her that instant. He looked at her, his eyes sparkling with humor. She wanted to punch him.

“Yes sweetheart?” he asked sweetly. Oh so he wanted to play around? She’d take care of that. She rose her head up and licked his lips, then slid her tongue into his mouth. She slowly began rolling her hips in a circle and grinding her hot wet pussy onto his cock. He felt delicious. She quickened her pace, her nipples brushing against his chest through the fabric of his tee shirt. He groaned out loud and removed his tee shirt from her body while simultaneously withdrawing and then thrusting into her pussy. She thought she would die when he continued thrusting inside of her as he sucked on her tightened nipples.


Bryan hadn’t known if he was in heaven or hell as he’d begun slowly sliding the head his throbbing cock inside of her tight, wet pussy. Heaven, he decided, thrusting inside of her yet again. He hadn’t known he’d had that much will-power in his body, but she was worth every bit of the effort he’d delivered. He thought he would go crazy the first time she wiggled her tight little pussy on the head of his cock. He wanted to thrust into her so bad. He had to calm down because the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her and make this experience anything less than enjoyable. He wanted to make her come more than anything. He wanted her moaning his name in her sleep after this. He was so far gone, and didn’t care about how he’d gotten there.

He leaned down and sucked on her nipples again, swirling and flicking his tongue over the chocolate, puckered nubs. He pumped into her over and over again. Rapid breathing and the wet slaps of their intimate contact were the only sounds that could be heard. Her pussy was so fucking tight! He groaned and kissed her mouth, loving the taste of her tongue against his. She was moaning in his mouth and the vibrations combined with the fact that she was so obviously turned on made him crazy. He ground deeply into her pussy before withdrawing and repeatedly thrusting harder and faster into her tight, wet cunt. He thrust into her again and felt her pussy tighten drastically on his cock; she arched her back and whimpered. He looked at her face and almost blew his load. She was biting her lips and staring straight into his eyes; a haze blanketed her dark brown eyes. She was going to cum on his fucking cock!

He pounded into her with fervor, amazed that he’d held out this long. When he felt her pussy clamp down on his dick once again he thought he wasn’t going to make it. She arched further, her bare nipples brushing against his chest.

“Ohh! Aaagghh…..BRYAN!!!” she screamed seconds before he felt moisture gush from her pussy down between her thighs, smearing on his as well. He slammed into her one last time before groaning aloud and filling the condom with his hot, thick semen. She shuddered, and he leaned his damp forehead against hers and kissed her hungrily. He was about to slide out of her and remove the condom before slipping back beside her when she simply said:

“Don’t.” At that he settled inside of her, supporting the majority of his weight with his forearms. “Lay down,” she said. He chuckled.

“I refuse to take your virginity and then squish you all in the same night,” he said smiling.

“Please?” she asked. He lowered himself onto her in the most comfortable position he could think of and then rolled their bodies around until she lay on top of him. He heard her sigh. They waited there until his penis softened and slipped nearly all the way out of her pussy. She slipped off of him and allowed him to get up. He removed the condom from his sated cock and sauntered to the bathroom, throwing the condom in the trash on his way. He pissed and then grabbed a towel out of the closet and ran it under hot water, washing him self off before rinsing it again.

He went back to her with the towel, kneeled on the bed and gently wiped the wetness from her thighs and pussy while she gazed at him, strangely aroused at the sight of a small amount of blood smeared between her legs. She was his now, he though possessively. She was fucking perfect. He admired her strong, toned thighs and her slightly swollen vagina. He brushed his index fingers across the soft, dark curls down there before getting up and throwing the towel in the hamper.

He returned to the bed, curled up beside her, and wrapped his arms around internet casino her warm body then realized that she had fallen fast asleep. He must have done something right he mused, kissing her shoulder and letting his heavy eyelids close.


Jaelyn applied the finishing touches to her toenails and admired her work. She got up to check her appearance in the full length mirror as she waited for the paint to dry. She’d chosen a form fitting pair of denim jeans that accentuated her hips and a flirty red blouse to wear. She applied some mascara and lip gloss. Approval gleamed in her eyes and a knock at her door caused her stomach to flutter. Her mind flashed back to their “morning after”.


Jaelyn couldn’t believe how fulfilled she was, simply waking up in Bryan’s strong, capable arms. She felt a soreness in her vagina and, remembering what they’d done the night before, that fulfillment turned into the desire to be filled…again. He was still sound asleep beside her and she admired his profile for a few minutes before making her move.

She ran her hand across the side of his face, over his chest and down to his sated cock. Even flaccid it looked good enough to suck, and that was exactly what she planned on doing. She’d never had any desire to do it before but with Bryan, she wanted everything she could get.

She removed the sheets from their bodies and situated herself so that she was straddling his knees. Neither one of them had bothered to put their clothes back on last night so they were both fully exposed and that fact turned her on even more. Bryan stirred and Jaelyn stilled. She didn’t want him to wake up until his dick was in her wet, hungry mouth. Once he settled down she dropped her head down and slurped his soft penis into her wet mouth. It was buried in her mouth to the hilt when it began to grow, she glanced up at Bryan’s face and realized he was staring right at her. Momentarily she felt embarrassed, what was she going through? But when he licked his lips and pressed his hardening dick deeper into her mouth, she went wild.


Bryan had been so afraid that last night was a one-time thing, that Jae would regret what they had done in the morning. Looking down at her now, he was ecstatic that it wasn’t over after all. Her mouth on his cock felt amazing, she hadn’t seemed to know quite what to do when it began growing in her mouth so Bryan raised his hips up to encourage her. It was awkward at first, at one point her teeth brushed against the sensitive skin of his head, but she got the hang of it and was now driving him insane. When he couldn’t take it anymore he called her name and motioned with his head for her to come here.

When she crawled up his body and straddled him he grabbed her and kissed her before grabbing her hips and pushing her wet, tight pussy onto his dick. He heard her gasp and felt like shit for hurting her but then she started grinding on his cock, her sexy tits moving up and down, her nipples hard. He sucked one of the chocolate buds into his mouth and then moved to take the other one.

“Good morning to you too, sexy,” he said to her, her nipple still in his mouth.

“Mmngh, Good morning,” she said her head thrown back in ecstasy. Yep, this is how he wanted her every morning.


“Someone’s waiting downstairs for you,” Jaelyn heard her RA’s muffled voice through the door.

“Thanks,” she said listening to Janet shuffle away. Grabbing her purse, phone and keys, she exited her room and headed down the steps. When she saw him her breath caught. She’d made the right decision. Standing there in a black button down shirt and a pair of light jeans, looking up at her with lust and excitement in his eyes, Bryan was the epitome of sexy. How had she missed him?

“Ready sweetheart?” he asked. She nodded moving down the steps and into his embrace. The mixed aroma of Irish Spring, Tide and a scent that was purely Bryan engulfed her and she rose up to meet his lips. They kissed passionately right there in the lobby and Jae could feel eyes glued on her, but feeling his hands gripping her hips and his tongue against hers, she didn’t give a damn. This was her man and she made sure everybody in the room was made well aware of it. Yep, she’d definitely made the right decision.

“I don’t think you are,” he stated. She broke the kiss and looked up at him, confused. Humor sparkled in his eyes. “It turns me on knowing you’re that excited to see me,” he whispered in her ear, glancing down pointedly. She followed his gaze and her eyes lit upon her bare feet and glossy red toenails. He chuckled and she was sure her face was red with embarrassment. She wiggled her toes and gave him a peck on his sexy lips before running to retrieve her strappy red sandals. The man drove her crazy, she thought wistfully, and smiled at the warm feeling that overcame her as she headed back down the steps.


Hey all! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Originally this was only supposed to have two parts, but if you are interested in reading more about Jae and Bryan then let me know and I’ll do what I can! Thanks for all the positive comments and support! Later!

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