Ben’s Afternoon Treat

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Ben was looking forward to this afternoon. He liked his job as the daytime hotel manager and the perks that came with it. The fact that he made those perks rather than being provided by the company didn’t really matter. Perks were perks.

His friend Mike used his hotel for various kinds of sexual fun with women he picked up here and there. Ben had participated in a couple of gangbangs Mike had set up as well. It was convenient for both of them and Mike more than paid for the rooms he used. It had been a couple of weeks since the last time Ben got to play around and he was glad that Lori had sent him a text asking for a meeting this afternoon.

Leaving the front desk to his staff he told them not to disturb him for an hour while he did paperwork. They knew he hated paperwork and put it off as long as he could so they shrugged and smiled after he left.

Ben raided the supply closet on the way to his office and picked up towels and a pillow. His perk today was one of his favorites and Lori was on her way. Her text said she wanted things her way and he was more than happy to oblige.

He got through the first batch of supply forms before there was a knock on his door and a completely unremarkable woman slipped inside. She made sure he saw her flip the lever to lock the door. Leaning back she waited while he looked her over.

Dark blonde hair, average breasts, hips just wide enough to give her a figure. She was like the majority of the women he saw at the hotel. Her smile was something he didn’t see often. It was the smile of a woman who knew she was going to be walking away carefully in about half an hour.

Ben smiled back. “I was so glad to get your text. I thought it was going to be another boring afternoon. The paperwork just piles up.” He gestured to the stacks on his desk. A few times those neat stacks ended up in drifts on the floor.

“My dear, I couldn’t face the rest of today without a treat to keep me awake. You know how my mind wanders when I don’t have my treat.” Lori pushed away from the door with a swing in her step that swirled her skirt around her legs. Dropping her handbag by the sofa she beckoned him with a curled finger.

Lori’s eyes heated up as she stood in front of him. “You know what I want today. Next time you get to choose.” She reached down and gripped his growing bulge firmly. “I see you’re almost ready. I’ve been ready all day.”

Foreplay wasn’t part of their arrangement and in very little time they had stripped down completely. She took a minute to admire his thick cock as it popped out of his underwear just as he watched her bend over to take off her underwear.

Lori took the pillow and a towel over to the small couch against the wall. Ben had it in his office because it was damaged and couldn’t be in a guest room. He was very glad he saved it from the dumpster on days like this. He watched Lori ‘assume the position’ while rummaging in her handbag for the tube she kept in there.

She carefully spread the towel so it hung from the couch to the floor and put the pillow on the edge. Kneeling down on the towel she leaned forward so her upper body was supported on the pillow. This arrangement put her at the perfect height for what they both wanted. Looking over her shoulder she said “Do it babe. Do me.”

Ben loved her boldness. He quickly got tired of the games most güvenilir bahis women played. He moved behind her and used his foot to nudge her knees farther apart. This arched her back and opened up her ass cheeks to show everything she had. She could have sat like this on her own but they both liked the feeling of him positioning her. It was part of their game.

Bracing himself on her hips he went down on his knees behind her. The snap of the cap opening on the bottle always made her jump a little and he smiled. It was her bottle and she liked the sound. Anything that kept her here and made her horny was fine with him.

Knowing what she wanted he didn’t use much lube. Ben put enough on his cock to make it shine and none on her. He put the bottle aside for later. He knew he might need it today. It had been a while since she last visited and he wanted to make it last.

His left hand gripped her hip and he took a firm grip on his cock just behind the wide head. Lori’s usual took a little more force than some of the other things they did. He got off on everything they did and liked the variety.

“I won’t ask if you’re ready because I don’t care. You asked for this and you know I don’t stop when I start. I’m not going to give you the chance to change your mind either.” Ben put the head of his cock at her asshole and pushed just enough to hold it in place. His hand was still holding it and he loved the sight in front of him. Her hole looked tiny and his head completely blocked his view of her ring. “Your ass is mine.”

With that statement he pushed hard. His hand on his dick kept him from bending and the hand on her hip gave him leverage. Since she was already pushed up against the couch she had nowhere to go, no way to keep him out. In one movement he had the big head of his cock lodged in her and holding her open at the widest part. She didn’t get the slight relief of his shaft letting her relax.

“Oh yes. Like that. Open me with that fat cock.” Lori turned her head to watch his body. Her voice had that sound of pleasure mixed with some pain. “Make me feel it good.” She was clenching and loosening her ass in pure invitation for him to take her.

“You’re going to get it all when I decide to give it to you.” Ben pushed and slid in a few inches. They both groaned as her hot ass wrapped around him. “That’s just a taste.” He pulled out again and put the head back against her hole. It was just barely open so the tip was inside. He waited until it closed and he was once again pressing against her.

“Take it” he said as he forced his way in. This time he didn’t pause to give her a chance to stretch. He stayed at the same depth and felt her ring fluttering around his shaft. He pulled out and repeated it immediately. Half a dozen of these short thrusts and he could see her ass was staying open longer.

“Oh yeah. Open that little asshole with your big cock.” Lori was all but purring as he kept moving through the sensitive ring. Every time the head popped inside she jumped a little and it rubbed her clit on the rough hotel towel. “Fuck me just like that until I come.”

Ben gladly obliged. He powered through her asshole over and over until he felt her tense and arch back towards him. He had to lean back to keep her from taking more of him up her ass. This was the moment when he knew that fucking her with just türkçe bahis the head of his cock flicking her ring would send her over the edge.

Lori muffled her soft scream in the couch cushion as the orgasm ripped through her. Ben knew just how to work her hole to send her off. Any guy could (and would) fuck an ass but he was a maestro at getting her off.

Ben was breathing hard both at the feeling of her ass around his cock and watching this woman come from what he was doing. He may have been wrong about how long he could last this time. Something about the way she moved this time was going to do bad things for his stamina.

“You had your fun. Time for mine.” He released his hold on his cock and grabbed her other hip. He had enough of his length inside her that he didn’t need the extra help. He rolled his hips to enjoy the moment and let the walls of her ass caress him. She made a noise between a moan and a squeak as he rubbed her insides and opened her asshole more.

Gritting his teeth Ben used a powerful move of his hips to bury all seven inches inside of her at once. He knew just how she would react and he wasn’t disappointed. Her head came up and her ass clamped around him as he completely filled her. As many times as he fucked her ass she was always tight when he went straight in and she always reacted like she was going to tell him to stop.

He looked down at her ring stretched around his cock. He was proud of being thick even if he wasn’t all that long. He decided to give himself a little extra pleasure for now by rolling his hips again and watching her ring strain to accommodate him. Little thrusts at the same time and he could watch as she was wrapped around him and pulled out a little by the size. One last thrust and he hit the end of her and she yelped.

“That’s it. Tell me you love it.” He started to power stroke her, pulling all the way out and forcing his cock as deep as he could go. The sound of his hips hitting her was hard and heavy. He rode her ass without mercy or any consideration for her pleasure.

“Yesss…” she hissed between her teeth. “I love it when you fuck me like this. Make me feel your cock.” She was pushing back as much as her position allowed but for the most part all she could do was stay there and take his pounding strokes. He was rubbing her g-spot with this angle and she was on the way to another powerful orgasm.

Ben leaned forward and grabbed her breasts. Clamping her nipples between his fingers he used her tits to pull her back harder onto his cock. He knew he couldn’t get as deep when he leaned forward like this but her reaction was worth it. All it took was a few more strokes with him digging his fingers into her breasts and she came again, screaming into the couch.

He couldn’t last much longer. She clamped down so hard when she came it was like he was going to be unable to move inside her. Once again he fucked through her orgasm and went back to holding her hips. He didn’t wait for her to recover and plowed her ass as hard as he could.

“You’re so fucking tight. I’m going to fill your ass with cum.” The sound of their bodies was filling the office and his fingers were going to leave bruises on her hips. Lori had her arms wrapped around the pillow underneath her and was trying to move. He couldn’t tell and didn’t care if she was trying to help or get away. güvenilir bahis siteleri He had a load of cum and it was going into her.

Lori was seeing stars. The lube was almost gone and she could feel him dragging with every stroke. She felt like her ass was on fire and her clit was almost as hot. The towel was doing what her fingers couldn’t and rubbing it with every movement. Every time she felt his balls slap her pussy it jolted her with the combined feeling of pressing her clit against the couch and then the rub of his sack on the other side. The angle he was at made it feel like he was somehow fucking her pussy at the same time. “Fuck my ass like it’s meant to be fucked.”

Ben was on the edge and her words sent him over. He shoved his cock as deep as it could go and felt the first jet of cum rise through his shaft. “Now! Come for me Lori!” He threw his head back as his balls jerked.

That last stroke was all Lori needed to come. She used the pillow to mask a real scream as he hit the end of her and caused a brief stab of pain. The hot cum felt so much more intense when he went there and it kept her orgasm going.

He pumped one more spurt deep into her then pulled out quickly. He loved the feel of her ass milking his cock but he also liked to see this. Her asshole gaped, red and raw from the hard fuck he had just given it, and he shot the rest of his load into her open hole. His pearly cum looked wonderful pooling inside her then dripping down to her pussy and down her legs.

Lori drooped on the couch in blissful satisfaction. She was breathing like she had run a marathon and her ass felt completely abused. The cool air on her asshole was a relief as it returned to normal size. She knew Ben was watching her close up and also watched the cum continuing to run out of her ass.

Ben wrapped his arms around her waist and hauled her up to rest against his body. They were slippery with sweat and he kneaded her breasts as he held her. He rested his head on her shoulder then kissed her neck.

“That what you wanted? Feel better?” He kept his hands on her breasts and enjoyed the feel of them filling his hands. He held her until their breathing slowed down. With a sigh he braced himself on the sofa and pulled them both to their feet.

A quick cleanup with the baby wipes from her handbag and they were soon dressed again. Ben ran his hand over her ass and pulled her into an embrace. “You going to be able to stay awake at work this afternoon?”

Lori pulled him close. “You know it. I won’t be able to sit still since my poor ass is sore from some cruel man having his way with me.” She tried for a look of injured innocent and ended up spoiling it by giggling.

“I’ll have my way with you any time my dear. Next time it’s going to be my way so make sure you take a long lunch. You’re not going to get me to come as quick as today you naughty girl.” He looked down at her and smiled widely. “I’ll get you to beg me to stop one of these times.”

She picked up her handbag and walked to the door. Unlocking it she turned back and fluttered her eyelashes. “If that’s a challenge I hope you’re up for it. I haven’t said stop yet.”

Ben watched her walk out of the office and sat back with a contented sigh. Looking back at the paperwork he wondered how he was going to stay awake himself. He’d just had a very satisfactory assfuck and the promise of another one soon. He was a lucky, lucky man.

(Send me some feedback if you want something special in the way of anal adventures for the two of them. Otherwise I’ll have to keep them busy myself. 😉 )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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