Behind Bars Ch. 01

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“Get in there now! What the hell do you think you were playing at Nikki! Do you want to jeopardize your appeal? I can’t believe you can be so bloody irresponsible!”

“Oh why don’t you just piss off Helen and leave me the fuck alone!”

Their faces only inches away from the other, Helen was the first to pull back from her stance, she eyed Nikki, turned on her heal and made her way to the cell door. Just before exiting she turned, “I want nothing more to do with you Nikki Wade, goodbye”

Nikki reached out and took Helens arm in her hand managing to stop her from leaving, closing the cell door she got down on her knees.

“Helen please don’t do this, you can’t leave like this, I can’t cope in here another day without you by my side…. Please”

Her hands pulling at her skirt begging, pleading for her to stay, for her to forgive her. Helen remained furious however feeling pity for the girl begging at her feet. An idea sprang into Helens mind, knowing Nikki would be willing to do anything for her at this moment in time; she pushed Nikki’s hands away and stepped back. Nikki remained on the floor looking puzzled. Helen reached down and slowly reached under her skirt and pulled down her dirty wet knickers, all the excitement and rage had made her juicier than she imagined, stepping out of them she through the lace undies at Nikki’s face. Nikki started at her in disbelief, she could smell her scent, her sweet aroma of her wetness, and she remained paralyzed to the spot still searching Helens eyes for answers.

“This is what you want isn’t it Nikki? You güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri want me to forgive you don’t you?”

Nikki nodded her head still confused by this new façade of Helens.

Helen lifted her skirt showing her moistened cunt, she stepped closer to Nikki so her pussy was positioned directly over her mouth.

“Now fuck me!”

Nikki eyed the beautiful moist lips in front of her swollen and pink yearning for her tongue. Nikki did as she was ordered her erect tongue running over her lips seeking her clit. Helen began to moan quietly gently rocking her hips. Nikki’s tongue now flicking hard against her clit; she began to suck hard at the little bud, making Helen moan louder. Without warning Nikki stood up and threw Helens body against the cold cell wall, her hands locking round Helens wrists she raised them above her head and held them against the wall.

“Is this want you want?”

Nikki moved back and began to undress slowly never taking her gaze of Helen knowing she was to far gone to walk out. She was watching Helen squirm and wriggle against the wall seeking pleasure. Once completely naked she ran her hand over her breasts tweaking and pinching causing her nipples to become erect. Seeing the need and desperation in Helens eyes she decided to tease her further. Her fingers now began crawling down her stomach to her mound, her middle finger sliding down between her lips she began to massage her clit.

“Oh Nikki…. Please…. I need you to fuck me…. Please!”

“Well looks like you will have to wait, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri do you know Helen, it’s nice having control once in a while. Don’t you think maybe it’s my turn to be boss?”

Throwing her head back in frustration wanting, needing, Nikki’s hands on her body, her full red lips against hers, her fingers exploring, touching, fucking her, she begins to protest.

“Oh Nikki please!”

“Strip, I want you naked. Now!”

Helen begins frantically removing her shirt, as she releases the clasp of her little black lacey bra her beautifully round tits become exposed showing her pink nipples erect and excited. Nikki begins to moan as she continues masturbating herself enjoying dominating Helen in this manner. Helen proceeds to remove her skirt leaving her wearing nothing more than her black knee high boots. She could feel her heart pounding against her rib cage, her clit pulsating desperately seeking relief and her mind a whirl with the dirty image of Nikki fucking herself in front of her.

“Good girl. Now turn around and face the wall!”

Helen knowing that she had to obey her turned and placed her hands against the wall spreading her legs slightly, giving Nikki full view of her ass and easy access to her anxious cunt. Leaving Helen a few seconds to tease her she approached her pressing her breasts against her back and her sex against her ass. Helen whispered now in pure desperation,

“Oh Nikki fuck me”

Nikki finally obliged pulling Helens head back against her shoulder her mouth began nibbling at her neck, güvenilir bahis şirketleri breathing frantically into her ear sending shivers through Helens aching body. Her hand finding its way to Helens sex she immediately penetrated two fingers inside her cunt. She was dripping with fuck juices making it easier for Nikki to penetrate a third finger, her thumb working hard against her clit, back and forth with the movement of her fingers sliding in an out. Helen began to loose the strength in her legs as she began to climax feeling this Nikki withdrew.

“Oh Nikki please I’m so close”

Nikki pushed her on to the bed next to them and knelt on the floor, pulling her legs around her neck she began to fuck her with her tongue, knowing this wasn’t enough she rammed her fingers back into Helens gaping, swollen sex fucking her hard whist her tongue flicked over her bud. Helen began to arch her back pushing her sex further into Nikki’s mouth. Hearing Helen moaning in ecstasy she started sucking at her clit, her tongue now flicking harder and harder until Helen began to buck and her hands grabbing Nikki’s head pushing her harder and faster until her body was paralyzed in bliss. Helens cunt swallowing Nikki’s fingers contracting around them, her lips parted as she let out a deep groan. Showing her exhaustion little beads of sweat ran down between her breasts as her body fell lifelessly onto the bed.

“Oh fuck me Nikki that was amazing!”

“I think I just did darling”

Suddenly a noise came from the corridor, commotion of some sort. Helen finding the small amount of energy left in her jumped up along with Nikki and quickly began to dress. Looking at Nikki’s disappointment of this abrupt interruption she kissed her full on the lips before departing.

“I’m sorry baby. I’ll come back as soon as I can OK?”

“Helen… I love you.”

“I love you too Nikki.”

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