Beginning Latin

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A quick one about the college of my dreams.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle.


“Mr. Goyette, please read us your translation.”

“I’m sorry Professor but I haven’t completed the assignment.”

“Indeed? I hope you have an excellent excuse. You must be aware that I have a very strict policy regarding the timely completion of assigned work. Latin is not a require course. Why would you sign up for an elective, an elective known to be challenging, given by an instructor who detests the idiocy of grade inflation and then fail to complete the assigned pages?”

I am in my fifth year teaching Latin and Greek at a very small and very expensive all male college. Despite my well-earned reputation as a hard grader my classes are extremely popular. I have received many letters from parents, some of whom you’d recognize from the news, extolling my qualities as a lecturer and molder of the nation’s future leaders. I have no doubt I’ll be offered tenure at the end of this school year. I am interested in Mr. Goyette’s explanation for his failure to complete an assignment. Five years is not nearly enough time to have heard it all, not from a group of bright and very imaginative young men.

“I was watching porn and fell asleep after I jerked off.”

“Perfectly understandable but hardly sufficient justification for failing to complete an assignment. Please come to the front of the class.” He does as I ask. “You know what to do. Don’t make me ask you.” He quickly sheds his uniform. “You may leave your socks on. The room is quite chilled today. I’m not unreasonable, you know.”

“Yes, sir,” he replies, standing in front of me, his lovely cock already rising.

“Turn around and put your hands on the broad.” He does as I ask, as I knew he would. The boys in my class are rambunctious, head-strong and in need of discipline but underneath it all, good decent men. I lay a half-a-dozen lashes with the pointer on his right cheek before switching sides and laying another half-a-dozen on the left. His pert little ass glows under the attention, striped with red welts. “Lotion,” I order. He picks up the bottle of quite expensive body lotion, French, I keep on the table beside the whiteboard for just these occasions. I hold out an open palm. He pumps some of the lotion into my cupped hand. “More, lad. I’m not a beast, you know.” He adds another pump, places the bottle back on the table, and returns his hands to the board. I rub the lotion between my palms then press them to his buttocks. The skin is hot under my hands. I apply the lotion to his striped ass, spreading his ass cheeks for the class to see as I do. I use the fingers of my left hand to smooth the last of the lotion over his ring muscle.

“You may turn around and face the class but remain standing, please.”

“Yes, sir.”

I ignore the shiny strand of pre-seminal discharge that dangles from the head of his now fully erect cock.

“Mr. Jared, your translation of the first two paragraphs please.”

Mr. Jared rises and reads his translation. It is quite good. He captures the sense of the passage, if not quite the poetry.

“Very good, Mr. Jared. Please come forward.” He walks to the front of the class. “Kicking or receiving, which is your pleasure, Mr. Jared.”

“Receive, sir. Thank you.”

I nod. “Very good. Please lower your trousers.”

He does. Like most of my students he no longer bothers with underwear, at least not on the days he has Latin. I am pleased to note he is only partially erect. His cock is on the smaller side but beautifully proportioned and equipped with the most delicious foreskin. It is to that which I focus my attention as I kneel on the pillow in front of him. We are turned so that the class might fully appreciate the rewards that accompany adequate academic performance.

I pull at the foreskin with my lips while I fondle the amazingly heavy and low hanging balls. Mr. Jared sports a dense thatch of jet black pubic hair. I bury my nose in it, imbibing his scent bahis firmaları while my hand finishes getting him hard. I take his cock in my mouth and immediately deep-throat it, intoxicated by the musk my nose has discovered hiding in the mass of hair surrounding his cock. I hear a moan from the classroom and remove my mouth. Turning to the class, still stroking Mr. Jared’s cock, I reprimand them. “Silence, please. Any more outbursts and class will be dismissed.” A sea of heads nod agreement. “Excellent. Now, Mr. Jared, perhaps we will be spared any further interruptions.” I engulf his cock with my mouth and holding his foreskin in place with my hand, I force my tongue under it and swirl it around the head. My other hand rests on the lad’s butt. I feel it clench. I deep-throat his cock again, holding it there for a moment before pulling away and standing.

“Mr. Jared, your translation was good but too literal, destroying the beauty of the passage. If you wish to cum in my mouth, you’ll need to do better. Understand?”

“Yes, professor. Thank you, sir.”

“My pleasure. You may return to your seat. Would you like to disrobe first?”

He nods, trying to keep the eagerness out of his eyes. He strips, folds his clothes carefully, and returns to his seat.

“Mr. Eler, the next…”

“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t complete the assignment either.”

“Mr. Eler, did you interrupt me?”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.”

“I don’t suppose I need to trouble you for an explanation for why you failed to complete the assignment?”

“No, sir.” He stood, already tugging at his tie.

“Mr. Eler, let us see what you can do on the fly, so to speak. Please begin reading where Mr. Jared finished. After each sentence, translate. Proceed.”

He does so, flawlessly.

“Excellent, Mr. Eler, excellent. Are you sure you didn’t complete the assignment?”

“No, sir. I mean, yes, sir,” he stammers. “I did complete the assignment, sir. Sorry, sir.”

“You place me in a difficult position, Mr. Eler. Your translation was excellent, yet you’ve not told the truth and you interrupted me. It would appear you deserve both punishment and reward.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Undress and come forward.”

My pride in the lad skyrockets when he controls his excitement and calmly undresses and places his tidily folded garments atop his desk.

“Which do you anticipate more, Mr. Eler? Reward or punishment?”

“Reward but only by a hair, professor.”

I like a man who knows his mind but I repress my smile. Discipline in a classroom is a thing that can be undone in an instant.

“Very well, hands on the board if you please, Mr. Eler.” He places his hands on the board. I put the pointer across the lower portion of his abdomen. “Move your legs back, Mr. Eler. Further please.” He walks his hands down the board as I urge his legs further from the board until his upper body is parallel to the floor.

“Mr. Preston.”

“Yes, professor.”

“Can you see Mr. Eler’s balls hanging between his legs?”

“No, sir, not really.”

“Open your stance, Mr. Eler.” He does as I instruct. “Mr. Preston, now?”

“Yes, sir. Quite clearly, sir.”

“Very good, come up here, Mr. Preston, and kneel beside Mr. Eler, please.” Once he is in position I turn to the remainder of the class. “You may move closer if your view of Mr. Eler’s balls is obstructed.” There follows the sound of chairs scraping on the ancient wooden floor. “Mr. Preston, without hindering anyone’s view I would like you to scratch, upward, lightly, the inside of Mr. Eler’s thigh, up high, just below his balls but don’t touch his nuts. Whenever, you are ready, Mr. Preston.”

He performs the action perfectly.

“Did everyone see how Mr. Eler’s nut sack contracted, the way his balls crawled toward his belly?”

I see several nods.

“Gentleman, you have tongues. Did you observe the phenomenon or not?”

A chorus of, “yes, sir” fills the room.

“That’s better. What you have observed kaçak iddaa is the cremasteric reflex. Can anyone tell me the origin of the word, ‘cremaster’?”

“Mr. Lawrence.”

“Greek, sir.” I detected a certain hesitancy in his voice.

“Is that an answer or a question, Mr. Lawrence?”

“Answer, sir.”

“Then speak with confidence. You happen to be correct. Was it a guess?”

“No, sure. It means ‘supsender’. Similar to the Greek word for ‘to hang’, sir.”

“Indeed, very good, Mr. Lawrence.” I reach between Mr. Eler’s legs and bounce his balls on the palm of my hand. “Quiet an apt word for the muscle that suspends the testicles, is it not?”

Another chorus of “yes, sirs.”

“Mr. Lawrence, kick or receive?”

“Kick, sir.”

“Very good. Mr. Eler turn around, if you please. Or even if you don’t for that matter.” A twitter runs through the classroom; a glance suffices to silence it. “Mr. Eler, do you view sucking Mr. Lawrence’s cock as punishment?”

“Not in the least, sir. It’s a lovely piece of manhood, sir.”

A louder twitter sweeps through the room. I let it pass; it was, after all, a perfectly acceptable answer.

“Very well, then I must think of a punishment.” I pretend to contemplate my options but I know what I intend to do. I kneel on my cushion. “Mr. Eler, your punishment is, instead of sucking Mr. Lawrence’s cock you’ll be forced to watch me suck it. Clear?” He nods, looking appropriately disappointed. “Mr. Lawrence, having answered my questions correctly, you may cum in my mouth, if you wish.”

“Yes, sir!”

Mr. Lawrence has a larger cock, sadly mutilated as an infant by stupid parents, but, nonetheless, I agree completely with Mr. Eler, it is a lovely piece of dick. Pride is my great sin; I love to display my prowess. I keep my hands on the lad’s ass and suck him with only my mouth. I deep-throat his cock and hold him deep in my throat and suck. I’m continually amazed at how few people actually suck while sucking a cock. I pull back and slowly lick and kiss his shaft. I allow his delicious prick to rest on my outstretched tongue and let it bounce there with every heartbeat. Before I go back to sucking his cock, I turn to Mr. Eler. “You are owed a reward as well, for your excellent translation. You may masturbate.” He nods. I glance up at Mr. Lawrence. “When you are ready to cum, pull out of my mouth. The two of you may cum in my mouth.”

“Professor?” It’s Mr. Goyette. I lean to look between Mr. Eler and Mr. Lawrence.

“Yes, Mr. Goyette. I hope this is important. Our time is running short.”

“Yes, sir. I confess, sir. I lied as well.” He proceeds, not to read his translation of the assigned passage, but to quote it from memory.

“Why did you lie?”

“I enjoy being caned by you, sir.”

“Well.” I turn to the class. “Is that true of any of the rest of you?” Many of heads nod in silent assent. I’m too flabbergasted to remind them to use their voices. “I had no idea, quite silly of me, really.” I returned by gaze to Mr. Goyette. “Your rendering of the passage was beyond reproach, I must confess. You merit a garland of laurels as well, it seems. Very well,” I say, having reached a decision. “Mr. Goyette please tell me what you would consider a reasonable reward for your work.” I turn to the class, still on my knees with a cock dangling a scant few inches from my mouth. “I will not tolerate any further of this nonsense of pretending you have not completed your assignments. Complete them, do your best, and you may choose your reward, even those that in other settings might be construed as punishment. Is that quite clear?”

“Yes, sir!” echoes from the wall. I nod, proud and pleased.

“Mr. Goyette, what is your pleasure?”

He hesitates only a second before squaring his shoulders and looking me in the eye. “Sir, I’d very much like to fuck you.”

“Indeed, you’d like to shove your man stick deep into my tight, hot ass, something like that?”

He looks shocked for a second then kaçak bahis his mouth twists in a half-smile. “Yes, sir. Something like that, sir.”

“Very well, I suppose I’ll need to get undressed.” I coach both rugby and lacrosse and have no hesitancy in displaying my body. I stroke my rigid tool after placing my clothes on my desk. I set the lotion off the table and move it to the center of the room and then pull my desk chair over. “Mr. Eler, would you hand me that cushion, please?” He does and I place it on the table. I put one knee on my chair and lean with one elbow on the table. I can reach Mr. Lawrence’s cock without difficulty. “Mr. Goyette, will this position work for you?”

“Yes, sir. It will do nicely, sir.” I nod. “You will find lubrication in the top right desk drawer, Mr. Goyette.”

“I have a better idea, sir.” Before I can respond, he drops into a squat, grabs my buttocks, spreads my cheeks, and begins to rim my pucker. I suppress a gasp of delight. Discipline, as I’ve said, must be maintained. “Class, you may come closer if you wish.” With that I go back to Mr. Lawrence’s cock. It had wilted somewhat during the discussion and re-arranging of the furniture. My oral ministrations have it set to rights in no time.

I pause for a moment, as Mr. Goyette positions the head of his cock against my asshole. I allow myself a moan of pleasure as his cock slides into me. His hands, hot as fire, grab my hips and he begins to thrust. I do my best to keep my voice steady as he assaults my ass. “Gentleman, please disrobe and line up behind either Mr. Goyette or Mr. Lawrence. Bear in mind, this is my reward not yours and should in no way be interpreted as a relaxing of the rules. I cannot overemphasize that point. We will need to proceed with a certain degree of haste. We’ve only twenty minutes left in the period.”

With that, I go back to Mr. Lawrence. I continue to refrain from using my hands. He has earned this, there is no need to rush him. When he pulls out of my mouth, he shifts slightly and Mr. Eler moves to his side. I work my mouth, with no little difficulty, around the heads of their two delectable cocks. Their fists bump into my chin as they stroke their cocks. Mr. Eler cums first, followed shortly thereafter by Mr. Lawrence. Knowing and respecting my desire to keep the classroom tidy, Mr. Eler cups one hand beneath my chin. I silently compliment him on his presence of mind, there is no way I can swallow two simultaneous loads, not without being able to close my mouth. Mr. Lawrence milks his cock onto my outstretched tongue, then steps back.

“Thank you, professor.” He starts to dress as I suck and lap the semen Mr. Eler had collected in the palm of his hand. When I was finish, he too steps back. “Thank you, professor.” I nod my acknowledgement to the both of them, not having time to speak before I am offered another cock. I raise my torso up slightly. I am hungry for cock, as always, but I also remember that Mr. Rohan has lovely nipples. I am flicking his nipples with my tongue when Mr. Goyette begins to slam into me with abandon. I pause, waiting to feel his cock swell in my ass before filling me with his seed.

When he steps away, I motion him to come to me. I clean his cock with my mouth, while behind me another of my students pushes his dick into my slick hole. When I am finished with Mr. Goyette’s cock, I give Mr. Rohan’s the attention it deserves.

There were fifteen students in that period. The twenty minutes flew by but all are satisfied, some, such as Mr. Lawrence twice, and I made sure to clean all my student’s with my mouth before dismissing them. Mr. Lawrence is the last to cum in my ass before the bell rings.

There is a crowd at the door, jostling to peer through the small window in the closed door. I’m not able to give Mr. Lawrence’s cock the post-fucking suck it deserves. My next period is Intermediate Greek. I know these young men exceedingly well. I consider and reject the notion of getting dressed.

I busy myself with my lectures notes as they find their seats. There are only ten students this year in Intermediate Greek; it is just as well. I have three more classes to teach today and my jaw is already sore. Such is the burden of a dedicated teacher.

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