Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl Chapter 2: Bad Girl’s Get Spanked

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Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl
Chapter Two: Bad Girl’s Get Spanked
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

When my mom took my fraternal twin sister to visit my grandparents for three weeks she made me promise to take care of Daddy. But I very much doubt she meant for her eighteen-year-old daughter to take over all her wifely duties.

But Daddy did. And I wanted to be a good girl like I promised Mom.

Yesterday, Daddy took my virginity in the changing room of a lingerie store. I was modeling my new sexy underwear for him, and that excited him. His dick was so hard, in such pain, I had to be a good girl and satisfy him.

And it was amazing submitting to him. I surrendered my body to Daddy and he rewarded me with ecstasy. His thick cock popped my chair and had had me moaning. It was so risky. We could have been caught, but Daddy didn’t care.

He reveled in the risk. It made the sex so hot.

Since I was on Summer break, Daddy expected me to clean the house. And be naked the whole time. I wondered if he made Mom do this. She was so submissive, too. She was always waiting on him, loving him by keeping the house clean, making great meals, and giving him constant sex. My sister and I would hear them all the time.

She was such a fifties housewife. I learned at school that women shouldn’t be subservient to their husbands and boyfriends, but Mom was so happy doing it. And now I understood.

Which was why I cleaned the house naked. It was exciting. It brought such a rush. I wanted to call Mom and ask her if she did the same thing. Was she naked while my sister and I were in school? Did her hot pussy drip juices down her thighs as she scampered about the house, reveling in the thrill of nudity?

But I couldn’t ask her. Mom could never know how much I replaced her. It would break her heart. When she returned, I would go back to my normal role as daughter, and Mom would take care of Daddy the way she always had.

But I didn’t want this to end. Last night, in bed, Daddy had made love to me. He had licked and caressed and touched every wonderful part of my body. My pussy grew wetter just remembering his strong lips nuzzling into my cunt and tonguing me to orgasm after orgasm. I bucked and gasped on his bed, making all those wonderful noises Mom would make.

I understood. Daddy was amazing. Such a handsome, hunky stud.

I had dinner cooking in the crock-pot when Daddy came home. The moment I heard his car pull into the driveway, I did what Mom would do—I rushed to the door to greet him. I stood naked, trembling, my nipples hard atop my round breasts.

Keys jingled. Footsteps approached. I glimpsed his shadowy figure through the frosted window. I reached out and opened the door, smiling at my Daddy. He was so tall, his muscular chest stretching the dress shirt he wore. And his hair was dark. It made him seem so powerful and dangerous.

“How was your day, Daddy?” I asked as I took his briefcase.

“Good, good.” The slightest hint of a smile touched his lips as his eyes glanced down at my body. I straightened my back more, thrusting my round breasts out. I was proud of them. They were growing nicely, bigger than Alice’s, my fraternal twin. Her tits were smaller.

She was such a brat I was glad I had one thing better than her.

Daddy stepped into the house and closed the door before anyone saw I was naked. But the thrill made me so wet. I squeezed my thighs tight together as Daddy took off his suit jacket. I took that from him along with his tie. I knew Mom’s routine. I had seen it so many times growing up. It was always the same.

I raced upstairs to put the tie, suit jacket, and briefcase where they belonged before rushing back downstairs and finding dad sitting in his recliner. I froze, realizing there was something I had to do before the massage. Blushing, I dashed back to the kitchen to get him a bottle of his favorite beer.

I returned and presented it to him. He didn’t comment on my mistake.

“How was your day, Daddy?” I asked as I knelt down before him and unlaced his loafer.

“Long,” he groaned. “Lots of meetings. Idiots fucked up the project and they needed Daddy to rescue their asses.”

I smiled as I pulled off his loafer then the other. I set them aside before pulling off his dress socks and exposing his large feet. His toes were so thick. I grabbed his right foot and began massaging it. Mom had talked to me about it before.

“You need to dig your thumbs into his soles,” she had said a few weeks ago as she massaged Daddy’s foot. It was a rare time were I wasn’t banished from the living room like usual. Normally, my sister and I were not allowed to be in the living room when Mom massaged Daddy’s feet. “He likes the pressure to wipe away the stress. It’s wonderful and intimate. Right, dear?”

Daddy had nodded, staring down at Mom with this glint in his eyes.

The same glint he had now. I knew what it meant—possessive, dominating. He owned me. He was the reason I was naked and my brown hair was in a long braid. Daddy liked women with braided hair. Mom’s hair was always braided. I had seen Daddy holding it and leading her around like it was her leash while Mom smiled all the time.

Daddy drank his beer and we chit-chatted while I massaged his feet. I imagined other men would come home and watch TV before dinner, but my parents always talked about their day to each other, catching each other up as Mom massaged his foot.

I understood. It was so romantic. I felt so close to Daddy and so jealous of Mom. I hoped she never returned from Grandma’s.

After I massaged his feet, we had dinner. The chicken was a little rubbery from the crock-pot, but Daddy didn’t complain. Instead of watching TV after dinner, Daddy fucked me hard. It was so wonderful. He bent me over the dining room table and took me from behind. Then he threw me down on the couch and mounted me.

We ended up in his bed, the headboard banging while I screamed my lungs out in absolute delight.

I loved taking Mom’s place. I was Daddy’s good girl.


“Kneel,” Daddy ordered me the next morning. He was dressed and ready for work, but he held a tube in one hand and a curious, tapered object made of out stainless steel in the other. It was as thick as two of my fingers at its widest then tapered off to a rounded end. There was a small, circular handle at the bottom.

“Yes, Daddy,” I answered, not sure what was going on.

I pressed my face to the carpet. I was naked like yesterday. Daddy knelt behind me. Was he going to fuck me one last time before work? He had already taken me in the shower, pumping his incestuous cum into my teenage womb as my breasts rubbed against the tiled wall.

He parted my butt-cheeks. I gasped in shock. I had heard girls whisper about anal sex before. Was that what we were doing? A moment later, I gasped as a cold gel squirted against my butt-hole.

“Daddy?” I asked, a fearful whine in my voice. He was so big. I heard anal hurt.

“Good girls don’t complain,” Daddy said as he rubbed the slippery gel—no, it was lube—against my sphincter.

I shuddered at the strange sensations fluttering from my backdoor. I bit my lip and squirmed as he caressed my flesh. I hadn’t expected anything like this. What was he doing to me? My pussy itched as he stroked me.

And then he pressed something against my butt-hole. I wanted to let out another questioning moan. But I also wanted to be a good girl. My body trembled. My eyes bulged as my sphincter widened about the intruding device. It was cold, tapered. The object. He was putting it into my butt, stretching me out. I groaned, wanting to clench my sphincter and fight it.

But then Daddy would be bad.

“That’s it,” he said as it popped all the way into me, the wide handle sticking out of my rear and nestled between my butt-cheeks. “That’s Daddy’s good girl.”

I swallowed and nodded. It felt so strange. I shifted my hips and my bowels clenched on it. I was so aware of it. It felt so naughty back there. The itch in my pussy grew. Juices trickled out. I wanted to masturbate.

I wanted to be fucked.

“What is it, Daddy?”

“A butt plug,” he answered. “I need to get your ass ready.”

I bit my lip. “For your cock, Daddy?”

He seized my braid and turned my face to look at him. “What do you think.?”

“That I am your good girl, and good girls let their Daddies fuck their asses.”

I knew his kiss was my reward. My answer pleased him. I moaned into his lips, closing my eyes as I savored the passion. I loved him so much. My heart beat with excitement while my asshole clenched down on the butt plug.

Then he broke the kiss and straightened.

I licked my lips and blinked my eyes. “Do you…need me to relieve you, Daddy?”

“Yes,” he groaned, his dick tenting his slacks. “But I have to get to work. We’ll both suffer a bit today.”

I nodded.

“And Melody, no masturbating. Good girls casino oyna only cum when Daddy lets them.”

I blinked. “Yes, Daddy.”

He kissed me again then I handed him his jacket and briefcase. He went out the door while I squirmed, the butt plug so deep in my ass. Every movement made me so aware of it and the burning sensations it churned.

Wonderful sensations. So naughty.

I so wanted to masturbate. My pussy begged to be touched and caressed. I would control myself and be Daddy’s good girl.

It was so hard. Every chore I did only made me hornier. I kept thinking about the butt plug. I couldn’t lie down and stop moving. I had to clean the entire house. All two stories, four bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, and the basement. Well, not all of the basement. Daddy’s workshop, which dominated half the basement, was off-limits to Alice and me.

Mom called when I was eating a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich for lunch. I squirmed on the hard, dining room chair as I answered my phone. “Hi, Mom. How’s it going?”

“Hectic,” she answered. “But your Grandma and Grandpa are getting along better. Your grandpa’s adjusting.”

“Good.” I bit my lip. “Will you be coming home earlier?” I held my breath.

“I doubt it. So I hope you’re taking care of your father. He needs a woman’s touch in his life.”

“I am, Mom. I even massaged his feet last night.” And fucked him, sucked his cock, and let him lick my pussy. But I doubted Mom wanted to learn her barely legal daughter was fucking her husband.

“Good, good. And you’re doing everything he asks?”

“Everything,” I purred. It was so hard to keep the excitement out of my voice. “And we had so much fun shopping for clothes on Sunday.”

“I heard. Your Dad told me about it. You modeled some new underwear for him. I hope it’s not too racy. Your only eighteen, Melody.”

“Mom, all the girls are wearing panties like that,” I groaned. “And Daddy liked them.”

She laughed. “I’m sure he did. Well, I’m glad you two are getting along. And you are cleaning the house?”

“Yes, Mom.” Naked and with a butt plug in my ass.

“And cooking him breakfast and dinner?”


“Well, that’s wonderful. I miss you and your dad so much and… Alice, what are you doing?”

I heard my twin sister in the background being a brat. I waited while Mom and her had a quick spat. Mom came back on the phone. “I have to go. You’re sister is being Alice again.”

“You should spank her.”

“Discipline is your Daddy’s job. Alice will be in for a huge one when we get back.”

I giggled, looking forward to it. “Okay, Mom, love you.”

“Love you, too.”

And I did love my mom, even if she would take my place again when she returned. I didn’t want that. I wanted Daddy all to myself. I loved him so much. I squirmed on my chair, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as I relived our shower sex.

The water cascading down our bodies. The steam rising around us. His cock slamming into my pussy. It was so wrong. That was the cock that squirted the seed into my mother’s pussy and made me. And I wasn’t on birth control.

What if Daddy and I made a daughter of our own? I rubbed my belly, imaging my stomach growing rounder and rounder. Pregnant with my daddy’s baby. It was such a wicked thought. My pussy was so juicy and—

I caught my fingers sliding down my vulva to caress my pussy.

“Bad fingers,” I groaned and hopped off the chair.

I threw myself back into cleaning to take my mind away from my hot cunt. I washed my plate, wiped off the crumbs from the table, and cleaned up the puddle of my pussy juices off the wooden chair. Then I ran the swifter over the kitchen floor, the butt plug shifting in my asshole as I went back and forth.

It was such sweet torture.

Worse, I was running out of chores to do by three o’clock. I had cleaned everything—dusted, polished, scrubbed. Yesterday, after I finished, I relaxed and texted my friends, then masturbated, then watched prank videos on YouTube, texted with my friends more.

Standard stuff.

But I couldn’t masturbate today. I couldn’t run out of chores to—

The doorbell rang.

I gasped, my heart thudding. I was naked. I had a butt plug in my ass. And someone was at the door. It rang again and a familiar voice of my best friend Sun shouted, “Hey, Melody, open up. I know you’re home. I saw your last post.”

I groaned. I had told Sun just five minuets ago on Snapchat that I was home cleaning.

“Um, just a second,” I shouted back, trying to think.

I had to get dressed.

“Why?” Sun asked.

I didn’t answer. I raced up stairs, the butt plug and my hot pussy forgotten beneath the fear of being caught naked. I burst into my room and found the first dress I could I pulled on, the short skirt falling to just past my ass, the blouse cut low, cupping my round breasts. It was a new one and Daddy loved it.

I raced back downstairs, holding my skirt tight to my thighs to keep it from flaring, and yanked open the door.

“Geez, what was that about?” Sun asked. “Were you sneaking a boy out the back or something? I wouldn’t tell on you.”

“No, no. I was just…wearing dirty clothes. From cleaning.”

Sun was petite and Korean, her face delicate and a lovely pale-olive complexion. Her short, shiny-black hair fell down to her shoulders. She should have longer hair. Daddy liked long hair in a braid and…

I pushed that thought aside.

“So this is how you’re choosing to spend Summer break?” Sun asked, arching her eyebrow as she walked in, her slim legs flashing. She wore a pair of hot-pink booty shorts that showed off her boyish hips. Her shirt was tight. She had almost no breasts, just a pair of budding mounds.

“I have to take care of the house while my mom is away,” I said.

Sun rolled her eyes. “You are far too much of a good girl.”

I smiled at her. “I like being a good girl.”

Sun shook her head. “I’m bored. Want to go to the mall?”

I glanced at the clock. “I have to start dinner in an hour.”

“You’re cooking, too? Geez, is your dad that helpless?”

“I like cooking.”

“Fine, but let’s do something. I’m soooo bored.”

We ended up talking about boys on my bed and looking at magazines. She had the latest issue of Teen, and we did the quiz about which type of boy we liked. Then we giggled over the results. And the entire time, my pussy was on fire from my butt plug.

It was such a thrill. My friend had no idea that I had a butt plug shoved into my ass or I wore no panties. She didn’t know that I was my daddy’s lover. That I would do anything for him. She would freak out if she knew the truth. I had a secret romance. Taboo. Forbidden.

I wished Daddy was here to fuck me. Even in my ass.

She followed me down to the kitchen as I started dinner. It was a roast. I seasoned it and then popped it into the oven to cook while we talked. She perched on the counter, sipping her diet coke, shaking her head with amusement.

“You’re such a Stepford wife,” she laughed. “Or, I should say, a Stepford daughter.”

“What?” I asked.

“It’s this book I had to read for Mrs. McKenzie’s class.” Sun made a face, which screwed up her slanted eyes and made them appear even narrower. “It was about all these women who became the perfect, subservient housewives. Cooking, cleaning, pleasing their men. All that garbage.” She made a face. “But it turned out, they were really robots. The husbands were replacing their wives. Are you a robot?”

“I don’t think so,” I giggled. “I just like doing this. And so does my mom.”

“She is such a Stepford wife,” agreed Sun. Then she smiled. “Though your dad is such a hunk. Mmm, I could be his Stepford wife, too.”

I nodded my head. “I do have the hunkiest dad.”

“Ooh, do you have a crush on him, too? It’s okay. It happens with girls. The Electra complex. We all want to be Daddy’s girl. Well, not me. My Daddy is so…” She shuddered. “But yours. Ooh, I would be his good girl if he let me.”

“Well, he won’t.”

“I know. I’ve seen him with your mom. The way she smiles. You know your mom is getting fucked hard. Remember our last sleepover? How hard they were fucking?”

I nodded my head.

“And why in the basement. What was up with that?”

“It’s my dad’s workshop,” I answered. “I’m not allowed to go in there.”

“Huh, really?” Sun bit her lip. “I wonder if it’s—”

Whatever she said was lost on me as I heard Daddy’s car pull into the driveway. I let out an excited squeal and ran to the front door to greet him. Sun followed, rolling her eyes as I stood patiently at the door.

“What are you doing?”

“Welcoming him home,” I answered. “Like my mom would do.”

“Geez, you do have a crush on him.”

I blushed and my ass clenched about my butt plug. But before I could answer, footsteps crunched on the gravel walkway. Daddy’s blurred form appeared in the doorway. I took a deep breath canlı casino and yanked the door open.
“Welcome home, Daddy.”
His eyes flicked down to my clothes. They hardened. His jaw tightened. I wasn’t naked. I was supposed to be naked. But I had to get dressed. Sun had come over. He had to understand that. I couldn’t be naked all the time.

“Hi, Mr. Johnson,” Sun said, a huge grin on her face. Her nipples hardened, pressing on the front of her tight shirt.

I took Daddy’s briefcase, trembling as he slipped out of his jacket and yanked off his tie. He didn’t say a word. I colloid see how angry he was. He always got quiet when he was mad at Alice or me. Or Mom. I took his tie, jacket, and briefcase then raced off to the bedroom, the butt plug so thick in me. I wanted to yank it out, but that would only make him angrier.

He had to understand that I couldn’t be naked around Sun. She would ask so many questions. She couldn’t know that I was his submissive lover. It was illegal. It was incest.

I put his things away and rushed back downstairs. He stood in the living room, his arms crossed. He had unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled up his sleeves, revealing the fiery sleeve tattoos kept hidden by his clothing, his eyes hard.

“Young lady, I gave you orders when I left the house. Did you follow them?”

I glanced at Sun who lurked at the edge of the living room. “But, Daddy, Sun came over. Surely you didn’t—”

“What did I order you to do?”

I blushed. Was Daddy serious. In front of my friend. This was so embarrassing. What would Sun think? Didn’t Daddy worry about getting in trouble. What if Sun talked to her parents or to a teacher at school this Fall or to the police? The moment I blurted out, “You wanted me to be naked,” Sun would know there was something more going on between us.

Something forbidden and illegal.

“Daddy?” I whined.

“You’re making your punishment worse, young lady. What did I tell you?” He said he each word slowly, carefully, putting power behind them.

I trembled. Tears burned in my eyes. I wanted to be a good girl, but Sun was here. I gave him such a pleading look. “C-can we do this in private?”

“No. Sun is the reason you are in so much trouble, so she should get to stay and learn why.”

I glanced at my friend. Her face was pale. She mouthed, “Sorry,” to me.

I took a deep breath.

“Now, young lady.”

“I…I…” This was too embarrassing. I squirmed and was shocked to find myself aroused. My pussy was wet. And know that only increased my shame. My stomach twisted and roiled. Why was did this excite me so much?

It was like at the mall. The risk, the danger, that came from submitting to my father’s desires. Was it as simple as that? I had to obey him. I promised to be his good girl. My heart raced in my chest as I stared at my feet and clenched my hands together.

“I…I was supposed…to spend…all day naked.”

“Naked?” Sun whispered. I could feel the shock in her words.

“And did you?”

“No, Daddy. When Sun came over, I got dressed.”

“And you’re still wearing those clothes now. Strip.”

“Yes, Daddy.” My cheeks burned as much as my pussy as I unbuttoned the blouse.

Sun watched me, color returning to her face. She squirmed, shaking her head. I knew what she must be thinking. She’s fucking her father. That’s so sick. That’s her dad and she’s doing what he says. And he’s such a pervert for molesting his eighteen-year-old daughter.

It was all over. Everyone would know about Daddy and me. He would be in so much trouble. Maybe even go to jail for molesting me. I didn’t want that. But I also couldn’t disobey my father. I had to keep unbuttoning my dress.

My round breasts spilled out, nipples hard. I wiggled the dress down my hips, my tits swaying before me and the butt plug stirring up my bowels. My pussy clenched as another wave of heat washed through me. I pushed the skirt down my thighs and bent over to take it of.

“What’s that in your butt-crack?” gasped Sun.

“Her butt plug,” Daddy growled. “I guess you followed that order. And my other?”

I swallowed. “I didn’t masturbate, Daddy.”

“So you only disobeyed one order,” Daddy said. “Twenty spankings. Plus another ten for taking so long to obey me in the living room.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said, trembling. It was all out there. Sun had to put it together. I couldn’t look at my friend.

“Fetch a dining room chair,” he growled. Daddy always spanked us over his lap on the dining room chair. Usually he just pulled up our skirt and yanked down our panties enough to hit our bottoms. But I was full naked.

And I had a butt plug in me.

Plus, Sun watched on in stunned shock.

I bustled past my friend, staring at the floor, unable to look her in the eye as I fetched the dining room chair. I hurried back, my bare feet slapping on the linoleum before I reached the softer carpet. I set down the chair before Daddy.

He sat down, his cock bulging his slacks.

I took a deep breath and draped myself across his lap.

“You’re really spanking her?” Sun asked. “At her age?”

“Yes,” Daddy answered. “Bad girls must be disciplined regardless of their age. Even her mother goes across my knee when she’s been bad.”

“Oh, wow,” Sun gasped, her voice breathy. “That’s—”

But whatever she thought I never heard as the crack of Daddy’s hand landing on my ass echoed through the living room. I gasped as the pain shot through my body. I bucked and trembled, crying out in pain, my bowels clenching on my butt plug.

“One,” I counted.


The hand came down on my other cheek. I gasped again. It had been several years since my last spanking and I did not recall the way the stinging heat from my burning ass melted down to my pussy and gathered there.



The pain was sharp. I sucked in a breath before I cried out again. He spanked me on the same spot as the last one, intensifying the punishment. I bucked and spasmed, the butt plug shifting in me, and the heat warming my pussy.

My clit ached.


Daddy didn’t say a word as I squirmed and counted on his lap. My stomach rubbed against his cock. He was so hard. This excited him. He loved spanking my bottom as my friend watched. Sun stepped closer and closer, her eyes as wide as I had ever seen them, her cheeks scarlet, her hands clasped before her as she watched.

“Ten,” I counted, my ass on fire from all the spankings. Every part of my ass reddened and Daddy’s hand now fell on right where the curve of my ass met my thighs.


I gasped. It was intense. The pain both sweeter and sharper there. I breathed it in, loving how it felt as it warmed across my ass. I squirmed and moaned. It was amazing. I loved being spanked right there. It was the absolute best.


He spanked me there again, warming the flesh while my pussy grew even wetter. I squirmed on his lap now, not from the pain, but because my body was engulfed with feverish excitement. It radiated from my hot pussy. My clit throbbed. I rubbed it against his pant legs, loving the feel of the fabric as his hand fell again and again.

I didn’t care that Sun watched and knew we were such perverts. I didn’t care that she would get us in so much trouble. None of that mattered.

Only Daddy’s hand spanking my naughty ass. I was bad. I deserved to be disciplined by my strong, Hunky daddy.


“Twenty,” I moaned.

Then Daddy spoke for the first time, looking at Sun who stood only a few feet away. “Do you want to spank her, too?”

Sun nodded her head.

“She was so bad today,” groaned Daddy. “I can seek that look in your eye. It makes you wet watching her getting spanked. Your hands are just itching to crack down on her firm bottom. Don’t be afraid. Spank the little slut. She’s been bad.”

“I have,” I moaned, to aroused to care care what was happening. “Spank my naughty ass, Sun. Please, please. I was so bad. I should have spent the day naked.”

Sun bit her lip and nodded her head. “You were bad. You should have listened to your hunky Daddy.”

Her hand cracked down hard. It was smaller than my Daddy’s hand and that seemed to intensify the force of her blow, compressing all the pain into such a small area. I bucked so hard, gasping in sweet agony as the pain shot to my pussy.

“Twenty-one,” I moaned, tears pouring down my face from the wonderful pain.





Sun spanked faster than my father. Her hand fell all over my butt. She moaned, her short hair flying about her face, a wild, lust-filled gleam in her eye as her hand fell over and over on my ass, brining me more pain. More pleasure.





“Thirty!” I bucked, my pussy clenching as my friend’s hand lingered on my ass after her last spanking. She stroked my burning bottom, kaçak casino She brushed the end of the butt plug. Her fingers pushed it deeper into me.

I came.

The pleasure burst out of my core. I groaned and gasped as it merged with the heat burning my ass and became something intense, something wonderful. More than an orgasm. A punishmentgasm. My pussy clenched and my bowels writhed about the butt plug. My braid flew about my head as I thrashed. The bliss drowned my mind in cum.

I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. Amazing. I took my discipline like a good girl and was rewarded with such bliss.

No wonder Mom was such a submissive to Daddy. This was awesome.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” I moaned. “I’m so sorry for being so bad. I’ll be so good from now on. I’ll do whatever you said.”

“Yes,” moaned Sun, her hands rubbing at the crotch of her hot pants, digging it into her pussy. “Be a good girl for your Daddy. He’s such a strong hunk. Oh, yes. I wish you were my Dad, Mr. Johnson.”

“Sun gave you a reward,” Daddy said, his rough hands stroking my ass. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, Sun,” I breathed.

“I think you really need to show your thankfulness,” Daddy said. “Sun gave you pleasure. So you need to give it back to her in return.”

I almost blurted out, “What?” But that would be disobedient. And I wasn’t. I was a good girl. “I will, Daddy.” I looked at my friend. “I..I don’t know how.”

“I think you do. What did I do to you Sunday night?”

“Loved my body.” I stared at my friend. She trembled, shuddering, on the verge of cumming. “I can do that.”

“Good,” Daddy groaned.

I slid off his lap and moved to my friend. She didn’t fight as we sank down to the floor. She spread out on her back as I pushed up her Shirt. I exposed those small bumps of her budding breasts, her nipples so dark and hard, not pink like mine. I circled one with a finger, trembling. Daddy’s eyes were on me.

Men liked watching girls together. I was thanking Sun but also pleasing Daddy.

I leaned over and sucked on her nipple. She gasped as I circled her nub with my tongue. I remembered all the wonderful things Daddy did to my tit last night and I reciprocated. I sucked and nibbled. My hand cupped her other bump, brushing her nipple, making her squirm and gasp.

“Oh, wow, Melody,” she groaned. “This is…I can’t believe… Oh, yes, I’m so wet.”

“That’s it. Thank her with your mouth, your hands,” groaned Daddy.

He stripped in the corner of my eye, revealing his muscular chest, barbwire tattooed across his muscles, a naked woman kneeling with a chain and collar about her neck on his upper arm. He looked like a biker without his dress shirt on. Then he shoved off his pants and boxers. His cock sprang out.

“Oh, wow,” gasped Sun. “He’s so huge. He fucks you with that big thing?”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned as I kissed over to her other nipple.

Sun squirmed beneath me as I nibbled and pleasured her. She gasped and squirmed, undulating, growing more and more excited. And so was I. My pussy dripped. My head swam with the naughty lust of making love to my best friend for Daddy’s pleasure.

I was so wicked. So wild. I kept clenching down on my butt plug, savoring the pleasure as my tongue circled Sun’s nub. My hands stroked her naked side and stomach, reaching for her short-shorts. I had to push them off. I had to eat her pussy like Daddy ate mine.

I kissed down her stomach, her flesh so hot on my lips. My fingers unsnapped her shorts. She lifted her hips, eager for the pleasure, as I pulled down her shorts and underwear in one go. Her pussy appeared and it was bare. I gasped. I knew she had pubic hair.

“You shaved it?”

She nodded her head. “I…I…I hoped to seduce your dad. Older man…they like…girls to be bare down there.”

“Do they, Daddy?”

“I was going to having you shaved,” he grinned as he knelt behind me. “A nice, bare twat. Just like your mother. Now lick her. Thank her with that pretty mouth. Make her cum, slut.”

“Yes, yes. I’m your good, slutty girl, Daddy.”

I buried my face in my friend’s pussy. I had tasted my own the last few days. Daddy loved to have me suck his fingers clean of my juices or to kiss him after he went down on me. I tasted tart, but Sun tasted spicy.


I licked through her shaved folds, her pussy slit so tight. She gasped and groaned, humping against me. I probed into her slit, brushing the folds, struggling to remember how Daddy pleased me. He licked me everywhere.

But especially my clit.

Her little nub was buried in the thick, plump lips of her vulva. I had to spread her apart to find it. But when I did, I attacked it. I licked it and made my friend moaned and gasp. It was so hot, so naughty. I wiggled my hips, my excitement growing again. Juices trickled down my thighs.

Daddy sensed my need and, being a loving father, answered it.

“Daddy!” I gasped into my friend’s pussy as a hard, thick cock plunged deep into my pussy. I moaned and squirmed, wiggling my hips. My pussy clenched down on his girth. I shuddered and undulated, grinding back on him.

“He’s fucking you!” gasped Sun. “Holy shit, he’s fucking your pussy. Your dad is fucking your pussy. Oh, my god. This is so hot.”

Sun humped her pussy into my face, getting wetter and wetter while Daddy fucked me from behind. I groaned and clenched down on the butt plug every thrust. With it buried into my asshole, I felt so full. His balls smacked my clit with meaty thwacks and his groin slammed into my burning, well-spanked ass.

A reminder that I had been naughty.

I sucked on my friend’s clit, my fingers exploring her wet pussy’s delicious folds. I brushed her hymen guarding the entrance of her pussy. I groaned, shuddering in delight as I probed through a small hole in the membrane, wiggling into her untouched depths.

“Oh, that’s so hot,” Sun moaned, her fingers pulling on her hard, brown nipples. “Melody, yes, yes. This is so hot. And your dad. Such a stud. Fuck her. Fuck your daughter. She keeps moaning about my clit. Oh, yes. I…I…”

“Are you going to cum, slut?” growled Daddy.

“I am,” she moaned. “Yes, yes. Your daughter’s mouth is so hot. I…I…”

“Cum, slut. Cum like the naughty, filthy whore you are.”

“I am!”

My friend’s thighs squeezed on my head as she came. She thrashed, humping against me while her spicy juices flowed out into my mouth and her pussy clenched on my finger. It was so hot. I abandoned her clit to lick up her cream, loving how it felt in my mouth.

“I made you cum,” I gasped.

“You did,” she moaned. “Oh, wow, that was so much better than humping my pillow.”

“And are you about to cum, slut? Is Daddy’s little girl about to erupt on his cock?”

“Uh-huh, Daddy,” I moaned. “May I? May I please cum on your big, thick cock?”

His hand squeezed my burning ass. The sharp flare of pain shot to my pussy. I clenched down on his cock while my bowels squeezed on the butt plug. It was so wonderful. I was on the verge of another explosion.

“May I cum, Daddy!” I screamed. “I’m so sorry for being a naughty girl. I’ll be so good! Please, please, let me cum!”

“Yes,” he growled. “Cum, my little slut.”

Daddy rammed his dick into my depths.

The pleasure exploded out of me.

I moaned and tossed back my head. My braid danced across my supple back as I rocked into Daddy’s thrust. My pussy and bowels went wild, writhing about the shafts filling me. I shuddered, my vision fuzzing.

“Cum in me, Daddy,” I moaned as my pleasure reached its peak. I trembled, needing to feel that hot flood shoot into me.

But instead he ripped out of my cunt. He stroked his wet cock, moving around. “Kneel. Put your faces together.”

Sun and I scrambled to obey. We pressed our cheeks together, staring up at him. I smiled. I knew Sun was, too. Daddy’s cock was right before our faces. He groaned, stroking his dic faster and faster, his hand sliding up and down his shaft lube by my pussy juices.

“My good, little sluts,” Daddy groaned, his muscles tensing.

Daddy came.

We both gasped as his hot, salty jizz splashed across our faces. Thick, hot stripes painted us as Daddy stroked himself. His chest heaved. He grunted with each blast. More and more hot jizz covered us, our foreheads, our cheeks, his cream landed even in our hair. Salty jizz ran over my lips. I licked it.

Then Sun and I both moaned and kissed each other, sharing his cum. Our tongue licked, both of us hungry for the seed. We licked at each other’s faces, cleaning each other, our lips brushing for quick, jizz-filled kisses before we quested for more of his spunk.

Daddy watched us with hungry eyes.

When we finished cleaning each other up, Sun looked up at my Daddy. “Can I be your good girl, too, sir?”

His smile grew. “Why don’t you and Melody have a slumber party on Friday. And you can stay all day Saturday. Maybe even for the entire weekend.”

We both squealed and shared another cum-filled kiss. I couldn’t wait for Friday night.

To be Continued…

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