BBC for me and my GF Gay Blacken

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BBC for me and my GF Gay Blacken
I was nineteen and high school was a recent memory. I was working full time at one of the many restaurant jobs I’ve held in my illustrious career as a customer service representative.

Life was dull.

Darnell was the back line cook. He was in his forties but he seemed to thoroughly enjoy his work and never once complained about needing to find a “real job”. Darnell was rather jovial and all around, people seemed to genuinely like him and he was, in fact, a very likable person.

I should point this out now because it would seem rather odd, like almost forced, that Darnell and I should hang out because I was a nineteen year old, chubby white boy fresh out of high school and Darnell was an older black man. However, we had similar taste in music. Both of us loving hard rock and heavy metal which I thought was unusual for Darnell but later learned that he wasn’t like any other guy I’d ever meet.

I had purchased a new CD and, being the friendly sort, I recorded a copy of it for Darnell to listen to in his car. I can’t remember the band, all I remember was that he took interest in my friendliness and we soon talked about music and eventually, other things we had in common.

We became fast friends and soon, it was pretty common for me to hang out at his place. We’d watch horror movies and play Playstation all hours of the night. It was the type of things that burnouts did but he and I didn’t smoke. Darnell was, for all intents and purposes, a pretty good role model. He was trying to get a business degree and urged me to want some sort of higher education. In fact, if it weren’t for Darnell, I wouldn’t have eventually gone to college, but that’s another story.

I remember that it was a Friday and we were at his place playing the latest Madden. Darnell had a rather vulgar sense of humor when the right mood hit him and he began telling me how bad I sucked at the game.

“Are you sure you even know the rules because you suck so bad, I’m surprised you aren’t making gagging sounds!” he quipped.

“Gagging sounds?” I asked.

“You’re right, that would mean you’re sucking good,” he added.

“What the hell do you mean?” his comment had me confused.

“Come on… you know when you’re getting a good blow job and she’s gagging on it and making slurping sounds and spit and stuff is going everywhere,” Darnell tried to explain.

“My girlfriend doesn’t give blow jobs like that,” I admitted. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Seriously?” he asked, not believing that I had never had one of these great blow jobs.

“I have no reason to lie,” I said.

We played for a moment more before he paused the game. “Don’t you watch porn?” he asked.

Now, I should say explicitly that I did in fact watch porn, pretty regularly. In fact, I had watched several cam girls do things with toys that I wasn’t sure was possible until I saw it. But, even though I’d watched porn, I’d never watched any of the gonzo type stuff he was talking about.

“Yeah, I watch porn but I’ve never seen a blow job like the one you just described. It sounds messy,” I said.

Darnell looked puzzled. He seemed torn in what he wanted to say next. I had never known him to be caught off guard by anything and here he was, wondering why I’d never experienced such pleasures as a sloppy blow job.

“If I show you something, you won’t think it’s weird, will you?” he asked, so hesitantly, that I got a little scared.

“Depends,” I said honestly. “As long as it’s legal…”

Darnell cut me off, “It’s legal, trust me.”

He got up and went into his bedroom and returned with a VHS tape and popped it into his VCR. Had I known what was going to happen over the next several hours, I’m not sure I would have stuck around but there’s something to be said about letting the future come at you blindly and just enjoying it. He hit play and without much presentation, we both began viewing a white woman sucking on a very large, very thick, very black dick. She kept looking at the camera while she tried to fit it into her throat. Within a few minutes, she was gagging and spit was dripping down the shaft of the cock and she pulled it out and licked it, really worshiping its size and shape.

I was blown away.

At first, I couldn’t watch it. It was so enticing though, that I found myself transfixed by the sight. Even more strange was the fact that I wasn’t sure if I was excited by what she was doing or what she was doing it to. The… cock… was so massive and thick that I imagined it had its own pulse.

“See what I mean?” Darnell’s voice said, interrupting casino şirketleri the sweet gagging noises coming from the white woman on the tape.

“Yeah,” I muttered, “but my girlfriend doesn’t give blow jobs like that… or really… she doesn’t have to. I’m not built like that.”

I was suddenly very aware of how small my dick was. It was a moment that I can never undo and it made me wonder how honest my girlfriend was.

“But you said your woman said it was the biggest she’s had?” Darnell questioned.

“I’m starting to wonder if that’s possible. She’s been with quite a few guys and with the difference in size that that thing has to me, I’m not sure she could have not had a bigger dick before.”

“Well, TV adds ten pounds,” Darnell joked. “It’s not that big in person.”

“How do you know?” I wondered out loud.

“Well…” Darnell was apprehensive to answer.

Then, the camera switched position on the screen and I could see why. Darnell and I was watching a video he made. The… cock… in question was Darnell’s massive member.

“You just tricked me into seeing your cock,” I said.

“I was worried that it’d be weird,” he said.

A few moments passed and we were silent as we both watched him penetrate the white woman on the tape. I couldn’t believe that her vagina could take something so big.

“How big is it?” I finally asked.

“My dick?” he said. “Nine… nine and a half if I’m really happy.”

I knew for a fact that my dick was six and a half inches long. I knew this because two weeks prior, my girlfriend and I decided to measure it. I couldn’t believe that Darnell’s dick was fifty percent larger than mine and he could tell I couldn’t believe it by the look on my face.

“Seriously?” I said.

“Wanna see it?” he asked.

Now, if ever there is a question that people aren’t sure they are going to answer ‘yes’ to, this was it but there were two things going through my mind. The first was I couldn’t believe it was as big as he claimed, even seeing it on TV. The second was that the white girl on the TV seemed to be enjoying it.

“Sure,” I said nervously.

Without much ceremony, Darnell pulled out his cock and though it was still flaccid, it was very, very large. I couldn’t believe it.

“Let me see yours,” he said.

Now, I must admit that my nervousness begged me to leave. Like I said, I was suddenly aware of how small my dick was compared to his and that was reason enough not to show it but… there was another reason.

I was very hard and the sight of Darnell’s limp cock only made me harder.

“I can’t,” I said.

“Don’t be scared,” Darnell said, “I won’t judge.”

With a little more coaxing, I found the courage to pull out my cock. Six and a half inches of uncut and throbbing meat that, to both our surprise, had begun to leak precum. I couldn’t imagine a more embarrassing situation.

Then Darnell began to stroke his cock to wake it up.

I first tried to concentrate on the video, peeking at his stroking out of the corner of my eye but soon, I just watched his cock.

What happened next, I’m not really sure how it happened. I found myself reaching over to touch it and, to my surprise, Darnell didn’t stop me. I can’t describe what that first feeling was like as I gripped his cock. It was so fat and I could feel his pulse. Boy, could I feel his pulse. I squeezed it and stroked it and then found myself on my knees licking it.

Any white guy that’s sucked black cock knows that first moment when you taste it and you can’t believe it’s in your mouth. I began to notice how groomed Darnell’s pubes were. They were short and tight. I think he spent as much time grooming his testicles as he did shaving his head. I looked up at him and he looked down at me and smiled, then he turned off the video and hit play on the CD player and the room filled with the sounds of, if I remember correctly, AC/DC. How fitting.

I slurped on his cock, feeling the head swell in my mouth and then I tried to stuff it into my throat.

“Be careful,” he said, “I don’t want to choke you on your first time.”

He smiled and I continued to work on his cock. My mouth became coated with his precum and Darnell leaned back in his chair and enjoyed my mouth. I never got all nine of his inches into my mouth like the woman on the video did. I thought about how lucky she was to be so talented. I pulled his cock out and jerked it.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said as I worked his thick penis with my hands.

“I can’t either,” he said.

“Are you gay?” I asked him.

A pearl of precum came out of his cock’s hole and I leaned casino firmalari down and licked it.

“No but I am bi,” he said.

“Have you been with many guys?” I asked, suddenly worried that I was sucking on tainted cock that had been in the ass of several hundred guys.

“I’ve wanted to but I haven’t,” he admitted. “This is my first time with a guy.”

I suddenly became aware of a feeling I was getting in my ass. A kind of aching that I hadn’t felt before. Darnell pulled me up and he looked at my cock, his hands pulling back the foreskin and revealing a glossy head. He put it into his mouth and the entire length disappeared. He’d obviously been practicing on something. He pulled my pants down all the way and exposed my ass then wet his finger and probed me. I shook a bit as he entered me with his fingers while his mouth explored my hairy testicles.

“I want your cum,” he said before wrapping his lips around the head of my cock and sucking like it was a straw. His tongue teased my cock hole and soon, I was fighting the urge to explode in his mouth.

He seemed to know how close I was because he stopped and after I got completely naked, he guided me to the bathroom. Once there he hooked up some sort of enema tool to the shower and he lubed up my ass. I didn’t realize it but I had been mumbling to him how bad I need his brown cock in me. He inserted the enema tool and let the water clean me out. It wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be.

After toweling off, I found myself lying next to Darnell on his bed. We were mutually playing with each other and his cock was quickly becoming my favorite play thing. His balls were loose and smooth and I found myself licking them and sucking on them like eggs. He moaned and I went further back until I was rimming him vigorously.

“You deserve to be worshiped,” I said as I made my body as available to him as I could. Within the span of two hours I was finding myself to be in love with the idea of being used for his pleasure. He got out a toy from his night stand and lubed it and inserted it into my asshole. It wasn’t a large toy but it still took some maneuvering to get it all in. Once he did, he worked my hole with ease and I continued servicing his cock.

After a while, I bent over on the bed and buried my face in the sheets. I felt his mouth on my ass as he kissed it and tasted it.

“Cherry,” he joked about the lube flavor and the fact that he was about to pop my anal cherry.

I could feel the head of his cock press against my now loosened hole and as it penetrated, precum dripped from my cock and he reached around and rubbed it all over my pubes. He patiently fed my ass all nine inches and repeated slowly several times before I felt loosened up enough to accept his entire length.

“Fuck me with that big black cock Darnell,” I moaned and soon he was thrusting into me with enough regularity and weight that our nuts made a kissing noise when they met. Whenever he’d pull out I’d back up into him, needing his thickness inside me. It was amazing.

His thrusting became more rhythmic and deep and he’d pull out long enough to taste my hole before he’d replace his cock. Then he turned me over onto my back and I spread my legs, gripping him and pulling him into me. He sucked on my nipples and worked my cock with his hand, which had become so lubed with precum that I thought I had pissed myself.

My panting and moaning only seemed to make him harder.

“If I had known you were such a freaky bitch, I would’ve offered you cock when we first met,” he said.

“If I had known that I needed black cock, I would have taken it from you,” I admitted and soon I could feel his thrust change as his cock prepared to release its seed inside me. He pushed deep and I could feel the heat of his cum as it filled my ass. I looked at him as his face contorted with pleasure as he came. As he pulled out, I felt my ass gape a bit from the girth of his cock.

“How’s it look back there,” I asked.

“Fucking sexy,” Darnell answered. “How’s it feel?”

“Amazing,” I answered. I didn’t want his seed dripping out of me and found myself in love with the idea of taking more. I worked my way back to his cock and licked it clean, tasting sperm for the first time and finding that, though it was bitter, I really loved it. He was surprised at my accepting his cock into my mouth after it had been in my ass but he didn’t fight me and soon, his cock was licked clean and empty of its precious fluid.

I laid there for a while staring up at his ceiling and thinking about my girlfriend. güvenilir casino I wasn’t sure what to tell her or if I should tell her so I mentioned it to him.

“How do I tell my white girlfriend that I need black cock?” I asked.

“Maybe you should see if she wants black cock first,” he said. I never thought of that. If she saw Darnell’s cock, she’d leave me for it. I was sure.

“I don’t want her to leave me,” I said.

“There’s another option,” he offered.

Darnell discussed his plan with me and at first, I wasn’t sure it was going to work. First off, my girlfriend had met him twice and both times she didn’t seem to take interest in him. Second, it involved me having her bring Darnell and I beer. My girlfriend was a few years older than me and was old enough to buy beer but I had never asked for her to do it for me and I worried that it would seem suspicious.

Two weeks later and I was at Darnell’s. I called up my girlfriend, April, and asked her to buy us some beer and bring it over.

Darnell and I fought the urge to fuck because we didn’t want there to be anything odd when she came by and shortly, she showed up. Now, let me be clear, the only thing we had planned to do was see if she was interested in black cock. That’s it. We were going to accidentally start the video and see what she said.

Plans rarely go as planned.

When April arrived, she brought the beer and a pizza. Her full figure, which I knew was Darnell’s type, was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and her red hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She didn’t wear makeup often and her freckles seemed to me more of a turn on than anything. I opened a beer and after having a few sips, I sat down with April. One thing I didn’t count on was how much beer she brought. It was a case. For three people, none of which were heavy drinkers, this was a lot. We watched some TV and bullshit, drinking beer after beer and before I could even put in the tape, April seemed to ask a question that had been on her mind all night.

“Is it true that black men have bigger dicks than white men?” she asked Darnell. It was an honest and somewhat innocent sounding question.

He looked at me. “Well, not all,” he said.

“Hmm… but like, on average?” she asked.

Darnell seemed cornered.

“Jesus, April, why don’t you just ask to see it?” I said, jokingly. I was trying to break the tension but it was too late. She was nodding.

“Yeah, can I see it?” Darnell looked at me and I smiled behind April’s back. When she looked at me, I gave her a look like I couldn’t believe she asked Darnell to see his cock. She turned back around and Darnell was standing with his limp cock out and much like I was, April was transfixed by it. “Holy shit!” she said, “How do you… How does…” she seemed confused.

Darnell offered her his cock and she took it, her lips wrapping around it before she said another word. I scoot in closer to watch and was amazed at how much she seemed to love his black cock. She showed it more love than she seemed to show mine.

I began undoing her clothes and listening while she noisily gagged on his dick.

“I’ve always wanted to try ni…,” she caught herself, “black cock.”

I got her pants off and Darnell and I guided her to the bedroom. Then, I did something to kind of test the waters. In for a penny, in for a pound type of thing. I started sucking Darnell’s cock in front of her. She was mesmerized.

“Is this what you do when you’re over here?” she asked.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth, “Can you blame me?”

I offered it to her and, I’ll never forget this, she took it and gagged on it like she owned it. Darnell seemed very happy.

I took off April’s shirt and rubbed her tits while she sucked on Darnell. Then I got undressed and undressed Darnell. I was very turned on by the slut of a girlfriend I had. I guided her to her back and helped Darnell enter her pussy and then offered her my cock to suck on while he drilled her tight wetness. It was gorgeous.

I pulled out of April and got behind Darnell, rimming him and sucking his balls while he made my girlfriend gape. I watched them kiss and she seemed to beg for his cum.

“Gimme that black seed,” she’d say, “I want that black cum!”

“Mind if I cum inside her?” he asked me and I pushed my tongue deep into his ass in response.

By all means, my friend, cum inside her, I kept thinking.

Soon he came and when he pulled out, she jumped on his cock and sucked it again. I began eating her out and tasting my friends juices as they ran from her now gaping pussy.

April and I spent the next several hours with Darnell and she eventually watched me take him anally and knew that I wanted to share these experiences with her. It was kind of romantic watching her help him fuck me and by the end of the night, it was clear that her and I loved black cock.

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