Bathhouse Recollections

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It was different this time, Ben Ranalli noted after he set the tent up and looked at the pond his campsite was facing. He had been coming here for over forty years, first as a young lad with his folks and then later with his wife and kids. After the kids had grown and moved on there was a brief period when he had visited the place with just his wife, but she had passed a couple of years ago.

He had been reluctant to come back here, because it brought back so many memories. Memories of his wife, who he missed a great deal because she was good company and was more a sister than a spouse. Memories of the kids, off and enjoying lives of their own with their families in other areas of the country.

And then there were memories of his own youth.

The place itself hadn’t changed. Brown Tract Pond was a primitive campground run by New York State, and because it had none of the bells and whistles of many campgrounds – no electricity or running water and no motorized craft on the pond – it got a heartier type of camper. With nothing but serenity and the sounds of loons serenading you to sleep, it had always been a special place for Ben.

Taking advantage of the warm July afternoon after setting up the old tent which had served him well for decades, Ben grabbed his towel and swim trunks and headed down the gravel road to the little beach at the end of the pond.

His gait was slower now than in had been in the past, not because his 58 year old body couldn’t still move because he was still in good shape, but because he now took time to pay more attention to the surroundings. So many places held memories, and he noted how many of the campsites he and his family had stayed in over the years.

Reaching the little beach which only had a handful of bathers along with a solitary lifeguard, Ben paused as he saw the weathered building set back from the beach itself. The bathhouse. Ben took a deep breath as he looked at the unpainted shed where you could change in and out of your swimwear, and as he approached and looked he realized that above everything else around the place, that building held the most memories.

The bathhouse was just a small facility without lights, a large room with a wall that partially divided the area where there was a bench and cubbyholes for stashing your stuff, and the other area. The showers. Four shower heads with no privacy that you could rinse off under with water no warmer than the pond.

The changing area was deserted, and after Ben changed into his trunks he ducked around the corner to look into the shower section. It was also deserted, with only one shower head trickling water onto the wooden floor. Ben went over to fully close the faucet and as he did he realized that this was the shower stall he had been standing under on that very special day.


looking back…

Ben was just a young man back then, and although he had developed early and looked older than he was, he was very naive and unsure of himself. In school he had discovered that talking showers with the guys was fun, and although he liked girls he was learning that he was aroused by the sight of naked guys as well.

Back then that wasn’t something you would ever admit, and with Ben being a rather macho kid nobody ever expected that during those showers Ben’s eyes were darting around checking out the other guys when no one was watching.

Ben had learned that he wasn’t the only one looking either. From the start Ben had figured out that he was well endowed in comparison to most of the guys, and he began to enjoy the double takes and subtle stares his presence got. Since he knew the joys of looking himself, he didn’t complain and being a bit of a showoff enjoyed the attention.

Ben knew that guys did things to and with each other but he would never had the guts to suggest the idea to other guys for fear of what their reaction would be so he just looked but he was curious, and when he first saw how wide open the shower room at the campground was he ended up rinsing off a lot in there, enjoying watching and being watched.

This place was different than school because it wasn’t just guys his age but there were older men too, men his father’s age and even older, and it was in that room that Ben discovered that he enjoyed a physical superiority over them as well. Even though the water was cold, when an old guy would come in and give more than a glance his way Ben would find himself getting hard and would eventually have to shield his swelling organ from view if the other person lingered.

Then that one man came in, a little man with a receding hairline and big glasses. He looked like Wally Cox, a comedian who was on the Hollywood Squares TV show, and when he saw Ben in there he didn’t do double takes or subtle peeks. He stared and as he did his hand was down cleaning one particular place, pulling on his slender prong while glancing towards the back to make sure no one else was coming in.

Ben had turned to face the other way while the young man so this and so wasn’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri aware until the stranger was suddenly right behind him, his wet body against Ben’s back and his dick poking him on the hip while his hand reached around Ben.

“Wow, you’ve really got a big one on you don’t you fella?” the man had said after wrapping his hand around Ben’s stiffening cock, and as his fist stroked Ben’s member he grunted, “I’d love you to stick this thing up my ass – later tonight maybe. You up for it? You want more of this?”

Ben didn’t answer because he was cumming. Twenty seconds after the first hand besides his own had touched his manhood he was spurting wildly all over the wall while the stranger was grinding his own boner against Ben’s buttock, and the man didn’t let go until he was limp.

“9:30 tonight,” the man whispered when the sound of people entering the changing room broke up the scene. “We’ll have a good time me and you.”

Then he was gone, and Ben recalled reaching back and feeling the man’s semen on his backside, quickly rinsing it off before exiting the room and top speed.

Safely back at the family campsite Ben still couldn’t believe what had happened. He had no intention of going back down there after it got dark, but he still couldn’t get over how different it had felt to have another hand jerking him off. How good it felt.

It was after 10 when his folks finally let the campfire go out and went into their trailer, and after Ben said good night and pretended to go into the tent he slept in, once he heard the door close on the trailer Ben scurried down the hill and towards the bathhouse.

The beach and the surrounding area was deserted, and Ben kicked at the sand, certain that he had missed the man, but then he saw the glow of a cigarette behind the bathhouse and walked over.

“I was about ready to give up on you,” the man said, offering Ben a cigarette which he declined. “I’m around the other side at

5. You want to go up there with me? Maybe have a beer?”

“A beer?” Ben asked.

“Yeah,” the man said, and after noticing the lad reaction added, “You are old enough to drink, aren’t you kid?”

“Uh yeah, I like beer,” Ben said, and with that the two of them went down the road.

That area of the campground was less popular than the rest of the place, so there were few other campers down that end which was just the way he liked it. “He” being a man named Warren who lived down in Clinton, New York.

What happened up at that campsite was a blur. After being handed a can of Utica Club, Warren wasted no time in kneeling and tugging down Ben’s shorts to give the teen his first blow job, and just before Ben came the older man got up from the ground and went up to the picnic table and set a towel over the end of it.

“I’m already lubed,” Warren said as he bent over the table and presented his ass to Ben while spreading his legs. “I like it fast and hard.”

Ben was lost. He knew what the man wanted but it didn’t seem possible, but he went over anyway and spent an uncomfortable minute jabbing around Warren’s greasy crack with his dick while the man grew impatient, finally reaching back and guiding Ben to the opening.

“I’m tougher than I look so don’t baby me,” the man grunted, and somehow the combination of Warren leaning back and Ben pushing forward manged to squeeze the knob into the old man’s anus.

Once the head got in, Ben lurched forward and fully impaled himself into the man’s ass. It had been like squeezing his cock into a keyhole but once it in the hot cavern clamped his cock like a vice. It didn’t last long but it felt good to Ben, and in about a minute he was erupting into the hot bowels.

“You want to give me hips or lips?” Warren asked as he turned around with his dick in his hand. “I don’t really get much penetration so head is just as good for me. You are going to reciprocate, aren’t you?”

Ben had figured out what the man wanted but had no clue how to do what the man wanted. He knelt down and looked at the little pointer which was twitching nervously surrounded by a graying bush, afraid to even touch it at first. Up until a few minutes ago he thought a blow job involved blowing, not sucking, and now this Warren wanted his dick sucked too.

Ben had managed to reach up and grab the man’s dick, and after a number of false starts put his lips on it. After that, Ben took it in his mouth and gave the man what had to be the worst head in history. Despite the fact that Warren’s erection was no bigger than Ben’s thumb the lad managed to nick him with his teeth a few times before the man took charge.

Warren leaned forward and as he gripped the lad’s skull with his hands, moved his cock with brisk thrusts while Ben’s eyes stayed in his pubes. Ben started to get used to the feel of the man’s cock in his mouth and was enjoying it as Warren’s balls bounced off his chin.

Ben wasn’t prepared for the man’s ejaculation, but managed not to choke too much on the man’s load until it güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was all over.

“You never did that before, did you?”

“No sir,” Ben said as he wiped the cum off os his mouth.

“Damn. The way you were hanging around that bathhouse playing pecker checker… how the hell old are you?”

Ben told him, and then the man said he was tired and wanted to go to sleep so he sent Ben back to his own campsite. In the tent young Ben realized how much he had liked it, even the part with the man’s dick in his mouth, and especially when he put his cock in the man’s ass. Ben went to sleep thinking that he would go back down to the man’s campsite the next morning and promise to do better, but when he got down there at dawn’s early light Warren was gone even though he had said early yesterday that he would be around for a couple more days.

Ben had shrugged it off but after that night he looked at life all differently. He had a gift, a look that attracted both men and women, young and old and he used it often. There was a time that he found himself preferring men to women, but an unfortunate incident in an men’s room at too long after that almost got him arrested scared him straight in more ways than one.

Ben then married and played the game, and while he had been tempted many times during his marriage he stayed faithful, but in the back of his mind were those memories. Memories that came back even stronger now that he was back where it started and no longer shackled by commitments and conscience.


It was a very pleasant afternoon for Ben, who had the beach pretty much to himself except for an old couple down at the other end and a young man and his girlfriend who spent a lot of time running in and out of the water.

The girl was cute but seemed way too young for the lad, who had an amazing body on him, Ben noted as he subtly checked him out through his sunglasses. The kid was built like a swimmer, long and lean and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his nearly 6′ frame, and with his long blond hair he looked like a surfer even though there were certainly no waves anywhere near here.

Ben thought him a swimmer because he had roomed with a kid in college that was on the swim team and he had the same kind of body. They had gotten very very acquainted that semester – Eric was his name Ben recalled – and he had grown to love Eric’s smooth and sleek body.

Ben wondered whether the lad on the bed shaved his body like Eric had because there wasn’t a trace of hair anywhere on him, with his legs and armpits seeming to be as smooth as a baby. Ben chuckled when he remembered how one day he had done the honors for Eric, and after shaving him from neck to toe they had been so aroused they broke the bed afterward.

Ben finally saw a trace of hair, a tiny little strip of curls between the bottom of his navel and the top of his snug swim trunks, and as for those trunks – Ben was very aware that they left little to the imagination because they were very form fitting especially when they were wet.

The old couple over there seemed to have made a comment to each other when the surfer boy had run past with his girl friend, and Ben wondered whether the curmudgeons were upset with the brief trunks the lad wore.

“You could complain to the guy who runs the campground,” Ben mumbled under his breath with no one nearby, the talking to himself a habit he had gotten into after his wife passed on, and chuckled when he added, “Of course then I would have to kill you, because I love the trunks and what’s inside them.”

Not much inside them, Ben mused as the guy practically posed for him by running his hands through his dripping locks, but as he looked at the outline of the modest tube against the lime green fabric Ben suspected that once out of the snug poly that little fella might stretch out some, like his lover Eric’s did.

“And so what if it didn’t,” Ben mumbled as he subtly rearranged himself in his thankfully very baggy shorts, and as he tried to figure out how long it had been since he had sucked a cock. Close to forty years he figured, and he had gotten pretty good at it towards the end.

Maybe when he got home he would check some dating site or that Craiglist and try to find some guy not too close to home that wanted his cock sucked or just to hang around with and jerk off together.

“Just for old times sake,” Ben mumbled, and then became aware that the surfer dude had been having words with his girlfriend, and as the argument escalated the girl grabbed her towel and stormed off.

Left alone the surfer dude shook his head and although he looked ready to yell something at the retreating figure he seemed to become aware of Ben looking at him and bit his tongue, shrugging his shoulders and giving his audience a sad little smile.

“Pain in the butt,” the surfer dude said as he took a couple of steps closer to Ben.

“Girls are like that sometimes,” Ben said as he tried to keep his eyes focuses on güvenilir bahis şirketleri the lad’s face. “By nightfall she’ll be all lovey-dovey again.”

“Melanie?” the boy said as he crunched his face up. “Hope not. She’s my sister.”

“Oh,” Ben said as he lifted his sunglasses up on top of his head and shielded his eyes from the sun.

“I’m stuck babysitting,” the surfer dude said. “I told her to go back to camp and give me some space and she freaked.”

“I see. You’re here with your folks?” Ben asked.

“My Mom and Melanie,” the lad replied as he suddenly propped down on his knees in front of Ben. “My old man left my Mom a while back and she wanted to come up here to relieve old memories because she met him up here.”

“Oh, that’s funny,” Ben said, and then related part of the story that had brought him up here.

“Cool. You want to meet my Mom?” the surfer dude asked. “She’s looking for a husband, or maybe just somebody to drill her cause she really needs it.”

“Really?” Ben chuckled.

“Yeah, but I told her to hit the gym some because she’s getting a little pudgy. Big boobs though. You interested? I could introduce you two.”

“No thanks. I think I was a one woman man,” Ben explained.

“Too bad. Mom says I need a father figure. You could be my father. Interested in being my Daddy?”

“I’m a little old for that job… sorry I didn’t catch your name. I’m Ben,” the older man said as he extended his hand.

“Jeff,” the surfer boy said as they shook hands, and then after continuing to eyeball the old man he added, “You don’t look old.”

“Too old to be anybody’s Daddy Jeff, although you’re a fine young man,” Ben said as he started to feel uncomfortable under the young man’s glare.

“Too bad,” Jeff said as he kept staring at Ben before asking him if he was hot.

“A little. Why?”

“I dunno. You’re sweating a lot. I was watching the sweat pour out of your armpit and figured it might be on account of you’re so hairy,” Jeff said. “Do hairy guys get hotter in the summer than guys like me?”

“Uh – I don’t know,” Ben said as he lowered his sunglasses and his arm, coughing nervously. “Been a long time since I was a guy like you so I don’t know.”

“Wish I was more like you,” Jeff lamented. “The guys at school bust my chops – tell me I must shave my pits and legs or something.”

“Uh – I wouldn’t worry about that,” Ben responded as he got more and more uncomfortable. “Your body changes as you get older.”

“Don’t think so Ben,” Jeff said. “Think I’m done growing. I’m not a kid.”

“I know,” Ben said.

“Am I bothering you. You seem to be getting upset.”

“No – well yes. This conversation…”

“I like talking to you,” Jeff complained.

“It’s not the conversation it’s the subject matter,” Ben told his young friend.

“Why? You uptight about stuff?”

“It’s not that, it’s just I’m not sure that your mother would appreciated an old man talking about things like this with her child,” Ben said, praying that Jeff’s sister would reappear.

“Told you I’m not a kid.”

“Okay, let’s put it this way Jeff. If you were 18 that would be different,” Ben said in exasperation.

“Oh. That’s the magic age?” Jeff asked, and after Ben nodded he added, “Well, I’m never going to be 18 again.”

“How’s that?” Ben asked, not getting the message.

“I’m not 18, I’m 19,” Jeff said, and then proceeded to rattle off his birth date including the time of day along with where he graduated from high school and the classes he was going to attend in his sophomore year at Syracuse University come fall. “I get that all the time. Mom says it’s because of my dimples.”

“Sorry Jeff,” Ben said, holding up his hand in resignation. “It’s just that you look so young. Hell, the whole world looks young to me, probably because I’m getting old. I meant no harm, it’s just that I’m a father and get a little touchy about things like kids.”

“No problem,” Jeff replied, a smile returning to his face. “The reason I came over to talk to you was you’re about the only cool looking guy here.”

“Me cool?” Ben said glancing over at where the old fuddy-duddies had been but had left. “Well, I guess there’s not much competition here.”

“Plus, I thought that you were checking me out before,” Jeff said as he swallowed hard. “You can slug me if I’m wrong but every time I looked your way it seemed you were looking at me.”

“Am I wrong?” Jeff asked as the silence became almost deafening.

“No,” Ben said after a few more seconds of silence. “You aren’t wrong. Guess I was daydreaming.”

“About me?” Jeff asked with what seemed like a hopeful look.

“About – life I guess.”

“I know I look young but its not like I haven’t – you know,” Jeff said. “I’ve been with guys – men.”

“Me too,” Ben said as he got to his feet while nearby the lifeguard began packing up his stuff. “But not in a long while.”

“Before when I said stuff about you being my Daddy?” Jeff recalled. “I said it like I was kidding but I wasn’t. I dig older guys.”

“I thought you said I wasn’t old,” Ben kidded

“That’s not what I meant,” Jeff said. “What are you 50?”

“I wish. Add 8 years to that,” Ben said as the lifeguard walked to his car, leaving them alone, and Ben wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not.

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