Banging My Boss

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The day began innocent enough. It was the day of my coworker’s wedding and a number of us from the office were invited. We made plans to get dressed and get ready at the office after work and head over to the event together in one car. As the day came to a close my three coworkers and I piled into one of the guy’s cars as he did not plan on drinking at the wedding. As we pulled out of the lot, our manager Linda came running out after us, waving for us to stop, which we abruptly did. Linda explained how her car had died and asked to ride with us to the wedding. As Linda squeezed into the back seat next to me, I saw her for the first time in a different light. She normally wore her long brown hair in a ponytail but tonight it was straight and hung down almost to her ass. Speaking of her ass, Linda had a pretty decent one for her 46 year old body. It was thick, but looked firm, and would outline a tight pair of pants fairly well. Her dress came down to her knees, which meant her smooth bare legs were shown off nicely.

However, the most ravishing feature of my older manager was her chest. Normal work attire may have hinted at her proportions and sometimes even showed a hard nipple, but this cocktail dress displayed the most magnificent cleavage I have ever seen. Her big tits looked like grapefruits, aching to be pushed up completely out of her dress. My eyes traced the valley between those fat globes and I was struggling to look away. Linda also smelled fantastic and it was all I could not to get a hard on as we rode along, her leg and body pressed against me in the backseat.

Despite my mere 24 years of age, I had been at one or two social work outings with Linda and she definitely liked to unwind and enjoy her beverages. Never married, it was rumored in the office that maybe she preferred a juicy pussy to a fat cock, but I always thought from the way she acted and the things she said that she was not only interested in dick, but desperate to be stuffed and stuffed well. My coworkers were each meeting their dates at the wedding hall but I had no date as my girlfriend had recently broken up with me. Linda had no date either, and joked with me that we would be a “couple” for the night.

Well we got there, and things got under way, all the couples hit the dance floor while the loners like me hung around the table. I noticed Linda at the bar awaiting drink number who knows, and I decided it was time for a refill myself so I joined her at the bar. We bullshitted for a bit about work, about my ex, and I could tell Linda was definitely feeling no pain at this point. She became very touchy feely, hitting my arm or shoulder as she spoke, giggling at my jokes, and blatantly NOT covering up her massive cleavage that was so abundant I heard some of the elderly guests commenting on it.

Linda headed for the bathroom, and as she did so I watched her body from behind, her big ass and hips swaying, and her hair bouncing around. Though I never found her overly attractive at work (none of the guys did), I found myself obsessed with her mature sexy body tonight. I went back to my seat and sipped my beer, but seconds later I felt a hand grab my own and drag me out of casino siteleri my chair. Linda was very bubbly and energetic and dragged me onto the dance floor. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t a slow song so my dancing skills were pretty awful, but I managed to hold my own as Linda did her thing in front of me. She shook to the music, her boobs shaking frantically and her face becoming prettier by the beer sip. Some of the guys were now starting to look over and Linda seemed to eat up the attention. She slid forward and began to use my body to grind against, sliding her cocktail dress covered crotch up and down my body. My eyes were locked onto her huge rack, hoping that her tits would just pop out for me to see, and as I refocused, I could swear Linda saw me staring. She took my hands and placed them on her own waist, something that a manager and employee probably shouldn’t be doing, especially in front of coworkers. We danced for a few more minutes until Linda wanted to go out for a cigarette. I went back toward my table as I am not a smoker, but my boss took my hand and led me outside with her.

We went to the side of the hall where Linda lit up her cigarette and we just chatted for a few minutes which was fine with me because we got so sweaty inside that I wanted the fresh air. We sat on the curb and I watched hesitantly as her dress rode up her legs as she sat. I traced her smooth legs up to her thighs and tried to imagine what was just beyond that thin black material. I scanned the rest of Linda’s body, my eyes falling yet again on her set of tits, and I could tell her nipples were rock hard. Before I could even snap out of my daze this time, Linda took my hand and placed it on her knee. Our eyes locked, and I was scared to death as this was a woman 3 levels higher ranking than me. Her hand led mine slowly up her thigh and toward her crotch, at which point I began to grow somewhat confident and I started rubbing her thigh myself, back and forth, loving the feel of her silky smooth skin. I did this for a long while, not sure how far I could take this, until Linda grabbed my hand and shoved it right into her crotch.

My cock which had been slowly rising this whole time, and had been hard most of the night, was now tenting out my pants at my crotch. Linda was not wearing underwear, and my hand was rubbing her wet bush directly. It felt so warm, like there was heat coming out of her cunt, and I slid a finger into her warmth, letting it sit there for a moment as we both exhaled sharply. I started to really get into it, adding a second finger to the mix and fucking in and out of her now slimy pussy. I could feel that she had a good amount of hair on her pussy, which turned me on even more. I was loving the idea of this older woman horny as hell and most likely desperate to be fucked hard by a young guy like me. My fingers were sopping wet as I played around in her snatch, and I almost came right there when Linda pulled out my fingers and sucked them dry right in front of me.

I wanted to just lay my boss down on the cement and fuck her until we both passed out but we obviously had to collect ourselves and go back inside for the time being. We went back canlı casino in, and I expected we would return to our table but Linda had other ideas, dragging me with her to the wedding couple and offering congrats but saying she was tired and had to go. She explained I would be sharing a cab with her since we live near each other several miles away. I was more than ok with this and as we headed out I asked her what she had in mind. She told me not to worry about it as she dialed a cab, and we somehow managed to remain composed as we waited in the lobby. If you looked closely at the two of us, you would see we were practically jumping each other’s bones with our eyes. I stared at her giant rack and her hot legs and she eyed my broad shoulders and chest and my bulging crotch. Then the cab came.

I had no idea where we were going but it was Friday night and I didn’t much care where we went, especially since our hands roamed each other’s bodies and our tongues met for the first time in the backseat of this cab. Her breath smelled fresh like mint gum, and I massaged her tongue with my own and she rubbed my cock through my suit pants. My hands of course went right to her fat tits, squeezing them through her dress, and playing with her hard nipples. It turns out that ten minutes later we were back at my office, to which I gave Linda a curious look. She gave me a sexy smile…

Everybody had left for the night but the building remains open all the time as long as you scan your id card. Linda led me down the hall and into her office, where I had never been before, and she closed the door behind her. Before I could hear the click of the door shutting, Linda had sat on her desk with her legs spread open invitingly, and she wiggled her finger for me to approach. Having gotten much more used to my hookup with my boss by now, I took control and held her legs apart as I got to see her hairy cunt for the first time. Her dark bush ran wild, and led almost up to her belly button area. I attributed this to her Italian heritage which turned me on so much.

Even with all the hair I could see how wet and excited she was and I slipped my finger back inside her. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying my actions when I decided I had to taste this sexy older broad’s slimy pussy. I knelt down in between her thighs and stuck my tongue out, making sure to barely trace the folds of her pussy lips. Then I moved away and licked her inner thighs one at a time before returning to her waiting cunt. I got in close and started blowing on it, and again barely letting my tongue lick her lips. This was driving her nuts, to the point where I could almost sense her yearning, and I chose that moment to bury my face in her crotch. I showed no abandon, lapping at her fur-lined twat, slipping two fingers inside her as I sucked on her clit, and eventually sticking my tongue inside her, tasting her sweet girl cream. Linda’s legs were quivering and I could tell she was in heaven.

My thick cock was painfully pressing into my pants, and I undid my belt and unzipped them, at which point Linda took over and slid them down my legs, leaving me in just my boxers. My boxer briefs kaçak casino were ready to burst and there was a small amount of precum that had drooled out onto the front of them. Linda gripped my cock through the underwear, massaging it and playing with my heavy balls until I thought I would explode right then. She sensed it too and stopped, standing up from her desk and turning her back to me. She told me to unzip her dress, which I did, watching her dress slip to the floor. Linda stood before me in only a black silky bra and nothing else. I unhooked and removed her bra, and grabbed her large globes from behind and held them in my hands. At 46 years old, they definitely did sag when I let them go but they were still pretty firm. As I played with her titties from behind, my steel hard cock was nestled between Linda’s ass cheeks. My precum was oozing out of my cockhead and getting he fat ass all sticky.

The sexual intensity and tension had become so great and neither of us could take it anymore. Linda spun around and laid down on her desk, legs spread wide to show off her bushy cunt. My penis dangled in front of her, almost drawn to her waiting hole. Her eyes told the whole story; she wanted my cock to fill her up NOW! I grabbed her smooth legs and held them apart as I inched forward, my throbbing hard cock twitching as I reached her messy soaked pussy. I stopped just before entering Linda’s mature body, once more making her beg for my thick young tool to plow her horny slit.

Linda responded to my tease by literally grabbing my pole and pulling it to her cunt, forcing my cockhead to slip inside of her body. The feeling was electric, as Linda’s pussy was tight despite her maturity (she claimed later that she hadn’t fucked in a few years). I lunged forward burying the rest of my thick rod into my manager’s eager snatch, and left it buried deep as she got used to my girth. Her face grimaced with a mixture of pain and pleasure and pure lust, which we both felt at this moment.

As we got into a rhythm I began to really fuck harder and harder into her, slamming her sexy body against the desk over and over. Papers went flying, and I think some other stuff crashed to the floor but neither of us cared so I continued to bang Linda in her office, my full heavy balls smacking up against her ass. The sound and smell of our sex was so powerful, and I was seconds away from pumping the biggest load of my life into my manager’s 46 year old sopping wet pussy.

I quickened my rhythm so I could give her a few more really intense thrusts before I came. Her giant breasts were heaving and sweaty, and I grabbed for them with my hand as I plowed into her. I massaged her tits, one at a time, and that was enough to put me over the edge. I announced I was going to cum, and as I got set to pull out and erupt, Linda put her hand on my ass and pulled me forward, forcing my big cock to stay inside her as I exploded in a huge orgasm. I pumped my dick in Linda’s twat, spurting glob after glob of hot, milky cum up into her womb. I watched as my jizz oozed out of her along with her own juices, soaking my cock and her desk and anything else around. As my cum subsided, I kept my slowly softening cock inside of my boss’ steaming, hairy pussy as we both smiled at each other and admired our sweat-soaked cum covered naked bodies. Neither of us saw Juanita the cleaning woman through the blinds, or her camera phone for that matter……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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