Badger’s Hut, Happy Times

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It has been a long time since poor old Badger died on me.

Those who read my exploits with Badger may recall my sweet memories of our special relationship. There can be no one to match Badger. He was quite old yes but I do like older guys, and Badger proved that to me, even if I was a little wary at first; when he prompted me to go into his allotment shed- suggesting that we could have some good conversation and he would fix some coffee.

I guess I knew all the time his motive. And in a way I was glad, although a little apprehensive of doing anything with an older man. I was incorrectly thinking he couldn’t give me what it takes, because he was too old for that and would he have a heart attack on the job? How callous is that!? Anyway to cut a long story short – not repeating what I have written before, once he took my trousers down I saw the absolute joy in his face. I knew then just how much pleasure I could give this old man, and any doubts I’d had before, vanished with the first feel him touching my cock.

That’s how it was with Badger, No messing. He helped himself and it was divine. At the time -and I haven’t mentioned this before, – I did not know just how far he would go. But just for the sake of it, and because I was enjoying his touch, I was quite happy to go along with just some fun and maybe some mutual masturbation. He had an amazing cock for a man of his age which I loved to touch.

When I first saw it, when he was feeling me just after he’d downed my trousers and briefs, it was so small and wrinkled and I really thought this guy could never get anything on, thinking maybe he was just happy to enjoy some private fun with me like a guy I knew once called Joey, who was quite happy just to explore me expecting nothing in return, he never got a hard on and I couldn’t see why he enjoyed the one -way relationship, but he did and it was nice, that is until he started to use the strap across my butt. That was going too far – I went along with the spanking over his knee, partly because he paid me for it and secondly because I did come to enjoy it because of all the massage he gave me before and after. He enjoyed prodding me with anal dildo’s he’d bought at the Private shop. I think he wanted to make up for his short comings, that he could not raise enough canlı bahis hard cock to give me a good fucking so used the dildo’s instead.

Which was quite nice and fulfilling, he’d spank me some and then fuck me using his hand so beautifully to get a good deep thrusting motion. While it lasted it was nice enough and I enjoyed it as much as he did. He seemed he could not get enough of sucking my cock and revelled in it, and I was more than happy just to lean on the arm of the settee, and let him enjoy my cock, balls and anus as much as he liked. It was all so very thrilling whilst it lasted and that’s for sure. I cannot recall the number of times I returned home, after being with him, feeling the very sensual numbness underneath and over my butt

But it was bound to get boring, I wanted the real thing. I wanted a good stiff fresh cock inside me and had, had enough of his make pretend. When he started asking me to pretend his strap -on cock was a real one, and prompting me to go through the ordeal of sucking it after it had been inside me. That was the limit.

He liked to take pictures of me with his mobile phone and I did not particularly like that idea, thinking he may show them to other guys on the net.

So I dumped him, it wasn’t easy. But I did it by saying I had found another. And it was true because I had. I had found Badger or rather he had found me doing some digging in my allotment. I knew then the way he just stood gawping at me, there was something afoot other than just a casual chat about my potato crop.

“Nice spuds they be” he said in his West Country accent. But I’d like you to see mine, you game for it lad?”

I told him I was not a lad, that I was twenty six.

“Maybe so” he replied with a real cheeky grin but with a rear end like you got who cares.”

“So that is what you were gawping at, my ass?”! I said, “Haven’t you got anything better to do?”

He replied instantly and I knew he meant business; “Yep! I have, with your ass so come in and have some conversation and coffee and we shall go from there.”

I could not believe what he was saying, it seemed unreal and yet, strangely appealing.

That’s how it was with Badger. He was quite outright and held nothing back, not even his dirty thoughts, and believe me they bahis siteleri were dirty!

“Looks to me like you could do with a good stiff prick inside you and I am the man to do It.!”

I guess I was stuck for words. I was shocked yet enthralled at the same time; the thought of having fun with Badger was appealing to say the least. Whether it was his charisma I didn’t know, but he had something which pulled me into his lair. Meaning his allotment shed; in which had all the home comforts and a splendid shagging bench which, given a nice firm pillow beneath my front, made for the perfect presentation of my attributes for his pleasure.

“That is surely lovely Alex” he muttered foaming at the mouth. “I aint seen a real live ass like that since I can’t remember Brenda’s was nice and tight but nothing like yours. She was good shag mind and liked it back ways too, but I always had a thing for a lad like you.”

I looked at him disapprovingly… “Alright then” he corrected, “you are twenty six but still a lad to me.”

When he had me over his potting bench with the pillow beneath to give him good access I saw him wanking his cock as he slapped me with his free hand. I thought it was going to be like Joey all over again, except for the fact that he showed a good erection which looked good to me, especially for an old guy. He was quite proud of it too, showing me just how he could make it jerk upwards without touching. I instinctively wanted to take it into my mouth and asked if he wouldn’t mind before he fucked me. He allowed me to rise up and stood there ready for my suck, closing his eyes and bending his head back. I was committed now to giving him a full sucking. I kneeled to find the right spot and sniffed him against my mouth. The smell was familiar. Like my own when I wanked and sniffed. It was particular pungent nectar, which was strangely appealing. I toyed with it first, stroking its length down to the girth, he shuddered a little and it jerked again, just as it did when he showed me earlier and I was impelled to take it fully into my mouth, as much as I could take and I think I surprised him because he complimented me. There was I, first time sucking this guy with a full deep throat motion too. I was in my element; it felt right and so warm to my tongue. bahis şirketleri It was truly a lovely cock and needed my attention I could tell:

“I haven’t been sucked like this ever” he said stroking his hand around my neck, urging me not to stop.

I gave him such a lovely sucking and I believe that was the time when our relationship was cemented until death did us part. The imminent fuck was always superb and then he wanted sucking again.

But he died a happier man than when I first knew him and I liked to recall how many fucks there had been in that rickety old shed, not counting the time he shot his load into my mouth. I marked every one up on a slate fixed on the wall and after he’d died I counted one thousand and twenty two.

The thing is, on visiting his shed afterwards, (I had a spare key) I imagined how it was each time and all the great fun we had… His fuck was absolutely divine and strangely, each time I went to the shed, before another guy took over his allotment, I felt him inside me, that beautifully sculptured mature cock wedged deep inside me like it belonged there, the way he liked to pause when we could both feel the throb. It was so very lovely and so very good to be fucked by the old man. I cherished him I really did and missed him so very much I was gutted…

So much that I bent over the bench alone and pretended he was behind me with the assistance of a broom handle appropriately fixed so that it was secure, so I could control the measure of its penetration inside me.

It was a mad thing to do and could never compete with the real thing.

But who was to know when the new allotment tenant would turn up with a key. How embarrassing was that when he found me perched over the bench, trousers down with a broom handle inside me.

I was so embarrassed and expected the worst,

But instead he looked at me rubbing his chin and said:

“I think a new broom will sweep clean and I think I can go to that”

How could I refuse when he locked the door behind and eagerly dropped his jeans? He had a huge cock and the feel of it was much better than any broom…

It was if I am destined with good karma and although I am a good deal younger than this new guy. I reckon he and I could go places if you know what I mean.

He offered to take me to his place on the pretence it was too cold in the shed. But I never imagined what exactly he had in store for me,

And what about his wife, how would he work that?

Watch this space…

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