Back From Iraq Ch. 12

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The chance for us to get together with my brother and Yolanda came sooner than we expected.

On Tuesday night, Tommy and I were home alone relaxing in front of the TV, watching a reality show. By relaxing, I mean that Tommy was naked and the “E-Z-Boy”-style couch was in the reclined position. My head rested against his bare abdomen. The tip of his giant penis was in my mouth. I gently sucked on it like a pacifier while we both watched our show.

This is how we usually watched television. We had been doing it for years. I would slowly suck on Tommy’s head while the program unfolded before us. Tommy would stroke my hair and say loving things to me while I steadily fellated his tip. We both loved this.

Sometimes, during commercial breaks, I would take greater lengths of his rigid cock into my mouth and throat. However, when the show came back on, I would return to his tip. By the end of the show, Tommy would be in fine shape. Typically, unable to take any more, he would throw me down on the couch and fuck me as hard as he could. I loved this.

So, there I was with my lips around my husband’s tip when Jack and Yolanda walked into the apartment. Neither Tommy nor I heard Jack open the door with his key.

“Hi, lovers,” Yolanda said in a friendly manner, walking straight into the center of the living room. “I had a feeling we would catch you like this.”

Tommy said hello. I just smiled up at my best friend with my man’s dick in my mouth.

“Uh, maybe we should leave,” Jack said tentatively.

I lifted my lips from Tom’s Great White. “No, bro. Come in and get comfortable. Right, Tommy?” I asked my husband.

“Yeah, sure,” he said. “This is nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll get dressed.”

“The hell you will,” interrupted Yolanda. “You stay just like that. I like it.” She said with a smile.

Yolanda then turned to Jack. “Go over there and sit next to Amy.” It was clear that Yolanda had resumed her role as ‘the dominant one.’ I could tell that she really got off on giving the orders.

Jack obeyed. He sat next to me. I sat up. I was wearing a pair of short shorts and a T-shirt that barely covered the bottom of my grapefruit-sized boobs. My tummy was exposed. Jack placed his hand there and my heart skipped a beat.

I looked over at Tommy to gauge his reaction. He stared down at Jack’s hand and didn’t say a word. To ensure that he continued to receive the attention my husband deserved, I grabbed Tommy’s cock and slowly stroked it.

“Nice,” Yolanda said with a wicked smile. “Now, I have something to show y’all,” she proudly exclaimed.

Yolanda unbuttoned her full-length rain coat and let it slide to the floor. She was decked out in a skin-tight, black latex outfit that made the three of us collectively suck in our breath in excitement.

My friend looked stunning. The tight, black bustier was cut high over her upper thighs. There were latex garter straps extending down to black latex stockings which went down to her black high heeled shoes. Her groin was naked. The little tuft of public hair that I had come to know well was exposed to our view.

“Oh, Yoli,” I stammered. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Then, don’t say a word,” she ordered. “Just watch.”

Yolanda walked in front of us and turned around. She then deliberately bent over to the discarded rain coat on the ground. As she bent, her dark beaver was revealed to her audience on the couch.

Yolanda fished in the pockets of her raincoat and pulled out the object she had been searching: a black dildo. I was about nine inches long. My friend twirled around and held it up for us to view. She then placed it in her mouth.

Tommy spoke up. “I think we are about to get a show.”

“Trust me,” Jack said. “This will be really good.”

Yolanda pulled up a chair in front of us and sat down. She spread her sexy legs to fully reveal herself. She looked devastating beautiful.

Yolanda rubbed the dildo along the insides of her mocha thighs. She painted around the edges of her bathing suit zone, carefully avoiding casino oyna the darling peach nestled between her legs. My friend then brought the object up to her chest and traced a line along the top of her shapely breasts.

Yolanda continued to work the black beast upward along her long, graceful neck to her beautiful Latin face. She then placed the dildo into her mouth once more and sucked it in, taking several inches of it deeply into her mouth and throat.

While we watched the spectacle in appreciative silence, Yolanda then worked the freshly moistened item into her tight, delicious snatch. As she began inserting her new friend deeper and deeper into her womanhood, Yolanda let out a small hissing sound.

The room was electric. I continued my strokes of Tommy’s engorged member. Jack was lightly caressing my belly and the bottom of my globes. I placed my hand on his thigh and began rubbing up and down.

I looked over at my husband. Tommy nodded to me in approval. I then moved my hand up to the blossoming mound in Jack’s trousers. I massaged my brother’s crotch while my husband looked on. In response, Jack cupped my right breast and slipped his fingers under my short shirt, lightly strumming my hardening nipple.

Yolanda continued to move the black implement in and out of her precious chamber while we watched. In turn, my friend watched the tableau set forth on the couch before her.

“Jack,” she said directly. “Take off your clothes.”

Momentarily interrupting my touching, my brother rose like a robot and removed his clothing. He sat back down next to me and returned his hand to my breast.

I continued masturbating my husband’s erect penis while I reached for my brother’s pretty pecker. I gripped Jack firmly and then began jerking the two penises in sync. Before too long, my stroking of the two dicks fell into rhythm with Yolanda’s insertions of the black dildo into her vagina .

Jack’s other hand found its way to my plentiful bosom. At about the same time, Tommy’s finger slid into my shorts and began to trace a path toward my sensitive little girl. When he inserted his long finger into my very wet cunt, I heaved out a loud and sustained moan.

Yoli increased the frequency and forcefulness of her thrusts. She was working the dildo into herself at a fever pitch. Although we three on the couch were all at heightened states of arousal, our attentions were fixed on Ms. Yolanda and her latex show.

After a few more minutes, our friend began to shake violently. She removed the dildo and a small spurt of fluid shot out onto the carpet in front of her.

“Oh, man,” I said appreciatively. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

Yolanda could barely speak. “Only…only when I’m really turned on,” she stammered.

Now, I was really turned on. But I wanted to attempt something new. I didn’t know if I would ever get the chance to do this again. I released my grip on the two cocks. I stood up, slipping out of the grasps of my husband and brother.

“Tommy,” I instructed. “Move over and sit right next to Jack.”

Tommy moved a few inches, but there was still a gap between the men.

“No,” I commanded. “Right up against him.”

Reluctantly, Tommy moved closer until he was skin-to-skin with Jack. I could tell the two guys were uncomfortable with this contact.

“I’m going to try something new,” I said as I beamed a smile up to each of their faces.

With that, I grasped each of their cocks and tried to bring them together. Even though, Tommy’s monster is ruler-length, there was still a distance between them.

“Jack, roll your hips toward Tommy,” I ordered.

“I see what you’re going to do,” said Yolanda from over my shoulder. “That’s hot. Where is your camera?”

I gestured with a nod of my head to the shelf on the right. My eyes did not leave the beautiful sight before me: I had two big, stiff dicks which I had brought together. I playfully rubbed them up against each other. The two boys began to squirm.

I said simply, “Relax, gentlemen.” Then I bent my head down canlı casino and put both of their dicks in my widely-stretched mouth.

I could fit the two heads in and a little bit more of the cock-meat below the heads. But, that was it. My jaw was at its bursting point. I am confident that if Tommy and Jack had smaller schlongs, I would have been able to take in much more in.

Yolanda sneaked behind the couch with the camera and snapped several shots of me with two large boners in my little mouth. I felt like the biggest slut on the face of the earth. My twat was dripping into my shorts.

I continued to blow my husband and my brother at the same time. Yolanda came around to my back side and gripped my head. She then began to push my face down on the two cocks. She started gently. But after a few easy pushes, my latex-clad friend began to insistently force my head lower and lower. As a result, I swallowed quite a bit more dick meat than I thought possible.

Yolanda had worked my head about halfway down the dicks when my jaw began to painfully cramp up. I tapped Yolanda’s hand and she removed it. I then spit out the two penises in my mouth.

“Sorry,” I said rubbing my jaw. “I just couldn’t do anymore.”

“No worries, baby,” my husband reassured me. “We loved that. Right Jack?”

“Yes, indeed,” my brother replied enthusiastically. “I have only seen that done before in pornos. I never thought that a woman would do that for me and another guy. Let alone my sister…”

I smiled despite the pain in my face.

“Baby,” Tommy said, looking me in the eye. “I’ve been thinking. I’d really like to see you fuck, Jack.”

“But, he’s my brother,” I protested. “It’s just not right.”

“I think we’re way beyond that, girl,” Yolanda stated. “Enough is enough. Your man wants you to fuck your brother. Do it.”

Before I knew what was happening, Tommy had lifted me into his arms, and we were heading for the bedroom.

“Come on, Jack,” he said over his shoulder to his brother-in-law.

Jack followed right behind us. I caught a glimpse of him. When he looked into my eyes, I winked at him. He smiled back with a twinkle in his eye. Yolanda followed behind with the camera.

Tommy laid me on the bed. He reached down and pulled off my little shorts, throwing them off to the side of the bed. He then grabbed my calves and delicately parted them, exposing my aching twat to my brother.

“She’s all yours, buddy,” he said to Jack.

“Thanks, I guess,” Jack said somewhat abashedly.

In the interim, Jack’s penis had begun to lose its magnificent erection.

“Sorry,” he said. “I guess it’s the pressure.”

“No problem, honey,” Yolanda reassured him. “Let me help you.”

With that, she bent down and took his flaccid dork in her mouth. Within seconds, Jack’s dick was standing tall and proud on its own.

“That’s nice, baby,” Yolanda said like a mom to her little boy. “Now, go fuck Amy.”

Jack moved in between my thighs. He began to root around awkwardly like a teenager getting laid for the first time.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I reached down and grasped his wand. I then inserted the head into my little oven. I was as slick as I could possibly be. Jack slid in with almost no effort.

“Ahhh,” we both said simultaneously. We looked into each other’s eyes. There was something more than lust that passed between us.

Jack began to slowly thrust into my wet pussy. It felt so much better than I had assumed. While we gazed at each other, we exchanged sighs and moans as my brother moved his cock in and out of my vagina.

Time stood still. The others in the room vanished for us. It was Jack and I all alone.

I wrapped my ankles around his pelvis while he rode me passionately. His penis seemed to be the perfect fit. After a while, I lost sight of Jack when I threw my head back in ecstasy. I began to moan loudly.

His passion heightened by my cries, my brother began thrusting into me faster and more forcefully. Jack began grunting.

I held onto kaçak casino him for all I was worth. As I felt my climax nearing I leaned up and kissed my brother on the mouth. Our tongues intertwined while my internal walls crumpled. My orgasm was more intense than any I can remember in a long time.

Almost simultaneously, Jack shot his load into my cunt with a series of bellows.

It was fantastic.

My brother collapsed on top of me. I lovingly stroked his hair.

“That was so sweet.” Yolanda’s voice brought us back into the present. Yoli and Tommy were seated on the divan by the window in our bedroom. They held each other tightly. Yolanda’s legs were draped across my husband’s lap. She still held the camera. Apparently, Yolanda had taking pictures of my brother fucking me the whole time.

Jack and I were somewhat embarrassed by our display. Despite the reassurances we received from Tommy and Yolanda, we felt exposed.

At their insistence, Jack and I exchanged places with the other couple. I sat on my brother’s lap. We were then treated to a lusty performance of my husband penetrating my latex-clad friend with great eagerness on the part of both performers. Yolanda and Tommy had apparently become super-aroused while watching Jack and me.

The final act consisted of Tommy throwing Yolanda’s sexy legs over one shoulder and forcefully ramming his log into her tight, small cavern. Tommy was considerate enough to ensure that Yolanda’s legs were over his shoulder away from Jack and me. In this manner, we had an unobstructed view of this magnificent sight. I took a few photos with the camera that Yolanda had left lying on the divan.

The next thing I knew, I was down on my knees with Jack’s engorged cock in my throat. My brother had reloaded while we were watching my husband screw my best friend. When his erection arose, I couldn’t stop myself from sucking it.

As I was facing away from them, giving head to my sibling, I missed Tommy’s orgasm. However, I heard the two of them exclaiming in ecstasy. Then the pair fell silent.

At Jack’s insistence, we moved on to the bed next to Yolanda and Tommy. I mounted my brother without a moment’s thought. Fucking my brother for the second time in an hour, I began sliding up and down on Jack’s member while Yolanda caressed my melons. My twat was making loud, squishing noises as I rode Jack’s penis like a piston.

The next thing I became aware of was my darling husband’s plump cock rubbing against my ass crack as I fucked my brother. I was surprised by how quickly Tommy had become hard again. I guess the sight of my brother and I fucking was incredibly arousing to him.

Yolanda instructed me to stop for a second. I did as I was told. Yolanda bent over and wet Tommy’s dinosaur with her mouth. She then guided it into my tight rectum.

When Tommy had the head of his dick in my butt, both men began thrusting — my husband from the back, and my brother from below.

I was being double penetrated. Once again, I had fantasized about this act, but never dreamed that it would occur. Additionally, in my fantasies, I had always envisioned two faceless men penetrating my ass and pussy at the same time. Here, I had the two men I loved most in the world thrusting their penises into me.

“So, how is it, honey?” Yolanda asked me. Her face was inches from mine.

I was in ecstasy. I couldn’t answer her verbally. I merely nodded my head up and down. I had tears of joy in my eyes.

Yolanda leaned in and kissed me fully on the lips. I responded by hungrily sucking her tongue into my mouth. I pulled it in as deeply as possible.

I had my three lovers penetrating me: Tommy in my ass; Jack in my vagina; and Yolanda in my mouth. I saw stars when I came. My body jiggled like Jell-O. I could barely support myself. Yolanda assisted me by holding my shoulders.

After an eternity, the boys finished their business. Tommy filled my rectum with his semen. Jack then shot off in my cunt. I was dripping from both orifices. I had been doubly satisfied by my men.

“Oh, my god,” I exclaimed when I had caught my breath. “When can we do this again?”

Jack and Yolanda looked at each other and frowned. Jack spoke up.

“Amy, I have to report back to my unit in two days,” he said.

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