Baby Girl Ch. 02

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The next day, Jessica woke with a terrific headache. Her mouth was dry and her tongue felt twice its size. She headed for the bathroom and dunked her head below the tap. God, she was never drinking again. Not that much, anyway.

What had Dave said? You shouldn’t drink if you can’t hold it.

The disgust in his voice, the flippant words — they’d hurt her so much. At least she didn’t have a crush on him any more.

She brushed her teeth, tugged on a t-shirt and shorts, and went downstairs to the kitchen.

Daddy was already up, humming as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. His eyes lit up when he saw her. “Good morning, Sunshine.”

“Morning, Daddy.” She remembered how he’d looked jerking himself off, and flushed.

But Daddy didn’t seem to notice. “Juice?” he asked.

“Yes, please.”

He poured a glass for her. “I’ve made you my special pancakes today.” He uncovered a large dish heaped with fluffy goodness.

“Aw, thank you, Daddy.” She was touched. Daddy only made pancakes for special occasions like her birthday. He was trying to cheer her up.

He served her a couple of pancakes and passed her the maple syrup. “It’s Saturday today, and I’m free. Want to go anywhere, do anything?”

“Not really.” She took a huge bite of the syrup-soaked pancake. “I have a headache from yesterday. Mmm, Daddy, this is delicious.”

He gave her a warm smile. “Eat your fill and sleep off your headache. I’m going to spend the day in the yard. Lots of weeding and mowing to do.”

“Okay.” She ate several pancakes, then cleared the dishes while Steve went out into the yard. It was a warm, sunny day, and he was wearing a cotton tank top and shorts. She stood by the window, admiring his thick, powerful body as he bent to weed the rows of baby vegetables he had planted a few weeks ago. Honestly, Dave didn’t hold a candle to him. No wonder Veronica had said she would let Daddy fuck her. What girl wouldn’t? He was tall and handsome with thick black hair, deep brown eyes, and a cleft chin like an old-timey actor. But he wouldn’t want to have sex with Veronica. She was too brassy, too loud, and that wasn’t his type.

After a while, he stood and tugged off his top. He had a straight back, a firm ass, and a muscular, hairy chest. How would it feel to run her hands over it?

He turned, noticed her watching him, and waved. She waved back, feeling like she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t. She went upstairs and changed into a skimpy yellow sundress. She decided not to wear a bra. Her breasts were small casino oyna and firm enough that she could get away without wearing one. She looked at herself in the mirror.

A petite, pretty girl looked back at her. Long black hair, smooth tanned skin, pert breasts pushing against the sundress, the nipples clearly visible. She went back down and made ice lemonade, glancing surreptitiously out the window.

Steve was mowing the lawn, hard at work, body glistening with sweat. He’d bathed her last night, soaping her breasts and private parts. He’d tucked her in and bid her goodnight, and then jerked himself off hard, moaning Baby Girl. How would it feel to have him say that to her face while he was stroking himself?

Her pussy vibrated, and she pressed her thighs together, her lips clamped shut. When it had passed, she filled two tall glasses with lemonade and walked outside.

He looked up, surprised to see her, and switched off the mower.

“Lemonade?” She held a glass out for him.

“Thanks, Baby Girl.” He took the glass and they sat down on the porch swing to drink. It wasn’t a very big swing. There was just enough space for both of them if they sat very close to each other. Daddy’s bare thighs brushed against hers, and she shivered.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked.

“Much better,” she replied, inhaling deeply. Daddy smelled of sweat and sunshine and that musky male scent she’d always loved.

“Is there anything you want to talk about?” he asked.

She bit her lip. “Yeah. About last night. I won’t go out with that boy again.”

“Did he hurt you?” Daddy’s voice had gone low and dangerous.

She looked up, startled. “No! I mean, yeah. But not much.”

He set down his glass and took her hand between his, squeezing it. “What did he do, honey?”

She blushed and stared down at her lap. “He…he put his tongue in my mouth.”

The pressure on her hand increased. “Did you like it?”

She shook her head vehemently. “No. His tongue was too wet and his teeth were clacking on mine and…” She stopped, noticing the smile on his face. “You’re laughing at me!” she accused, withdrawing her hand.

He stopped smiling. “No, darling. I’m laughing at that callow youth who doesn’t know how to kiss a girl properly.”

“How old were you when you first kissed a girl?” she asked.

“Around your age. But I lucked out, because I met a much older woman who showed me how to please her.”

“I think I would like that,” she murmured with a sideways glance at his handsome profile. “An older man canlı casino who would show me how to please him.”

He slipped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed. “Oh no, Baby Girl, you deserve someone who will love you and please you.”

She leaned her head on his broad shoulders. “None of the boys I’ve met are like that.”

“Have patience,” he said, his voice soft. “You’re still very young. You have your whole life ahead of you.”

“I know, Daddy, but sometimes it feels like I’m behind all the other girls.” She paused, wondering how open she could be with him. “I think I must be the only girl to graduate from my school a virgin.”

“Is that why you went out with him?” When she nodded, he said, “And all he did was to kiss you badly?”

She hid her face in her hand. “No, Daddy. He…he put his hand inside my panties.”

He stiffened. “And did you like that?”

“Not at all! His fingers were so rough. I pushed him away and then I vomited and he was so disgusted with me.” She began to cry soundlessly at the memory, sobs shaking her shoulders.

“Hush, darling.” Daddy pulled her into his lap and stroked her back. “Scum like that don’t deserve your tears or your kisses.”

She nestled into his arms, laying her head on his bare chest, inhaling his scent. He kissed the top of her head, soothing her with nonsense words. After a while, her tears subsided, and she became aware of a hardness pushing against her ass.

Her cheeks flamed. Daddy had an erection. She should get up and move away, but she didn’t. It felt so safe and good in his lap, like nothing bad could happen to her. So she stayed and he continued stroking her, his hands moving from her back to her bare arms.

“Daddy?” she said, her voice muffled in his chest.

“Yes, Baby Girl?”

“Do you love me?”

“With all my heart, darling.”

“Will you be mad at me if I tell you something?”

He laughed. “I can never be mad at you, sweetheart.”

She took a deep breath. “Last night, I…I saw you.”

His hands went still, then resumed their stroking. “I know.”

What? She raised her head and looked at him. “You knew?”

He nodded. “I saw you watching me at the door.”

She bit her lip. “I shouldn’t have been there.”

“No,” he agreed. “But since you were there, and you stayed, I want you to not to feel embarrassed about it. It’s natural to be curious. It’s natural to want to pleasure yourself.”

Her face heated. “Afterward, Daddy, I went to my room and I touched myself.”

He brushed the hair away kaçak casino from her eyes and gazed at her. “Did you have an orgasm?”

She licked her lips, heart speeding up. “Yes, Daddy.”

“What did you fantasize about?” he asked softly.

“About you,” she whispered. “About what I saw you doing.”

He drew a sharp breath. Beneath her ass, his cock twitched, making her want to wiggle.

“You should go inside now,” he said.

She pouted. “Are you mad at me?”

He gave a strained smile. “No, darling. I have a lawn to mow.”

“Can I ask you for something before I go?”

His face relaxed into a smile. “Sure thing.”

“I’ve never been kissed properly,” she said shyly. “Can you show me how?”

He traced her lips with his fingertips. “Baby Girl, you know I want to. But that wouldn’t be right. One day you’ll find a nice young man who’ll love you and kiss you just right.”

Her lips trembled at his touch. “Will I ever meet a man who loves me as much as you do?”

He sighed, his fingers brushing her cheeks. “No one in the world can love you as much as I do.”

“Then kiss me, Daddy,” she pleaded. “Just one kiss. What harm can it do?”

And then, because he did not move, because she wanted it so much, she straddled his lap, kneeling on the swing, and pressed her lips to his.

He made a small sound in his throat and grabbed her hips. For a moment, she was afraid he would push her away. Instead, he slid forward and pulled her down so she was sitting on his lap, her pussy pressed against his erection. It felt so good, she gasped aloud.

He put one hand behind her head, guiding her, molding her mouth to his. His lips were so soft, so gentle. He didn’t push his tongue into her mouth like Dave had. Instead, he teased her lips, capturing them in his own, darting his tongue out to brush them. She opened her mouth, wanting his tongue inside her.

Instead, he withdrew his mouth from hers, breathing hard. “No, Baby Girl. This is wrong. What would your Mom say?”

“We won’t tell her,” said Jessica. Why was he bringing up Mom? She didn’t want to think about the two of them together.

He stroked her hair. “Go inside, honey. Daddy has work to do in the lawn.”

She felt like crying. “But Daddy, I feel, I feel…” She wanted to tell him she was wet and aroused, but couldn’t find the words. Instead, she ground her pussy against his crotch.

He moaned and gripped her hips, stopping her. “No, Jessica.” His voice gained an edge. “Go to your room. Now.”

She clambered off him, her eyes stinging. Daddy didn’t want her. She ran inside and flew up the stairs to her room, hating him, hating herself, and hating the world that stopped him from loving her the way she needed to be loved.

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