Audrey Has Her Man

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Willis was a 28 year old executive in a fast growing company. His four-year marriage had been sacrificed to the 12-hours days required to grow the company over 200% each year. In the first installment, he had an absolutely incredible night of sex with Audrey, a 43-year old accountant working for him. In addition to the supervisor/subordinate issue, Audrey was still married.

The next week, Audrey confronted her husband Bradley with her knowledge of the long affair he was having with his secretary. Bradley was given a choice: to agree to a divorce and she gets the house without alimony or child support; or go to court and have the affair exposed in public record and she would get the house, a big alimony check, child support for the next year and maybe lose his job as well. He chose to settle and was moved out in a week. The divorce paperwork would take longer. But a late working night brought Audrey and Willis together again during the second installment on top of his desk for another earth shattering coupling.

Audrey was finally a free woman. The signed divorce agreement had arrived by registered mail and opened the door to the relationship that she wanted to explore with Willis. But as luck would have it, their plans to celebrate when the divorce was final would be put on hold; Willis was on the other side of the country at some sort of government contracting conference. She called him on his cell phone and he was very excited and said that he would be flying in late Saturday night. If she wanted, he could come straight from the airport to her house, but it would be after midnight. She told him she would be waiting.

Audrey wanted this to be very special. Other than the white lingerie she wore the last time, she had no real sexy under-things. She passed a small adult shop every time she went to Wal-Mart and decided to stop in the next day. That night she checked out Fredrick’s and Victoria’s Secret on-line to look at what might be sexy on her full-figured body. She had never been in such a store before and was concerned it would be seedy and filled with creepy perverts. To her surprise, the store was pleasant and well lit, with all the products tastefully displayed. Audrey was the only customer in the store, with a young woman in her early twenties behind the check-out counter. She smiled and said hello, but did not make any effort to be overly helpful, respecting the customer’s privacy.

Audrey walked through the aisles amazed at the variety the store contained, but also a bit frustrated. There was all kinds of outfits but it seemed they were all for skinny young girls or fem-dom women, with leather or vinyl instead of the softness she was looking for. The clerk seemed to notice she had a problem and walked over to offer her assistance. Audrey explained what she was looking for and what she had seen on line. The clerk steered her over to one rack against the wall and showed her some very special corsets.

“This one here might be perfect for you,” the clerk said as she pulled out a satin lavender corset. “It is not inexpensive but I think we can adjust it to make it fit just right.” She pointed out to Audrey how the back had upper and lower lace-up sections, plus short lace-up sections on the back side of each hip. The corset came with two different sized half cup underwire bras that could be zippered in, plus matching garters and stockings. The clerk pointed her to the dressing and told her to put it on and call her when she was ready.

Audrey stripped to her panties and stepped into the corset. She pulled it up over her body and enjoyed the cool satin against her skin, marveling as it warmed to her own skin temperature. She pulled up the side zipper and looked in the mirror. ‘It looked horrible!’ she thought to herself. It bulged in all the wrong places and winkled around her fuller figure. There was a knock at the door and the clerk asked if she was ready.

“I have it on but I don’t think it fits right,” she said with disappointment.

“Don’t worry,” the clerk said as she came in and closed the door. “It needs to be fitted to you.” She paused a moment to look Audrey over and then stepped behind her and started to adjust the lacing. Audrey stood still, patiently waiting. Standing nearly naked before a complete stranger was not something she was very comfortable with. After ten minutes of tugging and pulling, slight adjustments, and changing out the bra cups to the larger size, the clerk stepped back and turned Audrey to the mirror.

Audrey was amazed at the transformation! Her belly bulge was minimized significantly while the curve of her hips was nicely accented. Her heavy breasts were properly supported yet exposed, and the smooth and shiny lavender fabric firmed her body and made her feel very sexy. She was so pleased she hugged the clerk in gratitude, forgetting her bare breasts until she felt her nipples rub against the girl’s nametag. She pulled back in embarrassment, but the clerk just smiled and left the fitting casino siteleri room so she could get dressed.

As Audrey walked to the checkout, she came upon a large display of assorted dildos and vibrator of every size, shape and color. Audrey was amazed at the wide variety of artificial penises, some being very large complete with fake veins on their surface. Knowing that Willis would not be able to be with her until Saturday, she contemplated the thought of playing with one and she felt her pussy become moist. She had never before used one and with so many to choose from, she had no idea what she would like.

Again, the young salesgirl sensed the problem and offered her assistance. She was very helpful in explaining the alternatives in casual terms that allowed discussion without too much embarrassment. Audrey settled on a battery powered vibrator that seemed to be very similar to Willis’s wonderful manhood. With that choice, the clerk nodded approval, telling her it was one of the more popular models.

Audrey felt so slutty buying lingerie and a vibrator, but the clerk was very professional when she rang up the order. But the humor of it all hit when the girl handed Audrey the bag and said “Have a nice evening,” with a wink. That made her blush, yet she thrilled at how bold she had been to even buy this stuff.

She found her mind dwelling on the contents of that bag as she drove home. The anticipation of sexual release with her substitute for Willis grew and she started to drive a little faster. By the time she reached the house, she was desperate to find privacy behind her closed bedroom door to pleasure herself. She was relived to find her son was not home, and she rushed to her bedroom where she closed and locked the door. Audrey reached into the bag and pulled out the dildo, nearly cutting herself as she fought to open the plastic packaging.

With it finally in her hand, she walked into the bathroom and carefully washed it in her sink. She could easily imaging it was Willis’s thick cock as she stroked the sudsy water over the cool plastic surface. She rinsed the artificial penis, then dried it and inserted the batteries. She turned it on and heard a quiet humming sound as the plastic shaft started to vibrate in her hand. Her body reacted immediately and she felt the desire deep inside herself.

She moved to her bed and quickly removed all her clothes and climbed onto the bed. Her desire was so strong, something she had not known in all her years as a wife. Willis had changed her but now he was away when she needed him. She held the dildo in her hand and examined it, bringing it closer to her face. Would it feel like Willis in her mouth?

She brought it to her lips and licked it. It was cold and did not taste like her younger lover, but the depravity of what she was doing drove her further. She closed her eyes and slid the plastic into her mouth, imagining Willis sliding his cock into her mouth. She groaned as she sucked it in, imagining herself servicing him, sucking and licking his thick cock. Her body reacted to the imagined lover with stiffening nipples on her breasts, and moisture filling her pussy.

Taking the wet fake cock out of her mouth, she turned the vibrator on and softly teased it over her pubic mound, moving it below her thick patch of dark pubic hair and slowly closer to her clit. When the vibrating plastic touched her swollen clit, she shuddered with a small, spasmodic orgasm.

She had wanted to pace herself for a slow, well-developed orgasm but her desire was getting the better of her control. She drove herself crazy as she eased the dildo up and down her labia, lubricating its tip with her own juices as she tortured herself with its vibrations.

The air conditioning came on and the air current change allowed Audrey to smell her own arousal, breaking down the last of her self control. She drove the toy deep into her own pussy. In her own mind she could feel Willis between her legs as he pushed his hard cock into her. Audrey was so wet between her legs that her faux lover slid easily in and out of her hunger pussy. She imagined how he would feel as he spread her legs wide to fuck her hard, the pure animalistic sex that she knew Willis would give her as soon as they touched.

Her pelvis rocked each time she slid the plastic prick deep into her own pussy. Having never experienced what a vibrator felt like inside her own body, she was groaning loudly as she fucked herself. Her free hand rubbed across her clit and she howled as her entire body was overcome by a wave of orgasms. Her body thrashed about on the bed, her world suddenly exploding with a wonderful fire consuming her insides. Her orgasm was so powerful that she clenched her legs together and rolled onto her side, the vibrating dildo falling out and laying on the bed behind her, buzzing quietly. As she lay there recovering, she went from relaxed to dozing to sleep.

“Mom! Are you OK?” Tyler said, knocking on the door. Audrey slot oyna woke with a start and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 and almost dark out. Obvious she should have started dinner a while ago.

“Ah…yeah,” she said. “I’m sorry. I laid down and must have fallen asleep, baby. I’ll be there in a minute.” Audrey hopped up and quickly grabbed her at-home clothes and put them on. As she brushed her hair out she heard a soft buzz and realized that the vibrator was still on. Picking it up off the bed, she had turned it off when the scent of her own juices on its surface tickled her nose. The musky odor started the desire in her again, but she put the vibrator under her pillow and left the room to make dinner for her son.

Her son had been very supportive through the separation and divorce when he found out about his father’s affair with the secretary. During dinner, she talked about his feelings about it and what the future would be for her. She explored how he would feel if she started seeing someone.

“Mom,” he said as his put down his fork. “If you want to start dating right away, I have no problem with it. I think you’re a good looking woman for your age, and you have a right to be happy.”

“Thank you son,” she replied and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Now that I have buttered you up,” he said with a grin. “Can I go camping Saturday night? It’s only over at Northwest, but some of the guys want to get away.” She suspected that is was not just the guys but also some of the girls. However that would mean she would be home alone when Willis came! She pretended to be reluctant to let him go but in the end gave her permission. Together they cleaned up the kitchen and Tyler turned on his video game. Audrey puttered about until her normal bed time, trying not to give in to her renewed desire for the toy under her pillow.

When her son went to bed, she waited until his music started before going to her own room. She wanted this time to be more like Willis making love to her so she disciplined herself to take her time. She undressed and put her clothes up and put on her night-shirt before going into her bathroom to empty her bladder and brush her teeth. All the normal routine was pursued, even taking the time to touch up her toenail polish.

Only as she climbed onto the bed did she remove the nightshirt. She had slept in a night shirt for many years of marriage to Bradley, but after spending that one night with Willis, she knew she wanted to be naked. She loved the freedom of it, the accessibility. She moved to the top of the bed and reached under her pillow and pulled out the wonderful dildo she had used earlier.

It felt far more romantic and sensual in the evening compared to middle of the afternoon and she wanted to prolong the experience this time. Audrey turned on the vibrator and then brought it up to face. As she touched it to her cheek, the vibration was transmitted to the rest of her face and down her spine. The plastic moved down her neck and settled in between her breasts, where she began to have new sensations in her chest. She moved the vibrator over the soft mound of breast, easing it closer and closer to a nipple. As the vibrating tip crossed over her areola and touched the hardened nipple, the pleasure exploded and brought a short but intense orgasm.

Audrey was intensely surprised as she didn’t know that could happen. After she complained of incredibly painful sensitivity during her first pregnancy, her husband had never given attention to her large breasts. Her own occasional masturbation had been primarily focused on her clit and usually only minimally satisfying. But this time she was going to give herself a very special treatment.

The vibrating shaft moved down across her soft belly and through her dark pubic thatch, where she slowly circled her clitoris with the tip. After teasing her own body there, she moved down over her pussy lips and began to ease the shaft into the warm wetness between her legs. Pulling out a little, she then pushed it deeper in, working it slowly deeper with in and out action her fake Willis was fully sunk into her pussy. Then she slowly eased it almost all of the way out and then pushed it back in again up to the hilt. She used the dildo to slowly fuck herself, building the pressure of that incredible orgasm she was seeking.

Lying on her back, she brought her legs up and spread them even wider, exposing herself to her imaginary lover. As her right hand shoved the plastic cock in and out of her hungry cunt, her left began to play with her own nipples. Then the incredible orgasm encompassed her whole body at once, from clenching toes to shaking fingers. The power was completely overwhelming and she thrashed about on the bed as it seemed to go on forever. The vibrations became too intense and she pulled the vibrator out while still being racked with spasms of pleasure so intense they boarded on painful. It was after a long while of recovery that she put the canlı casino siteleri dildo back under the pillow and went to sleep, dreaming of Willis’s return.

Saturday Night

It was after eight when his plane landed, and Willis knew it would nearly eleven before he could get to Audrey’s. He slept as much as he could on the plane ride, knowing it would be late. This would be their first time together since her divorce, and with her son gone, they were free to do whatever. The time apart had settled much in his own mind, and he knew he was very close to falling completely in love with her. He was already deeply in lust with her, and she with him. He hurriedly collected his bags and drove to her house…she said she would wait up for him.

Willis arrived at her house and pulled into the driveway, his headlights sweeping over the house. He walked up to the door and was about to knock when she opened the door. She had obviously been waiting for him and was grinning in her happiness to see him.

As she closed the door behind him, he looked at her. She was wearing a black silk robe that was just long enough to barely reach her thighs, covering the garters but exposing the lace tops of beautiful lavender stockings. The robe was held closed by a matching sash, but her hard nipples were completely obvious beneath the fabric as to be flashing lights. The still hidden corset with its half-cups pushed her ample breasts up and out, creating a deep shadowed cleavage that showed below her face. To Willis, she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen…the women he had been dreaming of for days.

“Hello Willis,” she purred, allowing him the time to take her all in visually. The subtle make-up she usually wore had been replaced by something much heavier. There was a heavy dark purple eye shadow that made her sparkly blue-grey eyes glow. Her eyes-lashes were dark and thick as she looked up at him. There was more color to her cheeks and a much deeper color to her lip-stick than normal. Her highlighted hair hung over her eyes to make her eyes seem erotically hidden. She was not quite made up to be a whore but definitely a woman on the make.

Audrey untied the robe and it fell open to expose the satin lavender corset, and also exposing her own desire for him. He could now see the entire swell of both her tits, exposed on their shelf, as heavy and inviting as he had remembered.

“So,” she purred. “Do you like my new outfit?”

“Wow,” Willis stammered. “I never knew…I mean…”

“Does it make me look like a slut?” she said, helping to say the words her would not,

“Well, kind of.”

“I am a slut,” she said, moving closer to him. “You have turned me into a total slut…but only for you. I want to be your slut!” She stretched up and softly placed her lips on his mouth. Her perfume filled his nose as sweet taste of her mouth and the softness of her lips sent powerful and urgent signals to his brain.

The days of desiring her and waiting to be together again exploded inside Willis’s mind and he grabbed her head with one hand and pressed her mouth to his. He urgently opened his mouth and thrust his tongue between her lips, chasing after hers. Audrey moaned into his mouth as his other hand pressed their bodies together. Her hands flew across his body, searching and finding first his belt buckle and then his pants. While still holding the kiss, she reached into his now open pants seeking out his hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it and felt its thickness and warmth. ‘So much better than plastic’ she thought to herself.

She broken the kiss and urgently tugged his pants to the floor. She pulled him by the hand towards the stairs to her bedroom and he struggled to follow her, leaving his shoes and clothes in a trail behind him.

The bedroom was only lit by two candles in front of the mirror, but the reflected light filled the room with a soft glow. Audrey dropped to her knees in front of Willis and smiled up at him as she wrapped her soft hands around his thick cock. She placed it in the cleavage between her breasts and pushed them up and off their shelves to enwrap his cock. She rubbed up and down a little while staring at his face.

“Do you want me to suck on it too?” she asked him, bending her head forward and down so it was just short of her lips.

“Oh, Yes!” he moaned.

“Would you like it if I made you come?” She teased him by just touching the tip of her tongue around his swollen cockhead. “Maybe even swallow your thick juice?’

“You have become a little slut!” Willis said with a laugh. “Where is the proper lady I know?” She laughed gently but then slowly ran her tongue up the underside of his heavy penis. As she ran her warm tongue up and down his throbbing shaft, it would move and twitch involuntarily. When Audrey hungrily sucked the head of his dick into her mouth, it was almost too much already. Willis was on his toes, straining to hold back his orgasm as she slowly took him deeper into his mouth. She eased him back out, leaving it coated with saliva, then again took it even deeper in his mouth. She repeated this four or five times, pausing with just his swollen glans in her mouth to let him settle once more.

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