At The Pool Pt. 03

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The drive home from the pool was a very scenic one. I took Matt along a quieter back road, one that ran the span of the river near my home. It gave us more time to relax and unwind. There were no traffic lights, just large expanses of farms, workers in the fields and a few summer cyclists and walkers along the banks.

The roof was down, the wind rushed through our hair, the sun shone on our faces and my hands indulgently caressed my new lover’s thigh. The rushing wind felt like it was blowing away all my conscience about the situation I found myself in.

The pollen and spores of desire were being seeded in new territory and I was openly and confidently allowing my new found feelings for this beautiful boy to flow. I looked over at Matt with a smile on my face, with a sense of being born again, of being released from old ideas and bonds of agreement. He looked back and beamed at me; comfortable, relaxed, trusting. He placed his hands over mine as I made a very conscious decision to pursue my new found, and completely unexpected, thrill and desire. I moved my hands up closer to his throbbing crotch. He unconsciously parted his legs.



All these years of being married, I never once contemplated being with anyone other than my wife. The moment the ring slipped over my finger, on that beautiful fateful day in church, my heart and soul was hers.

The bells, the smiles along with the shower of rice and approval; I felt complete. I remembered our first dance that evening, the look in her eyes with her svelte body against mine. If was as if we stood still, in the centre of the room, alone on the dance floor and it was the world, the faces, the relatives and the friends that twirled around us.

It was magic…at least for the first few years. Nothing really bad happened between us, we just got used to each other. Her work, my work…life took over and desire quietly slipped out the back door.

Being a corporate lawyer did have one draw back for her, she traveled a lot and it left me with a lot of time to myself, a lot of time to think and to reflect. After ten years of marriage, canlı bahis I realized I was not the man I used to be. I missed myself, frustrated at what I had become and sorry that I had spent all these years forgetting what it was that I was living for. Something had to change.

Today, it did.


The garage gate clanged opened and I pulled into the usual spot of my condo’s underground parking lot. Matt straightened himself out as the bubble of privacy was no longer with us.

I was glad for his maturity of preservation. It put me at ease. I thought to myself, his awareness, in the long run, will make things a lot easier for me. Jeez, I was already planning ahead and we had met not just two hours ago. I chuckled to myself.

There were a few people coming and going. No one noticed us, and if they did, it was nothing out of the ordinary. I was also glad that this was a large enough high-rise building that we hardly knew our neighbors and no one would gossip to my wife if they saw me and Matt together.

“Oh, who was that boy I saw with your husband, hmm?”

The elevator pinged and announced its arrival; as the doors swooshed shut, it was just me and my new lover alone in the cabin. The doors were highly polished and we both could see our own reflections in them.

Staring at Matt’s reflection in the door, I smiled at him, with a look of ‘I can’t believe we have gotten as far as we did’ and this was all happening for real. He smiled back, half biting his lip, acknowledging our situation as well as my growing excitement.

Now that we were alone, I took a step back and slid behind him. Matt, being attuned to my intentions, stepped forward a bit and allowed me to position myself in his rear (no pun AND lots of pun intended).

I pulled him against me and the length and breadth of his body merged into mine. I slid one hand under his arm and held his chest close, while the other wrapped around his torso. I buried my face in his neck and pressed my lips on his skin.

He let his head fall back and exposed more of the creamy flesh of his slender flawless neck. He sighed deeply. I bahis siteleri started with soft nibbles and nuzzles, taking in the clean aroma of his freshly washed body and the energy of a young boy in my arms…it was still blowing my mind.

Matt “ahhh’ed” as my kisses sent reverberations down into his well formed bulging khaki shorts. All the while Matt kept his eyes open and he gaze steadily upon the reflection of the two intertwining lustful bodies in the elevator door, taking in the eroticism of where we were, what we were doing and what was about to happen.

Our breathing grew deeper as the energy of our lust intensified. I pulled Matt’s hips toward me, my straining erection fitting perfectly into the crevice of his shapely young butt. He groaned his approval and ground himself slowly against my crotch.

It was such an exquisite and fulfilling sensation. I was falling into a chasm of the most delicious lust and hitting bottom would only mean I would explode into a million pieces of ecstasy. Oh take me.

As I licked and kissed Matt’s neck, I opened my eyes for a moment and caught ourselves in the reflection of the doors. What appeared before me seemed like an apparition of a Hindu sexual deity. Multiple arms writhed and merged steadily and languidly, heads grew into one and then separated again, hands danced to a deep urgent rhythm and hips ground and gyrated in a rite of consummation and passion.

The deep hypnotic music was the beating of our hearts, the melodies of our masculine groans and the throbbing of our swollen engorged organs. It wasn’t heaven that I had landed in, it was so much better!




“I’m so happy. I always imagined and wondered what it must be like to have finally crossed this threshold, but nothing of what I imagined could ever exceed what I feel right now. I feel so complete. You complete me.”

I stared into her eyes that beautiful night, the warm tropical breezes flowed through the opened door of our plantation balcony; the thin linens clung softly to our naked bodies and the air was laden with a humid sensuousness.

There bahis şirketleri was no where else I wanted to be other than with my new wife. We had just made long sensuous love and consummated the last four years of an incredible life together.

During those courting years, we discovered all the beautiful resonances of music our souls made whenever we were together. Whether we were sitting silently on a wind swept Irish hill or dancing the night away in Paris, there was always music all around us. We both made each other’s hearts sing. And then one day…… it stopped.


Matt watched as I turned the key and heard the latch clack to my apartment door. The short hall way of my unit led into a bright open plan living room scene. My corner suite was covered with floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful vista of the city before it. I ushered him in and he beamed me a beautiful smile.

“Wow! You have such a nice place!” he said as he looked around and took it all in, somewhat mesmerized.

“What a view!”

“Yeah, I like it…It’s not super huge, but it fits me just fine.”

Matt walked around my apartment freely, with an inquisition that I just found to be very attractive. It accentuated his youth and openness and, for a moment, we forgot about our raunchy unison.

I watched as he ran his finger tips over surfaces: TV, books, nick knacks. All the photos of my life hanging on the walls garnered his touch and attention. Then he stopped at one of the black and white pictures. It was one of our wedding photos.

“Is this your wife?”

“Yes it is.”

“Hm…” he paused, “she is very beautiful.”

“Yes, I agree. But, at this moment, I find YOU to be very beautiful and attractive.” I got his attention.

I walked over to him and placed my hand on his shoulder and squeezed affectionately. He looked up at me approvingly with a glint of sparkle in his eyes.

“What do we do now, Josh?”

“Well, I’ve got some beers in the fridge, care for one?”

“Yes…perfect for a hot day. But, um, I have never actually had alcohol yet…”

“Don’t worry, handsome, today will be a first of many things you will experience for the first time.” I winked at him and walked to the kitchen to fetch us our beers.


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