Asshole Neighbour Fucks my Wife

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I disliked Rob the day he moved into next door although I couldn’t put my finger on why. Maybe it was the way he cockily strutted around the neighbour as if he owned the entire street. Maybe it was the fact he towered almost a foot over me and had hard muscles in places I didn’t even know could HAVE muscles. Or maybe it was the way my wife looked at him when we first saw him.

He had just flung open the doors of the moving van and was carrying a large box almost the size of me. We both went to the window to catch a glimpse of the new neighbour; we were both noisy like that. He carried the box with ease and determination. He placed it down in the garden and ripped off his shirt. Muscles flexed in the sunlight, his rock hard six pack pulsing slightly, and sun softly glinted off his body. I looked to Danni to make a sarcastic joke about a stripper moving in next door, but her face made me stop. She was starting at Rob with wide, yearning eyes and softly biting her lip.

Finally, I made the joke, “Looks like we’ve got a stripper next door!” She didn’t laugh, just murmured, “Mhmm”, while absentmindedly playing with her glasses.

I caught her at the window a couple of times throughout the day. She always moved on as soon as she heard me come into the room, but I knew what she was doing. Rob spent the whole day going to and from the moving van, flexing his absurd muscles and splashing water on his face. Its almost like he knew what he was doing.

“Any signs of a wife?” I asked Danni despite her attempts to look like she wasn’t staring.

She seemed to fidget nervously…or excitedly, “Not yet,” she replied, swiftly exiting the room as if embarrassed.

I was prepared to forget about the giant of a man that was now living next door, but Danni didn’t seem to want to. In the evening, she dropped my shoes into my lap while I was watching TV, “Come on,” she sang merrily, “we’re going to greet the neighbour.”

“Why?” I protested, although I found myself slipping my shoes on anyway, “We didn’t speak to the old one.”

“And that was a crime. We should be neighbourly. A community,” she was already standing by the door. Her eagerness gave me chills.

I trudged a few steps behind Danni as we made our way to next door. Danni knocked cheerfully and there were a few crashing sounds coming from inside before the door was swung open. Rob was standing there, still with his shirt off, sweating dripping down his bulging muscles. His eyes widened when he saw us.

“Oh sorry,” he made a vague attempt to cover himself up before realising it was useless, “I was expecting another mover. I was mid workout.”

“Not a problem,” Danni said, and I swear there was seduction in her voice. “We’re your new neighbours, I’m Danni, he’s Luke,” she grabbed my arm and pulled me forward as I’d still been a few steps behind.

“Rob,” the mountain said taking Danni’s hand first before grasping and almost shattering mine, “Nice to meet you guys. Do you want to come in?” I think the offer was meant for both of us but he was looking squarely at Danni when he said it.

“No, we-” I tried but Danni cut me off.

“Sure, we can come in for a few minutes.” Rob moved to the side and Danni slid in, her boobs almost brushing his chest as the crossed. Rob followed her immediately and I was forced to catch the door to stop it closing in my face. I reluctantly stomped after them.

The house was as you would expect it. Covered in boxes, cases and odds and ends in the wrong place. There were pots and pans on the stairs and a large bench press in the middle of the living room. His sofa was pushed away against a wall right opposite the window. It was clear what his priority was his workout gear. The sofa only sat two. Rob beckoned Danni to sit and the two of them took the sofa leaving me to awkwardly stand. They chatted for a while barely involving me in the conversation at all except a few mentions. They seemed to get comfortable with each other super quickly, at one-point Danni was leaning over him looking at pictures on Rob’s phone with a hand a little too far up his thigh. He would have had a good view down her top.

By the time we went home my legs were aching and it was dark out. Danni couldn’t stop talking about Rob and smiling widely. It wasn’t until we were in bed that I finally found the courage to say that I didn’t like him. She laughed it off and told me not to be silly, that he’s a lovely guy and we’re lucky to have him living next door to us.


Over the next few weeks, I felt Rob was taunting me. One day, the weather was perfect for a barbeque so I spent ages pulling it out, running to the store to buy coal, going back to the store because I had forgotten to get meat and trying to light the damn thing only for Rob to invite us over for one at his place which Danni agreed to without even consulting me. His barbeque was a lot nicer than ours, of course, and he had plenty of food which was lucky as the whole street near enough turned up. I swear güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he had seen me struggling and just wanted to torment me. Danni spent the entire evening next to him at the grill laughing, joking, and softly touching his arm or shoulder. By the time we left I was burning with rage and jealousy.

He would constantly work out in the front garden, sometimes just in a pair of boxers. It was obvious when he was doing this because I constantly caught Danni by the window while he was out there. I’m certain every housewife on the street was watching.

Then the sex noises started.

I was off work one day unexpectedly. I was all ready to leave when the firm called me and said they didn’t need me. I wasn’t going to argue. Danni had left in the morning and wouldn’t be back until late; her job constantly meant she was out the house most of the day. I had a lazy day lounging around the house, not really watching TV and deliberately avoiding housework when I heard faint moaning coming from the hallway. Intrigued, I followed the sound and ended up with my ear pressed against the wall between our house and Rob’s. Sure enough, there was the sound of a girl’s moans and the slapping of skin. It was the middle of the day and Rob had some slut over and was fucking her in his living room!

I imagined his huge frame pinning down some poor, helpless slut on his two-seater sofa, one hand on her neck as he recklessly pounded himself into her and suddenly, I was hard. The slapping of skin started to waft through the wall as well and a man’s guttural groans was starting to get louder. I could hear voices every now and then too, although I could only make out snippets of the dirty talk. I clearly heard Rob call the girl a whore and the name, “Sammy” or something similar. The girls voice was harder to hear but I definitely heard a moan of, “fuck me,” at one point.

At some point I had pulled my dick out and was stroking myself to the sound of my neighbour banging someone. It was so hot hearing the skin on skin, the odd bit of dirty talk and the moans. A few times there was silence for a few minutes before the sounds resumed, presumably as they changed position. The end was the best. I heard Rob moan that he was going to cum, and the girl moaned, “inside me”. Rob said, “are you sure?” but the girl didn’t reply. She just screamed loudly. Rob’s moans joined hers and I imagined him pumping the whore with his thick cum. This was too much for me. I hadn’t wanted to cum, cumming now meant there was no chance I would be able to sleep with Danni, my stamina isn’t as good as it used to be. But it was too late. I came in my hand as my neighbour filled some tart. Their moaning seemed to go on forever as I desperately tried to clean myself.

There was silence for an hour. I managed to clean myself up and was lying on our bed, reliving what had happened when suddenly the moaning started up again along with the sound of bedsprings and a headboard thumping against the wall right behind my head. I was shocked. Rob was able to go again so soon? The moaning was even louder upstairs, the slapping of skin on skin was almost deafening and I was able to hear almost all their dirty talk. The girl he was with was quite the slut.

“Fuck me harder”, “Fill me with that dick”, “Make my pussy yours”, then the one that made me rock hard again, “You fuck me so much better than my husband!”. So, he was banging a married woman next door! I don’t know why that turned me on so much, but it did and before I knew it, I was frantically jerking my cock again. There was a lot of slapping now, either the girl’s ass or face was getting a beating. Her moans occasionally turned to a desperate gurgling sound and I imagined him pinning her to the bed by her throat. He was going to town on her, treating her like she was nothing. The sex noises went on for nearly an hour this time. Occasionally they would stop completely as the two rested, but they would restart again before too long.

Finally, they were getting close and so was I. I could hear the desperation in the girl’s moans, she wanted to be filled up again. I wasn’t going to be able to stay with them, I was about to come. And then, mid orgasm, something Rob said made my blood go cold.

“I’m cumming, Danni.”

DANNI. It was Danni he had said earlier, not Sammy. I couldn’t stop myself from cumming, but it was the most unenjoyable orgasm I’d ever had as I desperately tried to stop and fumbled around for something to clean myself, then for my phone. I quickly texted Danni, acting as casually as I could, “Hey honey. How’s work going?”

I listened intently. I could still hear breathing coming from behind the wall but no other noise. Occasionally, they would speak to each other but now they were no longer in the throws of passion, their voices were much quieter. After five agonising minutes my phone dinged, “Hi love. It’s fine. I’m tired though. Talk to you later.”

‘Tired because she had just finished getting fucked?’ was the only thought güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that came into my head.

I spent the next few hours pacing around in front of the window, terrified. My eyes were firmly locked on Rob’s path to his front door. I couldn’t see the door itself, but I would see anyone walking down the path. So far, no one had come. Danni’s car wasn’t anywhere around either, so if it HAD been her, she was smart about it. Finally, Danni’s car swung around the corner. My heart sighed with relief. She had been at work the whole time. It was fine.

She was very tired when she stumbled in through the door. I went to her to give her a hug and a kiss, but she pushed me off saying she felt gross and that she needed a shower. It was after the shower that I realised something wasn’t right.

I sat in our room while she showered, my nerves still a bit frayed. She seemed shocked when she saw me on the bed.

“I just missed you,” I said weakly smiling. I made a conscious decision not to tell her I hadn’t been to work. She smiled at me and kissed me on the lips. She’d obviously brushed her teeth while she was in the shower. This felt so wrong. I asked her about her day, and she chatted to me about it while not actually giving me specifics of what she achieved at work. Then she dropped her towel with her back towards me to slip on some clean underwear.

There was a large red mark on her ass. I stared at it blankly for a few seconds before the shape melded together. It was a handprint, clear as day.


The next few days were agony for me. I was back at work and couldn’t stop thinking back to those sex noises. Were they actually Danni? Surely there was a reasonable explanation to all this. But then, the way she looked at Rob kept coming back to me. She clearly had a crush on him, but enough of one to cheat on her husband? The evidence was all there though. She had said, “You’re better than my husband,” and he had called her ‘Danni’. The only other explanation was too much of a coincidence.

So, I resolved to get proof. I planned my next day off carefully. I figured the easiest way for Danni to see Rob repeatedly would be to swap her shift. So, I assumed the next Monday would be when she sees him again. I managed to get the day off and didn’t tell Danni. I pretended to get ready for work in the morning and said goodbye to my wife with a smile. I watched her leave in her car then sprang into action. I placed my phone on the windowsill, aiming it carefully to get as much of Rob’s path in the shot, then I sprinted to the backdoor. If I stood on the backdoor step I could just about see over the fence into Rob’s garden. I had a good view of his gate and should be able to see who comes and goes from his backdoor.

I was stood there for nearly forty-five minutes. My resolve started to waiver and I wondered if I should give up and check if my phone had caught anything when suddenly the gate opened. My heart sank as I saw blonde hair and the tips of glasses walk into the garden. I made sure I couldn’t be seen as I pivoted slightly on the step to see the girl as she stepped up to the backdoor. There she was, my wife, Danni, her shoulder length blonde hair shining in the sun. Rob’s backdoor opened and she disappeared.

I couldn’t breathe. I went into the living room and sat on the sofa. Danni was cheating on me with my asshole neighbour. I couldn’t believe it. But this wasn’t proof. I cursed my luck that it was me that saw her and not the camera. She could easily deny this. I had to catch her red handed. I grabbed my phone and ran outside, sneaking carefully over to Rob’s front window. I set the phone to record and carefully placed it on the outside windowsill so it was facing in. I crouched there, back against the wall as the phone recorded. I was aware how suspicious I would look if someone walked past and was trying to work out what to do. I gave a quick look at my phone screen and saw Rob and Danni sitting on the sofa before deciding to dash back to my own house leaving my phone to do its job.

It wasn’t long before the sex noises started. I sat in the hall, back against the wall listening to my wife getting fucked, trying to ignore my throbbing erection. I was super turned on for some reason even though I didn’t want to be. I did my best not to think about what was happening next door. I didn’t want to think about my wife getting rammed by my Greek bodied asshole neighbour. It was painful and arousing sitting there for the hour they were at it.

I chose my moment to retrieve my phone carefully. The noises had stopped for about ten minutes when I hurried back to Rob’s window. Luckily, the phone was still there, part of me expected it to get stolen. I stopped the recording and zoomed back home, up into our bedroom and sat on the bed. The preview of the video made me shake violently. A man on top of a women, both naked, pinning her to a sofa. With trembling fingers, I pressed play and it went to the beginning.

The güvenilir bahis şirketleri first fifteen minutes were boring. They sat and chatted on the sofa. I couldn’t hear anything through the window. Eventually they started touching flirtingly. Then they started making out passionately. Then clothes went flying and the scene in the preview happened. Rob got on top of my wife and slid his dick inside her. Her perky, happy tits, the tits I loved and cherished, were pressed hard against his rock-hard pecs. She seemed so small underneath this man. He started off slow and I could see her face contort into a mix of pain and pleasure as he violated her. He picked up the pace and got into a rhythm as he started laying into Danni. Every now and then an odd moan would travel far enough to be picked up on camera. She sounded like she was having a great time.

After a while Rob got off her and stood up, sweat dripping over his perfect body. Danni eagerly dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. The camera got a perfect shot of her trying to cram as much of him in her mouth as she could. It was at this point I realised how big Rob’s dick was. Girthy and veiny, it must have been a good eight inches. It wasn’t the stupid kind of big you find in porn, it was the good, solid masculine kind of big you get in the real world and my lovely wife was gagging, coughing and spluttering all over it.

She had a good go at deep throating him, almost reaching his balls. He kept saying words of encouragement to her, although I couldn’t hear them, and every time she removed him from her mouth, she’d look up at him and said something playfully. Her pretty face was covered in saliva by the time she was pulled to her feet by Rob. He sat on the sofa and she slowly lowered herself back onto his dick. She started riding him, first taking him in a few inches, then a few more, then to the base. I could only see her back and ass, but her head was thrown back in pleasure as she rode. Every now and then Rob would spank her ass cheeks hard.

I was so transfixed by my wife’s pussy being spread by his monster cock that I didn’t pay attention to Rob. Finally, I glanced at his face.

“Shit,” I muttered, suddenly taken out of the experience. Rob was staring right at the camera. He had spotted the phone. I rewound the video to the point when he noticed. His eyes went from my wife’s tits to her hips where he was grabbing her and pulling her down onto his cock. Then he looked up at the window and his face changed to one of confusion. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the phone. Then something seemed to click, and a sly smile spread across his face. He shook his head, his eyes still locked with the camera and raised his middle finger to it. He stayed like that for thirty seconds while Danni fucked him obliviously. Then he got her to stand up and place her hands on the bench press in the middle of the room, so she was facing me.

“Shit,” I said again. Danni didn’t seem to notice the phone as she bent over to take his cock again. Rob started fucking her from behind and she arched her back moaning. She looked straight at the window and I almost had a heart attack, but her eyes were closed, and she was moaning happily.

I realised I could hear the moaning. I held the phone to my ear, but there was no sound. The moaning was in the real world. Rob had taken Danni up to his room, like he did last time, and was now fucking her in his bed. I could hear them in the real world as I watched them fuck on my phone.

Rob didn’t look away from the camera. He smiled widely as he railed my wife. He pulled on her hair and spanked her ass as the sounds of the headboard banging sounded out in the real world.

“I own you,” I heard Rob say through the wall, “Say it.”

“I’m yours!” A voice which was now obviously my wife replied loudly, “You own me!”

“Am I better than your husband?” Nothing but moans, then a slap, “Answer me, whore!”

“Yes!” Danni screamed. Another slap.


“You’re better than my husband, fuck I’m cummiiiiiing.”

Rob knew I was listening. That’s all I could think. I watched him fuck my wife from behind on the phone and listened to him fucking her in his bed in real life. In the video, Rob pulled Danni back by the hair and let out a silent groan. He was filling her up. Danni had a look of pure ecstasy on her face as she took his cum inside her. His hand found her boob and he squeezed, still looking at the phone. Finally, they detached, and I saw cum falling from my wife’s pussy. He had cum a lot. The sounds of my wife’s moans still echoed in the real world as the two in the video talked for a minute. Then Rob sent my wife upstairs with a playful smack on the ass. But he didn’t follow her. He went to the front door and popped a coat on.

I was confused until I heard his voice.

“Hi Luke,” the Rob on the recording said right next to the camera making me jump, “Did you enjoy the show? I don’t know how you found out but yes, I am fucking your wife and no there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want your little recordings, I suggest you quit your job. I will be fucking Danni everyday until I get bored of her. Only then can you have her back. I hope you don’t plan on getting any sleep tonight,” then there was silence until I appeared to grab the phone back.

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