Ashley – A Beach House Extra

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The Beach House – Chapter 8 extra – Ashley

“Randy? Randy!” Ashley shouted across the water to her kayaking companion. She had been calling to him for twenty minutes now, but he had his damn iPod turned up so loud that until she was able to catch up to him there was no way he could hear her.

He finally noticed that she was trying to get his attention, and pulled his ear buds out. “What now, Ash? I was in the zone!”

Ashley sighed inwardly. This was NOT how she had wanted this summer adventure to go. Randy was certainly not WHO she had wanted to go on it with, but by the time she had been able to get some time away from work and school to do it, he was pretty much the only person not already doing something.

She hadn’t wanted to go on yet another beach trip though. Those were fun, sure, but after a while they got boring. What she’d really wanted to do was to go on a two-week long kayak trip up a warm ocean coast, stopping at resort towns some nights, camping out under the stars on others.

She’d known that she could do it. For the past year, she had been training for just this, taking long, day and even some weekend trips out in her kayak on Lake Ontario, or Lake Erie, both of which were just a short distance from where she went to school in Canada. She’d built up her stamina and her skills, even going out in a couple of mild storms so that she would know how to handle a kayak in the rough water that you would expect near an ocean shore.

It was the company that she would like to change. Not that there was really anything wrong with Randy, but he was so… clueless. She hadn’t JUST wanted to be doing the trip on her vacation, she wanted to be doing the person she was on the trip with. And Randy was definitely very doable, it’s just that he couldn’t take a hint.

Ashley had done everything she could think of to drop the hint, short of stripping naked and crawling into his sleeping bag. But every night, she went to bed in her tent, and he went to bed in his. And just about every night, she ended up having to use her hand on herself while a perfectly good cock was less than ten feet away. She supposed that before the end of the trip, she would have to just go jump him, but she wanted him to be the one to start that.

“Ash? Ashley? Hello! Are you in there?” Randy interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, sorry” she said. “I know that it’s only four o’clock, but we’ve been going all day and I’m getting kind of tired. The map shows a nice little bay just around this bend, could we please stop there for the night?”

Randy sighed. He would have liked to get at least two more hours along the coast, but she was right. They HAD started out early this morning, and there WAS a little bay up ahead, and not much else for quite a ways past that. He nodded his head to Ashley, saying only “OK, sure.”

He couldn’t believe his luck, being invited on this trip with her. He had “worshipped her from afar” as the saying went, for the past year, hardly daring to even speak to her. And for the past week he had been so very close to her, sleeping just a little ways away every night. The night that they had stopped in at a small resort town, they had even shared a bed, but he had made sure to stay on his own side. It had been a very restless night for him, being so close to the girl he desired so much. He would have liked for this to be more than just going kayaking with a “buddy”, but he just couldn’t work up the nerve to approach her in that way.

She was way out of his league anyway, and was very popular with the other guys at school. She could have asked any one of them if she had wanted to do that on this trip, but she’d obviously asked him because she knew that she would be safe. He assumed that she thought that meant FROM him, not just with him. Anyway, if he had hit on her, and she’d pushed him off, the rest of the trip would be really uncomfortable.

A guy could dream, though.

Randy pulled out his map and looked at it. There was the little bay, it kind of hooked around, providing a completely protected shoreline for them to camp on. The map showed cliffs towering over the area, with a little lake on top of them. That lake might be an interesting hike to take, but those cliffs looked awfully high and steep to him.

It was almost five when the two travelers reached their stop for the night and pulled their little boats ashore. Ashley was so tired that she collapsed after that, leaving Randy to make their dinner alone. As he did this, his thoughts kept wandering back, to the things that he wished he could tell her about himself, and his feelings about her.

When woke Ashley up to eat, she had acted quite oddly, more canlı bahis groggy than he had ever seen her before. So much so that he had offered to set up her tent for her that night. As soon as he had finished that task, she thanked him, then climbed in, having changed into her panties and a t-shirt, and fell into a deep sleep.

Randy took the alone time to watch the stars as they came out. It always surprised him at how many stars there actually were above his head. Having lived in or around cities all of his life, he wasn’t used to such a sight. Now that he was away from city lights, the universe hung brightly above him.

At one point during the evening, she had been loudly crying out and moaning out from her dream, mumbling “I’m so tired. Can we be done now?”

A thick fog fell over the coast that night, and Randy finally went inside of his own tent, trying to get to sleep. At one point, he thought that he’d heard a boat motor pass by out in the bay. Perhaps it was someone else coming into their little refuge in order to escape the foggy sea. If so, he knew that he would be able to see it floating off shore when he and Ash got up in the morning. With thoughts of his companion on his mind, Randy finally drifted off to sleep.

Ashley’s dreams were fitful, and full of sex. In the first, she had been with an older couple, who had been doing wonderful things to her body. After what seemed like hours of sharing both people, the man had suddenly been inside of her, making love to her like she wished Randy would. Throughout the entire dream, she could see another herself watching what was happening in a dissapproving manner. Like most dreams, everything was more hinted at than real. It had eventually ended though, leaving her to dream of more normal things.

Later on, a second, much more detailed dream would disturb her peaceful slumber.

In the dream, she was in a small room with three other people, two men and a woman. All four of them were naked, one of the men was tied to a bed. As the dream progressed, Ashley’s point of view shifted from watching the four people to being one of them herself. The man who wasn’t tied down was making love to her, first using his hands, then his mouth, then finally he was gently fucking her.

While he was doing all of this, the second woman was teasing the other man, trying on and later removing blindfolds and earplugs, occasionally providing him and herself with various methods of sexual relief.

Suddenly the scene shifted again. Now she was lying under the bound man, his cock inside of her, and the other man was now servicing the other woman as well. It all became a jumble of the four of them all pleasing each other, and Ashley tossed and turned in her sleep until she rolled over onto a rock, waking herself up.

She lay there, trying to reclaim pieces of the dream, unable to hang onto it for long. Reaching her hand down as she had for so many recent nights, she found that she was not only wet, she was a little bit sore, as if she had been having a lot of sex recently. “Fuck this!” she said to herself. “I am NOT going to wait for him any more!”

She got out of her tent, then crawled over into Randy’s. She slowly and quietly pulled the zipper to his sleeping bag down, then gently crawled into it head first, her hands feeling around and ready to pull down his pants. Except that Randy apparently didn’t wear anything to bed, because what she found wasn’t pants or even shorts. Her hands surrounded a very nice cock. Soon enough, her mouth replaced them.

Randy too had been having sex dreams that night, so it took a few moments of groggy wakefulness before he realized that the lips surrounding his stiff cock were real. When he did, his eyes shot open, greeted by a close-up view of a girl’s very thin panties. They were so thin that he could see whisps of dark hair behind the fabric.

He lay in his bed, luxuriating in the silky feeling of lips surrounding his cock when it occurred to him. Unless there really had been a boat and some sex-starved woman had wandered around the shore looking for random guys to give blow jobs to, the lips around his shaft had to be Ashley’s. And if those were her lips, then the barely covered crotch only an inch from his face had to be hers as well.

Randy may have been slow at times, but he was not stupid. While Ashley continued sucking on his cock, he began working his hands out of the sleeping bag. As he drew them up, they brushed along her upper body. When he felt her small breasts, he stopped their movement, finally able to touch the globes that he had been admiring inside all of the thin white shirts that Ashley had mistakenly brought along bahis siteleri on the trip. She seemed to have forgotten to wear a bra more days than he could remember too, Randy had repeatedly been given glimpses of dark, puffy nipples beneath the fabric. Those very short, very tight shorts that she always wore in camp just did not seem all that practical to him either.

Since his hands were now to busy to pull aside the fabric before him, he decided to try using the part of his body that could still reach it. Craning his neck so that he could reach the panties, he first missed, hitting them with his nose. A strong, musky odor filled his nostrils when he did this, and the panties seemed to be very wet to his touch.

Randy tried again, thinking that perhaps he could bring one hand up and leave the other to continue working Ashley’s soft breast, when she moved her body down the final inch, the fabric covering her wet slit now touching his lips. Immediately he extended his tongue to meet the offering, sliding under the edge, tasting her juices for the first time.

Just that one taste had been enough, and Randy dove with a brand new fervor into his new-found prize. He slid his tongue around until he found first her lips, then her wet slit. The crotch of her panties pushed to the side as he began to run his probing tongue first along, then into Ashley’s delicious pussy.

Once he began to address her wet hole in earnest, Ashley’s mouth doubled its efforts on his stiff member. He realized that he needed to take his mind off of the wonderful feelings he was experiencing, so he concentrated all of his energies on pleasing Ashley. His tongue found her clit, which he thought had been hiding. In fact he had forgotten that she was on top of his face, not underneath it, and the little nub was at the bottom of her slit this way.

He worked his hands up and out of the sleeping bag until both of them were free, then he used them to spread her thighs farther apart, allowing him to push his entire face closer into her sensitive pussy. If he’d had more hands, he would gladly have kept some on those soft breasts, but a return to that heaven would hopefully come back for him later.

Randy used every body part available to him, applying pressure to Ashley’s thighs, ass cheeks, and all parts of her pussy. The more that he went on the attack, the less controlled her mouth became on him, and she eventually stopped trying, now only able to experience the feelings that he was sending through her. At last she came on his face, emitting a flood of juices at the very moment she reached her peak. His tongue worked hard to catch all of her juices, but so much came out of her that he couldn’t do it.

Once she had broken down his internal taboos, Randy went wild with his long pent-up desires, spending the next two hours ravaging her in every way that he could think of. The first time that he slid himself inside of her was a magic moment for him, his rock-hard cock fit into her like they were meant to be joined as one forever. As he slid into her hot channel, Randy felt that no woman could ever feel as perfect around him as this one did.

For her part, Ashley gave as well as she took, offering herself up to him again and again. The fourth time that she had an orgasm she was on top of his body, driving herself down onto his amazing rod. It never got soft, or at least it hadn’t done so yet, and the more she drove herself along it, the deeper he seemed to reach within her. Ashley felt as if she could ride this boy forever, and she would be happy for as long as he was inside of her.

By midnight, the two new lovers were exhausted, both finally falling asleep in Randy’s cum-soaked sleeping bag, holding onto each other as tightly as they could.

Ashley awoke in the morning to the bright sun in her eyes, the smell of coffee in her nostrils, and Randy’s tongue in her pussy. “Ummm” she said. “Now this is the way to wake a girl up!” Reaching down, she held onto his head, rubbing her hands across his hair until he had licked her into hopefully only her first orgasm of the day.

When she had finished cumming, he raised his head up to hers, sharing her taste back into her mouth with a deep kiss.

“Hey, check it out” Randy said, pointing to the cliff just outside of the tent.

“Check out what?” she asked. “And where’s my coffee?”

He stepped naked out of the tent into the outside air, returning with a hard on and a hot cup of coffee. “Look very carefully” he said. “Can you see the cave right there? It’s got steam coming out of it.”

“OK. So?” Ashley said.

“So I went down into that cave, and it’s actually a tunnel” he replied. “The bahis şirketleri front of the other side is a waterfall.”

“OK… And?” she said slowly.

“And, there’s a hot spring that comes up in the bottom of the cave” Randy explained. “And some of the water from the waterfall joins together with some of the water from the hot spring, and the result is a natural hot tub!”

Holding his hand out to her, Randy asked “How would you like to take a hot bath?”

The concept of being surrounded by hot water after three straight days of kayaking made Ashley forget all about almost anything else, except for the coffee of course. “What are we waiting for?” she said.

It was only a short walk to the cave, so the two new lovers walked naked to its entrance. Once inside, Randy took her hand in his, guiding her through the darkened tunnel. Ashley thought about what she would rather have in her hand than his hand, then thought about where she would like it to be instead. As promised, they came to a large area of the tunnel, with water cascading across the other opening. In its center was a deep pool of steaming water.

Ashley cautiously dipped first one toe, then a foot into the hot water, then quickly lowered her entire body beneath its surface, letting out a cry of delight as she felt its heat sinking into her sore body. Randy quickly slipped into the hot water with her, then gathered her in his arms.

“Did I deliver, or what?” he asked.

“Well,” she said, “after more than a week of hints, you finally delivered last night! I don’t think I could have held off another minute waiting for you to make the first move!”

He was shocked. “You wanted me to do that?” he asked incredulously. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

“I shouldn’t have had to” Ashley told him. “My God, Randy! I practically walked around naked in front of you for days! Didn’t you get the hint?”

“My mom taught me to be a gentleman” was his only reply.

“Well” she said, “You certainly weren’t one last night! Unless you call letting me cum the first four times the gentlemanly thing to do!”

The two cuddled together in the hot water, telling each other about themselves. It was surprising to each that they had been on this trip for almost two weeks and didn’t have the slightest idea of each other’s home lives.

Randy had five sisters, which was why he had not been able to bring himself to take advantage of Ashley without her giving him a clear green light.

“OK. It makes sense to me now” she told him. “But I was getting SO frustrated with you!”

Ashley told him that she was an only child, and an adopted one at that. “I’ve never known who my birth parents were” she admitted. “I was told that I have sisters too, but I have no idea where.”

When they finally got too hot in the water, Randy sat on the edge of the hot pool with his back to the waterfall. When he did this, Ashley lowered herself down upon him, rocking back and forth over his hard member, her legs spread out on the slick surface behind him.

“I am so hot” she told him. “But I really want to fuck you in this cave. It’s cooler over by the waterfall though, could we do it over there?”

Loving the feel of her huge nipples on his chest and her silky pussy surrounding his hardness, Randy could only nod his head. Careful to keep her impaled on him, he slowly scooted backward toward the cascade.

Ashley was right, it was much cooler over by the waterfall, and she was soon bouncing up and down on top of him with a great deal of energy. So much so that he had to wrap both of his arms around her back to hold her in place. When he did this, he forgot that his arms were the only thing holding them in place on the slippery downward slope of the cave.

They both closed their eyes as they relished the sensations of sliding against each others bodies, and it wasn’t until Randy’s butt hit a slick patch of wet rock that they felt themselves sliding quickly downhill. It happened so fast that they were through the waterfall, plunging straight down into a deep pool of water dozens of feet below, still bound together in their lover’s embrace, before they even knew that it was happening.

The two young lovers came apart under the water, surfacing individually, then bobbing towards each other. Ashley’s back was to the shore, so it was Randy who spotted their observers first. “Um, hi!” he said weakly.

Ashley spun herself around in the water, keeping herself submerged below the neck as she looked to see who Randy was talking to. What she saw caused her to take first one deep breath in shock, then another closely following the first.

Standing on the shore was one of the men she had seen in her dreams the night before.

Standing next to the man was a woman who was a dead ringer for Ashley.

“Hi!” said the man, extending his hand to pull the two out of the water. “I’m Jack.”

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