As You Wish

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I hear the click of the bathroom door opening and shut off the dryer. Flipping my hair back, I turn and smile at you.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

You stroll over to me and slip my robe off my shoulder… then lean down and kiss the bare skin revealed. Your eyes lift up and meet mine in the mirror. You kiss me again and then step close, wrapping your arms around my waist. I lean back against you and wait for you to tell me what you’re doing. One of your hands slips between the folds of my robe and you caress my still slightly damp breast. Then slide down my belly, back up and settle back on my breast. I press my back against you and close my eyes… enjoying the touch.

I softly whisper, “Does this mean that we’re going to be late to the party?”

I can hear the smile in your voice but don’t open my eyes. “No, Baby, I just came to tell you to wear what I’ve put on the bed.”

I raise an eyebrow that may or may not have been noticed by you… but you’re slipping your hand out of my robe and my eyes are still closed so I never know for sure. Gripping my waist, you turn me into you and kiss me deeply. I moan into your mouth and begin to lean into you… but you grip my arms and step away, closing the bathroom door behind you.

I finish putting on make-up and pull my hair up onto my head… leaving loose curls to dangle around my neck and shoulders. Walking into the bedroom, I notice that you’ve laid out clothes for me. You’ve picked out EVERYTHING. I notice that you’ve selected your favorite bra and panty set, which doesn’t surprise me but you’ve even picked out stockings… which does. Getting dressed, I put on the underwear you’ve selected, the little black cocktail dress with the very short skirt, the black, smooth as silk stockings and the 4 ½ inch spiked pumps. At that point I smile, thinking… he must want to carry me up the stairs… after a long night of wearing these, I won’t be able to walk.

With one last look in the mirror, I head downstairs. You meet me at the bottom and your eyes are alight with approval, admiration and there’s a definite glint of desire. I smile broadly at you.

“Are you ready?” I ask. “You look beautiful.”

“That’s my line,” you say. “You’re not wearing lipstick.”

“I wanted to wait to put it on until you’ve kissed me.”

“Ahh…” And you oblige by leaning in and taking my mouth with yours. It’s one of those kisses that shoot fire into my clit immediately. I moan and ask softly if you’re sure that we really need to go to this party. You run your hand down my back and though you don’t answer with words, you direct me to the door.

I step back a little unfocused and dazed. Laughing softly, I shake my head and move to get my coat out of the closet. You help me with my coat and then lock up after we’ve left.

* * *

It’s only been an hour but I can feel your eyes on me… watching. I glance over and catch your eye, smile in confusion and then notice the intensity with which you’re looking. My own eyes respond with their answer. I raise an eyebrow and mouth, “Yah?”

You nod and take a sip of your drink. You’re eyes not leaving mine.

* * *

Not too much later, I intentionally catch your eye as you’re talking to your boss. I can see your focus move from them and with absolute absorption, settle on me. I bite my lip and give you the look that I reserve for my “fuck me now!” message. I watch you take a deep breath and then I turn to casually answer a question from the woman next to me.

* * *

I notice the glance over my shoulder by the couple that I’m talking with only seconds before I feel you step up behind me. I lean, oh so gently, into you… with the barest of pressure. I feel your hand run down my back, soft as a butterfly. I have to fight the urge to turn and kiss. And, I have no idea what you’re saying to everyone because my focus is on your touch and the tenor of your voice… but I keep the smile on my face and nod periodically. The feel of your hand stroking my skin causes my nerve endings to wake up. You lean down and whisper into my ear, “I want to be inside you so badly I can taste it. When we get home, don’t plan on sleeping.” My eyes cross for a moment but I’ve closed them quickly. Only you notice that my nipples have gone hard and that my knees have turned to jelly. I’m not even casino oyna pretending to stand now. I’m leaning completely against you. “Honey,” you say for an audience. “Would you mind refilling my drink?” I shake my head and with weak knees, take your glass and walk to the bar.

* * *

Stepping into the kitchen, I lean against the counter and close my eyes. Holy shit, I think. Does he want me to cum right here? Wow!

As I’m composing myself, you walk into the kitchen and watch me… leaning against the door. I sense you and open my eyes. There’s a slight blush along my cheeks and my eyes are still a little dazed. You notice the slight shake in my hands.

You step fully into the room and also lean back against the counter, facing the door.

“Come here,” you tell me.

I walk over and step between your thighs, your arms going around me, running down to squeeze my ass and pull me into you.

“I meant what I said in there.”

I nod, barely able to breath. My body is on fire.

“I’m going to take you to bed and fuck you until you can’t walk… and then I’m going make love to you so slowly that you’ll think that you’ve died and gone to Heaven. Your skin so sensitive and tender that each stroke will feel like it’s almost too much. Then tomorrow, when you don’t think that you can take anymore… I’m going to draw you a bath and sooth your tender flesh with my tongue. Do you think that you can handle that?”

“Oh god,” I moan and nod. “Surely, you can’t expect me to carry on conversations with these thoughts in my head,” I mumble into your chest.

You tilt my face up to meet yours and kiss me deeply, our tongues meeting and playing. Your warm mouth moves from mine to my neck. I tilt my head to give you better access and my breath comes out as a caress against your ear.

“Open your legs,” you whisper.

“What?” I question, dazed and slightly shocked.

“Do as I say, Elena.”

I spread my legs between your longer ones and feel your fingers slip beneath the edge of my skirt and slide up between my legs.

I begin to pull away a bit, “Someone might come in” but you stop me by holding my thighs, parted and open. “Let me worry about that,” you say against my mouth. “I’ll watch out for you.”

Sighing, I open my thighs a little further.

“That’s a good girl.”

I feel the barely there touch of your fingertips against the crotch of my panties and then the slightly ticklish touch of you moving them aside. You slip your finger deep into me.

“Oh god, Baby, you’re so wet for me. So hot. Step out of your panties. I want to keep them for the rest of the night.”

I slip them off and hand them to you. You slip your finger back into me and I rock against you to get a deeper caress, so you slip another finger into me. Stroking and playing, making me even wetter. I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning loudly.

“Take me home, please… now!” I beg.

“No,” you shake your head. “I just wanted something to tantalize me while I’m talking business.” You pull your fingers out of me and slip them into your mouth, cleaning them off and then slowly running your finger under your nose.

My eyes cross and I know you see it because you smile and pat me lightly on the ass.

“Let’s get back to the party before someone wonders where we went and come looking.”

I look at you in amazement… Are you fucking nuts?

* * *

I’m standing with a group of men and we’re laughing at joke someone just made. I look up at you when you take my hand.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, but it’s time that I get my lady to bed, before her coach turns into a pumpkin.”

I smile at you and you cannot mistake the look of anticipation on my face. “I’ll get our coats, while you make the rounds,” I say.

* * *

You open the passenger door and help me get in. I move my coat out the of way in anticipation of you closing the door but you lean in and slowly tip my chair back, “Tonight, I want you to do everything that I ask. No questions.”

I smile… VERY intrigued. Licking my lips, I respond, “Okay.”

You smile back with a little bit of devilment in your eyes. “When I get in the car, I want you to pleasure yourself on the way home… I want you to keep yourself wet for me.”

I give a slight nervous/excited laugh canlı casino and nod.

You come around and get in… then watch as I place a heeled foot onto the dashboard and stretch out the other leg. I reach between my thighs but you shake your head.

“No, Baby. I can’t see you. Lift up your skirt.”

I slide my dress up around my waist and then allow my coat to flap open. You turn on the heat and I feel the air blowing against the back of my thigh and my exposed flesh.

“Oh yah. That’s it,” you say as we pull out of the driveway.

* * *

I can feel a climax beginning to build and increase the pressure and speed of my touch against my clit. When I feel your hand cover mine, I open my eyes and roll my head to look at you. I notice that we’re at a stoplight and suspect that you’ve been watching me.

“Slow down, Elena… I want to be the one to make you come.”

I resume the slow speed of my touch and feel your hand press against my mons as you slip a finger into me, pressing deep and then slipping out… the light has turn green.

* * *

When we arrive home and you pull into the garage, I’m expecting to have my shirt wrapped around my waist and to be pressed against the door as you take me hard and fast. But, no…

As we walk through the kitchen I get a quick flash of you setting me on the counter and fucking me. Your pants around your ankles while my legs are locked around your waist. Your finger in my mouth as I suck the scent of myself off you.

But, we pass through the kitchen and I’m beginning to get frustrated.

Aha! The dining room table. NOW, he’s going to pick me up and take me here!

But, I feel your hand on my lower back as you guide me to the stairs that lead to our room. I can hear you chuckle behind me when you notice the longing look I give to the dining room table.

“Patience,” I hear you whisper softly.

I almost snort but catch myself before I do.

FINALLY… the bedroom! My nipples are hard as rocks from anticipation and I just want to rub my dress against them to ease the ache. But, that’s nothing compared to the ache that I have between my thighs. I want to come unglued with the need to ease that one!

I head to the dresser to take off my earrings and have every intention of getting undressed when I hear your command.

“Elena, turn around.” I do and notice that you’re sitting on the bed. You’ve removed your tie and jacket and are in the process of slowly unbuttoning your shirt. I freeze and am mesmerized, watching you. I’m quite sure that my mouth has begun to water and that if I’m not careful; I’m going to drool on myself.

“Come here,” you command firmly.

I move to you and when I’m about two feet away, you tell me to stop.


I breathe deep and reach behind my back to unzip my dress. You watch intensely as the dress slides down my body, catching for a moment on my hips and then pooling around my feet. Next comes the bra… I reach between my breasts and unclasp the fastening. Then with both hands, slowly open the bra like French doors. My nipples are hard little pebbles and my areolas have turned a dark brownish rose. I reach up and you watch as my breasts lift with the movement. Slowly, I pull the pins out of my hair and it cascades down around my shoulders.

“Come closer,” I can hear the catch in your breath and know that if I reached between your legs, I’d feel the hardness that I long to have inside me.

“Turn around.”

I do and look over my shoulder at you. I watch as you turn down my guarder belt and kiss my tattoo. I watch as your tongue flicks out and you lick in long strokes. I moan and almost sit in your lap… but you anticipate that and allow my butt to rest in your hands, supporting me against you. When I have my balance back, you stroke my thigh and then unsnap the front guarders.

Placing your hands on my hips, you turn me to face you, run your hands down and then back up my thighs… stopping to unclasp the back snaps.

“Take off the rest.”

I slip off one heel and balancing, I place that foot on the bed, along the outer part of your thigh… leaving myself open to your gaze. Then I slowly roll down the stockings… watching the look on your face as bare, smooth skin is revealed. I slip the stocking off my foot and drop it onto kaçak casino the floor. You reach between my legs and softly stroke the small hairs that grow on my lips. Then, pulling my leg back between your thighs, I slip off the other heel and switch feet only to do the same thing with the other leg.

I hear you moan beneath your breath, “You’re playing with fire.”

I meet your eyes and smile… promise a perfect reflection there.

“Unbutton my pants.” With each removal of clothing, I watch your eyes and notice an intensity that I’ve never noticed before. I’m actually quite surprised that you’ve been able to play out the game this long.

I kneel between your legs and unzip your pants. With gentle hands, I help you slide them and your underwear over your sensitive erection. I bend my head a bit when I pull them down off your feet, tossing them into the pile of my clothes.

Your hand is gentle on the side of my face, when you tilt my eyes up to meet yours.

“Take me in you mouth.”

I smile…

Then lean forward and with one long lick, slide my tongue from base to head. Swirling around the head, I tease and then take you as deep as I can. One hand wrapping around the base of you, I squeeze as I suck you.

You moan and wrap a hand into my hair, urging me to take you deeper. I open my mouth wider and relax my throat. You’re too big for me to “swallow” but you don’t seem to mind. I moan deep in my throat and the vibration causes you to echo my sound.

“Oh yah, baby. You have such a sweet mouth. So innocent and so mine.” You tug, not too gently on my hair and pull my mouth to yours. Sweeping your tongue through my mouth, pressing hard.

I follow you onto the bed as you lean back. I’m now lying on top of you and you grip the back of my thighs. Then, opening me wide, you rub your cock against my clit. I moan and my fingernails dig, slightly, into your shoulders, my teeth close on your pec. I move in an effort to force you to slip inside me but you’re not done teasing. You slip through my moisture, rubbing against me over and over, gripping my hips and preventing any movement from me.

“Please…” I purr against your mouth. I know that you can never resist my purr. And, just as I’ve wished…

You slide hard and deep into me, making my breath catch and my spine give out. I sink onto your chest completely boneless as you work in and out of me.

“Ride me,” I hear you command through a haze of pleasure. I shake my head, “no,” perfectly content to let you do all the work.

“Elena, do as I say.”

I sit up and take you deeper into me, pausing to adjust. You reach up and knead my breasts… one in each hand. I cover your hands with my own and begin to ride you. My thighs tightening as I lift and relaxing as I slide down you. Slowing working you, milking you, clutching my muscles as I pull up and relaxing them as I slide down. I close my eyes and relax my head back, my mouth slightly parted, my hair reaching almost to my waist.

I can feel your eyes on me but I’m lost in my own pleasure and the exquisite sensation of finally having you inside me.

You reach up and take the back of my neck. I look down at you… my eyes are so very dark, my lips red with arousal and from biting them. My breasts rise and fall with each breath I take. You pull my head back down to you and whisper naughty things that make my muscles clutch involuntarily… tightening around you with each suggestion that you make.

Finally, neither of us can take the pleasure anymore and you roll over, taking me under you.

“Okay, Baby, now you can cum… Cum with me. ‘Cause I’m going to cum deep inside you.”

I moan and you’re moving in just such a way that you’re rubbing against my clit, pressing in just the right way.

“You’re mine,” you whisper against my lips. “Don’t forget it!”

I throw back my head and just at the moment of orgasm, you sink your teeth into my neck. Biting hard. I moan with a sound that is near a scream. Crying out your name… I feel you follow me, your seed pulsing deep inside of me. And with each release, a moan that is uncontrollable. It’s the most beautiful sound.

You doze for about a half hour and I relax with my head against your shoulder, barely conscious. I’m just about ready to drift off completely when you wake and roll over.

“Nah huh, Baby… I’m not done with you yet.”

I half moan/ half sigh as you turn me onto my stomach and slip into me from behind, my body still wet from our previous release.

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