Army Times Ch. 02

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This is the second installment of Army Times. Although it will stand alone fairly well, it continues on the previous story.

I want to thank Psyche_b_mused for her invaluable help in editing these stories, truly they would be much less enjoyable if not for her.

Leaving Georgia

I had watched the retreating lights of Blaire’s car smoking a cigarette when I heard Trina come up to me. “There you are! How am I to be your chauffer for the afternoon if you are off hiding someplace.”

Turning around I caught a flash of her brilliant smile, and despite the fact I was bone tired and wanted nothing more than a shower and a beer, or six, I smiled back. “Sorry, Treen. Something came up that required my – uh – attention.”

Trina was one of those wonderfully, pretty, ordinary girls. Her hair was too brown to be called red, and too red to be called brown. She had brown eyes that always seemed to be jumping at the delights of the world. Freckles adorned her face and she had thin lips that always seemed just a little pouty.

She had long thin legs that developed a good muscular tone from all of the running we did during AIT (Advanced Individual Training) During those rums she talked about her boyfriend who had just gone into Marine boot camp earlier in our training. I had talked about Laura and Blaire. Treen always laughed at my predicament, telling me it was my own damn fault.

I grabbed my gear and we headed into Augusta and made small talk the entire way. Chitting about this, chatting about that and my mind barely keeping track of what we were talking about. Eventually she made it to the parking lot of a Best Western

“The airport is about four miles along that road, a restaurant and bar across the street. You should be able to keep busy until your flight.” Trina said smiling.

“Mind waiting with my bags while I check in?” I asked. I was looking forward to checking in. It was mid afternoon and I stank from sweat and sex with Blaire, and desperately wanted to shower. I also needed a nap; this had been an emotionally turbulent day.

“Sure, I have until bed check. It isn’t like I can call Matt.” There was a longing in her voice that I had heard all week from her. Until her boyfriend had left for Boot Camp she could be found each night at the phone booth door closed talking to him. Occasionally there was moaning and groaning and sometimes a little cry as they phone fucked each other.

Reaching over, I caressed her face with the back of my hand, “Sorry that you miss him so. I’ll be back shortly.”

She leaned her face into my hand and closed her eye and whispered, “I’ll be here.”

Checking in, I got my room and headed back out to the truck and Treen. Getting into the cab of her brown and brown Ford pickup I said, “Room 117, half way to the end of the building.”

We drove to the end of the building and I unlocked the door and turned down the air conditioner. I went out and got the bags from the back of the truck and asked, “Do you want to come in?” Although I liked Treen, I hoped she would go back to the barracks so I could shower and take a nap.

Looking relieved, she said “Sure, I can come in for a while.” We sat in the room for an hour chatting and smoking, I was trying to make her laugh, she was doing her best not to.

“I need to take a shower Treen.”

“Okay, you promise to write and keep in touch?”

I looked at her hopeful face knowing that it was likely a lie and said “Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Smiling at her to reassure her, Trina left. Keeping in touch with people was hardly my strength. Friends are friends but never in my life have I really kept up with anyone for more than a couple of weeks after parting company.

As she headed out the door I sloughed off my clothes and headed for the shower, not noticing that the door didn’t close entirely. I turned the water temperature as high as I could stand it and soaked, feeling the sweat and smoke and fetid urine smell of the trailer wash off of me. I turned the temperature up some more and slowly lathered up and washed my hair thinking about the day and my time at Fort Gordon.

When I got out of the shower I felt like a new man. I started toweling off as I headed back into the bedroom, when I rounded the corner I saw Trina sitting on the bed. Pink from the heat of the shower and towel in one hand, covering nothing what so ever, the other end was up on top of my head where I was drying my stubbly hair. I stood before her and asked, “Uh, Treen? What’s up?”

Looking down at my flaccid cock, she blushed and stammered, “Uhm, well I need….” stopping there she turned her head toward the door. She looked trapped, and desperate. Then I understood.

I walked over and knelt before her, taking her hands in mine, I turned them palm up, kissing the left and then the right, softly, a faint moan escaped her lips. For about a minute I sat there looking at her while she was looking through the wall behind my head, and then she looked down at me. I leaned forward canlı bahis and lightly kissed her, repeated little pecks, flicking my tongue slightly against her lips, then her mouth opened slightly and her tongue slowly touched mine. Interesting, no fires like there was with Blaire. Nice kisser, but no KABOOM.

As we kissed, my cock started swelling with passion. I stood, bringing her up with me. I swept her up into my arms taking the two steps necessary to lay her head on the pillow on the bed. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I softly asked.

In answer she swallowed hard, nodded and reached out to stroke my penis. Her touch wasn’t as soft as Blaire’s or Laura’s. In fact it was almost rough; Trina was gripping the Little Man like a he was a hammer, but still the Little Man sprang up to attention. I stepped across her body and lay next to her showering her face with little languid peck kisses, tasting her saltiness. I kissed and licked along her jawline and felt her shuffle her body closer to me as she moan softly and whispered, “Yes, like that Chip.”

I started unbuttoning her top kissing and licking my way as I splayed her blouse open. Treen’s tits were about the size of a large grapefruit or small melon, and they were shaped something like a small alpine horn. I kissed her nipple through the white bra and felt her body arch next to me. I removed her blouse and centered her on the bed. I started kissing her around the bra cups and listened to her gasp and moan.

After a little while I reached up, and grasped the clasp between her bra cups fumbled with it for a second or two getting it open; Trina took a deep shuddering breath as her tits felt the cool air of the hotel room

Her areolas were large and ill-defined, a very light pink, not too different from her skin color. As I kissed, licked and nibbled on her left nipple and areola, Treen gasped and she placed her right hand behind my neck holding me in place.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned. Her left hand clasped firmly to my right shoulder as her fingernails dug into it. Her nipple enlarged in my mouth and was long enough that I placed my lips on her areola and the flat tip of her nipple reached past my lips and teeth and rested lightly on the tip of my tongue. Flicking my tongue across her nipple, I kneaded her other breast, like a firm tasty ball of dough.

Trina groaned, “You like licking that itty bitty titty don’t you? Come on suck it some more! MORE DAMN IT!”

On some level I was shocked by the stuff, she was saying, then I thought, Come on, this is the same chick that phone fucks her boyfriend in the common room phone booth of the barracks and thinks nothing of masturbating while she does it. And the truth of the matter was, yeah I did like sucking on her tit and was looking forward to hearing what else she may have to say while we were in bed together. I had never been with a person that had been quite so expressive in her needs and appreciation. It was exciting in its newness and added just that little extra something that I needed.

Slowly I kissed my way across her soft smooth skin to her right breast. With my right hand, I caressed her face while I played with her left tit with my other hand.

Treen moaned, “Oh fuck YES!,” and leaned her head into my hand, taking my thumb into her mouth and sucking on it. I continued my work on her breasts and placed my left knee in between her legs, up against her crotch. Immediately Trina began grinding her pussy into my leg and the heat of her pussy radiated into my leg.

Keeping up with her breasts, mouth and pussy all at once was proving to be difficult, but it wasn’t long until Treen arched her back in a spasm, shook and with a deep moan plopped back down on the bed.

I started kissing down her stomach and tongued her belly button like I was kissing her mouth. She started wiggling and laughing, which of course was not what I wanted from her right then. But it did work out because it caused her to grind her pussy into my chest, increasing the heat I felt from there.

I undid the belt to her BDU pants and started kissing her pelvic region as I unbuttoned them.

“Are you going to eat my nasty pussy? HUH ARE YOU!” Trina asked.

The pungent aroma of her sex filled my nostrils as I started to pull her pants down to her knees. Backing out of her legs, I lifted them up so I could get to her. Her boots rested against my back and I was held in place by her pants, which restricted how wide she could open her legs. I slowly licked her from the space between her ass and pussy along her labia which was opening nicely, to where the two folds of labia met just above her clit.

“Oh yeah, I knew you were a nasty pussy eater.”

Treen’s pussy was very hairy and a little less red than the hair on her head; it clearly had never been trimmed and was brazenly natural. Pussy juice glistened off of a couple of strands of her pubic hair. With comingling moans, I lightly licked the juice of her hair.

I found the taste very bahis siteleri earthy, kind of like a heavy peat scotch, Laphroaig came to mind. One of those tastes that a guy either loves or hates. And once I had started there wasn’t any stopping, enjoying the moment taking my little sips and gulps of her, in a slow appreciative manner.

I continued: a light lick, a small suck, a heavy lick, over and over until her clit stiffened and peeked out from its hood. Treen had interlaced her hands somehow and locked them around my neck, effectively pinning my face to her pussy. I took her clit into my mouth gently sucking on it, and brushing my tongue across the tip. Trina dug her fingernails into my neck, holding me in place. For several minutes this continued until she started to cum, and then


“OH MOTHER FUCKER!!!” Trina screamed.

“OH FUCK YES!” Trina exclaimed while she drove the heels of her boots into my back again, my eyes starred and crossed with pain, but somehow I kept at her clit and then again [b]THUD[/b] her boots came crashing down. “Eat it you nasty man. EAT IT!”

As she quivered in her orgasm her boots rained down pain and agony onto my back. I was going to be damned if I was going to stop. Yeah my eyes were crossed and my back and neck were beginning to hurt, but, Trina’s incessant chatter was beginning to turn me on. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I continued to lick and suck on her clit and then thrust my forefinger and middle finger deep into her hot wet pussy,

Trina moaned, “Oh yeah, GET IT BOY!”

I twisted my arm to where my palm was facing up and hooked my fingers, looking for her G-Spot. All the while I continued sucking and licking on her clit, I was determined to kill her by orgasm or myself by boot fall. Then I found it.

Trina’s legs shot straight up and she screamed, “Right there ASSHOLE!” as my fingers brushed against it. I massaged her vagina from the inside and kept licking her clit until her whole body froze, and an earsplitting cry rent the air, “OH FUCKING GOD YES!!! YES!!!”

Her legs clamped to either side of my head holding me in place, Treen dug her fingernails into the back of my skull drawing blood. Another minute or two later her whole body collapsed with another [b]thump thump[/b] as her boots once again landed on my back, “Fuck Chip.”

Laughing, I kissed her clit softly once more as I worked my way out from between her legs and from under her pants. Those boots had to go. The verbal assault was a major turn on, but the boots were killing me. I unlaced them and took them, her pants and panties off of her. My face and right hand were completely soaked in her pussy juices as Trina sat up and kissed me. “Mmm, I have a tasty pussy, don’t I Chip?” Trina asked

“I liked it. Apparently you do too.” I breathed out.

My cock was hard as a rock. She reached down and grabbed it, her hand was a vice. Keeping up with the kiss Trina kept my dick in her hand and guided me to the opening of her snatch. I pushed her down onto the bed.

Her pussy was nearly as tight as Blaire’s had been, and a damn sight hotter and wetter. I easily slid completely into her, burying myself to the hilt. I started fucking her, with long slow strokes. Trina dug her fingernails into my back, wrapped her legs tightly around my waist.

“Fuck me damn you. Pound my pussy with that cock of yours. Harder mother fucker HARDER!”

At her urging I started pistoning my hips harder and faster into her.

“Yes, Yes, NNNNNNNNNNNNNGH,” Trina moaned as she came.

I slowed down back to a nice easy pace, something I knew having had two orgasms already that day I could keep up for quite a while.

Sweat was covering both of us and Trina whispered into my ear, “Did you fuck Blaire today?”

“Yeah, she blew me too,” I whispered back.

“Yeah? Before or after you fucked her?”

Now I have to say that holding a conversation during sex is at best distracting and I really wanted her to shut up, but hey, Trina was certainly different than anyone else I had slept with so why not chat while relaxing a little?


“So if I’d gathered up the nerve to suck your dick before the shower I would have tasted her?” Something in Trina’s eye burned brighter at that. Before I had a chance to say anything in response , Treen went on, “I want you to fuck me from behind Chip.”

At that point, my back was a throbbing in pain from Treens heels, my shoulders and head had little pools of blood from fingernails and my ears were ringing slightly from all of the screaming she had been doing, I saw this as a respite. “Fuck yeah, turn your ass over.”

Trina started to roll over, then stopped and grabbed by cock. With a devilish glint in her eye she took me into her mouth. She licked and sucked it completely clean. I was amazed I didn’t blow my top then and there. No one had done that before, and something about it sent a thrill up my spine.

Have I mentioned that I am an ass man? Love bahis şirketleri them, one and all. When Trina rolled over, her ass stuck up in the air, and she had a fine pear-shaped ass. Her pussy was gaping wide, and her anus was pointing straight at me. It must have said, “Lick me,” because I did.

I leaned over and in one long slow lick went from her flower up to her ass hole.

“Oooh, you are a dirty, nasty mother fucker aren’t you? Eat my ass!”

I slid two fingers back into her pussy as I reached under and took her clit between my forefinger and thumb and started rubbing them like I was building a little fire with a stick and tinder. I rimmed her ass with my tongue and Trina started wailing like a banshee.


I don’t know where the shudder began, but soon her whole body was consumed in an orgasm as she twitched and convulsed like she was having a Grand Mal seizure. It was all I could do to keep my fingers in her vagina. My tongue and mouth bounced all over the place and keeping up a steady sensation on her was impossible.

Oddly she wasn’t making any noise, just vibrating like she was attached to a jackhammer, and then she drew in a huge breath and collapsed onto the bed.

I laid down on top of her with my cock in between her ass cheeks and felt her catch her breath. Soon she started to wiggle underneath me her ass cheeks somehow massaging the Little Man slightly and began to moan again. “Fuck me Chip.”

I knew her asshole was drenched in saliva and sweat, so I placed the head of my cock right on it. Trina tensed up and said, “That isn’t what I had in mind.”

“Yeah? Well we’ve done just about everything else I can think of, so why not this? Think of it as my reward for kissing your ass.”

Giggling, Trina said, “If I tell you to stop, then stop, because it will be hurting too much.”


I pressed forward so slightly, getting the head of my prick into her opening. Let me tell you, this was a dream come true, kinky chick exposed ass, an ass man and perfect alignment of the stars. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I waited a while until Treen started wiggling around and pressed further into her ass. Trina was getting impatient, “Come on Chip, get it in there. Just keep pushing until I say stop.”

So I did. I my cock got about half way up her ass when she called the first pause.

“Give me a second.” She said.

I reached around and played with her tit while she got accustomed to the feel. A couple of minutes later she tilted her ass a little more and moaned.

“Okay, give me more.”

As I started I could feel a little dryness so I added the only lubricant I had by pulling out of her slightly and spitting on the top of my cock and spreading it around. Once I was lubed up, I started into her again, this time spitting periodically to ease the insertion.

Soon enough I was buried completely into her ass, “Fuck me Chip. Fuck my ass until you cum.”

And I did.

I pounded her ass like it would be the only ass I would ever get to fuck. I don’t know how long I fucked her that way but the whole time she kept screaming for me to fuck it harder and faster. My balls slapped against her pussy and I was positive they were going to be bruised by the time I was through. After a while, Trina seized up again, and I think she came again. I slowed down to a slow gentle pace through it. Breathlessly she said, “I can’t take anymore up there Chip, let’s switch.”

Although I was disappointed that I couldn’t cum in her ass, I agreed. I pulled out of her ass and hiked her hips up and buried myself deep into her pussy. I grabbed her hair which was barely long enough to grab and hold onto, and yanked her back into me with each thrust into her. Her face was cranked back far enough I could see her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth was wide open.

I didn’t fuck her at a fast pace, in fact it was a very slow pace, but I put every ounce of energy I could into slamming the Little Man into her while pulling her back by the hair. I was trying everything I could with her, it didn’t seem that she had any limits. And that concept was an incredible turn on.

Her ass cheeks jiggling with each thrust and pull. With each stroke Trina gasped and audibly let the air escape her in a moan.

I slowly fucked her doggy style for a while then rolled her over onto her back and hiked up her left leg. I lay down on my right side and I sank my pecker back into her. I don’t know if I was wearing her out or not, but I was near the ends of my physical limits and I needed a break

As I sank my dick back into her, Trina sighed and started kissing me and said, “Fuck me harder Chip.”

“Shut up Trina, it’s my turn to cum.” I slowly fucked her while she whispered on and on about whatever came across her mind. As we chatted I reached over with my left hand and flicked my finger back and forth across her clit, barely hitting each time and soon she shuddered again.

“Lay down on your back Chip.” Trina said.

I lay down and she took me into her mouth again, this time she worked at a slower pace and I soon felt my balls tighten up, the sure precursor to cumming.

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