Army Biker Morning

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As requested, here is Part 2 of the Army Biker Guy.


I’m suddenly awoken by a couple of slaps on my face. I blink open my eyes and he’s standing there, naked as ever, and I’m lying on my side.

“I woke up at 4 this morning boy, and you were sweating and breathing really hard, so I removed all your straps and gag and let you sleep freely. It’s 6:00am, time to get up.”

He stands at the edge of the bed, which doesn’t have a frame on it, so the mattress and box springs are just on the floor, I sit, stretching my joints, aware of how badly I need to use the bathroom.

Once my eyes regain focus, I can see his hard cock right at my face, his hands on his hips, and he’s leaning slightly forward.

“Are you going to give a proper good morning or do I have to show you?” He says.

I lean forward, open my mouth and gently suck on the head, he moans, “that’s right boy. Always say good morning with your warm mouth on a stiff cock. Just the way a bottom fuck boy should.”

He pushes his cock all the way into my mouth, holding my head with his hand, until I start gagging.

He laughs and pulls his cock out of my mouth, “that’s enough for now. He throws a black jockstrap at me, put this on. I don’t want that slutty cock leaving precum all over my new floors. Go to the bathroom, piss, shit, and brush your teeth, there’s a clean brush on the counter. Then meet me in the kitchen.”

He walks out of the room after throwing on a pair of shorts. I walk into the bathroom, sit down on the toilet and empty my bowel and bladder. Pushing out hard, making sure I got it all, and wiping thoroughly.

I spray the air freshener on the back of the toilet, and I wash my hands. I open the package containing a toothbrush, clean my mouth, and rinse it out with mouthwash.

I slide the jock up my legs, and adjust it so that it’s sitting just right, and it’s got black elastic for the waistband and straps under my ass, but the jock pouch is black leather. It’s about a size too small, but I think that was intentional.

I walk out to the kitchen and find him sitting at the table in the kitchen, he’s reading something on his phone, he looks up at me, “there’s everything you need to make breakfast. I’ve already done my work out, eaten a small breakfast before, but I’m starving. Get to work.”

He goes back to his phone and I look at what’s there, three eggs, a hand full of bacon strips, two slices of bread, and a few other things.

“Sir? There’s only one plate.”

“Yeah? So?”

“Um, well, Sir, what do you want me to make? And how am I going to eat Sir?”

He stands up, walks over to me, stands behind me and wraps his hand around my neck, gripping it. His other hand around my waist.

“You are going to make scrambled eggs, lightly toasted bread and the bacon mostly cooked. Don’t want them burnt, and you will put all the food on the plate for me. As the Master of the house, I eat first, and if you’re good, I’ll leave some enough for you and put the plate on the floor when I’m finished, then your slut ass can eat. If you weren’t new to my house, I would have bent you over my knee for 20 smacks for that. But I’ll be nice since I’m in a good mood. Now make my fucking breakfast, I have a strict routine on Saturday.”

I push out a “yes Sir”, as best as I can, he releases my neck, slaps my ass twice, and walks back to his chair. I start cooking.

Once I’m sure everything is perfect, I set the plate down in front of him, with his fork and knife. The butter for toast was already on the table. I go back to the kitchen and put everything in the sink or away. I walk back to him, unsure of what I’m supposed to do.

He stops chewing his eggs, “this is very good boy. Well done, now, kneel down here and wait for me to finish.”

I kneel down on the floor and crawl next to him, I feel like such a dog. This is weird for me, but I think back to last night and how good that pounding was, and how my balls are aching to cum. So I’ll just wait and earn that later, hopefully.

I’m snapped from my daze, and he sets the plate down in front of me, there’s about ? left of what I made, so I reach down and eat the last triangle of toast.

“Use your fingers, boys earn forks around here.”

I pick up the bacon and eggs, they’re a little cold since it’s been a little while, but I’m starving so I devour it anyway. Once it’s done, I pick up the plate and hold it.

He leans over the table, “go put it away and do the canlı bahis dishes. Make sure everything is clean.”

I do so, and as I’m doing dishes, Sir walks behind me, I expect a smack, but instead he grabs both cheeks and kneads then with his hands, he then runs his hand all the way up my crack, pushing slightly on my hole.

He doesn’t say anything, but simply walks away. I’m not sure what to do. I hear him open and close the door and a faint sound of a pissing.

I finish the dishes and he still hasn’t returned, so I walk to the hallway and hear he’s in the bathroom. I kneel on the floor just outside the door and wait.

He soon washes his hands, and comes out the door, he sees me waiting, and pats my head.

“Good boy,” he says, “follow.”

I do so, standing up and walking behind him. We reach the kitchen, and he fishes something out of a cupboard and we walk out the back door.

He sets down his stuff on a little silver tray on the outside table. He walks away from the table, and having said nothing, I’m starting to feel awkward, but I simply keep following.

We walk into the garage, he mounts his bike, and pats the seat behind him, so I quickly mount it. He starts the engine and we slowly head down the driveway. When we reach the end of it, he turns around and says, “go get that paper boy.”

I get off the bike, grab the paper, and get back on the bike. We drive back to the house, get off the bike and walk back to the table.

I’m so confused, no idea what’s going on, he sits down in one of the chairs, tosses one of the seat cushions on the concrete in front of him, and snaps while pointing at it. I kneel down in front of him, and he finally speaks.

“Okay boy, very good. You followed my every move but didn’t question it. That’s how obedient boys ought to be. It’s Saturday morning, beautiful weather today and my normal routine is to sit here, read the paper, and enjoy a very good cigar. Your job this morning is to give me nice, slow, long head while I do this. I had better be hard the whole time, and I’m not going to cum. That depends on you, I won’t stop it from happening so you need to be careful. Open my shorts.”

I do, and pull out his soft cock, which starts to thicken in my hand. I stroke it up and down, he the smacks my face, “I said head, which means put that in your fucking mouth!”

I do so, and he reaches down, grabs my wrists and places a silver pair of handcuffs on them behind my back.

“There, now your hands won’t get in the way, and I can enjoy the morning.”

He picks up his cigar and lights the end, puffing thick smoke around him, he picks up the paper and begins reading.

I take his cock, which is now completely hard, and I suckle at the head a little, then slowly inch my way down to the base, and then wait for a second there. Then I bring my head slowly up, until it’s just the head again, and repeat.

I do this over and over again, and my jaw is starting to hurt a bit.

He doesn’t speak to me, he just puffs on his cigar and reads the paper. Occasionally he’ll look down at me, but there’s no real expression on his face.

He folds his paper up, leans back in his chair a bit, and puffs on his cigar, which is now a short little brown nub in his mouth. He puts his hand on the back of my head.

He doesn’t apply pressure but moves with my head as I slowly bob up and down. He grabs my hair when I reach the top of his head, suckling on it, he finally speaks, “Damn boy, that’s some fine head. I’m close to cumming. Get up here and suck on these nipples.”

I sit up, find his right nipple, and start sucking on it, biting him gently. He pushes my face over to his left and I do the same thing.

He pushes my head back down, “open your mouth as wide as you can.”

He grabs his balls, pulls the sack down so it’s just his testes on the end, and pushes them in my mouth. Once he’s all the way in, he simply says, “suck, gently.”

His cock is hard against his stomach, leaking precum against his hairless abs.

He finally smashes out his cigar, and pushes my head gently. I let his balls fall out of my mouth. He points to the spot on his stomach where the precum glistens.

I lean up and lick his abs clean, covering every inch, damn he’s so fucking hot.

He stands up, helps me to my feet, and walks me into the house. We go into the bedroom, and he pushes me on to the bed.

I fall on it, my cock straining in my pouch, and his just sticking straight out from his bahis siteleri body.

He grabs several lengths of rope, and ties my legs together, at the ankles, knees, and thighs. He picks up my legs, and climbs on the bed behind me. He attaches the rope to a chain hanging down from the ceiling that I hadn’t noticed.

My legs are straight up, lifting my ass slightly off the bed, he positions his cock head against my hole and pushes it forward. He’s using the spit from outside as lube and thank goodness there was plenty.

He pushes forward into my hole until his balls smack against my ass. He rests his cock there and reaches around, pulls my pouch to the side, and starts to stroke my cock.

“Okay boy, I want to play a game. If I cum first, you get to cum after, and go home and if I feel the need to use you again, I’ll come get you. If you cum first, well, then I’m going to lock up this cock until I feel like letting you free from it. It could be a day, a week, maybe a month. Do you wanna play boy?”

“Yes Sir. Please Sir, I wanna cum Sir.”

“You’ll cum boy, you’ve worked real hard for me and taken care of me well, for your sake, just hope you can last longer than me.”

He starts thrusting his cock, back and forth in my hole, and I’m loving it. He’s also got his hand wrapped around my cock with his right hand as his left hand is wrapped around my legs. He’s thrusting hard, and I can feel his hips shaking, he close, I just have to hold on.

All of a sudden, I feel it, “no! Not yet, please, no!”

My cock begins to erupt, shooting thick cum on my stomach, chest, and a few drops even hit my face, landing on my lips and cheek.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” He shouts.

He starts shouting, his grip on my cock is tight as he shoves his seed deep inside me, “oh fuck, take that fucking cum load, fucking slutty bottom boy, almost made it boy.”

He pulls his soft cock from me, lets my legs down on the bed, and walks to the bathroom, when he returns, he’s got something silver in his hand and he’s wearing his leather gloves.

He sits on the edge of the bed, and starts scooping up the cum off my body and dripping it into my mouth. Once he scoops it all up, he shoves his leather fingers in my mouth, “suck them clean boy.”

I do so, and he’s pushing his fingers deeper into my mouth and my cock starts to stir again, getting semi hard. He pulls his fingers from my mouth and starts smacking my cock.

“No, no boy. No getting hard, you need to be soft.”

My cock isn’t listening apparently, so he gets up, leaves the room and comes back. He wraps the washcloth around my cock, and it’s freezing cold.

“Oh my god, fuck, that’s fucking cold!” I shout.

He smacks my face, “did I tell you to speak? Or do I need to gag you again?”

“No Sir, I’m sorry Sir. It just surprised me.”

My cock immediately shrivels up to a soft little nub. I feel a cold ring put around my balls, pulling them upwards, I look down and watch him slide my soft cock into a silver tube, he pushes it up, and connects it to the silver ring, he then places a gold lock on the device and I’m locked in. I lost the game, but let’s be honest, did I really lose?

He unties my legs, picks me up off the bed, stands me up and in front of the mirror in his room. He stands behind me, my hands on his junk as he’s right against me. He reaches around, tugs on the device in various places.

” Does anything hurt boy? Any pinching or discomfort?”

I shake my hips, moving slightly, “um, I don’t think so Sir.”

“Have you ever had one of these on before boy?”

“Um, no Sir.”

“Ahhhh, well you’ll soon find that you’re gonna want this cock free. Every guy wants the ability to tug on his meat when he feels like it. Having another guy in control of your cock, in control of when you get to cum, or don’t, can be exhilarating, and frustrating.”

He undoes the handcuffs, pushes me down to the floor on my knees, “my cock needs cleaned, boy.”

He stands in front of me, pushing him into me and he’s already hard again, “well, I wonder if you could make me cum.”

I run my tongue all around his cock, getting every drop of his cum and spit off his cock.

He moans and he finally speaks, “lets see, you want to play another game?”

I shake my head no, as I didn’t fare too well the last time.

“Are you sure? Let me explain the rules. I’ll set a timer and sit on the bed, and you can use your mouth and your hands, but you can’t use bahis şirketleri your hands to stroke me, but they can go anywhere else. If you can make me cum before five minutes on the timer, I’ll let you out of that cage tomorrow afternoon, 24 hours after you leave my home. If you can’t, then you’ll stay in that cage for a week, and you will come back here next week and hopefully be let free. What do you say? Still don’t wanna play?”

I pull back from his cock, “what if I don’t play the game, how long do I wear this?”

“That’s a good question,” he says as he pushes my head back into his cock, “I guess that depends on how long you take to make me cum. For every minute that it takes you, is one day you wear the cage.”

I grunt on his cock as I take him all the way to the base.

“Grunt once for the game, and twice for not playing the game.”

I continue sucking on his head now, thinking about my options. If it takes him 10 minutes to cum, that’s ten days, but if I don’t make him cum before the timer, it’s only a week no matter how long it takes.

I grunt once around his cock.

“Okay boy, you got it.”

He pulls his cock from my mouth, he sits down on the bed, leans back on his hands, his hard cock sticking straight out.

He grabs his phone, shows me the timer of five minutes, which he starts and tosses on the bed next to him, and I drive my mouth onto his cock, sucking hard on his cock, going up and down, I reach one hand up to his nipple and start to squeeze it gently, Rolling it in my finger tips. I take my other hand and grip his balls gently, and push my knuckle up under his balls, finding that sweet spot behind his balls.

He’s moaning, his toes curling, and I switch the tasks between my two hands to get his left nipple.

Suddenly, his hand finds my head, he pushes it down, “oh fuck boy. Holy shit, I’m cumming!”

He holds my head in place as he unloads his cum into my mouth, thrusting his hips, and when he finishes, the timer suddenly beeps.

I pull off his cock when he grabs my hair, “fuck boy. Damn, that was fantastic, I’ve never cum that quickly before. Your pants are over in the closet, you can wear that jockstrap until tomorrow. There’s also one of my old shirts you can wear since yours is in shreds in the trash. Get dressed and I’ll take you home.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. I’ve really enjoyed servicing you Sir.”

“Of course you did. Bottom fuck boys like you are naturally submissive and are the happiest when a real top man is in control. Now, get dressed. I have somewhere to be soon.”

He gets off the bed, and starts getting dressed on his own. I go to my clothes, put them on, and we both finish about the same time. He’s wearing tight jeans, black boots, a black vest, and a black T-shirt.

I look down at the shirt I’m wearing, and it’s a tight black shirt, like, really tight, and it just says, “Property” in big white letters.

We walk into the garage, put on helmets, and mount his bike. We take off down the street, he misses my street, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s not to question him. He’s in control.

He pulls off into a parking lot about two blocks from my house, there’s no one around, he leaves the bike running, gets off, and I follow. He takes my helmet, pushes back into his bag, and smacks my ass.

“Alright boy, get home. I put my phone number in your phone as a contact, but it’s up to you to find it. Once you find it, text me. If you can’t find it, then you’ll be locked up until you do. You are not allowed to show up at my house without permission. Send me a picture of you wearing only my shirt and your cock device exposed. Make sure I can see your face. And don’t worry, I don’t share pictures. This is the most embarrassing you’ll feel as people drive by seeing you as property.”

“Yes Sir.” As I turn to walk away. The weight of the device pulling my junk down in my jock.

“Oh wait, almost forgot, come here.”

I walk back towards him. He grabs from his pocket a silver chain, places it around my neck, and attaches the same gold lock as on my cock.

“There. This way, no other macho fucker will bother with you. They’ll know you belong to someone and not just fronting a T-shirt.”

He plants a kiss deeply on my mouth, smacks my ass once more, and gently pushes me in the direction of my house.

His bike soon roars off the other direction, and once out of sight, I grab my phone and unlock it. I try searching for various names, “Sir”, “Master”, anything else I can think of, and nothing comes up.

I put my phone back in my pocket as I arrive home. This will take some digging.

What I would give to shoot another load while thinking about the last 16 hours.

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