Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Ever since I saw my first Monday Night Football game when I was ten years old, I have been an obsessed football fan. And during football season, my Sunday afternoons are spent at the local sports bar – cheering and screaming with everyone else.

This is certainly a typical Sunday afternoon for most heterosexual American men, and in many ways I am a typical guy – I love football and cars and beer and boobies. But unlike most of my fellow football fans, I have a few interests that aren’t quite the norm. I’m politically very progressive. I appreciate literature and poetry. And I absolutely love to suck cock.

This has always struck me as a bizarre dichotomy. Most of the football fans I knew were intensely homophobic and most of the gay men I knew didn’t know a football from a baseball. But here I am, equally eager to celebrate a touchdown as I am to perform fellatio.

So when the first week of the new season was about to begin, I was excited. I didn’t have any plans that night, and spent it mostly surfing the internet, reading predictions and analysis of the upcoming season.

I find it difficult to spend any time surfing the net and not look at some porn. I can’t help myself, and before I knew it I was reading erotic stories and looking at pictures and videos of gang bangs and blowjobs. Seeing a hot woman service a few well hung men always gives me an instant woody – and soon I was stroking my uncut six inches.

As I stroked myself, I fantasized about having another guy there with me – someone mature and kind, fit and well hung. Someone who could massage my shoulders with their strong hands. Someone whose cock I could worship with my mouth, kiss with my lips, and tease with my tongue. Someone whose hot cum I could feel drip down my chin as I tried to swallow every drop.

It was a hot fantasy and I really wanted to make it come true. I’ve never had trouble attracting men – I stay lean and fit through regular exercise. I have a boyish face that belies my age, making me look twenty instead of thirty. My large dark eyes and canlı bahis long eye lashes give me an almost feminine look and my full lips are soft and sensuous – ideal for giving great head.

But a heavy work schedule had made my free time scarce – I hadn’t sucked a cock in several months. I usually cruised bathhouses when I was in such a lustful mood, but it was getting late…and I didn’t want to go tomorrow as there was football to watch.

My gay sex life had been very compartmentalized – consisting of anonymous encounters with men whose names I often didn’t know. I had never considered having anything more with my male sexual partners. I don’t find men attractive in a romantic context, so I never thought of anything beyond purely sexual terms. But to share other things besides sex might be an enjoyable…a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement.

I decided to place an online ad on a local message board:

************************************* Any mature football fans out there?

I’m a young looking 33 year old guy…I’m 5’7, slim and fit, mildly hairy, dark hair and eyes…I’m very discreetly bisexual…and enjoy safe, sensual play with kind, fit, discreet, mature men (40+). I love getting massaged by a guy and love to return the favor by giving wonderful, sensual blowjobs.

In addition to being an avid cocksucker, I also am an enthusiastic football fan…and planned on spending tomorrow afternoon watching some of the games.

I was thinking it would be nice to have some company…we could perhaps have some lunch, watch some football, and then take it from there.

So if you’re a discreet, mature guy who enjoys football, and also loves getting head, drop me a line. A face and body pic would be great…I’ll send my pics in return. **************************************

I received several responses and pics…most by guys who were just looking for a quick blowjob, but a few were genuine – one in particular caught my attention.

He was a 50 year old guy and described himself as gay and discreet and a bahis siteleri life long football fan. He also enjoyed giving massage and of course, loved getting head. His pic was a nice…a good looking guy with a slim, fit build. We agreed to meet at a sports bar in town the next day.

That morning, I was anticipating a great day of football and sex – hopefully my online date would show up. I got to the bar early and found a good seat. As the game was about to start, I felt a hand on my shoulder and a friendly voice, “Max?”

Frank was better in person…with a polite smile and a comfortable handshake he put me at ease. His picture didn’t lie – he was fit, slim, and handsome. And he was quite knowledgeable about football.

We watched the game intently while making conversation during the commercials. We got to know each other a little – Frank seemed smart and easy going and from the few glances I could manage at his crotch, well hung.

Sadly, our team lost – but we had a good time watching the game. And we had an even better time after the game.

Frank invited me over to his place. He had a comfortable lived-in apartment – full of books and magazines and old records. It was a large studio and his queen sized bed was in plain view.

After some idle conversation, Frank offered me a massage. I undressed quickly, showing off my semi erect uncut cock. Frank took off his clothes as well, but left on his bikini underwear…the outline of his growing cock was clear.

I laid down on the bed face down and Frank gently massaged my back. He had a wonderful touch…strong and gentle. He spent several minutes on my back and then worked up to my neck…his fingers tickling the sides of my face.

He worked his way down to my legs and gave my thighs and calves a wonderful rubdown. His fingers worked their magic on my feet and ankles. He then worked his way back up to my ass…massaging each cheek thoroughly and playfully slipping his hand in between. I was very very relaxed.

It was a great massage. I loved it and I could tell bahis şirketleri that Frank enjoyed giving it, as his cock was straining his underwear. Frank finished it off my reaching for my cock under me and giving it a gentle tug.

This prompted me to raise my ass in the air for him…getting on all fours I gave him a great view of my slim ass cheeks. Frank removed his underwear and positioned himself behind me, playfully slapping his erect cock against my backside.

Turning my head, I could see how beautiful his cock was. Circumcised and smooth, his member was a thick seven inches. His balls were low hanging beauties and clearly needed my attention.

I turned myself around and crawled over to Frank’s cock. Ever so slowly I leaned my face into his crotch and gently kissed his manhood. My lips touched every inch of him from the underside of his ball sac to the tip of his large cock head. My tongue coated his shaft as I let his cock slide in my mouth. It was glorious.

Feasting on his cock was a wonderful treat and I kept at it for some time. Occasionally, with Franks cock still in my mouth, I would look up at him and give him the most coquettish smile I could muster. Frank clearly enjoyed it – his own face was frozen in bliss.

Frank began to gently fuck my face. He held the sides of my head and firmly thrust his cock in and out of me. As his pace got faster, I took more of him in…he was hitting the back of my throat with his cock.

I sucked on his cock even harder as Frank thrust into me, his pace now frantic. He moaned uncontrollably and let fly an enormous load into my mouth. Some of it flew down my throat, but most of it fell out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin.

I kept Frank’s cock in my mouth as I felt his hot cum roll down my neck and onto my chest. As his cock softened, I let it gently fall out of my mouth and playfully milked the remaining drops of cum onto my lips. I was one satisfied cocksucker!

We were both quiet and content as we got dressed. I gave Frank one last playful grab of his cock before I left and Frank gave my ass a gentle spank. I knew I’d see him again – the football season had just started and this was going to be a great season. Sixteen games, the playoffs, the Super Bowl – and lots and lots of cock!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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