Aphrodite at the Flesh Pot

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Aphrodite enjoyed being a goddess. It gave her the freedom to come and go as she pleased, do as she wished, and have what she wanted. That’s not to say she was a greedy, selfish, or uncaring goddess. Quite the contrary; she was the goddess of love, passion and carnality. She did not desire possessions or power. She craved the touch of the human body, and she gave as good as she got.

Tonight she was going to a favorite of hers: the Flesh Pot, a meat market filled to the brim with humans who wanted nothing more than a night of raw, unbridled sex. Adjusting her appearance, she regarded herself in a full-length mirror. This was one of her favorite looks; a svelte brunette with shoulder length hair, perky breasts, bright green eyes and a killer ass. Someone (or two?) was going to get VERY lucky tonight!

The music at the Flesh Pot was thumping as Aphrodite made her entrance. She never did it intentionally, but being the goddess of love makes being inconspicuous rather difficult. The skin-tight black latex dress which barely covered her didn’t help, nor did the leather Fuck-Me boots. Her makeup was flawless, as were the lines of her body. She wanted there to be no mistake about what she was there to get…and give!

Eyes turned to drink in her beauty as she wound her way through the pulsing, sweating dance crowd, hands brushing lightly against writhing bodies, firm rounded ass rubbing against others, the thin layer of rubber separating them by molecules. Heads turned to watch her with desire as she passed by, male and female alike. She loved the feel of the eyes undressing her; they made her heat up with liquid desire, straining to explode on anyone fortunate enough to be in range.

Oops! Did she just drop her clutch? She had! Well, nothing to do other than reach down and retrieve it. Keeping her left leg straight, bending her right leg slightly out in front of her, she bowed at the waist with flexibility any ballerina would admire. She felt the sizzling heat of eyes stroking the gleaming black rubber just barely covering her shaved pussy, admiring the sweet roundness of her ass. Grasping the clutch lightly between two delicate yet talented fingers, she righted herself, turned her head to look over her shoulder, and gave a coy smile to her admirers. She could sense in her very core the hardness of their cocks, the wetness of their pussies.

Aphrodite found herself a seat at the bar without difficulty. She always found a waiting seat; it was not any godly powers, it was simply some ravenously horny man giving up his seat in an attempt to penetrate her. Sometimes it worked! She ordered a drink (which she never consumed; why waste your time with alcohol when there’s Nectar?) and once it arrived proceeded to play seductively with the swizzle stick, stirring her drink in lazy swirls, then pulling the swizzle from the glass and running it maddeningly over her lips and tongue.

“What would it be tonight,” she thought to herself, heart pounding in time with the music, pussy throbbing in anticipation. Her mouth needed some action, too. “A blowjob for some lucky cock? A thorough tongue-lashing for some eager, yet uninitiated clit? Maybe both at the same time?” No, she had that planned for her earthly friends’ “Come as You Bizarre” party. Mmm…Was she ever looking forward to that threesome! Surveying the landscape around her, she settled on a quiet guy sitting alone at casino siteleri a table. There were two drinks in front of him, but one was half-full, the ice having long melted. He looked a little forlorn. Time to take his mind off the bitch that deserted him and suck his brains out.

Not much for bothering with subtleties (she had long ago discovered that humans pretended that they like things subtle, but they really just wanted someone to come out and say, “I really would like to suck your cock,”) She sauntered over to his table, sat in the chair opposite him, leaned in and said, “I really would like to suck your cock.”

Aphrodite was always careful to time statements like that carefully, so as not to end up with a face full of spit-take. He was cute, in a non-movie star sort of way, and when his deep blue eyes finally stopped blinking, trying to see if she was real, all he could manage to say was, “I beg your pardon?”

Knowing how fantastic her tits looked strapped down by the shiny rubber, nipples straining to pierce the fabric, she leaned in further and repeated, “I really would like to suck your cock right now, and no, this isn’t some kind of joke.” She sidled her chair over next to him and placed a hand on his inner thigh. “Whoever she is, she’s gone now, and she’s not coming back. You can either sit there like some pathetic loser, or you can come with me into the ladies room and get your cock sucked by someone with a mouth that can suck the spots off of dice.” With that she stood up, pausing long enough to brush her hand against his already rock-hard cock, walked three steps away and stopped.

Pivoting on one gleaming steel spike heel, she looked him in the eye and said, “I can make you come with one finger…” His eyes bugged a little and he swallowed hard. She beckoned him with one finger, said, “Come,” and walked away toward the ladies room. She knew he would follow.

One reason Aphrodite chose the Flesh Pot was because the ladies room was immaculate. Painted a muted burgundy, it had a foyer with a couch and chair (she always wondered why…) and plenty of clean, large stalls. It was almost as if the designer had had fucking in mind. She smiled…perhaps he had.

Pausing briefly at the door, she saw her man was right behind her. Looking quickly to the left and right, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him brusquely in after her. There were two young girls at the mirror fixing their makeup and worrying their hair; they looked up as Aphrodite walked by, man in tow, and smiled to each other as she pushed him into a stall.

“Wha…what’s your name?” he asked, trying to make small talk.

“Doesn’t really matter, does it?” she replied in a pleasant voice. “We’re not going to be doing much talking.” With that she pulled off his tie, grabbed his arms and lashed his wrists together with it. Forcing him up against the now closed door, she tied his arms over his head to the hook behind him. He began to protest, but she silenced him with a kiss involving lips, tongue, and hand rubbing his cock. He knew enough to shut up and enjoy the ride.

Unbuckling his belt, she slid his pant down to find his penis hidden behind plaid boxer shorts. No match for her, the shorts were quickly down around his ankles. Was she good, or was she good? Aphrodite had a talent for sensing the guys with the big cocks. Not monstrously big; what the hell do you do canlı casino with all that extra meat? Won’t fit in the meat locker, if you know what I mean. His cock was at full attention now, small pearl of pre-cum forming on the tip. She loved that…it was like the juiciest part of the steak…to be savored, to be relished, to be sipped up with wonderfully pursed ruby-red lips, then lost as she suddenly sucked the length of his throbbing hot cock into her throat. She kept it there, massaging it firmly with her lips, her tongue, her throat. He gasped and stiffened, then moaned loudly as she began to pump her head up and down the wet shaft.

This is what she was best at. Of course, being a goddess she was also great at fucking, BDSM, cock-teasing, orgies and everything else having to do with sex. And she never tired of it. Her head moved up and down the glistening cock and she began humming an ancient tune. His crotch cobra was vibrating in unison with her song, and her man was breathing heavily. Taking his cock out of her mouth (but never for long…it would never due to let it get chilly!) she ran her lips slowly…so slowly up and down his slickened shaft. She could feel the heat in his body. After several minutes of lollipopping his cock she rocked back slightly, just enough to get clearance around his rock-hard fuck pole, and pulled the top of her dress down so her playmate could get a nice ,long look at her picture perfect tits. Aphrodite hated the look of fake tits…they were unnatural globes that defied gravity. Tonight hers were all natural; firm yet a little on the small side. They stayed where she wanted them to, had killer nipples, and shook so amazingly when she shimmied her body back and forth. He was having a great time, and he deserved the full show.

Grabbing his shining member with one hand she ran her free hand over his balls. He didn’t wince. She wished more men would let her play with their ball and what lay beyond. She was gentle, and if they would just get over it, they would know how fucking hot it was! She could read this guy; he wasn’t going to stop her no matter what she did. Aphrodite pumped his cock firmly as she squeezed his balls gently. He moaned again, and she was quite certain she could hear whispering and giggling outside the stall. Good! Let them learn.

She wasn’t going to let him come too soon, and by the looks of it, he was going to. The Goddess of Love backed off, slowing her rhythm so the cum could settle once more. He would cover her when she wanted him to, and not before. She was looking forward the salty-sweet taste of it as it filled her mouth and slid down her throat.

With a gentle pressure on the inside of his thighs she made him spread his legs more. She bent down further, lifting his manly banister out of the way, and began to flick her tongue over the sensitive spot right behind his balls. She licked tenderly, as if she were licking butter off the wings of a butterfly. It was a talent she was born with…and she loved to use it. She couldn’t get away from the taste, that salty, manly, primordial taste that made the blood pound in her ears and the breath rasp in her lungs. She kept pumping his cock slowly, tugging just enough to make him lose touch with reality with each stroke. She could make him come right now if she wanted; he was that ready. But no, she licked further back, trailing the fingers of her free hand kaçak casino over his ass, nails making temporary red trails over his firm flesh. He had a great ass!

It was getting near time for him to explode. She could deny him no longer. Coming up, she pulled his cock into her mouth once more and pumped up and down, up and down, up and down. Aphrodite knew exactly how much pressure to apply and how fast to go. She slowly increased her pace, her spit drenching his cock, running down his ball, wetting her chin. Marvelous! Now she had things in hand with his pleasure, it was time to add to her own. Reaching down her free hand (her right was still pumping up and down the shaft of his hard throbbing cock, keeping time with her mouth as he face-fucked her,) she pulled up the rubber hem of her dress, revealing the absence of panties. Her snatch was soaking already; she rubbed the lips between two fingers, sandwiching her clit between. As she rolled it between her moistened fingers, she moaned deeply. Her man moaned a split second later, the vibrations of her throat sending his cock into hard, deep, pounding spasms. As she thrust first one, then two fingers into her cunt, finger fucking herself with consummate expertise, she increased to pressure on his cock, making him face fuck her even harder.

His penis pounded into her mouth, pounded with raw carnal energy, fucking her mouth as if it were the pussy her fingers now slid in and out of. Taking her right hand off his penis for a moment she reached down and squeezed first one tit, then the other, pinching and pulling at her nipples. She loved the feel of her nipples being pulled, sucked, and bitten; it made her cunt twitch just to think about it. Her fingers worked even harder, a third moistened by her pussy juices, then sliding effortlessly into her ass.

He was ready to come. He was moaning loudly now, and yes, the girls were definitely still outside listening; they made no effort to hide their presence now. She tightened her mouth around his cock, taking her left hand away from her pussy so she could rub his balls and squeeze them, which made him pump even harder, although she had not thought it possible. His moaning was increasing in pitch, and she could feel the cum rising. Taking her mouth away from his cock, she pumped it hard with her hand while holding her mouth wide open in front of it. Just a few more, she thought, then all that juicy cum would be mine! He began to buck, and as she stroked, his cock sprayed hot cum into the air, landing on her right eye, her cheeks, her chin, and then what seemed like gallons into her mouth. He kept pumping, and so did she. Cum pumped out for what seemed ages, until finally he began to slow. Aphrodite sucked his cock into her mouth, coaxing as much from it as she could. She used her hands to collect all the cum she could, licking it from her fingers like chocolate sauce. She didn’t want to waste a drop!

Rising slowly to her feet, Aphrodite pulled his shorts and pants up with her, fastening his belt and zipping his zipper. Reaching up, her still-naked tit almost directly in front of his face, she undid the tie and released him from his bondage. He rubbed his wrists, bringing the blood back into his hands. He noticed nothing. She fixed her dress, shook her head to settle her hair, and kissed him long and hard. They tasted of sex.

Pulling him away from the door she opened the stall, pulled him from it and propelled him gently out of the ladies room, smiling dangerously when he looked back at her. She winked, then looked over at her audience of two.

“Ladies,” she said with a nod, and then strutted out of the room.

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