Annie’s Dream

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Annie rested with her head on the pillow, peaceful after our torrid sex session. Cum still coated her chin. A few large drops had fallen off and trickled down her chest to the valley between her breasts. I dipped a finger into the still warm semen and ran it over her lower lip. Her tongue snaked out and licked it off. “Hmmmm. Delicious”, she murmured, finishing the last of my offering. “That was a big load of cum, honey. Did you like me showing off my mouth full? Pretty naughty?”

” Oh, yes. My sweet little cock sucker”, I said. “And you drank every last bit of of it.”

“That’s me- Bunny’s little cum queen, your little whore. I love the taste of cum in my mouth and how it feels when I swallow it. And the feel of your cock and your balls in my mouth. I’m really getting into blow jobs. Makes me want to do you all over again.”

She played with my cock and within seconds it became hard again. I knew I’d have to wait a while before I could function fully.

“Now, that was exciting”, Annie said.

“What was exciting?”, I asked.

“You know.” She blushed. “Having those strangers looking at me.”

“Oh, what did you like about it?”

“I don’t know. It felt so risqué knowing that all those strange men were staring at me, that I was sort of the center of their attention.”

“You sure were”, I said. “They couldn’t keep their eyes of those gorgeous tits of yours. And when you sat under that tree, you gave such a sweet view of those sexy legs and nice panties.”

“You don’t mind strange men looking at my breasts or up my skirt?”

“Honey, they do that anyway”, I replied. “You’re being overly naive if you think that most men aren’t checking you out every day- scoping out those big tits and, when you sit down, peering up your skirt if you’re wearing one. You’ve got to be use to it by now. Just think of all the thousands of men over the years that have had a fond look at your feminine delights. You underestimate how attractive you really are. Anyway, I find it a real turn-on. I love to watch you show yourself off. I don’t know why. I feel so proud having a beautiful wife and watching strangers enjoy her big tits and those lovely upskirt scenes. Most men feel the same way I presume. Maybe its the idea of seeing you as so sexy and desirable in the eyes of other men- like I do or, maybe its the idea of me having something they don’t. They fantasize about feeling you up but I get to do it. That old male competitive thing.”

“I didn’t look too slutty?”

“Not at all. You looked like a normally dressed woman who inadvertently was giving men a free show.”

Annie reflected for a while before speaking. “I guess I like the idea of so many men finding me attractive and sexy. It’s like feeling admired and wanted…sort of like being a performer in front of an audience that really likes you.”

“True”, I said. “It was as if you were giving them a nice little gift. Something out of the ordinary. It wasn’t just lust they were feeling. Maybe a sense of gratitude. You were adding a sense casino siteleri of something special, something beautiful, to their otherwise normal and drab lives. You can think of it as sort of erotic social work”, I said

“Hmmmm. Interesting thought. I also liked the sense of power it gave me. It felt as if I was controlling them somehow. It was like that just by lifting up my skirt a little or showing them my breasts, even with a bra and blouse on, I had this incredible power over what they thought and felt. I really liked knowing that they were looking.”

“True again. You had the power to make those poor men happy or sad. You can bestow your gift on them or take it away. A little glance at a hard nipple can make a man’s day- make him feel rich and alive. That’s a pretty awesome power. Use it but don’t abuse it my sweet”, I joked.

We talked for a while longer and then Annie announced she was going out shopping….for something to surprise me with. I decided to take a well deserved nap. Annie changed into her “normal” attire and then left.

I read for a while, took a shower and fell asleep. I had been out for what seemed like an hour when Annie returned. She walked in with a bag from one of the best boutiques in town and went into the bathroom. “I’ll be right back”, she said with a wink.

I got dressed and sat in one of the easy chairs to wait. After a few minutes the bathroom door opened and Annie stepped out. She was wearing her high heels with black nylons, the same knee length, green silk skirt and a newly purchased, expensive looking, old fashioned, gossamer thin, beige silk blouse that she had buttoned to the neck like a prim schoolteacher. I whistled heartily to signal my delight. She had tucked in the blouse snugly. Looking closer I could see that underneath she had on a clinging Victoria’s Secret satin camisole which she had never felt secure enough to wear out in public before. Her stiff nipples were nicely apparent and I could make out the outlines of her aureoles as faint circles even through the twin layers of satin and silk. “Hmmmm, I like that”, I said.

“And, how about this Sweetie?” She grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly, almost tauntingly, brought it to her waist to show off a new, black satin half slip.

“Yummy”, I said.

“I’m not done yet”, she said in a low, sultry voice. She inched the slip up her legs, revealing a black satin and lace garter belt holding up a pair of nylons instead of her usual thigh highs. The final touch was new white satin panties.

I became hard immediately. “Now, this I really like”, I said enthusiastically.

“I thought you’d like it. Would you mind if I wore my new outfit for supper tonight”, she asked coyly?

“Well of course my dear. You look marvelous” I loved the idea that Annie was starting to get more comfortable into showing herself off.

“You don’t think its too much, do you?”

“Nope. You are tasteful, classy as well as very sexy- in an understated way. How about you? You’ve always told canlı casino me that you would never go out in public without a bra.”

“Well”, Annie replied, “the camisole seems to hold me enough so I don’t jiggle all over the place. Are you sure it’s not too much?”

I smiled inwardly and bit my lip to stop from laughing. “Try walking across the room”, I suggested.

She walked over to the window, swaying slightly on her high heels. Annie’s big tits bounced and jiggled nicely. Her nipples rippled the the thin material of her blouse, distinctly obvious but still not brazen. I had all I could do to not reach over and fondle her. “Yup, you’re right. Can’t really tell your not wearing a bra.”

“You’re sure? Just not saying that to get me to wear this in public? You’ve always been bugging me to out without a bra on.”

“I’m being honest”, I lied.

“I don’t want people staring at me.”

“Nah, you look very normal. Well dressed and definitely upscale.” I thought, any man who doesn’t notice those big bouncing tits and hard nipples is blind. Annie seemed blissfully unaware of the erotic power of her new outfit.

She sat down on a chair across from me and crossed her legs. “How about my garter belt, is that showing?”

“Uh uh, can’t see a thing”. Except, I said to myself, the tops of your nylons and those sweet satin garters holding them up.

Annie sat up straight and put her heels on the bottom rung of the chair to give me an upskirt view and let me appreciate her new lingerie. “How about now?”

“Now that’s more like it.” The effect was dramatic. The black satin of her new slip and garter belt surrounded and framed her panties like a backdrop. The shimmering white satin acted like a spotlight to focus attention between her legs and highlight the gentle mound of her cunt. I couldn’t believe how sensual and lovely she looked,

I reached into my pants and arranged my stiffening cock. “Wow!”, is all I could say. “Just plain, wow!” I went over to her and ran my hand up under her skirt and over stockings, enveloped in sensation. When I reached her panties I caressed her cunt through the layer of satin. Annie responded by drawing her legs further apart.

“Hmmmm”, she murmured. “I like that. I’m getting wet again.”

“You want to fuck again?”, I inquired.

“Not right now, sweetie. Looks like I better take care of this though”, she said. She unzipped my fly and played with my cock. “I want to try something I’ve fantasized about. Why don’t you lie down on the bed?”

I removed my pants and stretched out on the bed. I looked at her quizzically, wondering what was next.

Annie sat down next to me and took a condom out of her pocket. She ripped open the foil packet, unrolled the condom and gently slid it over my cock. “I’m going to give my Bub-bun a nice hand job”, she said, stroking me through the layer of latex.

“Oh, yes”, I replied, totally surprised, almost astonished. I cupped one of her tits through her blouse, delighting in it’s weight in my palm, kaçak casino and ran a finger over a nipple.

“Hmmm”, she responded.

She increased her tempo, masturbating me expertly, as I felt her up. “Your little cum queen wants you to fill up the condom sweetie…a nice big load of cum.”

To spur me along Annie lowered her head between my legs and licked my balls. I gasped as I felt her tongue prodding and probing. Her hand moved quicker and she sucked one of the sensitive sacs deep into her mouth, running her tongue over it and gently nibbling it between her lips.

My body stiffened as I felt my orgasm build. “Honey, I’m going to cum!”, I yelled. My cock spasmed, spurting into the condom. Annie continued to stroke me, making sure she was getting every last drop.

When we were done, I collapsed back on he bed, drained. Annie gave me a lascivious smile. “My turn now.” She carefully removed the condom from my shrinking cock, making sure none of the precious liquid leaked out. It was about a quarter full. Holding it with the reservoir pointing down, she handed it to me and lay down on the bed next to me. She pulled her skirt up and arranged her panties so they stretched between her cunt lips and started to masturbate. “When I cum, sweetie, I want to drink your cum.”

She pulled her panties tight over her clit, tugging hard in short, little strokes and opened her mouth. “I want a load of cum, sweetie, I want a load of cum”, she gasped, barely able to speak.

Annie’s manipulations quickened. I went under her blouse and pinched her nipple through the satin camisole, holding it between my thumb and forefinger and rolling it back and forth, squeezing hard. With my other hand I took the condom and dangled it in front of her face like a treat to tease her. Her tongue flicked out to the bottom of the condom, licking the sperm filled reservoir like it was a sweet nectar she desperately needed to have above all else. She moaned and pulled her panties tighter. Her face contorted with sweet pain, her orgasm overtaking her in waves of seemingly almost unbearable pleasure. “I want your cum!, I want your cum!”, Annie pleaded.

Obliging her, I held the condom by the tip, turned it upside down and, as she reached the peak of her orgasm, let the contents pour out the open end over her lips and tongue in a thick, viscous stream. The salty liquid oozed over her face, most of it sliding down her tongue and into her eager mouth. “Hmmm, hmmm”, she whimpered as the condom emptied, forming a large pool as it filled her mouth. Annie looked me in the eyes, a wild woman grin on her face, proudly showing me her load of cum. She held it captive, savoring the taste and texture for what seemed minutes before finally swallowing it down. She smiled contentedly. “Sweetie, I love cum. I’m your little cum queen, your little cum slut cum drinker that loves to swallow down your load. That was delicious.”

Annie took the condom from me and brought it to her lips, pushed her tongue inside and sucked out the remaining semen. “I want every last drop.”

I had never seen Annie so wanton, so uninhibited, so lost in the sheer pleasure of lust. I put my arms around her, kissed her and said, “I love you”.

“And, I love you”, she replied

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