Ann: The Married Years Ch. 38

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It wasn’t how Ann thought she’d be spending her Sunday. Not by a long shot.

Then again, it wasn’t the first time she had been in a similar position. There were many times early on in their marriage when she’d bend to the whims of her twisted mind, allowing herself to be used in ways that would make most women blanch. It was just never under such bizarre circumstances; ones she never saw coming. And she truly doubted Neil had planned it out that way. Not with the way things started. He was just doing what he did best, taking the day as it came to him and making the most of it.

They had both been awakened early that morning by the ring of Neil’s mobile phone. It startled her and she’d sat up straight in bed, an initial fear washing over her that something was terribly wrong. Neil handled the situation much better; his quiet confidence and ability to be calm under duress coming to the surface. It was another of his amazing traits she found so alluring, the ability to handle being under pressure and remain focused. It was very James Bond.

In that moment, she didn’t know what the problem was, only that their day had just changed drastically. It was also going to end up much differently than the way she had it planned in her head. But even in those first moments, while he was talking to whoever phoned, she hadn’t anticipated that things would turn out like they had. First among them was the fact that they would still be at the Inn at such a late hour.


Neil quietly traversed the narrow stairs down toward the small lobby, not wanting to disturb any of the other guests. It was a little after six in the morning, yet he was suddenly wide awake, the call having gotten his adrenaline pumping.

It had come from Eddie, a friend he really barely knew. But Ann knew his wife Brenda very well, even intimately, and Brenda and Eddie were watching Owen for the weekend so he and Ann could celebrate their fifth anniversary with some much-needed alone time.

Gripping the toy gun inside the pocket of the robe he’d thrown on, he recalled the conversation he’d just had with Eddie. The heavy rain overnight had changed over to an ice storm. Eddie had called to warn them not to come to the house. They lived at the top of a wooded mountainside in West Virginia, and the storm had done some serious damage. Numerous trees and branches had fallen from the weight of the ice, knocking down power lines and blocking some of the roads. And the roads themselves were treacherous. Eddie wanted to give them a heads up, thinking they might want to consider alternative plans for the day.

The first thing that came to Neil’s mind was whether it was as bad where they were. The Inn where there were staying was in northern Virginia, so there was no reason to believe the conditions were exactly the same. After all, it had just been raining when they got back from the play, and that was after midnight. But it was windy and cold, and he remembered thinking it should be snowing instead. He never considered the possibility of freezing rain. When he ended the call, he decided to check to see what was going on for himself.

First he picked up the hotel phone, confirming what Eddie had told him. The phones at the hotel were down, which was why he called the mobile phone to begin with. Eddie had tried calling the Inn, not wanting to hit Neil with roaming charges. But he had to let him know what was going on.

Neil then he went to the bathroom, not just because he had to, but also to check the status of power. Sure enough, there was no electricity either. Unsure of what it would be like outside, he decided to check things out, wanting to determine the risk of attempting to drive home.

He walked to the front door of the hotel, pulling the curtain to the side to peer out the window, and he let out a sigh. The wet, grey morning cold had settled in to stay; winter was upon them, and it would be for months. He stepped out onto the small stoop of the front porch, feeling the frigid air envelop him. He wasn’t dressed to be outside, but it somehow called to him, the eerie quiet bringing with it an unusual peace.

His eyes adjusted to the dark, the landscape in its new form appearing in spectacular fashion. It was really quite breathtaking, the ice clinging to everything, encasing it in a sheath of winter spender. In the quiet, he would hear branches in the distance snapping off and falling, the echoes from the crash to the ground sounding ominous. It was a harbinger of how deadly beauty can become if not respected. That sound validated Eddie’s words of warning; it was too dangerous to be thinking of going anywhere. He’d have to make alternative plans for their day.

He sighed, understanding that Ann would likely be upset. She was already somewhat unsettled as it was about leaving Owen for a couple of days. Now to have it stretched to a third might push her to feel guilt stricken. The last thing he wanted was for her to casino siteleri look back at their weekend with some kind of regret or remorse. Realizing he needed to assume control of a situation that was out of either of theirs, his quickly formulated a plan… one that simply extended the game she’d started when they arrived there two days before.

Stepping back inside, he softly closed the door, only to find he wasn’t alone when he turned around.

“Good morning, Mr. Bond,” Brooke yawned, her sleepy eyes matching her prone position from the cot she was lying on to the side of the front desk.

“Good morning, Miss….”

“Evans,” she replied, tossing off the blankets to show she was still wearing her work clothes from the night before.

“Working late, Miss Evans?”

“Technically, I’m not working. Alicia came in right after you did to take my place, but she told me the roads were getting bad, so I decided to stay here. I can’t afford to wreck my car again. I’m still paying for the last accident I had.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?”

“The same thing, pretty much. We got hit with a winter storm last February. I slid into a ditch on my way home from work and tore up the front end of my car. I swore after that it wasn’t worth the risk.”

“So you’re sleeping here?”

“There was no room at the inn,” she grinned. “I don’t mind, though. At least I got some sleep. What time is it?”

“Six-thirty,” he said, checking his watch.

“What are you doing up so early? I figured you’d be sleeping in, what with the way Ann walked in here last night.”

“I got a phone call,” he shrugged.

“Really? How, the lines are down?”

Pulling the phone from one of the pockets, he held it up. “It’s the latest thing from Q branch.”

“I should have remembered,” she grinned, forgetting she’d called him on that very phone as part of the game he and his wife were playing. Pulling a similar one from her purse on the floor next to her. “They’re the wave of the future. I got mine after the accident.”

“We got ours because Ann is gone so much. I didn’t like her traveling around with our son without being able to get in touch.”

“You have a son?” she grinned.

“Yes. He’s almost one.”

“Wow, I’m a little surprised you left him for the weekend.”

“Our Anniversary… remember?”

“Oh, yeah. How long?”

“Five years. That’s what made it so important to leave him. We needed this weekend.”

“So, he’s with relatives?”

“No, friends. And she was okay with it before, but I have a feeling this ice storm is going to change things. The call I got was from the couple who’re watching Owen. They told us how bad it was out, and we should stay put.”

Nodding, she agreed. “I think that’s a good idea. Do you want me to hook you up?”

“Pardon me?”

“I’m sorry. That was pretty unprofessional. Would you like me to extend your stay? It might be a good idea, since we only have a few rooms available for tonight, and I bet they’re going to go as soon as people wake up and realize its so bad outside.”

“Yeah, go ahead,” he sighed.

“You sound disappointed.”

“I wasn’t planning on spending another night here, Brooke. Not that it’s bad or anything…. we’ve had an incredible time, in large part to you and what you’ve done for us.”

“It’s been my pleasure. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been to know what you’re doing, and frankly, to see some of it. That’s never happened to me before.”

“We’ve been revisiting some of the things we’ve done during our marriage. Things we’ve kind of let go by the wayside since we had the baby.”

“So I take it this isn’t the first time Ann has been romping around naked in a hotel.”

“Hardly,” he chuckled. “She used to make a routine of it.”

“Sounds like you have an exciting marriage.”

“We work at it, but yeah, I’m a very lucky man.”

“Well from where I’m standing, it seems to me that she’s a very lucky woman too.”

“What makes you say that?”

Smiling, she shook her head a bit. “I’m not sure I should say.”

He knew she was insinuating something that had to do with Ann. “Trust me Brooke… I don’t think there’s much you could say that would shock me.”

“Well, since you put it that way, when your wife approached me the other night and asked if I would go into your room and put the suitcase on the bed, she warned me that being a part of this might be dangerous.”


“Yes. She asked me if I knew anything about the films, and I told her I’d seen some of them. Then she asked if what I knew about Bond. I told her I knew he was a British spy, and that he was sophisticated and deadly, and whatnot. Which is all true, but that wasn’t what she was getting at.”

“And just what would that be?”

“She wanted to know what I knew about him being a ladies’ man. It struck me as kind of an odd question since I knew that you were pretending to be him, but then she explained your marriage. canlı casino She didn’t go into a lot of detail, obviously, because she didn’t have the time, but she said if I agreed to be a part of this, you might actually, you know… involve me.”

“You mean like asking you to bring champagne to the room?” he grinned.

“I think you know what I mean. She was warning me that if I became a part of it, you might want more from me than just champagne. Obviously, she didn’t know you were going to call down and ask for champagne, but that was her point. It was like she was saying that once she uncorked the bottle… that being asking me to help… well, she was letting me know it would be out of her hands what you’d do.”

“How did you take that?”

“Actually, I was flattered, considering you two are celebrating your anniversary. I was turned on by it all. There’s just something about your wife that… I don’t know,” she said, shaking her head, a wistful grin on her face. “Anyway, when you called me up there to bring the champagne, I was convinced more was going to happen. I’m glad it didn’t though.”

“Wow, yeah… that sounds so horrible,” he said sarcastically.

“It’s not that it would have been horrible. My guess is it would have been fantastic, to be honest. But you said it yourself. This weekend was about you and her. Things worked out they way they were supposed to. And I could tell by the look in her eyes she was glad I left. She wanted you for herself, and rightly so.”

He nodded, thinking about how wonderful the weekend had been to that point. “You’re right. I just hope you didn’t find our behavior offensive.”

“What? Of course not! It’s been a blast watching from the sidelines. Besides, I signed up to be a part of it, didn’t I?” she winked.

“That you did. So what are you saying?”

“I’m not sure I’m saying anything. I was working, so I would have had to politely decline. But it was fun to think about.”

“Well for what it’s worth, it’s not like I didn’t consider it. After all, I am Bond,” he laughed. “And I appreciate that you’re still working. I’d hate to think I’d miss out on extending the room because no one is at the front desk this morning. I just wish I didn’t have to book it for another night. I hadn’t planned on spending this much. Not to mention having to deal with Ann. She’s going to be upset about spending another night away from Owen.”

“It’s better to stay than trying to go home, Neil. You won’t do Owen much good if you both end up in a wreck, and trust me, it’s that’s a lot more than a room. And for the record, I’m not working today. It’s my day off. I told you before, Alicia is on duty.”

“So what are you doing here?”

“Well I was sleeping until you came downstairs.”

“And where is she?”

“She’s probably checking on things. With us not having power or phones, she’s going to be pretty busy once people start to wake up. My guess is she went to turn on the backup generators so the kitchen can keep the food cold, and so they can cook food for breakfast. It’s not very Colonial, but we have a business to run, and our guests to think of.”

“So, it’s really your day off?”

“Uh huh.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to pray that someone is actually dumb enough to check out so I can get their room. I don’t mind the cot, but have no desire to sleep in the lobby again tonight. And I really need a hot shower. That is if the power comes back on. The generator only runs the kitchen. Other than that, there’s not a lot I can do but wait it out and make the best of it.”

“Ha… sounds boring.”

“Yeah, but it beats wrecking my car again. What are you going to do today?”

“I told you, I’m James Bond,” he smiled.


“Actually, I meant that. I’ll be spending the day trying to keep my wife from freaking out about having to spend another night here. I’d hate to think the memory of our weekend is going to be ruined because of a winter storm. So, I’m going to keep being Bond, try to be resourceful and, like you said, make the best of this.”

Brooke was intrigued, not only by his dedication to his wife, but also to the character she’d asked him to play. The contrast between the two personas fascinated her. Here he was, a loving, adoring husband. But he was also pretending to be a famous spy known for his casual sexual encounters with women. It was obvious their marriage was built on incredible trust. How else could one explain the idea that Ann had literally asked her to be a part of their weekend, knowing full well that included the idea of welcoming her into their bed?

It was that notion that had her asking, “Do you need any help?”


“Well, I was just thinking about that resourceful part. I… I don’t want to sleep in the lobby again, and you don’t want to pay for the room another night. Maybe… maybe I could pay for the room.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m not saying. I’m asking, would you like some help entertaining kaçak casino Miss Bouvier?”

“You do know what that implies, don’t you?” he laughed.

She stepped out from behind the counter, moving to within inches of him. It was a bold move on her part. While she was no stranger when it came to sex, she’d never been the aggressor when it came to initiating it, or even as he so elegantly stated, implying it. She became nervous in such close proximity, his masculine, musky scent filling her nostrils.

“Damn, he even smells like sex,” she murmured, finding escape in his deep blue eyes. But she never answered his question, the lump in her throat preventing her from going further. She could only conceive that the sudden trepidation came from his other character. The reality was he was a married man, and what she had suggested wasn’t something she would have ever considered before he met them. On the one hand, she found men that had affairs on their wives disgusting. Yet it was Ann who had planted the thought in her mind. It couldn’t be an affair if she was invited by the wife, and she was there.

She’d heard of threesomes, but she never thought she’d be in one. The idea of being in just that was what she was up against when he asked a second time, “Miss Evans, you do know what this implies, right?”

Her nod was admittedly timid, as if she had only a rudimentary understanding of his inquiry. It was as if she was adept at addition and subtraction, but he was referring to calculus.

“Perhaps you should know that Miss Bouvier is bisexual.”

Batting her blue eyes, she questioned, “She is?”


“Well that explains the feelings I got last night… the way she was looking at me. I told you there was something about her… damn,” she smiled thinking about that sexy stare.

“Which begs the question, are you sure about this?”

That revelation certainly answered her questions of why she seemed so drawn to Ann. There was an aura about her that she found exhilarating, beyond the titillating admiration for someone that was able to freely expose herself like she had. While she didn’t consider that the explanation might be physical attraction, she now wondered if that was possible. Could the reason she felt so connected to Ann from the moment she first saw her be something beyond wanting to have the same sexual spirit flowing inside of her?

Knowing she needed to respond, she answered honestly. “No. I’m not sure. It’s a bit presumptuous of me to basically invite myself into your relationship to begin with.”

“I’m pretty sure the brunette upstairs did that first. You already said as much.”

“But I should have thought about that before I offered, or before I volunteered to go into your room the other night.”

“I’m not sure why that matters.”

“Because I’d like to think I’m a woman of my word. I offered because I was interested in being a bigger part of whatever this is. I’ve been thinking about it since she asked me to help. To be honest, I’m not sure how her being bisexual matters.”

“Perhaps you don’t know what it means,” he chortled.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I do,” she laughed. “But I didn’t think about a threesome because it never occurred to me that Bond would be doing that. But it’s her fantasy… and yours. Who am I to question the plot?”

“So you’re still interested?”

Biting her lip, she nodded quickly, fighting off her nerves. “Sounds kinky, so yeah, why not? Yes James. I’d be honored to help you with Miss Bouvier.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” he chuckled rather ominously.

“That sounded a bit more scary than kinky.”

“It’s not you. I just have plans for Pamela. But if you’re going to be a part of this, I don’t want you judging her, or what we do. Okay? That’s my only rule for you.”

“Plans? What kind of plans?”

“I’m going to interrogate her,” he smiled.

“What does that mean?”

“It means I’ll need more washcloths,” he winked.

Her mind flashed back to the night they met, Ann standing naked in the room, holding onto the post of the canopy bed like it was a stripper pole as she excitedly described how sturdy it was. Noting this, Brooke half-kiddingly cautioned them about leaving rope marks on the wood posts, suggesting if they were going to do anything that naughty, they should use washcloths to protect them. She didn’t realize that comment was the reason Ann decided to ask her to become a part of their fantasy. Then again, Ann had no idea Brooke recalled that same moment when she agreed to join in by helping her with the note.

Before Brooke could say anything else, Neil decided they’d talked enough. He needed to get back to the room before Ann became more concerned about the phone call he’d gotten, and why he’d been gone so long. Brooke was either serious about being a part of their day, or she wasn’t, and for Bond, there was only one way to find out.

Closing the small gap between them, he leaned forward, his hand entangling in her short blonde hair. It was the style Ann had suggested he never liked. And in truth, he preferred longer hair on women. But the style was perfect for Brooke’s cute face, and it never crossed his mind that she was anything but stunning.

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