Ann: The Married Years Ch. 11

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“Neil… we need to talk.”

He stood at the end of the hallway, staring at his wife as she sat on the loveseat. The somber expression on her pretty face made his heart flutter. She didn’t appear to be upset, or distraught. But Ann’s body language told him she was serious, and he froze, wondering what was going on.

He had just gotten up, sleeping in until about ten, which wasn’t all that unusual when he worked second shift. After all, he’d get home most nights around a quarter to one, and he could never go to sleep right away; he’d be too keyed up from just getting off work. Instead, he’d try to unwind, watching some late night television before heading to bed around two in the morning.

Of course that wasn’t always the case when he came home. Sometimes he’d unwind by having sex with Ann, who’d stay up waiting for him to come home. It was part of her promise to do everything she could to keep their sex life from suffering just because of unusual hours his job sometimes required. There were other times she’d wait, getting him up in the morning by sucking on his stiff cock, or even going so far as to fuck him awake. And then there were the mid-morning romps around the house that he’d grown to love.

He’d been looking forward to one of those, waking up horny, not bothering to dress. He’d come out of the bedroom naked, looking for his always horny wife in hopes of enticing her back into the bedroom.

That feeling left him with her words, his thriving erection deflating in front of her eyes as he looked at her, processing what she’d just said.

“What’s wrong, Ann?” he asked, noticeably nervous of what her answer might be.

Patting the cushion next to her, she shook her head. “Please, baby. We just need to talk.”

“Sure, let me go put something on,” he said, turning to retrieve his boxers from the bedroom floor.

“It’s okay… just come here and sit with me please.”

It felt odd, what with her fully dressed and him buck naked as he sat next to her. But his eyes were locked onto hers, seeing the fatigue behind them. It was obvious she hadn’t slept, and it was from something that was weighing heavily on her mind.

“What is it?” he asked impatiently, wanting to remove the proverbial band-aid off the wound as quickly as possible, hoping to avoid any pain.

Taking a deep breath, she reached for his hand. He felt her trembling, and he braced himself, sucking in as she squeezed his fingers lightly.

“I… I’m not happy.”


“It was a dark and stormy night,” she said to herself, a little chuckle coming out as she turned the page of her book. It wasn’t something she’d just read. It wasn’t something she’d expect to read in a cheap romance novel like the one she was holding, that line more suited for a suspense story or murder mystery. But there she was, reading as a storm actually raged outside on a dreary night. Somehow she found humor in that, the circumstances appealing to her sense of irony.

She was used to thunderstorms, having grown up in the Midwest. In some ways, she enjoyed them more now, watching the clouds roll over the mountains from the west, and how the lightning would illuminate them. It was late; the storm coming after night had fallen. And while the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled, she knew it wasn’t like a normal storm, mainly because it was colder; the front rolling through in late autumn.

She sighed, thinking about how there might not be any leaves left on the trees once this particular storm swept through. Autumn was so spectacular where they lived, with the brilliant colors and crisp, fresh air. She and Neil had just recently gone to a couple orchards to pick apples, having donuts and hot cider as part of the experience. It had become one of her favorites seasons. But as the chilly rain battered the windows of the patio door, coming in waves as the wind howled, she knew what was just around the corner. It was as if it was knocking on that very door with each strong gust. Winter was closer than she cared to admit. In some ways it felt like it had already arrived.

Soft jazz played on the stereo in the background as she curled up underneath a blanket on the loveseat. It was her favorite place in the living room. Neil had his Lay-Z-Boy, the big overstuffed rocker positioned perfectly for him to watch TV. And there was the couch across from her, which helped separate the great room; becoming a divider between the dining area and the living room. But she loved that comfy loveseat. It looked perfect between the two front windows, a decorative lamp centered on the end table next to it providing light. She had the three-way bulb on the lowest wattage so as not to create a glare on the pages.

She was leaning back into some big, fluffy pillows, her legs curled beneath her body as she read. Her stomach started rumbling, sounding a little like the thunder outside. It dawned on her that she hadn’t eaten anything since lunch, and it was now casino siteleri after eight. She thought about stopping, but she was almost done with the chapter she was reading.

She was on the last paragraph when there was a huge crack, the ground shaking from the boom of the lightning bolt that had obviously struck nearby. Instantly the lights flickered, before going out altogether. She was left sitting there in the dark, only the flashes from the storm filling the room.

“Great,” she groaned sarcastically as she put down her book.

Padding across the carpet in her slippers, she carefully made her way down the hall. She was wearing a big, cowl-necked sweater and a pair of tight fitting leggings. She didn’t know how long the power would be out, but she assumed it would be a while like the few previous times it had happened. She didn’t want to wait before putting something else on to keep warm. If indeed it took a long time to come back on, she’d start to get cold, and there’d be no warming up once that happened.

She found her thick robe in her closet, knowing exactly where it would be just inside the door. Returning to the living room, she opened some cupboards looking for candles and a lighter. She rummaged around, not finding what she was looking for, before remembering she’d put them in the pantry.

Lighting a couple tea candles, she settled back into the loveseat, pulling the blanket over her lower body. Instead of reading, she just stared out the window, listening to the pouring rain pound on the roof.

She woke up in a startled daze, another loud boom crashing nearby. She was unsure of where she was; her heart racing. Then it all came to her… the storm, no power, the flickering of the candle behind her head. She could already feel the chill in the room, and she wondered what time it was. She was hungry, but she couldn’t cook anything, and she’d eaten the last of the deli meat for lunch.

Carrying one of the candles, she made her way back to the kitchen, finding some crackers in the pantry. Pulling out the jar of peanut butter, she realized it was almost empty, a stark reminder of the list she’d placed on the refrigerator earlier in the evening. She needed to go to the store.

She scraped enough out of the jar to make six peanut butter crackers. Grabbing one of the apples they’d picked out of the crisper, she cut it up, throwing the core in the trash under the sink. Pulling out a bottle of wine from the fridge, she poured a glass, sitting at the kitchen table. The meager meal brought back memories. She was suddenly back in her early twenties and out on her own for the first time, forced to practically eat rations in order to make ends meet. But she recalled how fulfilled she was, making her own way in the world.

Moving back to the loveseat after she put her plate in the sink, she sat there in the dim glow of the candles, another glass of wine in her hand. She sipped from it gracefully, the Zinfandel filling her in ways the simple meal could not. Having little to eat, the warm buzz hit her quickly and she relaxed.

Her mind wandered again, back to that time in her life when things were different. Not better, and in some ways, not worse. But they were different. She was on her own, struggling, having to claw and scratch her way up in the world. The mental scars were still there even now, reminders of the wounds she’d endured being a naïve girl who had to learn how to survive through trial and error.

As she sat there, she became unsettled. For the first time in a very long time, she felt like something was out of place. It gnawed at her, emptiness deep inside creating a pit in her stomach. She explained it away at first; too much wine and too little to eat, the fuzzy feeling in her head making her think things that really weren’t there. Yet as the hour passed, the feeling didn’t go away.

Finishing her glass, she put it on the counter in the kitchen. She turned the switch off on the lamp and turned off the stereo, even though there was no power. She pressed the button for the light over the stove, knowing it wouldn’t do anything. But she left it that way anyway, just in case the power came back on. It was a ritual she did for Neil on the nights she didn’t stay up for him, not wanting him to walk into a totally darkened house.

Shuffling down the hall with a candle in hand, she set it on her night stand after she brushed her teeth. While she knew the house was going to get chilly, she started stripping off her clothes. She’d become used to sleeping in the nude, loving the feel of her husband’s bare skin against hers when she’d wake during the night. Eschewing the notion of wearing pajamas, she threw an extra blanket over the bed and climbed in, the silk sheets feeling cold at first.

She blew out the candle, her head hitting the pillow as she balled up under the covers. Warmth finally came to her, and she hoped she could simply fall asleep to make the weird melancholy sensation she was having go away.

Instead, restlessness settled in, her eyes staring canlı casino at the ceiling, her mind still racing with thoughts of when she was a young woman in California, and how she had that same feeling she had now. But instead of fretting about money, or thinking about how she needed to find a better place to live with more reliable roommates, she had a vacant spot in her belly that she couldn’t place, other than it was familiar. Something indeed was wrong, but she didn’t know what it was.

After lying there for at least an hour, she sighed. Reaching to her left, she opened the top drawer of her nightstand, pulling out her dildo and a vibrator. She was always on the edge of being horny, but that wasn’t the reason she got out her toys. The thought of sex really hadn’t crossed her mind all night; odd since she’d began it by reading the romance novel. But she knew there was a remedy to her restlessness within those items in her hands. It was something she’d done when she was younger, finding that an orgasm would calm her, and help her drift off to sleep.

Wetting the head of the rubber cock with her mouth, she wasted little time. She wasn’t interested in foreplay, even if she’d be doing it herself. She lifted her legs at the knees, the covers still over her body. Spreading her thighs, she slipped the cock past her labia, having to work it a little because she wasn’t aroused enough at the start.

Once she had the cock halfway inside, she took the vibrator and flipped it on, placing it directly onto her clit. Rubbing it back and forth, she moaned, the soft hum a wonderful reminder of how it felt to pleasure herself.

In truth, she hadn’t had to do anything like that in a very long time. The only reason the toys were in the nightstand instead of the large trunk at the foot of the bed is Neil liked using them on her from time to time. Her sex life with him was amazing. He was a skillful, imaginative lover, who went out of his way to fulfill all of her wants and needs. And she loved him, which made the passion she held for him in her heart more intense as they grew together. She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for resorting to what she was doing, thinking that she was cheating on him in some way.

Pushing that absurd thought from her mind, she pressed harder against her clit, the tip of the vibrator buzzing against her throbbing bud. Her off hand started stroking the dildo in and out of her pussy, the wet squishing sounds filling the room as she got into it.

Her breathing became shallow, short gasps escaping through her open mouth. She kept licking her parched lips, longing for someone to kiss them to keep them moist. She wanted her nipples pulled and twisted, but she didn’t have enough hands. But it didn’t matter. The toys she was using had done the trick, her climax rushing through her body quickly.

“UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” she growled, her feet slipping on the silk sheets as she came. Her legs snapped shut, the vibrator pinned between her thighs, the dildo still lodged deep in her pussy. She rolled onto her side, a second orgasm hitting her hard, making her entire body shudder.

Once she came to her senses, she returned the toys to her drawer. She lay there on her side with her eyes closed, her breathing still shallow. But she felt more at ease, as if an edge had been taken off. Still, the wetness between her legs became another reminder. Just like when she was that young girl in California, she was alone in bed.

She woke up early, wondering if she’d slept at all. Neil was now lying next to her, close, but she missed the touch of his skin against hers. Looking at her clock, the numbers were flashing from the power being off the night before.

“At least it came back on,” she sighed, even though she didn’t know the time.

She knew it was early though; far too early to wake him up. She slipped silently out of bed, picking her robe up off the floor, wrapping it around her naked body while she stepped out of the bedroom, shutting the door quietly behind her. She popped a couple of aspirin and made a nice breakfast, needing something to eat after having almost nothing for dinner the night before. The strong cup of coffee brought her some life. Only then did she realize just how little she’d slept. And that too was a familiar feeling.

Only it wasn’t from being out partying all night, something she’d done often when she first got out on her own; working hard all day and playing harder into the wee hours of the morning. Although the dull headache she had from too much wine on a nearly empty stomach seemed eerily familiar as well. She hadn’t slept well for the same reason she’d been restless to begin with. She just wasn’t sure what it was.

It finally came to her in the shower. She’d snuck back into the bedroom quietly after her breakfast, moving carefully around the bed, and her slumbering lover. She was shaving her legs when it hit her, and she nearly dropped the razor. Drying off, she quickly got dressed, not bothering to put on makeup or dry her hair. kaçak casino She rushed out of the bedroom, hoping not to wake Neil.

She needed to think. She needed to make sure.


“I can’t do this anymore,” she finally said, her eyes shifting toward the floor.

His heart began pounding. He could literally hear the blood rushing through the veins in his neck as his mind raced. His brain began searching for answers to the unasked questions that kept flooding in. All he could think about was her saying she wasn’t happy.

Hoping to calm himself, he took a slow, deep breath. “You can’t do what anymore?”

“I can’t make it through another winter Neil. Fall is hard enough. But now it’s getting dark sooner, and it’s getting colder, and I just don’t have enough… enough…”

“Enough what, Ann?”

“Things to do.”

Her mind was a whirlwind, the thoughts coming random and scattered. She wasn’t dragging things out like she sometimes would. But she wasn’t making a lot of sense either. Shaking his head, he said, “I’m not following.”

“I’ve loved being here for you, and doing all the things I’ve done. I’ve loved the freedom. But I need something different, Neil. I need more.”

“You need more what?”

She took another deep breath, her body visibly shaking. But she summoned the courage to finally say what she’d been thinking about all morning. At least, once she figured out what was making her feel unfulfilled.

“Neil, I want to go to work.”


“I want to get a job, baby.”

He shook his head again, a crooked smile on his face. And then he breathed a sigh of relief. “Is that all?”

“Is that all? This is a pretty big thing, Neil.”

“Ann, I thought you were unhappy with me. You had me scared to death you were unhappy in our marriage.”

“Well, I am. I mean… I’m not unhappy with you, or being married to you. But I’m married, and I’m not happy.”

“Oh,” he said dejectedly, the worry setting in once again.

Her hand went to his thigh, a sweet smile appearing as she lifted his chin with a finger to look him in the eyes. “I love you, Neil. And I will ALWAYS love you. But I just can’t keep sitting here all day with nothing to do.”

“I thought you loved being a housewife.”

“I’m a goddess, baby. We’ve talked about that,” she giggled. “And yes, I love being a goddess… to a point.”

“And what would that point be?”

“It’s a lot of things. It’s winter coming… the long dark nights. It’s the shift work, you rotating every month and how hard that can be sometimes. But mostly, it’s a feeling of self-worth. As much as I love being your wife, I miss feeling like I contribute to more than just the house. I miss having a job and the responsibilities that go with it.”

“Okay… so, get a job then. I never said you couldn’t work. You always said you’d probably want to work again anyway, so what’s the big deal?”

“It’s a big deal because it’s going to mean a big change for you. If I work, I won’t be here sometimes when you get home.”

“I’m a big boy, Ann. I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”

“I promise I’ll still do everything I can to still make our sex life amazing, baby. But I need to do this. I need something else to do.”

“So you’re that bored?”

“I will be. I can’t work in the yard, or lay out. I can call friends, and I can put off doing some of the chores. But even the chores don’t last all day. I cleaned the house three times this week just to have something to do, Neil. That’s insane!”

“Yeah, that is a bit much, even for you.”

“So, are you okay with this?”

“Of course,” he smiled. “I want you to be happy, babe. That’s all I ever want. Have you given any thought to what you want to do?”

“I’m thinking about working for a bank. I don’t want to work retail again because of the hours. I think working at a bank will be better for us, because of your shifts. Besides, I only want to work part-time… maybe twenty hours a week. Just enough to feel good about myself and still have time to take care of you.”

“I told you, babe, I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself.”

“Mmm… I know you’re big, baby” she grinned, her hand moving up his thigh to his flaccid cock. Slowly massaging his balls, she whispered, “But wouldn’t you rather let me take care of you?”


She’d been working at the bank for three months, having gotten a job almost right away after she and Neil had had their talk. She’d gone first to where they did their banking, filling out an application that same day, wanting to get started on her search for a new career before she changed her mind. Two days later, she was sitting in an interview, and the following Monday she began her new part-time job as a teller.

She’d gone to the main branch in the center of town. The branch manager she interviewed with loved her enthusiasm, as well as her experience as the manager of a successful clothing store. He even told her that her resume was one of the strongest they’d seen in years. Never mind that she didn’t have any banking experience; her people skills came across right away in the interview, and her knowledge of banking from the perspective of someone running a business was a positive.

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