Ann: A Love Story Ch. 08

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Dawn and I were soaking, letting the hot, soothing jets of the Jacuzzi give us a different kind of massage. She was actually soaking my cock in her pussy again, just sitting on me with her back to me as I played with her tits as they floated on top of the water. She was holding herself in place, using her vagina walls to grip at my shaft. We weren’t having sex…Dawn just wanted to feel me inside her. She said it calmed her.

“Kind of an interesting pacifier, don’t you think?” I asked as I toyed with a nipple.

“Are you saying you’d rather have me put it in my mouth again?” she asked back to me, as she leaned her head back next to mine.

“No…this is fine. It calms me too lover.”

Dawn turned her head to kiss me, but she stopped when there was another knock on the door, followed by the sound of the latch turning and the door quietly opening.

“Anybody there?” came Denise’s sultry voice. I hadn’t noticed how wonderfully raspy it was before.

Dawn lit up. “We’re in the hot tub. Come on in.”

Denise stuck her head around the corner and said, “Do you mind if I use your restroom?”

“No. Go ahead,” I said, smiling back at her.

From the hallway, we heard her ask, “Would you like me to join you in there?”

I responded for us, saying, “I’d rather not. I want to see you.”

“I was afraid you’d say that,” Denise replied rather nervously as she closed the door to the bathroom.

Dawn and I scrambled out of the hot tub, and quickly dried off.

“That poor girl needs a confidence boost,” Dawn said as she worked on her legs.

“I think that’s what we’re here to do, babe. I’m just a little surprised at you.”


“Just an hour ago, you were telling me how you didn’t want to share me with Jill last night. Now, you’ve done a complete 180.”

“I shared you with Jill, to a point. But yeah, I didn’t want you fucking her.”

“And this?” I asked, nodding toward the bathroom where Denise was holed up.

“You’re the one that invited her in while we were naked in the hot tub, buddy.”

“True. But you’re the one that said you wanted to have some fun with her.”

“Okay…we’re both guilty. But it’s different now…now that we know she’s hurting. I’m willing to share you because…we need to heal her too.”

We were cuddling on the bed when Denise came out of the bathroom. She’d done her make up, and teased her medium length brown hair a little, making it fuller. And she was undressed, to a point. She walked cautiously towards us in just her bra and panties, and a nice pair of black pumps. Her undergarments were made for her. They were neither frilly, nor lewd; instead, they were elegant. She wore a soft lavender lace set, modest in covering and accentuating her ample chest and curvy hips. They created a perfect frame for a surprisingly tight body.

Denise was blushing, her chest and neck pinkish as she came to terms with the path she’d chosen to pursue. Her eyes were dark, almost haunting. She was looking for acknowledgement, acceptance, understanding. Every part of her was screaming out, begging for a chance to feel alive again. Dawn and I shared her pain…we’d been there.

I beamed as she paused to check my reaction. I couldn’t have stopped smiling if I had to. I mouthed ‘WOW’, making sure she saw it, and read my lips. It wasn’t a token sentiment, intended to stroke her fragile ego. She really made me think WOW. Slowly, her own smile returned, sheepish and still distant; but it was there, waiting to be freed from inside her soul.

Knowing I needed to say something to ease her concerns and self-doubt, I stood up, wanting her to see me.

“Denise, you look…God you’re beautiful!”

She saw the sincerity in my face, and heard the enthusiasm in my voice, which made her blush all the more. I was drawn to her hard, sculpted abdomen. She had the stomach of a 25-year-old. My cock twitched, and that made her giggle like a teenager.

“What?” I said, trying to draw her out.

“You’re being kind.”

“What do you mean?”

“You made it do that, dear, trying to make me feel good about myself.”

I flexed my groin, making my cock really jump. “That was me. The first time was because of you. You’re a stunning woman, Denise.”

I walked over and swallowed her in my arms. Dipping her body delicately, I kissed her like the leading man in a 50’s romance movie. Well, except that I was naked. Denise kissed back like she was the heroine. It felt almost magical to feel her surrender herself to me in that kiss.

As I stood her back on her heels, I had to steady her.

“Oh my, that was …”

“HOT!” Dawn said, not wanting to be left out of the moment.

I touched the sides of Denise’s breasts through the lace of her bra. Her back arched, and she got visibly nervous. Feeling her tension, I moved cautiously.

“May I, Denise?”

“It’s been a long time since anyone other than my husband has touched me.”

“How does that make you feel?” I asked, not taking my hands away; casino siteleri becoming a little bolder in my touch.

I could feel her hands move, fidgeting. She was using her thumb to spin her wedding ring around her finger. It was hard for her to let go.

Sighing, she said, “It makes me feel horny.”

Dawn let out a little chuckle, and I had to agree. That seemed so out of character for Denise to say something like that.

Still, she played with that ring, which was only reminding her of what was. I needed to find a way get Denise to quit looking back, like she had done for all those months, and to look at what could be instead. I realized it was harder for her than it was for me, since her marriage had lasted a lot longer. There was probably some bastardized math ratio for factoring the number of years you were married to the number of months that you have to be depressed about it afterward.

No matter what that number was for Denise, it was time for her to let go. I took her left hand and brought it to my lips, kissing the back of it gently. I played with the ring, letting her know I knew what she’d been doing.

Denise seemed ashamed, thinking I might be upset. But I kissed it again staring into her eyes. With her hand near her face, I took the ring and slipped it off her slender finger. Taking her right hand, I slipped it onto that ring finger. A shudder hit her, and she turned on her smile. I felt the warmth from it hit me like a summer breeze.

Returning my hands to her breasts, I said, “There. Now, May I?

Denise bit her lower lip and nodded, looking almost naughty as she let me touch the clasp between her mounds. Unfastening the bra, I pulled the cups wide, letting her heavy tits fall. There was just the slightest sag in them, and I gasped.

“What?” Denise said as she started to instinctively cover them up. I gently grabbed her wrists to keep her from obstructing our view.

“They’re magnificent, baby,” I said as I took one and lifted a stiff nipple to my mouth.

I sucked hard, and licked her nub back and forth with my tongue. Feeling Denise start to get weak kneed again, I swung my arm around her waist and lifted her. My other arm swung low, scooping up her up off the floor. I cradled her in my arms, my mouth never losing contact with that precious nipple.

“My God!” she said as I laid her on the bed next to Dawn.

“I know! Isn’t he amazing?” Dawn hissed as she watched me.

My heart was thumping as I moved my hand down to her rock hard abdomen. I couldn’t resist testing to see if she was ticklish, and she groaned as I playfully touched her sides.

I let go of her nipple, albeit reluctantly, so I could look into those dark eyes. They sparkled, as she was letting life return to the soul that was starved for sexual attention. She was desired, and she knew it.

I ran my fingers into the waist of her panties. I didn’t have to ask permission this time, as she raised her hips to allow me to slip them down her long legs. I smiled as she parted them ever so slightly, allowing just a hinting glimpse of her womanhood. Her hips were wider than what they must have been in her youth, the product of having a child, but that only made her sexier to me.

Her mound was covered by a rather large bush, but neatly trimmed. I wasn’t used to that large of an area being covered. Girls I dated tended to keep their pubic hair to minimum, and on the rare occasion, I’d get a maverick like Dawn…who kept her beaver bald.

I ran my fingers through Denise’s soft fur, and she reacted by almost jumping off the bed. She wasn’t scared, but just the touch of my hand had her so worked up she launched.

“I’m sorry, Neil. It’s just been so long.”

“I know, babe. I know.”

Dawn got bold, wanted Denise to know there were three of us on the bed. She placed one hand on Denise’s breast, tweaking her nipple, and the other hand joined mine in that soft patch of hair area above Denise’s pussy.

“You ARE beautiful,” Dawn said to her as she toyed with the areola surrounding Denise’s rigid nipple.

“You’re just saying…” Dawn stopped her by pinching her nipple, getting her attention.

“Denise, we’re not playing to your emotions. I think I speak for Neil in saying your Ex must be the stupidest man in the world.” I nodded in agreement, leaning down to take the other nipple back in my mouth.

“Dawn, you’re naïve. Look at you. You’re young, and bold, and…”

“And you’re what, a dinosaur. Denise, I pray that when I get to be 40 I look just like you. I’ll consider myself lucky if I do.”

“I’m 48 dear,” Denise said, trying to make a point, but not realizing she’d made ours.

“Forty-eight? No way!” I said as I pulled up.

“Does that bother you?” she asked.

“No…I thought you were around 38. I was thinking about ducking my head in case you got pissed and took a swipe at Dawn for calling you 40!”

She laughed, and realized we weren’t kidding. Dawn moved her hand from the breast she was playing with to canlı casino Denise’s flat, toned stomach.

“Look at this, Neil. She’s got a better tummy than I have! That’s just sick!”

“That’s what changing sheets for a living will do for you,” Denise said. It was a joke, but we could tell she was thrilled by what Dawn had said. It was obvious Denise had worked very hard to keep her figure.

That little exchange made Denise relax, and she put her arms over her head, stretching out her body like a feline languishing in the sun.

“Neil, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Dawn said she moved her hand with mine through the thicket of hair.

“Change is good?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is. What do you think…a fresh look for a fresh start?”

I nodded and said, “Look in my bag.”

Dawn leapt off the bed and headed for the area near the front door.

“Where’s she going? What are you two talking about?”

“Do you trust us?” I asked. It was an interesting question, considering she didn’t really know us, and yet she was lying naked with me as my hand played with her pubic hair.

“My first reaction when I’m asked that is always to say no. But the look in your eyes tells me I need to say yes. Why is that?”

“Because I put a ring on your finger, and you can tell I’m the kind of guy who knows that means something, even if it’s the right hand.”

She blinked a couple of times, and put her hand to her upper chest. “I have to tell you. You are the smoothest young man I’ve ever met.”

“You know, before I met Dawn this weekend, I would have made some comment about how you’re just saying that to make me feel better. Now, I just take it as the compliment you meant to be, and it makes me happy inside. I want you to feel that way, Denise. Let us make you feel important again, because you are.”

“Why would I be important to the two of you?” she asked, not believing my sincerity.

“Because. You came back!”

Dawn came back as well, carrying shaving supplies. Denise gripped the sheets with her hands, tightening her fingers in the fitted sheet she’d put on the bed for us earlier. She wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“As hot as you look at 48, this is going to make you look 28,” Dawn said as she moved Denise’s legs.

Denise never resisted. Instead, she willingly spread her legs, and bent them up, looking very sexy as she dug her heels into the mattress. Dawn got between them and started trimming the hair, cutting close to the skin.

“I’m not sure about this,” Denise said, even though she had no intention of stopping Dawn.

“You will when Neil licks you, baby.”

Denise sat up, looking at the two of us like we’d just landed in that mysterious spaceship from Mars that kept finding myself on. Well, I was from Mars. Dawn was from Venus.

“What…what’s he going to do?”

Dawn placed her hands on Denise’s shoulder and eased her back to the bed.

“First things first, baby. Let me finish this.”

Denise got a little nervous as Dawn worked around the more delicate parts of her body. For her part, it was very clear that Dawn was pretty handy with a pair of scissors and a razor. She had gotten my Lady Schick, the one I used to shave my own private areas, and she was working quickly in her general housekeeping. Denise wasn’t out of control, but she was more true to the girls of her generation, which meant trimming, but no shaving.

When Dawn had finished shaving the areas around Denise’s pussy and ass, she moved up to shape up the landscape above. She’d already trimmed the hair with the scissors to ultra short, thinning it out to look less obtrusive. Now she wielding the razor in her hand, twirling it like a baton major as she looked intensely at the area, like a painter staring at a new canvas, deciding what vision to paint.

Looking for an opinion, she glanced to Denise, who was still dazed from the shaving around her pussy and asshole. She appeared to be close to a little orgasm from Dawn’s delicate work.

“What do you think, Denise? A diamond, or maybe heart shaped…or do you want something really different?”

Denise didn’t hesitate. Well, she hesitated a little bit, wanted to consider another option that Dawn hadn’t.

“Dawn, can…can I look at you for a moment?” Dawn was surprised, but more than game.

Crawling up Denise’s body, Dawn had one knee on the mattress near Denise’s head, and a foot on the other side. Denise looked straight up, and inspected Dawn’s clean shaven snatch. Getting up more nerve, she raised her hand to Dawn’s hairless pubic mound and felt its smooth texture.

“If you shave me like this, will I go all the way back to 18?” she asked with a grin.

I laughed and said, “Baby…age is in your mind. And with your body, if you can think 18, you’ll pull it off easy.”

Dawn looked at her and twirled the razor on front of Denise’s face. “Are you sure?” Dawn asked her. Denise bit her lip and nodded.

Minutes later, Dawn put the finishing touches on Denise’s bald kaçak casino pussy, by slathering her with a coating of baby oil. Slipping a couple of fingers inside, Dawn finger fucked her to her first orgasm. It was just a little one, but I’m sure to Denise it was the greatest release she’d had in a long time.

I pulled Denise to the edge of the bed so I could get on my knees on the floor. Leaning in close, I inhaled the memorable combination of baby oil and Denise’s sweet womanly aroma. The scent took me back to high school and my first romantic conquest after a summer dance at the youth recreation center where I grew up out east. My cock throbbed thinking about Dona, the girl that showed me how to use what I had to please a woman. God bless the seniors that are willing to tutor the juniors of the world.

Denise’s thighs went on my shoulders as I reached under her ass to hold her up a smidgen. My tongue frolicked in the new playground that Denise was offering me. I knew from almost the first touch of my mouth to her inner thigh that this was new to her. I could tell I was the first to venture where I was. It didn’t bother me that she was twenty years my senior, and that I was her junior. I had the opportunity for the first time in my life to teach the teacher.

I took my time, driving Denise to the edge several times. I was drawing out her pleasure, making her squirm. She bucked her hips up, trying to get me to bring her more.

“Patience, baby. It’ll be worth it…I promise,” Dawn said as she stroked Denise’s hair. Denise held on to Dawn’s arm, holding tight as her body writhed beneath my face.

Dawn had preached patience, but even I was ready to see Denise go off. I licked from the bottom of her sweet pussy, through her labia, which had blossomed. It was full and swollen, opening wide in anticipation. I drove my tongue deep into the gash, ramming it rapidly in and out like a little cock. Dawn was the first to alert me of the coming flood.

“She’s ready, lover. Do it!”

I moved up and sucked hard, my mouth covering Denise’s clit as I flicked at it. Her hot little button vibrated as I played with it. Denise’s legs lifted up, and she held them in the air as she came.

“OH MY HEAVENS!” she screamed out.

It became very clear that Denise was such a lady that she wasn’t going to say anything remotely dirty, even at her most intimate moments. She was all class, and I found it not only amusing, but totally erotic.

Before Denise could come down from her orgasm, I moved up, standing poised over her with my chiseled cock at the ready. Dawn moved down to my end, wanting to watch me enter Denise. In fact, she wanted to help. Reaching down, she grabbed my shaft while her hand thumbed Denise’s clit. When Denise came for the second time, Dawn pulled me to the flowing pussy and placed my cock head against it.

“Go ahead, lover. Make her scream again.”

I wasn’t waiting. I eased my cock into Denise, letting her feel every inch. I was amazed at how tight she was. I’m sure some of that was from not being sexually active for a while, but she was still incredible.

I gave her a few moments to get used to the feeling, and she was groaning and moaning on every gentle thrust into her. I was going slowly, unsure of just how to aggressive I should be. I didn’t want to do anything that would make her uncomfortable, or hurt her. She was thrashing her head back and forth, and I could feel her move her hips, but then she’d stop herself. It was like she didn’t want to give in to her urges.

Being a guy, we can be clueless. Dawn saw what I didn’t, and she saved the day.

“Denise, I know it may have been different when you were younger, but it’s perfectly okay to tell your lover what you want.”

“Wha…what do you mean?” she said breathlessly.

“I mean, Neil isn’t going to be offended if you tell him you want something. In fact, it usually turns most guys on more. It’s okay to talk in bed. It makes it better for both of you.”

I nodded and said, “Tell me what you want, baby.”

Denise took a second, but only that. A simple “Harder” came quietly from her lips.

I gave a few quick thrusts, and said, “Like this?”


We kept that up, with me asking, and Denise telling me; no…demanding me to give it to her. Minutes later, she was begging, and yelling.


She wasn’t going to be vulgar, but she was getting her point across.

“YES! I’M THERE. OH SWEET HEAVENS, I’M THERE!” Denise screamed as she let loose over my shaft. It WAS sweet and heavenly.

I was right behind her, and wondered where to cum. Once again, I waited until I was balls deep into a pussy before thinking that through. That was a bad habit I really needed to break. And with Denise, I assumed she wouldn’t let me know. But when I announced I was ready, she had no problem letting me know.

“Shoot in me, baby…and then give me a taste!”

It appeared she wasn’t as prudish as we may have thought. She wanted a cream filling on both ends. I bucked and shot a couple of big spurts inside her welcoming cunt, and then I pulled out and grabbed my shaft tight, cutting off the flow and backing up the hose. Denise sat up as I stood on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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