Angel’s Work Ch. 02

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Thanks to Miss Jones I had everything just as I wanted it. The agency had a job for me in my first weekend in the apartment. I got $1000 to escort a nice old gentleman to a dinner for his retirement. He was a fun old coot, and did not try it on. He kept saying I looked like his grand daughter. It was a fun night but not what I had been looking for.

This went on for the first few weeks. Nice guys, but just wanting a flashy date for some business thing. I had the place to my self and convinced Miss Jones to come over on Sunday mornings when her girlfriend went to church. We would lie on the bed and fuck each others brains out. One day she bought a huge strap-on. I had not seen a dildo that large. I got myself so worked up when I was fucking her. Watching that huge red plastic cock sliding in and out of her tight little pussy had me burning for a really good fuck. After Sarah came for the second time she suggested we swap.

I untied the beast and knelt on the bed on all fours, my tight ass and smooth pussy exposed to the world. She eased the mammoth cock slowly in to my pussy. I was amazed that I could take it all, but more amazing was the feeling of being so full of dick, even if it was just plastic. She hammered that thing in and out of me for a couple of minutes, before pulling it slowly out.

“God, don’t stop. I was just about to cum. I need it. Please.”

“I said I would teach you things. Just trust me.” With that she slowly pushed the tip against my anus.

“Wait. I have never done that. It won’t fit.”

“Yes it will, just relax.” She leant over and grabbed the tube of KY on the dresser and slowly spread it over the dildo, over me and even squirted some up my ass. The cool gel felt good up there, I wondered how a huge cock would feel, determined to find out I relaxed my ass as much as I could. After a few tries she got the enormous head inside me. It felt so big, way bigger than it had when it was in my cunt.

“That’s the hardest bit. Just enjoy the ride.” With that she began forcing the length of it into my virgin ass. The sensation was unbelievable, it felt like having a baseball bat rammed up my ass. I was so full, but wanted even more. Before she was half way I slammed my hips back, taking the whole of it up my ass.

“Well, you seem to like that. I will give you a sec to get used to it.”

“No, just fuck my tight, hot little ass. You fucking bitch.” Through the haze of lust I could not believe I was saying these things.

“Slam it in to me. Do me, arrrghhh.” I began to cum with the force of a dam bursting. Sarah just kept pumping her hips back and forth. Still not satisfied, even after my orgasm I picked up my dildo off the bed and reached under myself and pushed it in to my pussy. As my cunt walls gripped the smaller cock it was torn out of my hand. My pussy sucked it right in. Before I could get a good grip Sarah took hold of it and soon found a good rhythm. As the dildo was sliding out of my ass she would push the other cock in to my pussy, and when she started pulling that out she would plunge the huge strap-on back up my ass.

I just kept cumming and cumming. The feel of two cocks inside me was to much for me. During my fifth orgasm I screamed like a banshee casino oyna and passed out with the force of it.

When I woke up a few hours later I was alone, but I found a note on my pillow.

To Angel,

Had to get back to Kim, you were very good today. I can’t wait to get my hands on you again. Seeing you in collage every day keeps me nice and wet. Maybe next time Kim will come along too.


I had not met Kim, but if she was half as good as Sarah, we could have a good weekend.

All week at collage I was hoping to get a good job. During lunch on Thursday my mobile ‘phone rang.

“Angel. Sorry it is such short notice. One of our regular clients is in town, but everyone else is busy. Can you please see him on Friday night?”

Inside I groaned. The regulars all tended to be old and only after a quick feel before putting me in a cab.

“Sure thing. When and were?”

Like a good professional I put on my smallest black lace thong, Wonderbra and shear black stockings and suspenders. Slipped into a tight black Versace dress and got in to a cab to the hotel.

At the desk I asked for the penthouse suite, after they called through and found I was expected they put me in the lift with a bellboy. The penthouse needed a card key just for the elevator. The bellboy’s eyes kept glancing at me in the mirrored surface of the door.

Keep looking pal. If this is a bust I’ll fuck you later. I thought to myself. I was so turned on after last Sunday I would fuck anything.

I was let in to the penthouse and tipped the guy on his way out. I also slipped my card in to his hand, just in case.

“I won’t be a minute. What’s your name?” A voice called from the bathroom.


“Well, you certainly live up to it. I am Richard.” He said as he walked out of the bathroom. My heart skipped a beat. He was tall, well built and bloody hansom.

Oh you will do, I thought.

“Shall we go? Just a boring dinner I’m afraid.”

He was right the dinner was dull, but I just kept thinking of getting him back to his room and doing what I had been dreaming of four months. Miss Jones was good, and her new trick with the dildos was a real turn on, but there is nothing like a good solid cock filling you up with loads of hot, sticky cum.

In the limo back the hotel he opened some champagne. I was a little tipsy anyway but drank two glasses on the ride back. When we got to his room there was no messing about. He put his arms around me and kissed me deeply, picked me up and carried me over to the huge bed. Dropping me on it he pulled off his jacket and tie. I knelt in front of him and ripped off his shirt, tearing all the buttons off in the process. When he was down to his boxer shorts I pushed him on to the bed and stood in front of him. Kicking my shoes off, I slowly danced in front of him, gradually peeling my flimsy dress off at the same time.

When I was in my bra and thong he pulled me back on to the bed. Slowly he kissed all down my body, heading slowly for my neatly trimmed little pussy. He knelt between my legs breathing in the scent of my very wet pussy.

“You seem to be enjoying your self.”

“Don’t talk, just kiss me. Please.”

With canlı casino that he slowly pulled the tiny scrap a silk aside and began running his tongue along me soaked gash. The feeling of his feather light touch was wonderful. As he began nibbling my clit he pushed one and then two fingers deep into my pussy. I arched my back at the invasion, hoping to get them deeper inside me.

He kept on sucking and fingering my hot pussy for ten minutes before withdrawing his fingers. He kept taking me to the edge of orgasm and then back again. I moaned as he took his fingers out, but moaned louder when he stuck his tongue deep inside. He lapped my pussy walls like a thirsty cat. As I was approaching my orgasm again, he roughly shoved two fingers up my ass. That throw me right over the edge, I ground my slimy cunt in to his face and cried out in pleasure.

To his credit he kept licking my pussy and reaming my ass all the way through. When I calmed down he crawled up my body, removing me panties and bra on the way. Lying under him in just my suspenders and stockings felt so dirty. I kissed him and tasted my own juices on his mouth.

“I give as good as I get you know.” I rolled him on to his back. I turned around so I had my back to him. Slowly I began to lower myself on to his cock. Taking hold if his dick I began guiding it into my soaking wet pussy. I got just the head in my cunt and began fucking just the top part of his cock. Using the muscles Miss Jones taught me in our private gym class, I gripped the head of his cock, rotating my hips. I could feel my juices running down his thick shaft and on to my hands.

I let go and, looking over my shoulder, began liking me hand clean. He tried thrusting the rest of his cock in to my pussy, but I rode just the head for now.

After a minute or two of this I stood up, turned around and began to suck his cock in to my mouth. I could feel the blood pumping in to the shaft, keeping it hot and stiff. The mixture of his precum and my pussy juices tasted great. I open my throat and slid all of his cock-meat in to my mouth. He put his hands on my head and began to fuck my mouth.

“Shit. Suck it. Suck it you whore. I am going to cum in your throat. Fuck.” I could feel his balls start to contract and his cock swell with his impending burst of cum, so I pulled of him.

“Now, don’t touch yourself, or I will have tie you up.”

I knelt on the bed, one knee either side of his head. My dripping pussy just out of reach, and began to slowly rub my clit. I saw one of his hands on his cock and one running up my thigh.

“Naughty boy. I said no touching.” I stood up, got the cord from the dressing gown and his tie of the floor and tied his hands to the bed head. Resuming my position I began running my fingers along my slit and playing with my clit. As pussy juices began running down my cunt, they dropped in to his mouth. He kept pulling his head up slightly and licking my hard clit.

I frigged myself over him for five minutes, until he was moaning with the need to cum. Turing around I noticed his cock had got even bigger. Taking up where I left off, I slowly lowered myself on to his cock, with my back to him.

After two, long minutes his whole kaçak casino shaft was buried deep inside me. I savoured the feeling of being full of real, hot cock again. Slowly I began moving up and down on his iron shaft. Gradually getting faster and faster I could feel a huge orgasm building in my gut. Remembering last weekend gave me a great idea.

Slowly I pulled myself of his cock.

“No, baby. Please don’t stop. I need to be inside your cunt. It is so tight and hot.”

“Just trust me. You’ll love it.”

I grabbed hold of his slippery shaft and, ever so slowly began sinking my ass down on it. Richard let out a long cry as my vice like ass gripped his pulsing shaft. With a sigh I sank down on his dick, taking it right to the hilt with my ass.

I could feel his cock pulse in my ass, it felt even better than Sarah’s giant dildo. So hot and full. I began sliding up and down on his shaft. It was not easy as my ass had such a tight grip of his cock. I used my fingers on my pussy, taking wads of my own cum and licking it off my hand so he could see. My other hand was playing with his balls, and I even stretched my ass a bit wider with my thumb.

After a few minutes he began panting, “Oh, I am going to cum. Yes, yes.”

With that I pulled his cock out of my ass and rammed it back in to my very wet twat. I was riding his shaft hard, screaming at him to cum.

“I’m going to fill your hot cunt with cum. Oh, yes Angel. I am going to cum in your tight pussy. Shit, you’re a good little whore. I want to cum all over you.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I need your cum.”

Reaming myself on his cock, with two of my fingers shoved up my ass, listening to his dirty talk, I felt like a dirty little slut. That turned me on ever more.

With one last thrust I felt his boiling hot cum stream out of his dick and hit the back of my womb. He dumped load after load of sticky spunk in my cunt. It felt so good after months with only women, I screamed out load as a huge orgasm washed over me. My pussy walls began milking every last drop of cum from his cock.

When I calmed down a little I pulled his still hard cock out of my pussy and began to like it clean.

“Come up here. I want to lick your pussy clean too.”

I swung round so we were in a 69 and began to suck his slowly softening cock in to my mouth. I felt his hands on my ass.

“I learned how to escape from things as a kid.” He explained.

“I don’t care. Just lick my pussy.”

Feeling him lick his own cum and my juices out of my well fucked hole was great. As much as I liked fucking Miss Jones, a pussy full of steaming hot spunk is the best thing. When he stopped I turned around to kiss him and found he had all his spunk still in his mouth. I sucked it into mine and swirled it around for a while before swallowing it.

“For that I will give you and extra thousand. I will ask for you by name from now on.”

Leaving Richard asleep on the bed, I got dressed and left the hotel. On the way down I ran in to the bell boy leaving by the front door.

He cast a long glance in my direction, the lust clear in his eyes. I walked over to him and put my arm through his.

“Do you live far from here?” I asked.

“I don’t think I can afford what you have to offer.”

“Let’s go to your place and I will give you a freebie.”

The look on his face as we got in a cab was priceless. What can I say, I just love to fuck.

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