Angels in Love Ch. 02

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Again a big thanks to MaximusTheMad for editing


I walked through the dark path, rain was still falling down but it didn’t have the destructive force it had earlier. I set down on the footsteps of our church. My mind was very demented, I couldn’t believe my life just flipped upside down overnight. Seraph’s confession of her feelings towards me changed my reality. Now I know why our relationship soured, she was desperately trying to hide her incestuous feelings. I didn’t know how she developed these feeling; she shouldn’t love her brother like that.

But then I asked myself a life changing question, “Did I ever love her like that?” Of course, I loved her so much but I didn’t know if it was like the love a boy feels towards a girl or a brotherly love. I was so confused.

Light spread across the sky. I had to go back home, but I didn’t want mom to know anything about last night. I started to sneeze and my nose bled. I shouldn’t have been out in this cold weather because of my deviated septum. My sister also has one and the doctor suggested surgery but Seraph was afraid to do it so I didn’t either. The doctor provided medicine until we convinced sis to have the operation;I wouldn’t do it without her.

I got back to my room and I wished I wouldn’t meet Seraph but just my luck she was actually sleeping in my bed. I don’t know how she got in because I remember locking it before i went out. I thought about sneaking out before she woke but again no such luck.

“Where were you? You scared the shit out of me,” she said, looking concerned.

I didn’t reply instead I got some clothes and went to the toilet. I knew she wouldn’t leave without talking to me, so I freshened up. When I got back to my room I saw she was sitting on the edge of the bed, swinging her legs and thinking about something. She was wearing my black full sleeved t-shirt and her pyjama bottoms which looked so beautiful on her body. She looked at me. Her blues eyes were so red and I knew the reason but I didn’t wish to talk to her right away. She slowly walked towards me and put her arms through my shoulders and looked at me intensely. This time mom saved me.

“Breakfast is ready, come down Pepe i want to talk to you,” she called from downstairs.

Mom still don’t know Seraph was home. I slowly withdrew from her arms and she quietly walked out of my room. I waited for some time and checked my phone and found a few missed calls from Seraph and Helen. I went downstairs and found sis and mom in the kitchen. She was still wearing my t-shirt.

“Did you see your sister yesterday night? I fell asleep quite early,” mom asked with a smile.

“No, I didn’t. I was tired too,” I said without much emotion.

“Come sit down with your sis. I don’t want my children to fight like coke & Pepsi,” she said.

“I have to get to campus early today. I have to go,” I said,desperately trying to avoid being with my sis.

“Sit down Gabriel.” Mom looked intense now.

I quietly sat next to her on the kitchen chair. Mom made her signature dish Puttu and black chickpeas masala. Our family is mainly established in non-veg but this food ruled our breakfast for many years.

“You two know how much me and your father love both of you. What happened these past few days are…”

“Horrible,” my sister completed the sentence.

“I know I shouldn’t have slapped you Teddy. I’m sorry,” she said and looked genuine.

But I was not in a good enough mood to say sorry to her.

“Me too, especially the part i called you as a SULT, sorry,” I said with a deadpan look.

“Gabriel, I don’t like the way your life is moving now, fighting with your own blood, making Police cases,” mom said.

“Look I don’t want to explain anything, even I don’t know what’s happening in my life and for your information there’s no police case.” I gave an angry look at my sis and got up.

“Sit down Gabriel. I’m not finished talking.”

“But I am. I’m going and I’m sure no one in this world has to face problems I’m facing now.” I looked at Seraph.

Her eyes looked pleading not to tell anything to mom. I quickly went to my room and took my bag and then I remembered my bike was at David’s house so I walked.

As soon as I got there my phone started to ring and it was Helen, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to her, so I texted ‘Talk to you on campus’. I had breakfast with David and he knew I was not on my usual self.

We reached the campus and I got appreciation and disparage for yesterday’s events. I didn’t mind much and we met Devi at the corridor and she avoided us. Maybe she thought I was mad at her because of yesterday’s events. At lunch, me and David where sitting in our cafeteria.

“So how were things at home?” he asked.

“Seems ok, I guess,” I replied not wanting to elaborate anything.

“Here comes your next problem, may god bless you,” he said, suddenly getting up.

“What problem…?”

“Ohh, so your alive after all.”

I turned my head and found a red faced Helen. She sat next to me and looked at me with anger.

“Ohh god, here we go,” I said quietly.

“What did you say?” she casino oyna asked and I didn’t reply. “What’s going on here? Kissing some girls; taken to police station? Did i lose control over this relationship?”

I didn’t know what she said afterwards because I didn’t pay much attention. She slowly grabbed my hand. I looked at her face but this time all I saw was concern.

“What happened Pepe?” she asked.

She may have looked tough on outside but inside was soft and filled with love and care. She knew me pretty well too and always tried to make me happy. That was how I found out I was dating a girl so similar to my sister.

“Nothing dear, life is full of surprises you know that.”

“Come with me, I wanted to talk to you privately.”

Actually, I was thinking the same thing too. If I spent some time with her my mind would forget the seeds my sister sowed. We left the cafeteria and found David and Devi outside.

“Look Pepe, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble. I just wanted to change the focus of police from students to us,” Devi said with a awkward smile.

“It’s not a big deal Devi, leave…”

“Oh, you only see my boyfriend to change focus?” Helen asked with a outraged face.

“I’m sorry Helen, I shouldn’t have kissed him.”

“It’s not because of the kiss, it’s about why you kissed him in the first place. You know pretty well David’s mom would help if something went wrong by kissing Pepe or David. But, you couldn’t kiss David because you know he had feelings for you and it would have sent bad messages to him so you kissed Pepe, you did it with intention,” Helen finished.

I never thought about it like that but the silence from Devi’s side spoke volumes.

“I can’t believe you used us like that,” David said pretty irritated.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have much of a choice to make,” Devi said softly.

“You could have terminated the program but your ideologues are more important to you than your friends,” I said to her.

“Comes let’s go.” Helen grabbed my hand and we went to our parking area. Helen was so smart and helped me so many times but I missed something with her, maybe it’s that she wasn’t Seraph. No, I couldn’t think about her.

“So how did you figure it out?” David asked her.

She gave us her signature smile and said, “Because I evaluate things.”

“Now I think it’s better I didn’t ask her out,” David said.

“She’s not that evil but sometimes her mind works like that,” Helen said.

“So, where do you want to go?” I asked her before getting onto my bike.

“Home. Mom is out of town.” She smiled widely.

Her father is in the military and her mom owns a fashion store in town and usually travels to it once a month.

“Don’t be late for practice,” David said to us as she got onto the bike.

“He’s skipping practice today. I have something to do with him,” Helen said with a naughty smile.

“No way, the next match is very important and we don’t even know their playing style. I will kick your butt if you don’t come,” David said in his usual serious tone.

“I will be there bro,” I said.

I was the one who fucked up last night otherwise we could have had an idea about their playing ability.

“Yeah, if anything’s left of him,” she laughed quietly.

As soon as the door of her bedroom closed, she attacked me with her lips. She was so sweet and tender and I could hear her soft moaning sound but suddenly I remember Seraph’s lips and I withdrew from her. She looked at me with doubt.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like my lips after kissing Devi.”

“No, it’s not that, I prefer a hug first,” I lied to her.

She smiled and hugged me tightly, she wasn’t as tall as my sister, but I loved to play with her 34c tits and i didn’t miss a chance to grab her butt which made her giggle. We settled down on the bed with her on top of me and we started to explore each other’s mouths. She moaned on our kiss and I took hold of her booty. Suddenly Seraph’s face flashed through my mind and I closed my eyes tightly. Helen slowly stopped our kiss and looked at me with concern.

“What happened Pepe? Your dick is hard as usual but something is wrong inside.” She touched my heart and looked deeply into me.

“You know when I look at you and see the rest of my life in front my eyes, and now something’s changed,” she said with concern.

I didn’t know how to answer her and my phone started to ring. She quickly took it from my pocket.

“It’s your sister,” she answered, before i could say anything.

“Hello Sarah, how’s it going?” she asked.

I don’t know what my sister said but it made Helen’s face frown.

“Alright I will let him know,” she replied and cut the call.

“Your sister seems mad, is that’s the reason you look tense?”

“Yup, had a small fight with her. What did she want?” I asked her.

“She wants to meet you at the dance school.”

She was a student at one of the Dance schools in next town; she even taught there too. Until she decided about post graduation she would attend dance school and our parents supported it too.

“Is she mad because canlı casino of yesterday’s events?” Helen asked.

I didn’t answer her but gave her a life sucking kiss.

“She can wait, I’m not finished with my girl,” I said and she giggled at this statement.

“It’s alright, we can do it anytime. I don’t want to make your sis madder by making you late.” She got up and straighten her dress as i stared at her sexy figure from the bed.

“Don’t look at me like that. I may lose control,” she said with a smile.

I got up and held her in my arms and started to kiss her neck and caress her ass.

“Ohh god, please dear, I don’t want to make things difficult with your sister after the past few day’s events,” she said. She gave a kiss and said, “Finish whatever problem with Sarah then we can do it, because you seems distant and I’m afraid of it. Drop me off at town I have to make few purchases.”

I finally let her go and dropped her off and thought to go and meet David instead of Seraph because I was still not ready to face her. Then my phone rang.

“Where are you Pepe?” my mother asked.

“I’m in town, do you need anything from the store?” I told her.

“No, but Seraph is waiting for you, her car is broken down, go pick her up.” She hung up before i could say anything.

Seraph knew i wouldn’t come so she called mom because she knew i wouldn’t have much choice if mom insisted. She was standing near her car when I reached her.

“Did you call a mechanic?” I asked her after parking my bike.

Her face lit up when she saw me and actually I felt happy to see her too because she was a wreck when I saw her last.

“I already called, they’re on the way.”

“So, we wait?”

“Yup, come let’s have a coffee while we wait.”

“No, just call them again, I can’t be late, I have practice to attend,” I said without looking straight at her.

She slowly came towards me and took my hand but I quickly dropped it and moved back.

“I’m not going to kiss you, chill out,” she said and walked towards the coffee shop.

I followed her meaning to talk some sense into her. I joined her at the outside table and ordered two coffee and muffins, which she liked so much. I looked at her deeply to understand what was going through her mind but i couldn’t pick out anything; all I could see was her beauty. She draped a veil using her shawl. There was a special kind of afternoon breeze that blew across southern Kerala, it was gently caressing her face and hair and played with her veil. I was oblivious of everything around me except her face within that veil, her saccharin sweet lips, and her deep blue eyes. It felt magical and she is definitely a marvel. I started to doubt my own feeling for her.

“You don’t have to check me out secretly,” she said, giving a knowing smile and takingmy hand. “I am all yours, just listen to your heart instead of your brain.”

“Yup, I checked you out but it’s not the way you think and of course I’m happy to see you like this rather than the wreck i saw last night,” I told her then looked towards the side of the road.

“You don’t have to lie to me, I know you better than anyone and your love towards me but your brain is telling you it’s just brotherly love. Tell me you didn’t feel jealous when you found i had a boyfriend,” she said.

She looked serious and I didn’t want to answer because I did feel jealous and I was mad at her because she replaced me with another guy, so i just kept silent.

“See, you can’t answer that. This society is teaching you falling in love with your sister is forbidden and your brain is full of that, just once listen to your heart Teddy and feel your love,” she said, slowly rubbing my hand. “You are the centre of my life, at first I was scared about my feelings then I realized I don’t have a life without you but I tried Teddy,” she insisted, her eyes welling up.

“Please don’t do this here, you are telling about your feelings but did you ever think about mine? I want a simple life without complications and do you think any of our family members or our friends will accept this?” I said telling her my every concern and her tears started to flow.

“You’re thinking about others and I know deep inside you have feelings for me but you’re afraid,” she said then her phone rang.

“It’s the mechanic,” she said getting up and walking to the parking lot.

I got onto my ride and waited for her. After few minutes, she came and we rode home without much incident. I dropped her off at home and without a word she went inside. I rode to our cricket field and met David there, then my mom called.

“Why didn’t you come inside?” mom asked.

“I had practice, is there anything?”

“Yes, it’s Ann’s birthday today and after the practice come to your auntie’s home, there’s a small party.”

“Alright I will be there.”

Ann is my cousin, her mother Lucy is my mom’s only sibling, just like my father who had only a Sister. Sheis my sister’s age and she had a heart problem, medically it was a ventricular septal defect which meant there was a hole in the wall between the two ventricles. She had kaçak casino it since birth and had some surgeries. She seemed better now and we celebrated her birthday every year, not much celebration but we didn’t miss those moments.

Back in the field everyone was ready for some serious action because our next opponent was tough, they won the last four games and were at the top of the league chart.

We all got together in the middle and our coach said, “As we all know the next match is very important to us. If we lose this one our way to the semifinals will get more difficult, so I want everyone to give their all in the next game.”

After that everyone went to practice and I got out on the last two games in the same fashion. I didn’t read the out swinger and nick it to slips. So I thought of practicing on that matter. But, I couldn’t concentrate and my mind filled with my sister’s face and what she said earlier. Our batting coach George noticed my lack of focus and he approached me.

“I know what happened in campus but Pepe this is an important match and your mind is somewhere else.”

“Sorry coach, it’s just… “

“Focus, leave everything behind, just think about the game in front of you.”

“I will try coach,” I said, but I couldn’t and the inevitable happened, he sent me home and said to come back when I really wanted to play. It was the first time something like happened to me and I got really mad at my sis for it and I walked out of the pitch and went to our regular coffee shop. David joined me after some time.

“I know you are going through a tough time and don’t worry about the game, coach won’t drop the best batsman from team for a small problem,” he said and smiled.

“It’s so fucked up Daveed, feels like the whole world is against me.”

“Don’t think like that, I’m with you. If we are going to lose the game then so be it. But i will be there for you,” he said.

“Thanks bro,” I said to him.

For us friendship comes first and I’m always grateful about having him on my side. After a coffee, we went to the gift shop to buy something for Ann and settled for a small vintage diary.

When I got home, no one was there but I got a note, ‘wear something nice and have a bath too’ the handwriting belonged to mom but the words were from Seraph. I got into the shower and thought about the things that happened and I felt helpless; maybe fate was real. I dressed up in a light blue shirt, deep blue jeans and a pair of dark blue boots. Satisfied with my look I got onto my ride. Mom owns a car and Seraph was using it but seeing as it was in the shop and I didn’t know who gave them a ride to Ann’s house.

It was past 7 when I reached the place and it was decorated nicely and there were enough guests there to fill the house already. Some I knew and some I didn’t. I went into the living room and checked for mom to show her I got there alright. My Aunty Lucy had a nice home and her Husband Thomas was a financial manager in a MNC. I met everyone in the living room.

“Pepe, you look handsome,” Aunty Lucy said when I approached them.

“Thanks aunty and you look nice too. Where’s Ann aunty?”

“She’s upstairs, getting ready.”

I didn’t want to spend more time with them because Thomas would definitely ask about the campus incident. I went to upstairs to her room and found her in front of the mirror with few her friends.

“Happy birthday Ann,” I said a bit louder and everyone turned their head and found me standing there.

“Thanks Pepe. I’m almost finished with my makeup,” she said with a beautiful smile.

She was wearing a traditional half saree with beautiful hand work on it. It was a combination of bright yellow and red. Even though the colour is a bit bright she looked lovely. I gave her my gift and she accepted it followed by a hug.

“I know you won’t disappoint me. So, tell me how do I look?” she said and spun on her legs.

“You look beautiful. You are the most beautiful thing in this house.”

She chuckled and nodded towards my sister who was standing at one corner.

“Are you blind? Do you think any girl in town can compete with that girl?”

Everyone giggled and I looked at my Seraph. She looked marvellous and I didn’t know which word to use to describe her beauty. She was wearing a saree with light turquoise blue colour with a golden border and a matching blouse. The dress coped nicely with her dancer body. Her long hair was stylishly pinned and she wore that sweet smile on her face. I don’t know how much time I stared at her.

“I should go, see you downstairs,” I said giving a smile and quickly exiting the room.

I can’t believe I stared at her like that in front of everyone. I can feel something was changing in my heart but I couldn’t entertain it.

When I got downstairs I saw Seraph’s boyfriend talking to mom. I don’t know what that jerk was doing here but now I know who picked up mom and sis. It looked like he was trying to impress mom. The living room was large enough to occupy more than 30 people and I slowly moved towards a corner. Then the room went silent and I looked towards the stairs and saw Ann and her friends with my sis coming down the stairs. Even though Ann looked beautiful, Seraph stole her thunder. I could see everyone looking at her with admiration and her jerk boyfriend’s jaw touched the ground.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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