Angela, My Angel

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I was pissed at Charlotte cause I’d waited for 4 hours. 3 of those hours which would’ve been spent at the NYE music festival I’d been looking forward to. But it hadn’t taken long for me to get over it after she’d arrived; she has that effect, you can’t stay angry for long. We drove to the dam in 2 cars – Charlotte and her man, me driving Ben and Taydo. We got to the venue, parked our cars and made our way through the crowds headed backstage. The people were partying it up, living their best lives of 2017 and I couldn’t help but look around at all these figures having a ball. Then a sultry voice over the speakers caught my attention. I diverted my eyes to the stage and saw the figure it belonged to. I was mesmerized to say the least. She was moving her body to the beat, swaying her hips, having a hypnotic effect on me. I tried asking amongst my squad who she is, but I’d fallen behind them thanks to this woman on stage. They were already making their way through the bouncers to the VIP area when I caught up to them. We were shown through to our table by the hostess, who seemed to pay a little more attention to Ben. But who could blame her? He was quite the looker.

We all took our seats, looking around at the VIP, none of us regretting my choice to come to this festival nor the tickets I got. Our complimentary drinks and snacks arrived to great approval as we were getting settled. But I still couldn’t get my mind away from the woman I’d seen on stage, her voice still blasting over the speakers as she was probably still dancing to the song the DJ was playing.

Taydo quickly brought me back to the present by requesting I be the one to pop open the champagne and make a toast. I reached for the ice bucket and stood up, unwrapping the bottle revealing the cork. I popped it open and everyone held a glass for me to pour some champagne for them as I said, “Well, well, look where we are. We’re surrounded by beautiful people, good music and great company. May we have more of this in the year to come.” I placed the bottle back in the ice bucket, took my glass from Charlotte and as I looked up to raise my glass I caught a glimpse of the woman headed to the bus that belonged to the hosts of the festival. I lost my train of thought and just said, “Cheers”, to everyone echoing me. I quickly downed my drink, not having the need to savor it as my need was in the form of the lady on stage. Thinking back to that dance on stage when we arrived, I remember the shape of her body and I liked what I saw. She was wearing a black, fitted jumpsuit displaying her curves in a flattering manner – the shape of her hips, that I imagined running my hands on, the curve of her booty that I so wanted to grab on, and the cleavage in the sweetheart neckline. I was quickly brought back to the moment as I heard laughter from a distance. I saw her again walking with someone back on stage. Ben was standing up to help himself to more champagne when I signaled to him that I’ll be back. He shrugged his shoulder with a smirk that said, no worries, we’re good here. I looked around at the rest of them and saw them helping themselves to the assorted treats in front of them and shook my head with a smile.

I walked back to the crowds we’d passed on our way in, joining them to see what was going on on the stage. I asked the dude I stood next to who the lady was, and he said, “That’s Angela!” Angela I repeated softly, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips reaching for my eyes. I watched her as she hyped the audience up, everyone responding to what she was saying with a scream, a shout or a whistle from the men. She started dancing again and I couldn’t help but just stare. I was drawn to her and could just imagine her dancing next to me, behind her, in front me. She seemed to look right at me as I licked my lips from all the things I was imagining, and she moved to the side of the stage where I was standing and she carried on with her hypnotic routine for a second before she moved on. I wondered if she’d done that on purpose, but resolved that it was dark for her to have seen me.

The party carried on and I was bopping my head to the music, my hands in my pocket when a trio of girls started dancing next to me. I noticed them but didn’t pay any mind to them until one of them came closer and took my hands. She said, “Let’s dance”, to which I abided. Not being much of a dancer, I moved to the beat more than danced, and she backed herself against me. It was more than welcomed as I tried to match her moves, but I still caught myself looking up at the stage. After a while her friends signaled to her to go, then she waved and I lifted my hand with a slight bow of my head to say bye.

I turned back to the stage but Angela was no longer there. I headed towards the bouncer guarding the VIP area and asked where Angela had gone. He looked at me and I showed him my “All access” wristband. He told me she was backstage and I walked past him as he made way for me to go through. I saw her sitting down, busy on her phone posting on Instagram. She looked up as I said, “It bahis firmaları must be exhausting trying to do your job while people are calling out to speak to you out there. There is a whole crowd calling out for you, trying to speak with you by the bouncers. How do you handle them?”

Her response made me chuckle as she said “The same way I handle the fans who manage to sneak past the bouncers and talk to me backstage”.

I held up my hand to reveal my yellow wristband and say “Good thing I’m neither” with a raised eyebrow. She went back to her phone but not before I saw the smile she tried to hide. I held out my hand, “Hi Angela. You have a beautiful name and it would be my pleasure to make your acquaintance”.

She put her phone down, looked at me and stood up as she was shouting into the mic. “30 minutes til the new year! Time to leave your past in 2017 and make way for blessings in 2018. Time to leave your baggage and worries and make space for growth and new beginnings. Is everybody still having a good time?” The crowd cheered and she still held eye contact with me, neither of us backing down.

That’s when I heard Charlotte say “Angela! It’s so great to see you up close. You’re so beautiful. I love your shoes.” Angela smiled at her and Charlotte turned to me “So this is where you’re hiding. I’ve been wondering where you disappeared off to.” Angela walked onto the stage as I looked at her, leaving us there.

“You’re enjoying yourself, Charlotte?” I asked as we walked back to the VIP, me turning back once more to look at the stage. I grabbed an ice cube, poured myself a double shot of the whisky and sank down into the couch as I took a sip of the golden liquid. I could feel the heat traveling down my throat and felt myself warm up.

The music the DJ was playing had everyone moving to the beat. Charlotte and Tyrone, her man, and Ben and some woman were dancing. Taydo came to sit closer to me and asked if I’m alright. I looked at her and said yea, but told her that Angela the host is dominating my thought. She laughed and rolled her eyes. I chuckled and asked what the matter is. She just said, “It’s just that she’s not someone I’d expect you to go for”. I asked what she meant by that and she told me that she’s a celebrity, and that comes with a lot of expectations from the public, since I am quite a private person.

I thought about what she said, took my phone out to Angela’s voice saying to the crowd “5 more minutes til the countdown! Who’s here with their girlfriends or boyfriend? You better start getting close to each other for that New Years kiss!” And the crowd cheered again. I searched her on Instagram and found her. I scrolled through it briefly, but there weren’t any pictures displaying her personal life – that being a boyfriend or even a girl that could’ve been her girlfriend. I put it back in my pocket and walked backstage and stood where I had a view of her.

She started the countdown from 10 and the crowd joined in. After 1 she screamed, “Happy New Year!” Some people in the crowd started pouring their liquor into the air and the alcohol shower was quite a sight to see. She danced to the music and she seemed like she was genuinely having a great time, and I knew I was genuinely having a good time watching her. But more than that, I felt my nether regions getting excited. I went back to the VIP table, took the unopened bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses and went backstage.

Around 12:15 she walked off the stage and I handed her a glass, as I said, “This is to you. For being an amazing host but most importantly, to leaving your past in 2017 making way for blessings in 2018, leaving your baggage and worries and my favorite part, making space for growth and new beginnings. And since you didn’t have a kiss at midnight, maybe this will do?” She took the glass with a chuckle and a shake of the head. I smiled at her, and our eyes locked as I took off the wrapper.

I popped the cork and poured some champagne for her, and quickly poured some for myself. Looking into her eyes again, “As I said, it would be my pleasure to get to know you. Cheers”, and we clinked our glasses together.

We took a sip of the champagne and she handed her glass back to me, “Thank you for the toast and the champagne, but I’m on the job as you can see. 15 minutes before I’m off to another gig.”

“No worries”, I replied, “carry on as you were.” She walked back to the bus as I went back to the table, feeling quite pleased. After a while I heard her again over the speakers announcing to the audience that she’d had an amazing time with them, and she was leaving them in the hands of her capable colleague Junior. I stood up and went backstage, only to meet her as she was walking off the stage. She grabbed her bags and I said I’ll accompany her to her car. She said thanks and we walked together. I asked if I could have her number so I’d be able to contact her. She looked at me, thinking, and I handed her my phone. She put her number into my phone and I asked what her surname was so kaçak iddaa I could enter it as well cause I like having name and surname. She chuckled and told me. We reached the car she was being driven in. I opened the door for her and she smiled and thanked me. I told her it was truly a pleasure meeting her.

Back in the VIP the party was booming and our complimentaries were almost finished. I was no longer in a partying mood so I sat down, poured the last of the whisky into an icy glass and sat down. I took my phone out, went onto Instagram and looked at Angela’s profile again. The second time around I still couldn’t find evidence of her personal life – just pictures with her friends and family if she was not alone. I put the phone away, sat back and enjoyed my drink and the music. The people I was with were having a good time – dancing, talking into each other’s ‘ ears, laughing. It made me happy to see them like that.

Ben and his new girl came to sit down and poured the vodka and mix into their glasses. He introduced her to me as Leticia. I raised my glass to her as she said, “Nice to meet you” with a smile on her face. I told Ben I’m considering leaving now but they can stay if they want, just to text me when their leaving so I can get them an Uber. Charlotte and Taydo joined us and I told them the same thing. They all wanted to stay a while longer so I left.

Over the next two days I considered calling Angela, but that would only end as a thought cause I’d get distracted. I have my own construction and property business that is still small, so I haven’t had the need nor the resources to hire a lot of people – I’ve got a small staff. And what with the holidays, I’d given them some time off. My first employee, Talia, who’d been a good friend before that, was always there for me and the company. And since she was from around, she’d come in to check on me and the runnings of the operation. It’s the 3rd of the month, Wednesday, and my first day of business this year. And as the sky was blue, Talia was at the office and had already opened up. When I walked through the door I was greeted by a waft of fresh coffee brewing, and I called out a cheery greeting before settling down in my office. I switched on the computer to check my mail. While it was powering on I went to Talia, who handed me a cup of coffee which I gratefully accepted.

We talked about our holidays and caught up. I told her about my night with Angela, and she just gushed with excitement at my story. I pulled out my phone to call Angela, and I was greeted with the voice of either a sleep-ridden Angela, or a sick Angela. I didn’t quite know off the bat which one it was. I asked her what’s wrong, she sounds like she’s got the worst case of the flu as I remembered my aunt also had the flu on New Years. She said I’d woken her from sleep, which was induced by the fact that she was feeling sick with flu – so it was both Angela’s. I felt quite sorry for her, so I asked who she was with. She said she was alone at home as her family had gone down to the coast for the holidays. I promised to call her again later as Talia waved that something needed my attention. I hung up and carried on with my work day.

We finished early and I let Talia go home while I closed up. I called Angela and asked how she was doing. She sounded a bit better cause she wasn’t sleeping this time around, but I could hear in her voice that she was sick. I asked her if she could send me her location so I could come by and bring her some chicken noodle soup. She relented, and to say I was surprised would be an understatement, but I handled it in my stride and just said “I’ll see you in a bit”. I didn’t know where she stayed, but as the location text she said redirected to my Maps, I realized it was an hour and a half away. I closed up and went to a shop close by and bought the ingredients I needed for the soup. I went to the pharmacy and got her some medication. I don’t know why I did, but I did it without conscious thought.

When I got to the car I sent a text telling her I was on my way, opened up Maps and got the directions. I played some music, starting with Emeli Sande’s Starlight with a giddy smile on my face, which I only realized when the song got to the 2nd verse: “You are my sunshine

Broke through the clouds and now I kissed the sky

Feels like I’m dreaming with open eyes

Long as I’m with you

I know I’m alright, alright, alright, alright”. I shook my head and wondered why that song, especially that part, beckoned to be sung by me with raw emotion. I carried on driving with the music playing. As I was nearing her house another song – Phindile by Berita – had the same effect as Starlight had. I reached my destination before the song ended, but I couldn’t turn my radio off til the song was over. I grabbed the packet bags I had and walked up to the door. I knocked and waited.

Angela opened the door, and I was taken aback by the sight of her. She was in her pyjamas and fluffy gown with bunny ears. Her nose was pink from blowing it way too much, kaçak bahis and her voice sounded nasally when she said, “You’re here?” I couldn’t place what exactly it was that was in her voice, but I decided she wasn’t not pleased with my presence. I told her I’ve got some ingredients for the soup and that I’d be cooking it for her. She directed me to the kitchen while she straightened up the lounge where she was lying in front of the TV, picking up the used tissues she’d discarded in a pile on the floor. I chuckled a bit which she didn’t hear, fortunately, and asked where the utensils were.

She walked in and took everything out for me and sat down on the stool by the counter. I told her that I’m not big on cooking but that I felt like I wanted to cook the soup for her, which was received with a smile reaching up to her eyes. She thanked me, “What can go wrong with making a soup after all?” I laughed at that comment, which warranted a chuckle from her.

As I got on with the cooking from the recipe I found on google, I asked her, “So I discovered that you’re a DJ and radio personality.”

She laughed a hearty laugh and retorted, “You discovered?”

I blushed a little and replied her as nonchalantly as I could “Well, yea. I didn’t know who you were and Google is good for those kinds of things”. She just shook her head, a smile still playing on her lips and told me that is in fact, true.

I learned from her that evening that she’d also done an acting stint on a telenovella recently which she described as “a great experience” in her words. She was the second born of three children, with a brother before and after her. Her parents were still married and she was living with them and her younger brother when he was back home from varsity. The soup was done and I dished up for both of us, along with a piece of the bread I’d bought at the shop. I joined her on the counter as we ate the soup, which was quite good she agreed. When we were done with the early supper I asked her if she’s got medication. I admitted to her that without thinking about it, I went to the pharmacy and they gave me some stuff. She said she hadn’t gone to the doctor cause she hoped it would go away quickly, and thanked me for the medication. I boiled some water for the MedLemon and Disprin concoction, and handed her the cough syrup and lozenges.

We made our way to the lounge and sat down while I told her a bit about myself, just the basic stuff – I’m the only child, parents still married living in another city, owning my own business, and the things I take pleasure in. It was 8 by the time we realized that it was dark outside, and I told her I should get going. She stood up to walk me out but I told her stay warm under her blanket, I’d see myself out. We said our good nights and I drove home. She texted after about 45 minutes, asking if I’d had a safe trip but I did not respond, opting to rather call and hear her voice when I was home.

She answered on the 3rd ring and I told her “I just got home, safe and sound”. “Oh okay,” was her response, “it’s quite late to be only just getting home”.

Again I sensed something in her voice which I couldn’t quite place, “As much as I love speeding, I’m trying to change my ways by abiding to the speed limits, so only 120km/h driving for me.”

She was silent for a moment, “You drove on the highway? Come to think of it, I didn’t ask where you stay.”

My answer was straight to the point, “Oh I stay In Pietermaritzburg.”

She gasped, “You drove all the way here and back?”

I hoped she wouldn’t make a deal of it so I said “Yea, it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything.” She was quiet again and I quickly took that chance to change the topic of conversation. “And how did you stay after I’d left?” She got back into the conversation and said she is fine, just considering taking more of the meds and going to sleep.

As I was getting ready for bed all I could think about was the evening I’d spent with Angela. That night I slept with a happiness in my heart that I hadn’t felt in a long time, and when morning came I had a smile on my face and the feeling of happiness was still there. It was going to be a good day and I could feel it in my bones. It was still only Talia and I for the rest of the week, all the other employees would be coming back on Monday, so the work load was a bit heavy because it was just the two of us, but we managed comfortably. Today however we closed at normal time, and when I called Angela after closing up, it was already 4:30. She sounded a bit better and said she felt better. I so wanted to see her again, and I asked if I could visit her again. She said it’s late and yesterday I drove home late, I told her that it’s just that I’d love to see her.

She eventually agreed and I asked if I can bring her anything, to which she said no she doesn’t need anything. I drove out of my parking and headed to the freeway, playing music on my radio. This time the trip felt shorter, and not because I was speeding, I wasn’t. By the time I got to the front door she opened and greeted me with a smile. A different sight to yesterday but still as breathtaking. She had on casual wear, jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers. I complemented her and she invited me in.

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