Andy , Becky Ch. 1

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Tonight is the night, she thought, as she stepped into the shower. Tonight is the night it will happen. Tonight is the night, after all these years, that she will get what her heart desires: a husband and a family to love.

* * *

Becky was thirty-four years old and had been teaching grade school for the last nine years. She had met Andy at a local grocery store after she knocked down a small display of canned goods. He had helped her to pick up the items, and they started a conversation from there. They had then started dating, and one night she decided that he would be the one to “pop her cherry” and they made love. She insisted he wear a condom, although she was also on the pill. She did not want any chance of becoming pregnant.

Andy was nine months older than she was, and was a college student. He had been in the service, and was attending a local college. And she couldn’t believe that she was dating him. He was cute, attentive, and a gentleman. He opened doors for her, made her dinner, and took her out. But as the relationship went on, she felt that something was wrong. Then one day he announced he hated the small-town life and was transferring to a bigger school in another city. She didn’t like that, because she knew that sooner or later their long-distance relationship would come to an end. And she was right.

Three years later she heard through the grapevine that he was getting married. She was happy for him, but she was also envious of his wife. Why her and not me? she would ask. Those three years had been lonely, with few dates, and none of them quality. Added into the mix was her mother’s death, and she didn’t want to leave her father alone, so she still lived at home. And she wondered if living at home may have doomed her social life.

Her father died three and a half years later. She was devastated. She was now all alone. When she was at her lowest, fate again intervened. She was at one of the area malls when she ran into Andy and his little girl. It was sort of awkward, but she learned something that made her heart leap. His wife had been killed in an auto accident last year. She was glad that she might have another chance with Andy, but she also felt terrible because she felt glad. His wife had died, for God’s sake! But a day later he had called her and asked her to go out to dinner. She accepted, and they had a great time. The night before he and his daughter were to go back home, she met him at the door in a green negligée. He had expected to take her to a nice restaurant, but instead they made macaroni and cheese, after they made love.

They kept in touch, and she made frequent trips to see him. She thought the relationship was getting to the serious point of marriage, and when she asked him about it he said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to get married again. But if she were to get pregnant, he said it may be old-fashioned, but he would do the honorable thing and marry her. He didn’t want her to lose her job as a teacher, and not be able to teach again.

She thought for a while, and came up with a plan. It wasn’t that she wanted to trap him into marrying her, it’s just that she wanted a baby so much she was willing to do almost anything. And she would be able to get Andy in the process. So, she began taking her temperature, and finding out the days when she had the best chance of becoming pregnant. She knew Andy hated using condoms, as all men do, and she hadn’t been on the pill for three months. And tonight she was at Andy’s house, and they were about to go out to dinner. And tonight, and tomorrow and the next day, her temperature was just right.


The shower water was hot, just the way she liked it, She lathered up her legs and was very careful not to make any nicks with the razor. She was even more careful when she shaved “down there.” She knew Andy liked her to be trimmed all nice and neat.

After toweling off, she surveyed her outfit. Andy always liked her in a black summer dress, so that was what she would wear. Underneath, however, was even more important. Black crotchless panties, then a black bustier with built-in garters. As she wasn’t the thinnest woman, the bustier helped to keep her appearance somewhat slim. And she knew Andy liked it.

Becky checked her watch. She had enough time to do her hair and make-up before Andy was to pick her up. Oh, yes, she couldn’t forget the perfume that Andy liked so well.

Dinner was at an expensive restaurant. Andy could afford this type of dining, as he had a well-paying job as a financial advisor. The multimillion dollar wrongful death settlement for his wife didn’t hurt, either. While having a few drinks at the bar, Becky was careful to get a corner table. When Andy absentmindedly put his hand on her leg, she leaned over and softly casino oyna told him that he could go farther if he wanted. His hand inched up her thigh and he smiled as he felt her garters. Further, she whispered. His hand continued on. He smiled more broadly when he felt her pubic hairs. He then gently began rubbing her clitoris with his index finger. She enjoyed it for a few minutes before crossing her legs. Later, she whispered.

All through dinner she knew he was thinking of her. He held her hand constantly, and frequently commented on how great she looked. In order to keep the mood going, she would stare into his eyes as she took a sip of wine, then lick her red lips. She knew he liked that. She would also lean back in he chair and straighten her back. This made her amply filled bosom strain against the fabric of the dress and the bustier beneath. Andy’s eyes were always drawn there.

After dinner they took a long walk by the riverfront, stopping frequently to kiss. Becky always thought he was a great kisser, and she never tired of kissing him. And she would whisper how much she wanted him to make love to her…but not yet, she said. I want to enjoy this. After an hour, she wondered if perhaps she was teasing a bit too much, but Andy suddenly grabbed her arm and led her towards the car. He couldn’t wait any longer.

On the drive home she rubbed his inner thigh. She kept away from his crotch (she didn’t want to cause an accident), but her rubbing served to keep his interest in the upcoming events.

When they arrived at his house, they kissed again in the foyer. Becky broke their embrace, then grabbed his hand and led him up the staircase, and into the master bedroom, where they kissed again. This time, she made the first move by unloosening his tie and pulling it off. She then unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. God! he’s so good-looking, she thought. And I’m going to be married to him.

As she began to unbutton his pants, he reached around her back and unzipped the fastener of her dress. She stood straight up and shrugged her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor. He gazed at her in her bustier, garters, and panties. Wow, he said. Do you like? She asked. Andy just nodded his head. She then pushed his pants and briefs down over his hips and to the floor. His manhood was already erect. She lightly traced her fingernails over his shaft and felt him tremble slightly.

He grabbed her wrist. You’ve been in charge the whole night, he said. It’s my turn. Becky smiled, pleased. She knew that part of making sex enjoyable for him was letting him give her pleasure. They embraced again and kissed deeply as he guided her towards the bed. He then gently pushed her onto her back. He sat down beside her and used his finger to trace the top of the bustier. Then he traced the mound of each breast before sliding his finger down past her navel and to the moistness of her crotch. Becky, her head propped on a pillow and her eyes closed, let out a soft moan.

Andy began slowly outlining her opening, sometimes stretching wide, sometimes just lightly exploring. He stopped at her clit and put a small amount of pressure on her sensitive spot. This elicited another moan. After a few minutes of this foreplay, he stood and climbed between her legs and laid with his face on her bellybutton. He began to kiss and lick around, slowly inching downward. Andy could tell she was getting excited from her heavy breathing.

When he arrived at her most private spot he used his thumbs to part the top of her lips and expose her clitoris. He then kneaded the lips together, grinding them on Becky’s love button. Oh…oh, she moaned. He spread the lips apart again and began gently licking her. When she started breathing faster, he began tracing his tongue around the edges of her lips. He knew she was sensitive there, as well.

He kept his tongue flicking on her clit, making her breath harder. Each lick made her take in a breath. He then made the pace more rapid and she began to pant. She began squirming on the bed and bunching the sheets in her fists. He knew she was about to come.

Oh, God, oh God, she began moaning as the waves of pleasure began to wash over her. Andy heard this and he put his lips on her nub and began to suck. This brought more thrashing as her orgasm was intensified. Oh, Andy, she cried. Oh, Jesus, yes…YES!

He let her ride for a few moments before withdrawing his lips. He then began to stroke her clit, rubbing in slower and slower motions, gently bringing her down. When her breathing had slowed, he used one hand to make its way to the small of her back and unlock the fastener to her bustier. When that was done he grabbed the lingerie and threw it to the floor. He looked up from canlı casino between her legs and saw that her nipples were very hard and brown. Rub your nipples, he told her.

Becky reached to her chest and found her firm nipples and squeezed. She moaned again as a wave of pleasure again washed over her. Andy was watching her hands as he continued his work in her wetness. Every time she would pinch her nipples her would suck on her clitoris.

Becky reeled in the sensations caused by the pinching and the sucking. Andy had never been this passionate or attentive in their lovemaking before. Is this what it will be like when we’re married? she thought. Is this what it’s like making a family? She began to breath heavier and faster. Andy noticed this and stopped his licking. He propped himself up on his elbows and grabbed her hands. She looked down at him with questions in her eyes. He just smiled and pushed her arms to her sides. He then began kissing her lightly, beginning just above her pubic hair, and making his way up her belly. When he reached her breasts he began licking in long strokes till he got to her nipples, then he began to suck. He made sure each one received enough stimulation to remain hard, then he started his way to her neck..

Oh, sweetheart, she moaned. Oh, baby. Andy was kissing the base of her neck, then he moved up the side to her ears. He knew that her ears were one of her erogenous points, and that she liked them sucked, which he began to do.

Becky turned her head so he could get a better grip on her ears. She then put her arms around him and gently squeezed, pushing her breasts against him. Her nipples brushed against the hair on his chest, and she felt his manhood near the opening of her vagina. She spread her legs wide and whispered, Please, now, Andy. I can’t wait any longer. Andy let loose of her ear as she turned her head, then he looked into her blue eyes. Becky tilted her head up to kiss him. As their lips touched, she smelled and tasted herself on his lips. It was slightly pungent, but she always smelled like that, and the taste of her sex just made her want him more.

Andy hunched his back and thrust forward with his hips. He guided his penis into the opening and stopped, then he slowly pushed his way in. Oh…oh…oh, Becky moaned as the thickness continued to slide into her. Baby, you feel good, Andy whispered. The base of his penis ground into her pubic mound. Becky reveled in the sensation of Andy’s entire length inside her vagina. She could almost feel every blood-engorged vein along his shaft. She could…oh my God, I’m going to come again! Uhn…uhmmmmm…oohhhh, Andy, I’m coming!

I know, he said. Oh, God, I feel you clamping onto me. He lay there on top of her as she climaxed. He reached his hands around to her breasts and began massaging her nipples. She then grabbed the back of his head and forced her mouth to hers. Pump, Baby, pump! she said, and he began moving within her channel. Her discharge served to lubricate his staff as he began a rhythmic back and forth motion. Becky began meeting him thrust for thrust, using her legs for leverage.

Becky was getting ready to climax again when she felt the manhood inside her begin to increase in girth, a sure sign that Andy was getting close, too. As the waves began to crash over her again, she began to call on all the saints she could remember. Oh, Becky, he moaned. I know, she replied, then put her arms around his back and pulled him closer to her. He began pumping harder and he put his hands on her hips to increase his leverage. She in turn wrapped her legs around his buttocks.

This orgasm was unlike anything she had ever had before. It was like she was on fire from the intense passion. Each of Andy’s thrusts was like a thunderbolt. Her vagina clamped tightly onto the penetrating staff. As Andy groaned, she felt a hot sensation inside of her, and felt the pumping of Andy’s penis as it gushed forth his seed into her vagina. Oh, Andy, she said. Fill me, fill my belly, please fill my belly. She orgasmed again, her vagina sucking his outpouring into her womb. Somehow she knew his seed would be planted and she would bear his fruit. And somehow he knew this too as he thrust in again, semen still gushing from his rod.

Andy went in as far as he could go and held himself there for what seemed to Becky like an eternity. She felt his softening cock throb as it got rid of the sperm within it. She still held Andy tight, then he kissed her gently.

That night she slept soundly, content to know that she would soon begin to swell with the new life within her. What was that phrase she read somewhere? Oh, yes, “heavy with child.”


“You bastard!” she screamed at him. “How could you do this to me!” They were in the living room of Andy’s house. Becky kaçak casino had just returned from a visit to her lawyer, where the attorney had explained to her the terms and conditions of the prenuptial agreement. It was nothing like she expected.

“You bastard!” she yelled again. Everything had been going so smoothly. A few weeks after that sensual night she realized that she was late for her period. She waited another three weeks before taking a home pregnancy test. When the test came back positive, she was so jubilant that she wanted to run to Andy and tell him the good news, but she waited until she received confirmation from the OBGYN. And when she informed Andy, he was genuinely excited. When she brought up the subject of marriage, he told her not to worry about it now, he wanted to take the mother of his child out for lobster to celebrate the good news. And so she waited, all the while going about the business of planning a nursery, looking at maternity clothes, and all the other things expectant mothers do when they know that a little one is on the way.

When she reminded Andy that he agreed to marry her if she became pregnant, he told her he was already working on it. A few days later he gave her an envelope that enclosed some legal documents. “What’s this?” she asked. “A prenuptial agreement,” he replied. Before the look of disbelief could translate into words, he continued on. “It’s just an agreement that everything we have will go to my and our kids. The death of my wife has taught me a very valuable lesson about how tenuous a relationship is. I just want to make sure all my assets are covered.”

She wanted to believe him desperately, but Becky still had some doubts. When Andy suggested she go see her own lawyer, she took his advice. What she didn’t expect to hear was the terms of the contract: among other things, adultery committed on her part was grounds for instant and full dissolution of their marriage, with no prospect of alimony paid to her (nothing was mentioned about any infidelity on his part); if either part were to sue for divorce, she would receive as alimony her yearly salary at the job where she was currently working, or $50,000 a year, whichever was higher, with a 3% cost of living adjustment annually; in the event of a divorce, she agreed she would not seek custody of the house she was about to move into; in the event of his death, she would become the trustee for any and all children borne by her and would be given sufficient funds from his assets to adequately take care of herself and their children (however, she would not be able to name the amount of monies available- that was in a separate agreement held with Andy’s lawyer, who was the executor of his estate).

She ranted and raved for another ten minutes before Andy stood up. “If you don’t want to sign the agreement, fine. I will promise to pay well above the minimum child support mandated by law, and I will also sue for joint custody.” “But you promised,” she wailed. “And I will keep my promise,” he replied. “As soon as the document is signed, we’ll go to the Justice of the Peace and get it legalized.”

She ran out of his house crying. She drove to a motel after stopping to get fast food. She lay down on the bed and immediately began to cry. How could he do this to me? I’m going to give birth to his child! How? Why? She was then reminded that she was indeed going to have a baby when a wave of nausea swept over her. She made it to the toilet in time to empty the remains of her supper into the toilet bowl.

In the end, she realized she really had no choice. She had nowhere to go, no family to take her in. She considered abortion murder, so that option was out. Whether she kept the child or gave it up for adoption wouldn’t matter to the school board. She would be asked to resign for moral reasons when her condition would be discovered. Teachers were still role models. And her lawyer was right. This was the best deal she was going to get. At least this way she’ll get what amounts to free money if there’s a divorce.

She signed the papers and the next day they went before a judge to be tied in legal marriage. Movers then moved her things into Andy’s house, and he gave her free rein on how she wanted things decorated. In time, she forgot about the pain the prenuptial agreement had caused her. They slept in the same large bed, and all three and a half of them (Andy, Becky, Andy’s daughter, and the child inside Becky’s womb) had evening dinners together. They went shopping and to the movies, and even though Becky’s belly swelled, she and Andy still made love. He rubbed her back and her feet when the strain got to her, he went with her to her Lamaze classes, and he was there during her twenty hours of labor and finally the birth of their little boy, Johnny.

Everything was going great for the first ten months after Johnny was born. So good, in fact, that she was thinking of talking to Andy about having another baby. But then he told her about Cassie.

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