Andi’s Summer – Day 06 Pt. 02

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Was it one of his buddies that he said would welcome my practicing? So soon? I heard the garage door grinding to close and within moments the inside entry door opened and I heard high heels click across the kitchen floor.

What? NO! Not a WOMAN! I couldn’t be caught like this! Again, I tried to disengage from my task but Mr. Jacoby kept my head suspended with just the crown of his cock inside my mouth.

“Hi Lover, I see you are up to your old tricks.”

Her lilting voice was husky with a pleasant varying pitch as if she were singing. I could smell her light perfume with the aroma of fresh baked cookies as she approached. From my impeded peripheral vision the partial figure of a young blonde woman wearing a red dress glided over to us. She bent over me and I heard her plant a long wet kiss on Mr. Jacoby.

A bejeweled hand slid down his chest and her spread red fingertips forked around his manhood just below my immobile lips and tongue. Her long red nails must have pricked the top of his scrotum because his splayed pelvis humped upward and his hand droved my mouth down against her fingers and his cock buried itself in my throat. He held me firmly in place. My tummy began to tremble and quiver as I began to choke and gag. Where was the control I thought I had mastered? Mr. Jacoby’s cock throbbed in response to the pressure created by my discomfort.

“Taken it in the ass lately, Candice?”

“Saving it for you, my love. So this is Andi. Let me take a look at her!”

From the tone of her request I couldn’t judge if she had no interest in watching Mr. Jacoby get a blowjob or if she wanted to take on the endeavor herself. Ether way this intruder was, deliberately or no, rescuing me from the verge of asphyxiation.

Mr. Jacoby released his grip on my head and I came up coughing and sputtering with tears in my eyes and an absolute morbid sense of shame and embarrassment for being perceived by this stranger in a circumstance that insinuated I couldn’t give a proper blowjob.

I timidly looked up at her as she stood beside his chair bent forward with her face just inches from mine with a gleeful smile. Out of Mr. Jacoby’s line of sight she gave me a co-conspirator’s wink.

She was fully made-up and had shoulder length wavy hair with two long ringlets framing her beautiful face. Her figure was stunning. The bodice of her dress had a slash all the way down to her waist and the insides of her braless tanned breasts were clearly visible.

“Brad tells me you are an enthusiastic fellatrix but need some tutoring to refine your skills at other fun things to do. Stand up girl and let me get a good look at you.”

I looked at Mr. Jacoby for direction.

“Do whatever Candice tells you to do. She is here to help you.”

I kissed Mr. Jacoby’s still firm cock as the sign of respect that he wanted whenever I was told to abandon my oral undertakings with him and stood up staying between his legs.

“Cute uniform, Brad. Walk around for me girly.”

I was used to strutting for Mr. Jacoby but I felt absolutely humiliated to be required to perform for this stranger; a woman no less. I felt so degraded, particularly wearing my miniscule uniform that was intended to be worn to tease and please Mr. Jacoby and some of his buddies later on. I strolled across the room with my head up and shoulders back as Mr. Jacoby required; I didn’t employ any teasing moves.

When I turned to face the two of them and I was traumatized to see that Candi was crouched alongside Mr. Jacoby with her arm extended over the arm of his chair stroking his cock as if it was an ordinary circumstance and she was naked save for her heels. How had she undressed so fast when my back turned? Her knees were spread and her vulva appeared to be aimed at me on purpose. She was completely naked — she didn’t have any pubic hair at all!

She broke my trance-like state. “Come back here and put a little wiggle into it, Andi.”

As I slowly returned, my eyes flitted from her face, her perfect round breasts and her exposed womanhood. All the models in my magazines had pubic hair like me, although most, but not all were trimmed and shaped. I did strut as she asked. Out of the blue, I wanted her to like me.

When I stopped before them Candice released Mr. Jacoby, stood, reached out and guided me to stand in front of her. Some of Mr. Jacoby’s seeping cum and my thick spittle that had transferred to her hand coated my shoulder as she pulled me to her.

I couldn’t look her in the eye, and found myself admiring her breasts; judging the size, weight and softness. I had always wanted to be like the models, but I had never even considered being touched by another woman. Not understanding why; I wanted to touch her; I wanted to fondle her breasts, squeeze them and kiss them. She lifted my chin and lightly kissed my lips.

She nuzzled my neck on the far side out of Mr. Jacoby’s view.

“I think you are beautiful and very special. I won’t let Brad hurt you. You and I are going to have a fun canlı bahis day teasing him. Okay?”

I numbly nodded my head as she began removing each item of my costume taking the opportunity to also explore with her hands each area of my body as it was uncovered. Her touch was so much more sensuous and stimulating than either Mr. Jacoby’s or Mr. Cooper’s. The warmth of her palms raised my fuzzy hairs wherever they caressed me. She directed her comments to Mr. Jacoby as she discarded my attire; dropping each skimpy article onto her dress pooled on the floor.

“She has nice smooth unblemished skin and good proportions. Her muscles are soft and feminine. Her waist is so tiny that her breasts and buttocks seem larger than they are. Go easy on exercises for her; work on her stamina and of course she should learn all the provocative calisthenics you and your crew enjoy so much. Yes, as a party girl I think she will do nicely!”

I felt so mortified and degraded being judged by her like some farm animal. She studied my face.

“She has that apparent innocence that is rare. She’ll probably keep that expression because it comes naturally to her. She needs a make-over and a bit of a trim but she should keep her camouflage; it will authenticate her allusion of virginity. She should be good for a dozen sessions before she exhausts that glow if you can control yourself and leave her alone. You’ve found a winner, Brad!”

She had avoided touching my titties and my muffin, which frustrated me because I wanted her to take me completely. I was trembling and shaking by the time she had me as naked as she was and finished with her appraisal of me. I had heard what she said; there were a lot of implications I didn’t understand but I would have to analyze all of it later; I was too caught up in the moment to process everything.

Mr. Jacoby clarified her opinion, “Andi is still a virgin; her specialty is cock-sucking.”

Candi studied my eyes; her contemplation was penetrating. With the tip of her forefinger she massaged my recently exercised lips before probing my mouth and deliberately flicking the tip of my tongue.

“I believe you. Girls?”

“None. That’s one of the reasons I wanted you to coach her today.”

“Well, isn’t this my lucky day!” She pulled me to her and embraced me in an infectious joyous manner. I couldn’t help but smile and responded to her rocking me from side-to-side by returning my own hugs and wiggles. Our breasts were mashed together. She placed one of her legs between mine and used her upper thigh to grind against my womanhood. I was comforted and delighted to be embraced by her. My enthusiasm was apparent to her and Mr. Jacoby who was sitting there stroking himself and enjoying our instantaneous bonding. I couldn’t believe how sexually agitated she was making me.

“Are you sure you want me to take her well past your usually third week of training?” She hugged me tightly and nuzzled the side of my face away from Mr. Jacoby. She whispered a secretive message.

“Don’t be afraid; I won’t hurt you. This mother-fucking pervert loves to watch two girls make out. Reach down and finger me.”

That was the last thing I would have thought I wanted to do, but I found my hand gliding down the side of her body and sneak in between us. She pulled away like she was happily surprised.

“Easy, easy girl; we have all afternoon to play. Why don’t we go out to the pool and relax for a while?” Why had she given me that direction and then pretended that I fondled her on my own?

Mr. Jacoby chuckled and said he thought that was a great idea. “I’ll prepare some refreshments for you.”

Candi picked up her over-sized handbag and led me by the hand as she walked out to the pool area. Our nudity outside made me consider our security for only a moment. If Candi was comfortable with it, I should be too. Wearing nothing but our heels we sat down on the side of one of the double loungers facing the house.

She wrapped my shoulders in her arm, “We don’t have much time for girl talk. Did you feel the same sparks that I felt when we embraced? That turned me on, and I haven’t felt that with a girl in a long, long time.”

“I’ve never been touched by a girl like that, Candice” I confessed. “I felt an excited surge go through me.”

“Call me Candi; Andi and Candi sounds sweet, doesn’t it? I think you and I are going to be special friends. I hope so, but for now we need to get to work. Tell me, how do you like Brad’s training so far?”

“I really like him; I like what he does to me and what he makes me do for him even though he is forcing me.”

“Forcing you?”

“He has video tapes of me sucking some boys in the park next door and he has taken photos and another tape of me sucking him. He stays so distant and formal, I am not sure he is pleased with me.”

I didn’t tell her about his pleasuring me on film in case she had a jealous streak, although that thought was a mystery to me. Why should she be jealous? Did she actually have a thing for me?

“He bahis siteleri adores you! He told me all about your public indiscretions, you naughty, naughty girl. I’m anxious to see those tapes. Brad’s pretense of a blackmail threat was just to get you to agree to be cooperative and participate in some fun and games; he won’t use any of that against you. He can be a really a good guy but he has his quirks.”

She patted my knee. “You can trust him as far as you can throw him.” She giggled. “She slid her soft gentle hand up my thigh and squeezed it.

“You can trust me more. I know all his tricks. Brad had a bad experience with the last girl he trained for Vera; the ding-a-ling fell in love with him, so he told me he wasn’t going to have that happen again. If fact, he took a break from training and then he found you. You gave him a new energy and he has you on the fast track like a prized money-maker.”

Her revelations made my head swim. Hearing that Mr. Jacoby ‘adored’ me made me overjoyed. A great relief swept over me. That Candi knew all about my training initiated a lot of questions in my mind. Inexplicably, I wanted her to see me on the tapes.

“What do you mean ‘fast track’? And who is Vera?”

“Brad usually spends a couple of weeks, as many as three or four, alone with a girl getting her to respond to his suggestions without question before he calls me in and wants them to do the spa bit and experience the girl-girl thing. He is usually very methodical; with you he seems to want to turn you out quickly.

Vera schedules appointments in the city for me and other working girls like me. She doesn’t know about you yet; from what Brad told me on the phone she never will. Don’t rat me out; I’m speaking out of turn here.”

I didn’t comprehend what she saying so I just nodded as if I did. Mr. Jacoby came out with a tray of drinks and a bucket of ice and placed the tray down on the table beside us.

“I’ll leave you two girls alone to get to know each other.” He picked up one of the filled glasses and walked back to the covered patio and sat down facing us but out of earshot at one of the tables.

Confident that he wouldn’t hear me I asked her why he was training girls.

“He has this thing about turning out virgins or near-virgins, for now just be grateful that he is such an impressive lover. He makes you feel wonderful doesn’t he?”

“Oh yes! He makes me feel things I’ve only dreamt about.” I wondered if I could tell her the truth. In a spur-of-the-moment self-confidence I decided I could.

“I’ve dreamed of sucking men for ages and ages. When I first saw a cartoon of a woman doing that to a man; I just knew that was what I wanted, even needed to do. Mr. Jacoby saw me doing it for my very first time with those boys in the park. He hired me to be his housekeeper, but that is just a legal excuse for the two of us to practice my skills and for him to teach me all the things a grown man and a woman can do for each other.”

“So that’s how he conned you into that uniform. He’s really good with his tongue and his fingers, isn’t he?”

“He sure is; he made me cum over and over. I even fainted the first time!”

“Being a man he is an exception. Most men don’t know how to truly please a woman. Cunnilingus is an unattainable art form for most of them. It takes a woman to know how to orally pleasure her own kind. Hey, we are going to start burning if we don’t put on some sun-screen.” Candi reached into her bag at her feet and pulled several bottles of lotions out and placed them on the table with our drinks.

“I’ll do you first; then you can do me.”

“Lie down on your tummy, close your eyes and enjoy the sensations. Remember, Brad is watching so we need to put on a little show for him.”

As I moved to lie down I glanced over to Mr. Jacoby and sure enough he was concentrating on the two of us and had his cock in his hand. I wished I could hold, stroke, and suck him while Candi massaged me. “Life is all about having fun, Andi. It’s a good day to have fun, isn’t it?”

“Un huh.” I didn’t want her to think I was over anxious.

“Just relax, if there is anything I do that you don’t want me to do; just tell me and if there is anything you like, tell me that too.”

She kissed me on the back of my neck which started hair-raising shivers all over me.

“Am I making you nervous?”

“No, all this is something new to me, but your hands feel nice.” Why didn’t I tell her I liked her kisses?

“New is good, I bet I can show you a lot of new fun things. Your skin is so soft and your muscles are so supple.” She pressed her breasts against my back. “I can feel your heart beating.”

She smoothed some fragrant lotion on my shoulders and upper arms. She trailed kisses everywhere she spread the lotion as she massaged it into my skin. Her breath created an uncommon chill on my skin, and just as quickly I felt a sensation of unnatural heat.

“What are you putting on me?”

“It’s Wintergreen. Doesn’t it feel marvelous?”

“It’s bahis şirketleri cold then hot.”

“Doesn’t it make your senses race from one extreme to the other? Just the tiniest drop on your special bits, like your nipples or your clit does excruciating miracles.”

“Yes, it feels wonderful!”

She began to kiss my skin lower down my back where she hadn’t applied the lotion. Her breasts slid along my back as she moved. She licked the small of my back and then slid her wet tongue down to my buttocks. She licked the top of the crease and then dove down between the hillocks. She used both hands; one on each of my butt checks to massage and spread them open as each of her fingers dug deep into my flesh. I felt one of her lotion covered fingertips tap at the ring around my anus.

“You are going to love this.”

She straddled my hips and returned to kissing my neck.

The coolness spread on and around my pucker. It became colder and colder, then I perceived it turning warm, warmer and hot — too hot. The weight of her body on me left me squirming and grinding my hips, unable to stop the intense and electrifying sensations driving me to seek relief.

When the heat dissipated, I lay limp. My cunny was awash with fluids.

I felt her body movement as she reached behind her and dabbed a larger dollop on my tender, tortured fissure again.

I waited for the next welcomed agony to begin. Candi began to hump herself in the saddle the small of my back made and I felt her moisture smear itself along the length of her strides.

I turned off my consciousness and let the lotion work its magic as I dug my nails into the padding below me. The time of my torment was extended threefold. I bask in the range of unnerving sensations and my reactions gave Candi one hell of a ride.

When I lay exhausted, numb and unmoving Candi ask me to roll over as she dismounted me. She curled up on her side pressing against me. She kissed me like a lover.

“This is nice, right?”

“Un huh, I like your kisses.”

“And you are a very good kisser.”

She ignored my breasts as she slid down my torso and kissed and licked my belly button. Her tongue swirled around my outie. She nibbled on it.

She came back up and kissed my chin and then my lips; her tongue invading my mouth for the first time. She lingered as she used her tongue inside my mouth the same way I used mine on cocks.

“I think you are getting a little more comfortable.”

I giggled. “You’re making me tingly all over.”

“I feel tingly too! Tingly is good isn’t it? Would you do me a big favor and kiss and lick my nipples? Being with you has made them swell and feel lonely. Please lick them; make them wet and nibble on them.”

She rose up, suspended her breasts above my face and lowered them to my mouth.

“You are just so cute. I want to enjoy every inch of your body starting here.” She nuzzled my ear as I feasted on her billowy bust. She raised and lowered her torso, swayed her twins from side to side making my targets elusive; making me exert extreme effort to do her bidding. Not being able to claim a purchase, the best I could do was slobber on the swinging flesh above me.

She looked down at me, giggled and abandoned her teasing; resting her torso on my mouth so I could service her nipples properly. Her soft nubs were proudly standing out, yet they didn’t get hard from my attention.

She sighed as I took in one of them and as much of her melon-like flesh as I could. I used my swishing technique on first one and then the other. She let me dawdle and swivel my flicking tongue from one to the other. I was in heaven!

She kissed my neck, and slid lower trailing kisses down my body. At times she sucked in my loose skin and bit it hard enough so I would have observable hickies to remember her by. She was being a lover; doing all the things I had envisioned Prince Charming doing to me.

When she reached my pelvis she rained kisses all across my anxious flesh avoiding the one place that I wanted her lips and tongue to pleasure. She looked up at me with a longing expression.

“You know what I want to do for you, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want you to.”

Her fingertips glided over my puffy lips.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please, please.”

She bent down and let her tongue follow her fingers as they spread and opened my lips, all the way down until her tongue stabbed into my gaping hole and suctioned the built up juices that she had created in me.

“You are such a sweet juicy little virgin; I could fall in love with you.”

She spread my lips open with the fingertips of both hands and began to slither her tongue in up strokes into the furrows and crests of my multi-layered vulva’s bits, when she reached my clit she nibbled on it, then flicked it with quick gentle grazes.

I couldn’t help but compare her skills to Mr. Jacoby’s. She was paying homage; Mr. Jacoby had devoured me. Mr. Jacoby’s bristles had distracted from his application and her soft flesh melded to my skin. Mr. Jacoby drove me to a fit of passion and exhaustion, Candi was generating tiny spasms that promised a heavenly bliss and a spiritual state of grace forever and ever.

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