And Your Aunt, Too Ch. 03

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For the rest of the day that Friday my mom, Aunt Kim, and I worked out the details of the plan to give my dad his birthday “present,” A.K.A. getting to fuck my mom’s sister, Kim. After everything was set, later in that night we all headed off to bed. The following morning I awoke to a warm sensation on my cock. When I opened my eyes and lifted my head to see what was going on, I found my mom was going down on my morning wood.

I just laid my head back down and moaned my approval as I enjoyed my mom’s ministrations. Her wet, warm mouth enveloped my rod as she bobbed up and down on my erection. She went up and down a few more times before withdrawing my cock from her lips and saying, “I passed your room and saw that your friend here was already up and couldn’t help myself.”

She stroked my saliva-slickened dick as she spoke and I told her, “No complaints here, it’s a great way to wake up,” and put my hand on the back of her head, guiding her back down onto my throbbing member. She took me in her mouth again and kept her hand wrapped around my cock as she bobbed up and down again. I held my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down onto my cock as she sucked, and began slightly thrusting my hips upward to meet her movements.

Before long I was fucking her mouth and her tightening grip on my cock had me cumming in no time. My body stiffened and jerked as I shot cum down my mom’s throat and filled her mouth with my creamy goo. She swallowed every last drop as she pumped the rest of my load out of me and sat up smiling. I thanked her for the morning blowjob, she gave me a good morning kiss, and she disappeared into the hallway.

Dad was due back from Las Vegas Sunday morning so we decided to have a backyard bar-b-que to celebrate his birthday later that afternoon. After they got dressed, my mom and Aunt Kim went to a bikini/swimwear shop in town called Triangles and picked up two very skimpy bikinis to wear at the bar-b-que. This would get dad’s motor running early, and build up until the pay-off later that night.

While they were getting their bikinis and the evening’s alcohol, I picked up the food. I beat them back to the house and started marinating the meat I got. When they arrived home I asked to see their purchases. They reached into a shopping bag and held up bikinis that suited the name of the store perfectly. They were simply small triangles held together by string.

Aunt Kim then reached into another bag, pulled out some lingerie, and said, “And THIS is for later in the evening,” as she held it up in front of herself. It was a sheer white babydoll nightie with matching sheer thong panties. “Your mom’s got one too.”

I asked them to put on a fashion show for me and mom and Aunt Kim headed back to the master bedroom to change. When they came out they were wearing the bikinis. I showed my opinion of their suits by whistling and applauding. Aunt Kim got a bright teal colored suit and mom chose a hot pink one. Both of their tops BARELY covered their nipples, and both had thong bikini bottoms. I had never casino siteleri seen my mom in such a revealing bathing suit, and I’m pretty sure she’d never worn one that small in her life. In fact, the bottom was so small, I could see a little of mom’s pubic hair peeking out the sides of her bikini bottom. “Dad’s gonna LOVE those,” I told them, as my eyes wandered over their nearly-naked bodies, “but you may need to do a little gardening.”

“Yeah, I noticed it didn’t quite cover everything down there,” my mom said as she looked down at her bikini bottom.

“Hey, why don’t you shave it ALL off,” I suggested, “Both of you. I’m sure that will turn dad on.”

“Good idea,” replied Aunt Kim, “and since you won’t be participating in the fun tomorrow night, maybe you could at least participate in getting us ready,” she said, as she looked at my mom with a devilish grin.

“Great, I’ll get my electric trimmer and meet you in the master bathroom,” I said as I headed to the hall bathroom. I retrieved my trimmers, and then went to mom’s bathroom. They were waiting there, both still in their bikinis. “Who’s first?”

Aunt Kim said, “I’ll go first,” and slipped out of her bikini bottom. I spread a towel out on the ground next to the bathroom counter and had her stand on towel as I plugged in the trimmers. I dropped to my knees in front of her and clicked the trimmers on as I stared at the already small patch of pubes in front of my face. A couple quick passes of the trimmer and I had deforested my Aunt’s mound, leaving only stubble behind. Mom then took off her bikini bottom and took my aunt’s place. She had a little more hair than her sister but not that much more. I had her bare in no time and then had them both take off their bikini tops so I could shave them with a razor in the shower.

I took off my own clothes and stepped into the shower behind them. I then grabbed the shower head and turned the water on, setting it so it was slightly warm. After the warm water started flowing I aimed the shower head at my mom’s body, letting the water cascade down her naked skin, then turned it to Aunt Kim and wet her down. After I had gotten them both good and soaked I grabbed the can of shaving gel and squirted some out onto my hand. This time I started with my mom.

I reached down and smeared the green gel over her mound, building up a foamy lather over the area I had just sheared. I than grabbed the razor and dropped on my knees in front of her. Slowly, carefully, I ran the razor up my mom’s pubic region, rinsing off the razor after a couple passes, then moving on. I placed my free hand on the inside of my mom’s thigh, teasingly close to her pussy lips, as I shaved her completely. My dick swelled to its full length as I shaved the final spots of stubble from my mom’s pussy, then I moved to Aunt Kim. I repeated the application process, this time from my knees, and proceeded to shave Aunt Kim’s pussy baby’s-bottom smooth, just like my mom’s.

I took the showerhead, rinsed them both off and said, “All done, now I’ve gotta canlı casino give you guys the face test.” They looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces as I leaned in and ran my tongue between Aunt Kim’s labia. I rubbed my face around her newly-smooth skin as I lapped at her pussy, reaching my tongue as far back as I could, then coming all the way up the front of her slit.

Aunt Kim passed the face test with flying colors, now it was my mom’s turn. I turned to her from my knees and buried my face in her pussy. As with Aunt Kim, I licked her slit and ran my face over her bare vaginal area. She too had passed the “face test,” which I of course had just invented as an excuse to eat their newly-bare pussies.

After a minute or so I pulled away from my mom’s pussy and said, “Ok, you’re both good to go. Smooth as can be.”

Hoping the encounter would continue, they both frowned. As I stood up, my boner bouncing as I rose, my mom said with a pouty look on her face, “Haven’t I always taught you to finish what you start?”

“I just wanted to get your motors running a little bit. Don’t you want to save it for tomorrow night with dad?”

“I think we can handle some sex today AND tomorrow, thank you,” Aunt Kim chimed in.

“Alright with me,” I responded, and I moved between mom and Aunt Kim, grabbed a breast in each hand, and began massaging them as I alternated kissing my mom and her sister. The water sprayed down on the three of us as Aunt Kim’s hand found my erection. She stroked it while I moved my mouth to my mom’s nipples and licked and sucked on her stiff nubs. I then went back down to my knees and pushed her up against the shower wall to brace herself as I again buried my face in my mom’s wet pussy.

I lapped at her slit, sliding my tongue between her lips, and stuck it in as far as I could, before moving back to flick her clit. I looked up and saw Aunt Kim sucking on her sister’s tits and I began to focus on the clit. I sucked on her swollen nub and flicked it with my tongue as I moved my hand up to her pussy. I slid my thumb inside her pussy, my fingers sliding up between her ass cheeks. I slid my thumb up and down inside mom’s pussy as the inside edge of my hand rubbed her asshole on each pass. She seemed to like this and began moaning as I went along.

I kept a nice steady pace with my thumb-fucking but began working her clit faster with my tongue. Mom began crying out, “Oh yeah, that’s it, don’t stop…” and shortly thereafter her body tensed and shook as she reached her climax. I slid my thumb in and out as I finished her off with my tongue, then I stood and kissed my mom. Her panting mouth opened wide to invite my tongue inside and we kissed deeply.

After we parted I turned to Aunt Kim and said, “Your turn.” I had her take my mom’s place against the shower wall. Our lips met and tongues entwined as our naked bodies came together. I massaged her breasts and tugged on the nipples as we made out, my erection pressing firmly against her bare skin. I kissed my way down her neck kaçak casino and briefly sucked on her nipples, then continued kissing my way down until I was on my knees between her legs.

I began eating Aunt Kim’s pussy as my mom played with her nipples. I tongued her slit and flicked her clit as she pulled my head toward her crotch and moaned. As I ate her I slipped my index and middle fingers inside her wet slit and began sliding them in and out. After a few passes inside I stuck my pinky out and rubbed it against Aunt Kim’s asshole. I latched onto her clit with my mouth and worked it for all I was worth as I continued to finger fuck her pussy.

I could hear Aunt Kim building to an orgasm as I went and after I withdrew my two fingers on one of the passes inside her pussy, I slid my pinky in her ass when I went back up. Aunt Kim ground her pussy into my face and began moaning loudly as I brought her to her peak with my fingers and mouth.

I continued to work her pussy until she had come down from her orgasm, then I stood and kissed her again.

“Wow, that felt good,” she panted, “would you like to stick something bigger than your finger in my ass?”

As she said this Aunt Kim turned around and faced the wall, bending over at the waist. I had ALWAYS wanted to try anal but couldn’t persuade any of the girls I was with to go for the idea. Now, here with my aunt in the shower, with my mom right next to us, I was going to get my chance. Not quite the way I had pictured my first encounter with anal sex would be but I certainly wasn’t going to complain.

I grabbed some liquid soap and squirted it out on my fingers. I coated my hard cock to slicken it up, then I ran my fingers between Aunt Kim’s cheeks, sliding a finger inside to get it ready for what was to enter next.

I guided the swollen head of my soapy dick up to her hole and pressed it against the opening. The mushroom-shaped head slowly disappeared as I eased inside Aunt Kim’s tight asshole. Not wanting to hurt her, I eased back out, making sure not to pull out past the head, then I pushed back in. As I pushed in and out the soap eased the friction, and Kim’s sphincter relaxed a little so I was able to pick up my pace a bit.

As I filled my aunt’s ass with my hard cock I could see what the attraction to anal sex was. Not only is it hot because of the forbidden/taboo aspect of the act, her tight hole squeezed my pole like a pussy never could. I watched as my cock slid in and out of Aunt Kim’s ass and I could feel a load building in my balls.

“Oh God, Aunt Kim, it’s so tight. It feels so good…” I panted.

“Oh yeah, fuck me in the ass, kid. Shove that big cock of yours in my ass,” she replied. I slid inside Aunt Kim’s ass a few more times then pushed all the way in and shot my load deep inside her. Aunt Kim’s tight hole squeezed every drop of cum out of my dick as I pushed in and out a few more times. My spent cock fell out of her hole as I backed away and we all kissed again.

My mom squirted some soap onto her palm and said, “Let me clean that up for you, honey,” and she lathered up my still-hard dick. After making sure I was good and clean, mom rinsed me off and then rinsed off her sister’s rear end.

To be continued…

(Next chapter: Dad’s birthday present)

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