And so They Finally Meet

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They had met, of all places, on the internet, though it was not so uncommon anymore. She lived just 30 minutes from the city where he would be staying for his business conference. It was the last two days, his itinerary was not busy so he made sure they would have some time. She cleared her schedule so they could meet finally meet. She invited him over for dinner and a night in the hot tub.

Dinner was now over and they had just finished changing.

They were surrounded by trees and nothingness. The moon was high and full, illuminating the night sky. She was wearing a white string bikini, it covered just enough of her for mystery but showed enough to entice. She was 5’8 with mahogany hair that was down just past her shoulders. Lean and well toned, her body was the envy of many. Her breasts were round and full, not big, but not small. She was proud of her body and she knew how to use it.

He was in black swim trunks that had a white strip with a blue design going down the side. He was 6’2, with dark brown hair that was cut short and spiked. His shoulders were broad, his muscles well defined. His chest was moulded perfection, his abs well defined. He was built more like an athlete than a body builder. He was eye candy for all the women he knew, dripping with sexuality. It was in his smile, in the way he looked at you as if you were his reason to be here. And tonight she was.

He helped her step into the hot tub, and she scooted to one side as he climbed in to join her. They were facing each other, but it seemed like a huge distance between them. Their relationship was a friendship of sorts but also of desire and fantasy, for almost a year they have been sharing their desires and sexual exploits, imagining what it would be like to finally touch the other person. Their conversations were elicit and filled with such detail that they knew each other’s wants.

They talked and joked as they relaxed. For all they knew of each other they were still nervous. She decided to make the first move. There was a pause in the conversation so she slowly stood up and took the few steps to stand in front of him. His hands came up and rested on her hips as she moved casino oyna closer, putting one knee on either side of him, straddling him. His hands moved on her back pulling her closer to him his lips found her neck, her favourite place to be kissed as he remembered, and felt her body shiver at his movements. His hands made quick work undoing the knots of her bikini. He leaned her away so it could fall off her. Picking it up, he tossed it out into the lawn, saying it wasn’t needed anyways. Her breasts were fully exposed now, and he marvelled at the sight before him. Her creamy breasts were just big enough to fill his hands, her nipples were small and pink but it looked just right on her. One hand came up to squeeze his prize, her head rolled back from the sensations he sent through her. His fingers grasped one nipple and began pinching it, rolling it around between them, as she let out moans of pleasure. His mouth came upon the other one, his tongue gliding around her, his teeth catching and biting the sensitive nub. Her hands were on his shoulders, her nails starting to dig into him, the sensations taking control of her body.

He undid the last ties on her bikini bottoms and sent it to join the rest of her suit. His hand gave her breast one last squeeze as he slid it down between her legs, his fingers parting her folds, finding his prize. His hand glided gently over her clit, rubbing it as his fingers twitched, hitting every nerve. Her body was shuddering, her breath was ragged; she was under his erotic spell. He slid down from her clit and pushed two fingers inside her, finding her pleasure spot and massaging it, his thumb was still rubbing her clit exacting the most pleasurable torture. His fingers worked magic inside her as he could feel her muscles tighten and the first wave of her orgasm take her.

As his fingers slipped free of her she leaned forward into him, sliding off of him. Her hands found his trunks and he lifted his hips so she could remove them. She tossed them, it was only fair if she didn’t need hers he defiantly did not need is. She came over him once again her hand moved down his chest making a trail down his stomach. Her fingers wrapped around his canlı casino cock, he wasn’t lying when he had told her he was big. To her best guess he was about seven inched long and thick. She slide her hand up and down his shaft, squeezing gently, her other hand was playing at his head. Deft fingers began rubbing him all over the most sensitive areas. His breath caught and he was having trouble paying attention, the assault on his senses was exquisite. She brought her pussy over his cock and just as he thought she would slide him in she started to rub her clit on the tip of him, her hand still moving on his shaft. It was sweet torture but her body started to warm, her tremors began to mount again and her breath was as ragged as his. Her eyes found his as her second orgasm hit her, she was a sight to behold in the throes of passion. Finally, she slid him into her. She was tight and made for him, she felt velvet smooth. It was almost too much to take as she started to slowly grind on him, trying to take him in as deep as she could. His hands were on her hips, moving her faster. Fierce lips claimed hers, their bodies moving as one against each other. They couldn’t get enough, franticly their mouths devoured each other’s, their tongues in battle. He felt her explode, her muscles jerking and tightening around him making him lose all his senses as he exploded his release into her.

OMG was all he could think of. She was all he could have imagined through all his conversations. He should be spent, but the twinkle in her eye and that mischievous grin on her face did more to him than he thought was possible at the moment. He was hard again, how, he was not sure, but he was. His need for her was overwhelming, taking over. He slowly stood up, pulling her legs around him so that she clung to him as he moved her to the edge of the hot tub and set her down. Her back rested against the wall of the hot tub, her legs spread open for him. He drew closer but she gently nudged him away. Her eyes were devious. Her hand came up and she grabbed her breast, squeezing like he had done earlier, her fingers playing with her nipple. Her other hand moved down her body and between her long legs. She kaçak casino spread her pussy lips with her ring and index finger leaving her middle finger free to tease her clit, every once in awhile she would plunger her finger inside her wet pussy. He marvelled as he watched her, she was cumming, but her eyes never left his, it was like a silent way of telling him when she did this she was thinking of him, and it worked.

He could not take it any longer he moved closer, claiming her mouth with his hand on her breast the other wrapping around her. His cock slammed into her, this would not be slow and gentle, but she didn’t seem to mind. If anything her actions seemed to egg him on. He couldn’t go slowly if he wanted to, he needed to feel his cock in her, and she needed him in her just as badly. His movements were fast and furious. He pounded into her, burying himself to the hilt as she grew more frantic. She felt so good around him, her nails were digging into his back but he didn’t care, his overwhelming need for her was all his mind could focus on. He felt her slick pussy moving around him, she was at her peak. He lifted her up and slid out of her, putting her on her feet he tuned her around. She knew instinctively what he wanted and leaned forward and spread her legs. He came up behind her and slid his cock into her once more, his hands on her sweet round ass. He grabbed her hips and started pulling her back with force. Her moans were loud, her breath was ragged as he took her, every once in awhile she would beg him for more; plead for him to fill her. On her next climax it was too much for him, her inner muscles were tightening, her body was shuddering. He slammed into her as hard and as deep as he could a few more times before he found his release inside of her.

They held still for a moment, then she stood up and turned to him, pressing herself against him.

He kissed the top of her head as he said, “That was heaven. Let’s dry off and get a drink, then maybe if you’re up to it we can go again.” How he managed to talk he was not sure, he was spent but just by looking at her he knew she was in no better a condition.

Her only response was a kiss on his chest and a nod. He lifted her out of the hot tub, towelled himself and her off, and whisked them off in search of a bed. She fell asleep in his arms as he carried her off, with a little rest they would do this again.

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