Anal Pleasures – Chapter 2

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After my initiation into anal sex I wanted more. I was seeing on old friend (female) and enjoying her. Of course I didn’t mention my new friends to her. I had booked “P” again, this time with her friend “M”. “P” had told me to always book for the next day so she wouldn’t masturbate and be ready for me. She and “M” arrived, this time early. I don’t know if they were keen but I sure was. “P” had found a way around hotel security. I guess she was well versed. I opened the door in shorts and a T-shirt. “P” introduced me to “M” and we sat down and had a drink. “M” went and had a shower while “P” explained all the nasty things they were going to do to me. I had a boner that ached.

When “M” came back “P” headed for the shower. By the time she came back “M” and I were enjoying a 69. “P” feigned indignation and ordered me to get on hands and knees. Pulling on a condom she covered it in KY Gel and pegged me. Meanwhile “M” moved up the bed and soon I was being fucked at both ends. I was in heaven. “P” ramped up the speed and finally came with a loud groan. As soon as she pulled out “M” slipped on a condom and took over. Soon after she also came moaning but no louder than I was. I rolled onto my back and they took turns jerking me off. It was wild. I paid them B3,000 each when they left.

I had left Thailand and returned home. Being bored I had found casino siteleri a Personal Contact site for Bangkok and looking through I saw a profile for someone who was into light bondage. That sounded like fun so I tagged it. One my next tip I checked again the profile was still there so I rang. “I” sounded pleasant enough so I made a price (B3,000) and a time. She arrived on time, as they seem to do. I opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to find her tall, slim and attractive. We had drinks and she went and had a shower. Coming back wearing a towel she asked if I had toys. She seemed surprised when I said no. She said not to worry as she had some.

Very soon I was naked, on my back with a pillow under my bum, ball gag in mouth and wearing handcuffs. She had a flogger and was whipping me with it. Not too hard mind you, just enough to sting. Then the ball gag was removed and replaced with her 6” cock. She was obviously enjoying me giving her oral as I was getting very good at it. She got off the bed, put on a condom and some KY (I had previously bought a jar) and prompted pegged me with vigour. She wouldn’t let me touch her or myself telling me to raise my hands above my head. After she came she demanded I jerk off while she watched. It was strangely erotic as she called out “wank harder, let me see you cum”. I did. B3,000 was her fee canlı casino as well. For the adventure I figured that was about right.

Back home I was in Facebook and this Ladyboy bar was posting pictures. One photo caught my attention. Her name was “J” and she looked very attractive. I made a note to catch up with her if she was still around when I went back to Bangkok. Five months later I sent her a message and arranged to meet at the bar, which was in Soi Nana, further up the road from the Plaza. Her photo in Facebook was nice but didn’t do her justice. In the flesh she was gorgeous. She was wearing a dress very low cut in a V shape exposing impressive boobs. It was difficult to maintain eye contact. I arranged to have her come to my hotel the next night.

“J” arrived as arranged. The top she had on was so low cut her boobs were almost escaping. I had asked her what she drank and I made sure to have it ready. We had our drinks and then she said “let’s have a shower”. I had already had mine previous to her arriving but I was up for another one. We both got naked and I took her over to the window, stood behind her and fondled her boobs. I think she enjoyed the possibility of being seen by someone outside. Her boobs were firm, not hard, obviously the enhancement had been done properly.

Finally she said we should shower. Under the kaçak casino water I faced her and fondled her tackle. Just over 6” of delight. She kissed me and in an instant our tongues were entwined and our cocks also. I kind you not, I was smitten. Out of the shower we got dry and fell onto the bed. Hugging, kissing, fondled, not necessarily in that order. Then turning around in a very intense 69. She finally had me on my back, slipped on a condom and mounted me. There I was, looking up at this beautiful woman while she pegged me. She came as we moaned in unison. Back to the shower, more kissing and fondling and then back to bed where we started with me on my back, then my side and finally face down. It was totally amazing. I had booked her for B3,000 for 2 hours. It ended up being 4 hours so I gave her B4,000. She was so happy and insisted on seeing me again.

Before leaving Bangkok I saw both “P” and “J” before I left. Each time was so good. I am a bottom, as you may have gathered, and getting pegged feels great. I would never consider being pegged by a guy but a Ladyboy is a different matter. Long hair, soft skin, nice boobs, oh yes!

Now I am home and in lock down. I had planned to go back to Bangkok in early June but that will not happen as international flights are all grounded because of this damn virus. I stay in contact with my “girls” via SMS to see how they are and if they are staying safe. As soon as the lock down is lifted, maybe November/December, I will back in the Big Mango and I will make up for lost time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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