An Unexpected Return

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I quietly come up behind you as you chop vegetables in the kitchen. I pause for a moment admiring you as you wear nothing but an apron. How I’ve missed the sight of you while I’ve been at sea. You jump as you hear the loud thump of my seabag hitting the floor. Before you can turn around I quickly step up to you and start kissing your neck and fondling your breasts, whispering, “I love you.” into your ear. I feel you shudder as you recognize my voice, and melt into me as I run my hands slowly down your body… Exploring your feminine curves…

You moan as the fabric of the apron rasps against your skin as I untie the strings. “Hnnng” you groan, feeling the fabric of my pants rub up against your bare bottom; a firm pressure against you. Knowing what you have inspired brings a smile to your face as you grip the counter. A smile which quickly turns to surprise, as I firmly grab your hips and spin you to face me; taking the knife from your hand and casting it aside. You exhale sharply at the flash of the knife as it clatters across the counter. Your heart racing as my piercing eyes gaze into yours; the desire burning in my eyes igniting a flush across your cheeks as you realize how vulnerable you are to me.

Strong hands seize you as I pick you up and carry you to the dining room where I set you down upon the table. The feel of the cool wood contrasting with my hot breath as I bring my lips to yours… Your face turns a bright shade of red; exhaling, you scoot to the edge of the table and lean into my kiss. Wrapping your legs tightly around my waist; your fingers scratch at my back as I grab the back of your head. Pulling you close I slip my tongue into your mouth. My other hand slowly pulls your apron off exposing your naked body.

You let out a moan, as my invading tongue greets yours. Your smooth legs slowly running down mine as your arms move quickly to cover yourself. Your face flushing a deeper red, exhaling once more.

Wordlessly I seize your wrists and pull them away, exposing your beautiful body to me. As you look into my eyes you see the lust I feel for you. My hunger for you. My desire. You know that I will take you on that table and sate our mutual need. Growls fill your mouth as I place your hand on the bulge in my pants and squeeze your dainty hand around it. Breaking our kiss, biting your lower lip and tugging it with my teeth as I break the kiss. Pulling your hair to expose your neck to my lips; I kiss farther and farther down your body, slowly approaching your breasts.

Your hands make quick work of the button on my pants, fingers drawing down the zipper. Your other hand finding it’s way to the back of my head, gripping my hair as your mouth lets out a soft moan. Your teeth dig into your lip as you try to distract yourself by fiddling with my hair between your fingers.

My rough hands cup and squeeze your breasts as I slowly kiss down; my lips and tongue ravishing your flesh. Gently squeezing your breasts, I suck your nipple into my mouth… My tongue whirls around; slow circles working with the gentle kneading of your breast. Each series of swirls punctuated with my tongue rapidly flicking up and down across your nipple.

You casino oyna gasp as my mouth makes it’s way down to your breasts. The fingers gripping onto my hair tighten and pull us closer together as you close your eyes; tilting your head back and letting out a moan as my tongue traces your sensitive breast. Those alluring legs attempting to bring my pants off by rubbing down my legs as you try to maintain your composure by biting your lower lip and gripping the edge of the table. You feel my teeth bite down on your nipple, the tips of my teeth pinching the tip as I tug your entire breast. Your moans trigger growling from me, the primal vibrations running through your nipple to the rest of your bosom. Just when you think there couldn’t be more, the tip of my wet tongue begins to flick side to side across the tip of your nipple.

A low hiss slips past your teeth, which is quickly followed by a slight yelp as I tug on your nipple again. Your nails make their way down my arms where they dig into my flesh, clawing downwards. Your legs jerk our hips together as you let out another moan, caused by the motion of my tongue, as it brings you closer to the edge.

My relentless assault on your nipple continues; stopping only to switch which breast I was devouring. My hand comes up and begins to caress, pinch, and pull your tit. Rolling your sensitive nipple between my finger and thumb. My other hand running my fingertips up and down your spine. Your back arches upwards, your body responding to my touch. Burying your face into my neck, you moan with each tug, pinch, and kiss I give to your sensitive parts. Your nails continue to run along my arms as you shiver, wiggling your hips up against mine. Wordlessly begging for more.

Slowly I kiss down to your stomach lower and lower… My hand on your spine suddenly gripping the back of your neck and pulling you back; tensing as you feel your body fall backwards. You exhale sharply as I gently lay you on the cool wood of the table. The cool wood, and the excitement of the previous moment sending goosebumps through your whole body. My lips kiss all around you, roaming over your inner thighs, tantalizingly close to your pussy, my breath hot as it teases your exposed flesh. Fingernails dragging down your sides, crawling over the sensitive skin between your legs as I start to kiss your outer lips. Arching your back in desire, your hips roll up as more moans escape your lips. Fingers scrabbling against the wood as you struggle to grip onto something as your breathing grows ragged, feeling me close to your most sensitive parts.

In sharp contrast to my hot breath, I suddenly blow onto your pussy, the unexpected sensation of cold causing your body to start trembling. Then you feel me plant a kiss on your clit. Slowly and deliberately teasing, probing, and flicking it with my tongue. Your hand finds it’s way to my head, where it firmly pulls down as you raise your hips against my mouth. You let out a loud moan; your body shivering from my touch as your other hand runs over my back. I move down, licking your slit as I moan in pleasure at tasting you for the first time in too long. As my tongue explores your pussy my hands continue to canlı casino roam over your supple body; exploring every inch of your sexy curves and smooth, silky skin.

“Ahh… Please…” You moan out as your hips arch up against against me once more. Moans leave your mouth in a steady stream as your fingers play with my hair. Moving my mouth back up to your clit, licking with slow firm strokes, interspersing quick rapid flicks of the tip of my tongue; you feel two of my fingers enter your pussy and start to pump in and out of you. Your hands grip onto the edge of the table as you groan louder, feeling my fingers pumping into you. Moaning with ecstasy your body slides back and forth slightly from the movement, trying to conceal the pleasure as you scrunched up your nose in that cute little concentration face you make as you begin to breathe deeply.

As you writhe beneath me your breathing prompts me to curl my fingers and rub at the top of your pussy as my tongue lashes your clit, wracking your body with pleasure. Your back arches up as my fingers send you over the edge. You grip tightly onto my hair and moan loudly; your hips bucking and feet curling against my back as you climax from my touch. Your hips roll with the waves of pleasure, as your breathing slows down, tensing and releasing your body rides the wave… When you finally recover enough to glance down, you see the sparkle in my eyes and the smirk on my face as I bask in my achievement. Standing up, I lean over you, and kiss you deeply, sucking the remaining air from your lungs as you try to get your ragged breathing under control. Breaking the kiss, I smirk again as you feel the head of my cock pressing against the entrance to your pussy.

Gripping the back of your neck; I slam my cock into you, filling you completely. I gaze into your eyes, enjoying being connected with you, before I start slowly thrusting in and out of you. Loud, animalistic groans come out as you feel me quickly fill you with my mass. Your arms find their way around my neck, pulling me down closer to you, so you can press your lips against mine, to help suppress your own growing number of moans.

Getting re-accustomed to my size, and strong movements, you wrap your legs around my waist, pulling me deeper into you as a sigh caresses my lips. Pulling most of the way out, I slamming into you again and again. Each thrust pounding you into the table. Filling you as my groans fill your mouth. Grinding my pelvis into you at the end of each thrust, you moan into my mouth with each powerful movement. Your body sliding across the table as I continue to fill you up with my length. Only my firm grip on the back of your neck keeps your now sweaty body from sliding away from me on the wooden table.

Your fingers entangle in my hair as your body begs for more. Feeling my bite your shoulder turns you on more as I increase the speed I am pistoning my cock in and out of you. Our sweaty bodies loving every second of our primal fucking. You cry out as you wrap your arms around my neck, and your legs tighten around my waist, bringing our bodies as close to one another as possible. “ah…ff-f-fuck mee har-derrr.” You manage to cry out against my kaçak casino ear, as you dive into ecstasy once more. Your cries and the feeling of your orgasm around my cock make me slam into you harder and harder. The force of our passion shoving the table across the floor. Your hard nipples rub against my chest as your breasts bounce each time I crash into you, teasing you and spurring me on.

“You..feel…so..good” you groan as I attack your neck. Our bodies so sweaty, that you have to cling onto me so as to not slide away. My cock filling your tight pussy with each thrust makes you moan more and more, unable to get enough of me. Your nails dig into my back, tearing flesh and drawing blood like a wild animal.

As your nails cut into my back, my teeth break the flesh of your shoulder. Our animal grunts and cries filling the room as our bodies collide again and again. My hand on the back of your neck squeezes hard as I pull you down; impaling you on my cock. You cry out loudly, in pain and in pleasure as your back arches up. Your teeth, causing your lip to bleed as you bite your lip while slamming yourself onto my length with your legs.

My arms pick you up, holding you as I start slow strokes as I carry you. My long deep thrusts transitioning to short quick fucks, as I get closer to the wall. The slam of your back against the wall as I shove you against it, reverberates through the house, rattling picture frames. Your arms firmly wrap around my neck, as your legs wrap around my waist. Our lips quickly find each other, as we cling to each other with all that we have. Your moans against my lips as your body shivered from pleasure.

My savage hammering of your tight pussy, is rattling the pictures on the wall. A steady drumbeat as our bodies edge closer to the brink. You attempt to look as you hear the crash of a picture falling to the ground, but are brought back to the moment when I growl, “Fuck the picture.” before kissing you roughly. You feel my hands on your ass holding you up, squeezing firmly. Your tongue runs along my lips as your nails claw along my shoulders. Your legs help hold you against me as you moan, “mnnn… cum for me…”

My groans increase as we kiss, our fucking building to a frenzy. Each pounding thrust as though I’m trying to drive you up the wall. My hands gripping your ass as I build to my orgasm. Feeling me getting closer you hold onto me tighter, your face moving to the crook of my neck. With each thrust, comes a moan as you shut your eyes, trying to hold yourself together to climax with me.

I groan, and with one final thrust I impale you as deep as I can on my cock. The head, slamming into your tight pussy, as I fill you completely. Then you feel it. You feel my cock twitching and pulsing as I erupt. Filling you with hot cum. Shooting deep inside you, the feeling of the cum, the buildup and anticipation for all these long months apart, triggers your own orgasm. Our bodies perfectly united as we orgasm together. You let out one final scream as I fill you all the way up, causing you to orgasm for the third time. Digging your face into my neck, you try to catch your breath once more.

As your quivering body comes down from the orgasm, I carry you to our bed, and lay you down. Staying inside you as long as possible; I pull the covers over us, kiss you, and lazily caress your beautiful body as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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