An Older Gentleman

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Meg assumed he had been coming into the store for quite some time before she finally noticed him. When she did, she saw that came in alone, two or three times a week and always got in her line to be checked out. He didn’t buy much, a few cans of this or that, a loaf of bread or a quart of milk and sometimes a piece of fruit or two and always a lottery ticket. Although he limped a little, walked with a cane and his clothing was a bit threadbare, he was always neat and clean with just a delicate hint of aftershave. He was tall and slender and carried himself with a certain regal elegance that she found intriguing.

Other than her long gone husband, Meg hadn’t had many men in her life. Her Grandfather, her Mother’s father, died before she was born and her Father had abandoned his family when she was only 2 and then was killed in prison the following year. Her mother committed suicide and at 4 years of age Meg went to live a solitary and lonely life with her grandmother, a bitter old woman. She got pregnant while still in high school and married the cheating, no good, alcoholic bum just before her son was born. After years of abuse, Meg’s husband left her for another woman when the boy was 5. She felt it was a blessing in disguise. Now, she was alone and had been for 8 years. She didn’t date often because, somehow, being alone suited her. However, she did miss sex.

The stately gentleman had been coming in a few months when Meg started exchanging pleasantries and then began to hold actual conversations with him. She found out his name was Don; he was 75 years old, a veteran of the Korean War and a widower. He retired from a company that went bankrupt and took his pension money with it. He lived in his own home on his social security, a small veterans disability pension for wounds received in Korea (the cause of his limp) and some dividends from stocks and savings.

One day while scanning his groceries she asked him, “I notice that you always wait for me to check you out. Why?”

“Well, please take this as a compliment, but you remind me of my dead wife, Helen. We were married 45 years when she passed away. Your beautiful blue eyes and blond hair make you look just like Helen, my virgin bride, when we were married almost 50 years ago. She was tall and very pretty, like you.”

She chuckled and blushed a little. “Thank you very much but I am 31 years old and I have been around some. I was married and have a 13-year-old son. I’m hardly a virgin.”

He smiled at her and, with a twinkle in his eye, said, “That doesn’t matter. It’s what I see in my mind that makes me happy and I just don’t have a lot of things to be happy about any more.”

The thought of her making him happy haunted her long after he left. She caught herself thinking about his smile and graceful way of expressing him self as she worked her way through he day. In bed that night she dreamt about kissing him and watching him smile as they made love.

“What foolishness.” She thought, “almost 45 years difference in their ages and at 75 he probably couldn’t make love anyway.” The odd thing was she still found herself excited and wet when she woke. The toy in her nightstand brought relief from the tension caused by the dream. The release was rapid and welcome. She hadn’t used the toy in months.

The following day, Tuesday, she watched for him but he didn’t come in. He finally showed up late on Wednesday and bought two cans of soup, a can of pork and beans, a package of hot dogs, some bread, an apple and a lottery ticket.

When it was his turn at the register she said, “I missed you. I was afraid you were sick or something.”

“No, no, I’m fine. I had an appointment at the VA hospital for a check up and I passed with flying colors. It’s just that I don’t have a car and I have to take the bus across town to get there. It takes forever and they aren’t the fastest people in the medical profession either.”

“No car? How in the world do you get around?”

“Mostly I walk. I only live about two miles from here so shopping is no problem unless it’s raining. Almost everything I need is here in this mall. Or I can take the bus when I need to. The main problem is when I need to buy something big that I can’t carry a long way by myself.”

Later that night she could once again visualize him, trudging through the rain carrying a huge bundle. When she offered to help he dropped the bundle, took her in his arms and kissed her. The bundle was a mattress that he opened up and used to make love to her, right there beside the road. Meg awoke with a start to find her pussy seeping juice. A quick touch of the vibrator brought a mind blowing orgasm, leaving her weak in the aftermath but somehow strangely unsatisfied.

Although Thursday was busy she kept her eyes out for him but he was a no show. Friday, she was about to give up on him when he finally came in. It was almost the end of her shift when he dropped his meager purchases on the checkout counter in front of her.

Meg was relieved casino siteleri to see him. “Hi, I thought I’d missed you.”

“Oh, the VA hospital called. They lost one of my tests and I had to go back again. I thought I would pick up what I needed for the weekend on my way home.”

She was pensive as she scanned his few items. She said, “Don, I’m off in five minutes. If you like, I could give you a ride home.”

“Why, I would like that, Meg. I am beat from pussyfooting around that hospital all day. Would you mind if I bought a couple of other things and a case of beer? It’s too heavy for me to carry all the way home so I can only get one when I have a ride.”

She laughed, “Of course not. Maybe I’ll charge you a beer for the ride home.”

He bought the extra items and the beer and waited by her car while she checked out her register and turned in the day’s receipts.

On the way to his house he said, “I hope you weren’t joshing about joining me for a beer. It’s been quite some time since I entertained a beautiful young lady in my home.”

She flushed a little and said, “Why thank you. I was kidding but now I would be honored to join you for a cool beer. Like you, I have nothing to go home to. My son is with his father for the weekend.”

“Well, if you like I could whip up some dinner too.”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t put you through that much trouble.”

As they unloaded the car, Meg said, “Tell you what, if you are serious about dinner, I could order us a pizza, my treat. We both have to eat and I sure could use the company.”

“That would be lovely but I couldn’t let you pay…”

“Nonsense, let me worry about that.”

She ordered the pizza and they chatted while they waited for it. Slowly, (with Meg steering the way) the conversation turned to sex. She learned that he had never been intimate with anyone but his wife and that they had both been virgins when they were married. When he had been in Korea, his buddies often went to Tokyo for ‘R&R’ and he had been tempted but was always true to his wife in the end. Unfortunately, Helen had been barren and they had no children.

Meg was alarmed when she noticed tears in his eyes and a quaver in his voice as he told his story. She went to him and put her arms around him for comfort. They sat that way on the couch for quite some time until the moment was shattered by the arrival of the pizza.

The pizza and the second beer seemed to drive away the gloom and revive the ease of their conversation. She told him about her failed marriage and, the light of her life, her son.

When Meg started to clear away the remnants of the pizza, he put his hand on hers and said, “Why don’t we let that wait. When you were holding me a few moments ago I had the strangest feelings of my life. It was as if Helen was holding me. Would you do it again?”

His hand on hers had been a shock. She could feel her face flush and a warm rush through her entire body. She almost shivered at the excitement of it but demurely she said, “Of course. I think I felt something too.” She didn’t tell him that she could feel a wetness between her legs.

When he stood up, she went to him and put her arms around him. They just stood there for quite a few minutes with her head on his shoulder and his arms around her, holding her close. After a while, she canted her head back and looked at him. Although their faces were only inches apart, she could see he was smiling. On an impulse, Meg kissed him. She felt his grip on her tighten and his hands move down to her waist.

She canted her head back again and he whispered, “Thank you. I haven’t done that in a long, long time.”

With her right hand, she pushed his left hand down from her waist to the cheek of her ass and kissed him again. His other hand followed and she could feel the skirt of her uniform dress being pulled up until the only thing between his hands and her bottom was the flimsily fabric of her panties. He was gently kneading her ass and pulling her into him at the same time. Through his trousers, she could feel his cock getting hard and pressing against her tummy.

Their lips were still locked together when she opened her mouth a little and offered her tongue to him. Most men would gobble it up at this point, but not Don. As tenderly as if he were kissing it, he accepted her tongue and held it between his lips. Now, there was no question, he had a full, large erection. She could feel it prodding her stomach and desperately wanted to touch it.

Meg canted her head back and looked deep into his eyes. She gently pushed herself against his erection and moved her hips up and down, caressing it with her body. She whispered, “I think we should find a bedroom.”

Without saying a word, he kissed her again and swooped her up in his arms. Slowly, favoring his bad leg, he made his way into the guest bedroom and gently deposited her on the bed. With him hovering over her, Meg began to unbutton his shirt. When he took over, she deftly slipped canlı casino out of her store uniform leaving her clad in only her bra and panties. She then undid the belt and waist button of his trousers. He stepped out of them and now both of them were wearing only their underclothes. His hard penis was so evident that it caused a tent in his boxers and a smile to come to her face.

She reached out and caressed it through the fabric of his shorts. It brought an audible gasp from him. Quickly Meg undid her bra and slipped out of her panties then helped him slide his boxers down, exposing his long, stiff cock. With him still standing alongside the bed, hovering over her, Meg’s hand gently fondled his firm penis, marveling at its perfection and firmness even at his age.

Although it was long like him, it was far from slim. She estimated it to be at least 7 to 8 inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter. The glans was large and well formed with a smoothness that was pleasing to the touch and created a perfect helmet. The shaft was long and creamy white, without any wrinkles or marks. What little pubic hair he had was very light gray, giving the impression there was none at all and making his dick look even longer.

All the while she had been inspecting his penis, he had been doing the same to her body. His left hand was softly playing over the swell of her breasts, cupping the curvature of these soft globes and letting his fingertips stroke the firm nipples. His other hand had strayed from her stomach to the soft nest of hair between her legs. She opened them slightly to give him better access. His hand crept down until he encountered the moisture her excitement had produced. Cautiously he allowed his fingers to brush back and forth along the lips of her pussy, until he was sure there was enough lubricant to allow them to enter her without force. Gently, he inserted his first two fingers into her while his thumb lightly nudged her clitoris. While he was pushing his fingers back and forth, fucking her with his hand, she moved around in the bed enough so she could take his penis in her mouth. He let out a sigh, canted his head back and enjoyed the action of his hand and what her mouth was doing to his sex-starved cock.

The reality of it all was not lost on him and soon he whispered, “I need to be in you.”

She moved around in the bed and gasped, “Come, get on top of me.”

Between her legs, with his weight completely supported on his hands and arms he let her hand guide his cock into her receptive cunt. It slid all of the way in with ease. With his weight on his arms, the only place they were touching was where his hard dick was sliding in and out of her moist pussy. She bent her knees a little so that she could raise her ass to meet each downward thrust of his cock. On and on he went, grunting a little with each drive of his tool into her.

Soon Meg could feel the vehicle of ecstasy speeding up the road of fornication. Her libido was bobbing like a boat in the sea of carnal rapture when she came. Her climax was so complete that she was left quivering and vulnerable. As sensitive as she was, he paid no mind and kept pounding his manhood deep into her slit. Minutes later, she had another climax and then another before she could tell by the increased tempo that he would soon join her in the hot-bed of coital bliss.

With a mighty shove he emptied the pent up product of his lions into her. She could feel the gush of his hot seed being ejected deep into her pussy, spurt after spurt. With each gush he sagged a little more until, finally, he was lying on top of her and his hips were making a very feeble fucking motion. There were no more jets of his semen. Slowly he slid off to lie alongside of her and soon both were soon fast asleep, cuddled in each other’s arms.

An hour or so later, Meg crawled out of bed to use the toilet. She cleaned herself up and took a warm, damp washcloth back to the bed and began to do the same to him. His penis was completely soft but still an attractive, symmetrical organ. On an impulse, she took it into her mouth and began to nurse on it as a baby might suck on it’s mothers breast. Little by little she could feel it begin to swell. She continued to nurse and soon it was full size, as big as it had been a few hours ago. Meg became aware that he was awake.

He opened his legs to give her full access to his dick and balls. “Oh, my goodness, that feels wonderful.”

He laid back and enjoyed the feeling of her warm lips as they caressed and enveloped his cock. Soon, he was bucking his hips against her face as his climax neared. With a massive thrust, semen erupted from his body and filled her mouth. She was able to take three or four gushes before she had to unload it into the washcloth.

“Oh, my, I have read about that but had never experienced it before. I would consider it an honor and privilege if you would allow me to do it to you. I’ve never done it but you can tell me what to do. I understand that most kaçak casino women like it and that it would most enjoyable for both of us.”

She said, with a smile, “I would like that.”

With Meg giving him instructions, she positioned herself in a sitting position on the bed with her back resting against some pillows and the headboard. He took a place between her legs with his face only inches away from her pussy. The first few swipes of his tongue across the lips of her cunt were tentative. Then, cautiously, he inserted it deeper in her. Soon, he was lapping at her vagina as if he had been doing it forever.

Patiently, when he did something that she found exceptionally enjoyable, she would “Oh” or “Ah”. It wasn’t long before the Oh’s and Ah’s were coming closer and closer until finally they became a continuous moan. Suddenly, she clamped her legs together, imprisoning his head and had a massive, wailing orgasm, writhing with the pleasure of it as he continued to probe at her pussy and clit with his tongue.

Some time later, she had regained enough of her composure to say, “Thank you. For someone that never did that before you certainly did it well.”

“I quite enjoyed it and I must say, I also liked the part about giving you pleasure.”

They cuddled up together to enjoy the afterglow of their encounter.

The bright sunlight streaming through the window woke her. He was on his back with his left arm around her while she was curled up tight against him with her head in his chest. Meg looked up and saw he was smiling again.

“Good morning sleepyhead.”

“My goodness, what time is it? I don’t know when I felt so relaxed and slept so soundly.”

“It’s well after nine o’clock. Like you, I had a wonderful night’s sleep. I have only been awake for a short while. I like watching you sleep.”

“Well, I think we should have a bath and do it again, just to – ah – loosen up.”

He chuckled, “You do remember that I am 75 years old. In my whole life I never did it more than once a week until last night. I think my spirit is willing but my flesh may be weak.”

“Let me worry about that. Come on, let’s have that shower, together.”

In the shower, she took the initiative and used her hands to soap him all over. He just stood there and enjoyed her lubricated hands massaging his chest and shoulders. When they moved down to his buttocks and eventually his groin, she found that his penis was already hard, sticking out, proud and ready.

She whispered, “See, you can do a lot more than you think you can. Now, you soap me just like I did you.”

He did. He let his hands slip and slide around every curvature and mound of her body. His fingers found their way into every crevice and fold.

Finally, she turned to him and put her arms around his neck. She was gratified to feel his hard cock poking her in the tummy. “Now I think it is time to go back to bed and do that thing which brings us so much pleasure and relief.”

Dripping wet, they stepped out of the shower and she toweled him dry, with special attention to his man-tool. He did the same to her but had a hard time containing the moisture seeping from between her legs.

Meg pushed him down on his back on the bed and mounted his middle.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to ride you. Haven’t you ever done it this way before?”

“I’ve never done it anyway except with me on top.”

“Well, just relax, I’m going to do all the work. All you have to do is enjoy.”

She pushed herself backwards until she folded his stiff rod between his legs with her ass. A little further back and it suddenly sprang up in front of her. She then slid forward, folding it down against his abdomen. She continued until the lips of her pussy completely encased it and the hard knob was rubbing against her clitoris. She slid back and forth quite a few times, repeating this over and over until she finally rose up enough to allow it to enter her. When she settled all the way down, all of his cock was imbedded deep in her warm pussy. The slightest movement of her body was transmitted through the warm sleeve engulfing him and brought indescribable feelings of pleasure.

She was now raising up and slowly settling down on him, letting his cock massage and caress the insides of her sensitive vagina. His hands, that had been fondling her breasts, moved down to her hips to steady her as he began to thrust upward to meet her downward strokes. Soon, he was fucking her from below with wild abandon, pushing his ass all the way off the bed in order to cram his dick as deep into her as he could.

Meg felt his movements slow and almost stop. Then she felt the gush of his cum as it jetted into her. Each beat of his heart brought squirt of his semen, each pulse a little weaker than the last. Finally he was still and there were no more spurts.

She was almost there, so by putting her hand on her clitoris while she posted up and down; she was able to bring herself to orgasm within a few seconds of his climax. When she recovered from the effects of the mind blowing erotic rapture, she looked down to see he was smiling again. With his wilting dick still imbedded in her, she lay on his chest and he put his arms around her.

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