An Erotic Tale Ch. 04

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This story is a continuation from the series “An Erotic Tale”. To get a better understanding of these characters, it is best to read the previous 3 installments in the series.

This story is fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

Remember, knowledge is power! Educate yourself. Always practice safe sex!


The Monday following that amazing weekend spent with Mike saw me back at work bright and early. After the weird gift that had been delivered to my apartment while I was over at Mike’s house, I needed the extra workload to keep my mind occupied from paranoia theories.

I planned on asking Mandy that evening if she remembered who dropped the package off, or even if it may have been for the wrong apartment.


Later that morning, sitting at my computer, I received a call from reception telling me that I had another delivery. At first my heart began to pound a mile a minute, wondering if it was another anonymous delivery. I realized the only way to know for sure was to go down to the lobby to see for myself.

When I exited the elevators, my eyes scanned the reception desk for the delivery. My face broke into a happy – if somewhat relieved smile when I saw the teddy bear holding a rose. The bear was sitting in a basket of ‘hay’ and had a soft blanket draped across its lap.


I recalled the conversation I had had with him over the phone last night when he told me about the teddy bear that reminded him of me. My smile widened even more. Oh God, he made my heart flutter when he did things like this.

As macho as he always tried to pretend he was, he had a soft, romantic side a mile wide. Not that I was complaining mind you!

Julie, the receptionist turned and winked at me as I approached her desk.

“You have a delivery, Carson,” she practically cooed as she fluttered her eyes at me. I laughed at her shenanigans, before turning to the delivery man.

“Mr. Landry?” the delivery guy queried. I couldn’t understand why he needed me to identify myself again, as he was the same guy that delivered the first gift Mike sent me. Whatever; maybe he had short selective memory I reasoned. At my nod, he passed the clip board to me and indicated where I should sign.

“Thank you, and enjoy your day sir,” he said as he retrieved his clip board and turned towards the exit.

“The world is not fair I tell you,” Julie pouted as I went to pick up the package from her desk. “All the good guys are either married, or gay, and sending each other romantic gifts. Heck, why can’t I ever find Mr. Right who sends me gifts like its Christmas everyday,” Julie mourned as I lifted my parcel.

Smiling at her, I replied, “Maybe it would happen for you if you stopped looking for Mr. Stud-muffin, and rather looked for Mr. I-will-make-you-happy.”

Glaring at me with mock outrage, she moaned sulkily. “Oh boo, it’s always the beautiful people who try and convince you that looks don’t matter.”

Staring at each other over the bear in my hands, we both burst into laughter at the stupidity of the conversation.

“Thanks Jules, see you later,” I called over my shoulder as I walked towards the lifts.


That evening when I got home, I stopped by Mandy’s on my way to my apartment. Knocking on her door, I couldn’t help but grin down at my bear resting in the crook of my arm. I could here movement inside, and a second later Mandy opened her door, dressed in her bathrobe. It was clear she had just had a shower. Her wet hair was wrapped high on her head in a towel.

“Hello cutie. What’s up?” Mandy greeted, as she stepped back into her apartment in silent invitation for me to enter.

Shaking my head in refusal of the invite, I answered, “Hey Mandy. Sorry to disturb, but I just wanted to ask you about that package that was delivered here while I was out, the other day. “

Cocking her head to the side, Mandy raised her left eyebrow at me quizzically.

“Sure Carson, how can I help?”

“Um, I was wondering if maybe the package was meant for another apartment and was delivered here by accident. Do you remember what address the delivery guy was looking for?”

Frowning now, Mandy looked at me like I was slightly insane. “Is there something wrong Carson?”

“No, no, its just that Mike didn’t send it to me, so I was wondering if maybe it was meant for someone else and got delivered here by accident,” I quickly jumped to reassure her. No way did I want to create a scene where I ended up looking like a pathetic paranoid idiot.

“Uh, well I heard knocking on your door, so I came out to check who it was. There was this delivery guy standing there with the package in his hand. I asked him who he was looking for and he said he needed to deliver it to Apartment 306, Mr. C Landry.”

“Oh ok, so he mentioned me by name,” I said more to myself than Mandy.

“Yup, I told him you were out but that I would be glad to give it to you when you get home. He didn’t look canlı bahis like he was sure at first, but I applied my charm — as you well know,” she laughed, “and he finally relented.”

“Ok thanks Mandy, just wanted to make sure.” I smiled to reassure her.

“You sure everything is ok Carson? What was in the package?” Mandy asked with a curious tilt of her head.

Laughing, I nodded my head. “Everything is cool. I was just wondering because there was no note with the box. It was just some flowers, so I originally thought it might be from Mike, but he says it wasn’t him. It’s nothing really, maybe just someone at work playing a practical joke since they’re all green with envy about the gifts Mike sends me.”

“Ah, I see. Maybe you have a secret admirer. And is that from Mike?” She pointed at the bear in my arms.

At my nod and quick blush, Mandy practically swooned in delight, “Oh God, the two of you are so cute. Ah, gives me hope that my Prince Charming will gallop to my rescue soon.”

We laughed and exchanged pleasantries for a few more minutes before I said goodbye and turned to enter my own apartment.

As I headed to my bedroom, my cell rang. Looking at the screen, I saw Mike’s name flashing on the incoming call.

Smiling, I answered the phone. “Hey”

Wow, was that really my voice sounding all breathless and giddy? God I must have it worst than I thought.

“Hey yourself gorgeous,” Mike’s voice resonated sexily into my ear. “How was work?”

Looking down at the bear I had deposited on my dresser, my smile widened. “It was good — all the better for receiving your gift. And I so do not look anything like that bear. He’s furry and round.”

“Yes, but he makes you want to squeeze and rub him. That’s why he reminded me of you — I can’t stop thinking about my hands on your body squeezing and rubbing all that succulent flesh,” Mike husked down the phone.

My body immediately flashed hot as I imagined his hands on my body. I felt myself stirring to life in my pants and closed my eyes to savor the feeling.

“Christ Mike, the things you say to me,” I practically moaned, breathless and getting harder by the second.

“Can I come over baby? I’ll bring some dinner for us,” Mike asked. “I missed hearing your voice today.”

“Yeah Mike, I’d like that. I just got home so give me about an hour to change and finish off some work I bought home, and then I’m all yours.”

“Ok, fair enough babes. I can wait another hour or so to see you again. Are you gonna slip into something more comfortable,” Mike teased.

Laughing, I teased him back. “Yeah, and if you a good boy and eat all your food, I might even whip you up some dessert as a treat.”

“Only treat I want to eat is you babe.” I shivered as Mike’s words formed a mental picture of him feasting on my body.

Knowing I was so close to orgasm by just talking with Mike over the phone, I quickly finished up the call, promising to be done in an hour, before I completely embarrassed myself by coming in my pants from Mike’s sexy words alone.

I headed quickly to the shower where I soaped and washed the days grime from my body, before turning the water temperature as cold as I could stand it. If I was going to get any work done before Mike got here, I needed to get rid of this mighty erection I was sporting.

An hour later, as I was ready and waiting when the doorbell rang. Jumping up from the couch where I was lazing, watching some TV, I loped towards the door barefoot.

Opening the door, I was immediately engulfed in Mike’s strong arms, his lips pressing against mine as we rediscovered each other as though we had been parted for days instead of mere hours.

As Mike’s tongue slid across my own, I moaned at how good he tasted as I moved my hands over his back and ass. I sucked on his tongue, tasting his unique flavor that drove me wild with lust. I could feel Mike’s hardness against my pelvis, and I wiggled so that our groins were brushing against each other, creating a delicious friction.

Slowly we pulled apart — Mike stealing one last kiss, before we smiled and I ushered Mike further into the apartment.

“Missed you babe,” Mike said as he again dropped a soft kiss on my lips.

“Me too, stud.” I grinned as he winked at me before swooping in for another soft but oh-so-sexy kiss.

Damn, but we were like a couple of horny teenagers necking at every opportunity we could find. Never mind the fact that we were standing in my open doorway practically dry humping each other where any of the neighbors passing by would have gotten an eyeful.

Only once Mike headed to the kitchen did I notice the brown bag he was carrying that obviously held the dinner he promised me.

I helped Mike lay out some plates and cutlery, and decided to keep it very simple by serving directly from the containers of food, as we sat at the kitchen counter.

Crap the food was so good. Jumbo grilled shrimp, smothered in a creamy lemon butter sauce, crisp garden salad bahis siteleri with avocado, garlic sourdough bread and grilled corn on the cob. Simple yet delicious! When the meal was done, we gathered all the cartons and dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

“Damn Mike, that was amazing. Just for the record, you can feed me anytime if you will supply fantastic food like that,” I laughingly teased Mike.

“Yeah, well I’ll tell the kitchen staff you approve of their efforts. Oh, wait a minute. I remember something about you supplying the dessert? My sweet tooth is suddenly craving its reward,” he said as he pulled me close against him.

“Mmm, well a promise is a promise,” I gasped, just before Mike’s mouth slanted across mine and all rational thought escaped.

Mike’s mouth plundered mine. There was no other description for it. He was like a pirate captain ruthlessly taking his conquered bounty and enjoying every bit of the squirming, writhing, mass of lust in his arms. My hands stole up around his shoulders as Mike easily tipped my head back while feasting on me. His mouth sucked on my lips, teeth nipping me as I whimpered in desperate need.

His mouth followed the line of my throat until he came to my pulse point, sucking hard on the skin, marking me as his. I knew I would have to do some serious collar adjusting tomorrow if I hoped to hide the huge hickey I would no doubt be displaying, from my co-workers.

Mike’s hands were all over me, squeezing my ass before kneading the muscles in my back, before once again settling on my ass as though it belonged in his hands.

“Let’s get comfy baby. I want to enjoy every inch of your sexy body.”

“Yes, my bedroom. Take me to bed Mike.” I took Mike’s hand in mine, and led him towards the bedroom. Once we entered, Mike turned and closed the door.

I stood at the foot of the bed waiting for Mike to join me, but instead he moved towards the armchair that sat in the corner of the room. I frowned at him as he proceeded to sit in the chair.

Uncertain, I stood in the room staring at Mike, waiting to see what he was going to do.

“I’ve missed you babe,” Mike said as he made himself comfortable in the chair.

“Er, me to Mike. I was kinda hoping that you would show me how much.” I felt awkward standing there with a semi hardon, while Mike sat across the room from me seemingly unperturbed.

“I’ve been thinking about you and your hot little body, and I want you to show it to me.” Mike’s eyes never left mine as he stared intently. “I want you to strip for me baby — tease me with your body, before I take us both to heaven.”

Christ, this was not what I was expecting when I suggested we get comfortable in the bedroom. My body hardened even further at Mike’s suggestive words.

“Mike, I-I’m not sure. You know I’ve never done anything like this before. Jesus, I wouldn’t even know how to do what you’re asking,” I stammered. I could feel the heat rushing up my body and knew that my face was betraying my embarrassment as well as arousal.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of here baby. You are safe with me. You know I would never do anything to hurt you right?”

Staring at Mike, I slowly nodded my head. “I do trust you, but still Mike –“

“No Carson. This is as much for you as it is for me. You don’t seem to realize how much power you have over me. Fuck! It’s all I can do not to come every single time I think about you. Christ, you have me so wrapped up in knots I honestly don’t know if I can ever unravel myself, or if I even want to.”

Oh wow. I stood there eyes practically bulging out of my head as I listened to Mike’s confession. He was right; I didn’t know that he felt that strongly about me. Oh I knew he could get all soppy when he wanted to, but to basically declare that I held all the power in the relationship was heady stuff.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I whispered as I stared at Mike.

I could see the satisfaction but also deeper than that, I could see the relief in his eyes. It was almost as though he expected me to turn him down.

“Strip for me Carson. I want you to tease me — tease us both, so that when I finally have you on that bed, I’ll get to worship every inch of that beautiful body you have bared for me.”

I swallowed audibly as I closed my eyes, trying to work up the nerve to do what Mike requested. God, why was I so nervous? It’s not like Mike hadn’t already seen all there was of me to see. Not to mention he had basically licked, kissed and touched every part of my body — inside and out.

Wrapping my courage around me like a cloak, I decided that if Mike wanted a show, I would give him the best damn show he had ever seen. Resolved now in my goal to turn Mike into a writhing lump of over-aroused male, I smiled softly to myself as I opened my eyes and stared directly into Mike’s.

Slowly, with the barest of movement, I moved my hands up my chest, feeling the sinewy muscles bunch and contract underneath the cotton t-shirt I was wearing. As my fingers bahis şirketleri brushed my nipples, they tightened and puckered, drawing a strangled gasp from my throat.

My fingers gently tugged and pulled on my already sensitized nipples, until they stood out prominently against the soft fabric of my sweater. My hands reached for the hem of my shirt, slowly dragging the sweater up my chest to pull it over my head before dropping it on the floor.

Glancing over at Mike, I watched as his chest began to rise and fall as his breathing accelerated. Oh yes, Mike was definitely liking the show so far.

Smiling a little I ran my hands over my chest, reaching higher to tangle them in my hair, as my head fell back onto my shoulders. My fingers drifted from my hair to gently trace the tendons in my neck, tracking onto my lower belly to the waist band of my sweats.

I knew the erection in my pants was obvious against the softness of the fabric, but knowing that Mike could see my reaction to our little game, without actually seeing my cock, was turning me on even more.

As I relaxed into my ‘stripper’ role, I could let go a bit and just have fun. I watched Mike’s lips compress in a straight line and his hands grip the arms of the chair, as though he was physically trying to restrain himself from bounding out of his seat.

Cupping myself through my pants I whispered, “Is this what you want Mike? Do you want me to drop the pants?”

His gaze never wavering from the hand covering my cock, he nodded slowly. “Yes, show me you cock baby,” he grunted, barely audible.

Taking a few steps closer, I stood before him. Massaging myself through my pants, I chuckled quietly. “Tsk, tsk. All good things come to those who wait.”

Turning my back, I slowly began lowering my pants until they fell in a pool at my feet. Bending over, I reached down to tug them off my feet, knowing Mike would be getting an in-your-face look at my jockeys pulling taught over my ass.

Hearing a muffled groan and a zipper lowering, I straightened and peeked over my shoulder to see Mike reaching into to his jeans and pulling his hard cock out.

“I need you now Carson, come here,” Mike commanded.

“Not yet,” I told him sternly. “You started this, so you’ll just have to behave yourself and enjoy the peepshow.”

Sliding my hand into my shorts, I turned slowly so that Mike would be able to see me touching myself.


“Maybe later babe, if you are a good boy,” I teased him.

Keeping a firm grip on my shaft with my right hand, I lowered my shorts with my left. Hearing Mike’s groan and harsh breathing, was enough stimulus for me to continue this torture. Stepping out of my shorts, I kicked it over in Mike’s direction, smiling as it landed on the toe of his boot.

Standing there completely naked, stroking myself, using the fluid leaking from my cock as lubricant while my boyfriend watched me, gave me such a head rush that its was all I could do not to keel over from the lust coursing through my body.

I brought my hand — wet from my cock, to my mouth and licked the juices from it. Mike gasped, still rubbing his fist up and down the entire length of his dick.

“That’s right,” I murmured to him, “You jerk off while you watch the show.”

Turning my back on him once more I bent over at the waist. I knew that Mike could see the crack between my ass in my current position, and from the hissing sound coming from his mouth; I knew that he wanted nothing more than to slide his hot cock in there. Using the hand still wet from my cock juices and mouth, I moved it between my cheeks, making sure that Mike could see me rubbing against the pink pucker of my anus. I shuddered as I rubbed the sensitive hole, bringing even more sensations to my already aroused body.

My other hand continued jacking my cock as I played with my hole. I teased it, before slowly probing the resistant muscle there. As my finger penetrated me, I moaned at how good it all felt. Sliding my finger in and out, I lost myself in the pleasure of being filled. My cock hardened even more as it began dripping a steady stream of pre-cum into my masturbating hand.

I reached forward, coating my hand once again with my fluid, before reaching back and inserting two fingers into my anus. Oh God that felt good, but I wanted more. I continued thrusting into myself, trying to go deeper as my other hand kept up a steady rhythm on my dick.

I jumped lightly as I felt lips gently kissing the curve of my ass. I had zoned into my pleasure to the point where I had forgotten about Mike. As he kissed the cheeks of my buttocks, he pulled my hand away from my ass, so that my fingers slipped free of their hot, tight prison.

I whimpered in frustration, until Mike stood up and wrapped me in his arms.

“No more baby, no more. I want to make love to you now. You’ve been a very naughty boy, teasing me like that. I think you might be a closeted exhibitionist for all you denials about being unable to put on a tease show.”

Sometime during my little show, Mike must have undressed because I could feel all his hot aroused naked flesh pressing close against my back. God, I must have really zoned out if I didn’t notice Mike stripping.

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