Amended Partnership Agreement

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“Leslie Rogers, we’re not debating this. You are going home. Now.” She was insistent and assertive as she walked towards my desk. In the years I’ve known her, she’s only called me Leslie a few times, and never first and last name before. I felt like a child being scolded.

“I’m fine, Donna. Really. I’ve only got a little longer to wrap up the Jones audit. I worked on it all weekend and think I can wrap it up this evening. I’ll finish and then I’ll go home. I promise.” I felt a chill run through my body and my teeth suddenly began chattering as I uttered those words.

I wasn’t fine.

Two others in the office had come down with what was most likely the flu over the weekend, and it appeared I had caught the virus too. I’d been feeling worse since Saturday morning, but thought coming in to the office Monday morning would help me power through.

I was wrong.

“Les, you are shivering uncontrollably and you look horrible! You’ve been working yourself non-stop since Tiffany and I’ve told you it was going catch up to you. Now, you’ve gone and gotten sick.” She touched my forehead as she helped me stand from behind my desk.

“You are burning up you stubborn ass. You didn’t get your flu shot like I told you to, did you? There’s no way you’re driving home. We are taking you home.” After a brief argument, I relented and walked with her to the door. I’ve known her long enough that once she makes a decision, you don’t argue with her.

She and Gene helped me to the parking lot and I was getting weaker by the second as I collapsed in the passenger seat of their car. I closed my eyes for what seemed like a moment and the next thing I remember was being helped walking down a hall to a bedroom, then lying back on a bed. I closed my eyes again and was out.

I tossed and turned in bed, my body shaking with chills one minute then burning up the next. I was in and out, having vivid dreams. Dreams about my ex-wife, Tiffany. Dreams about being chased, but not knowing who was chasing me. Then I ended up standing by a stream, the water cascading over a small waterfall. I suddenly woke, needing to pee. When I mustered the strength to open my eyes, Donna was sitting on a small sofa under the window, reading.

“How are you feeling? You’ve must have been having some wild dreams, you’ve been restless and mumbling in your sleep all night.” She put her book down and walked to sit on the side of the bed, feeling my forehead.

I looked around the unfamiliar room. “Where am I?”

“Our house. You fell asleep in the car and we decided to bring you here. Gene and I had a time getting you inside since you were so out of it.” Her hand was still on my forehead.

“You are still burning up Les. Here, take this. Hopefully it will help with your fever.” She had a couple of pills and a glass of ice water in her hand.

I started to sit up, but fell right back in bed. I’d never been so weak. I couldn’t move. She reached under my head, lifting it up and gave me the ibuprofen, then put the glass to my mouth so I could swallow the pills.

“Just relax and try to rest.” She lay my head back on the pillow. I shook my head ‘no’.

Very meekly, “I have to pee.”

“I see. Let me help you up and in to the bathroom.” I nodded my head as she pulled me up and helped me sit on the edge of the bed. I was shaking and shivering as she draped my arm over her shoulder. We stood and she led me in to the bathroom to the edge of the vanity next to the toilet.

Just as I held on to steady myself, I realized they undressed me when they helped me to bed. All I had on was my t-shirt and underwear. A sense of panic set in as I started assessing the situation. Before I had time to think, she pulled my underwear down to my ankles and helped me sit on the toilet.

Here was my friend and partner, a woman at least 10 years my senior, helping me use the bathroom like a child. As I tried to start, she smiled at me sitting on the toilet and walked over to the tub. “I’ll run you a bath. I think a long, hot soak will make you feel better.” She sat on the edge of the tub, turning on the water as she looked back at me with her bright, green eyes.

“Be back in a minute.” She walked back into the bedroom, leaving me to do my thing with a little privacy. When I finished, I looked back in the bedroom and then to the tub.

It’s only a few feet. You can do this.

I took my shirt off and stood. As I began to collapse, I took a couple of steps towards the tub and caught the side as I fell. I was able to get my leg over the side and sit in the tub by myself. Fall into the tub is actually more accurate as to what happened. I made a loud crashing noise and splashed water all on to the floor.

She suddenly reappeared at the doorway. “I was going to help you get in silly. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” She shook her head and laughed, looking at the mess I’d made on the floor. She was acting differently than the Donna I knew, who was a serious, no-nonsense and all-business woman. This was a side casino oyna I’d never seen before.

“Relax. And don’t anywhere! I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She disappeared back into the bedroom.

The bath did feel nice. My chills weren’t as bad in the warm bathwater. I closed my eyes again, taking a deep breath. I was awaken by warm water being poured over my chest. As I looked over, Donna was sitting on the edge of the tub dipping a washcloth in the tub and wringing it out on my chest. The water was running and I felt that it was all hot water being added to the tub. She had pulled her hair up into a ponytail, a look I’d never seen on her before.

“Hello there. You fell asleep. Let’s get you washed up and back into bed before you turn into a prune. You’ve been in there a while.” I looked and the tips of my fingers were shriveled up. I could also clearly see my nakedness though the water, looking at something else shriveled. I looked back up and her eyes had followed mine. She was undoubtedly staring at my limp cock. Putting my hands back in the water, I covered myself with embarrassment.

She looked back up and smiled, putting the warm, wet cloth on my forehead. She then grabbed the bar of soap and began washing my back, pushing me forward so she could get down to my waist. After rinsing me off, she helped me lay back in the tub. I had to move my hands to stop from sliding completely in. She took my hand and began washing my arm and shoulder. Then the other. I casually put my hands back to cover myself as she washed my chest. Knowing I’d been exposed to her for some time, I still felt weird being exposed and felt the need to cover myself.

Turning towards my feet, she leaned over and grabbed a leg. When she did, it was the first I noticed she was wearing a pair of pajama shorts and a short sleeved pajama shirt. It was also clearly apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra. In the years I’ve known her, she has always been in business suits or conservative dresses. Always a prim and proper lady. This was something very different than the person I’ve known all these years.

As I began enjoying the view, a sudden jolt of panic set in when I felt an awakening down below.


She washed my leg up to my thigh and then went to the other leg, beginning with my foot. My cock was now in a semi-erect state and I was looking away, hoping it would go down. When she finished my leg, she lathered her hand back up and before I realized what she was doing, her soft hand was around my balls. Her soft touch, along with looking at her breasts through the thin cotton fabric, caused my cock to go from semi to fully erect almost immediately.

She briefly made eye contact noting my erection and then back to working the soap over my sack. I was doing all I could to not make eye contact and trying think about anything and everything other than her tits and her hand on my junk to cause it to go down. As she released my balls, her hand went further back and a finger pressed between my cheeks and gently penetrated me as she lathered my backside.

My cock was sticking straight up now, as hard as I’ve been in a long time. She made eye contact again and smiled. She then re-focused and began washing my hardened cock, wrapping her lathered hand around my head, giving me a thorough cleaning.

To say I was embarrassed would be an understatement. Here was this woman whom I admire and respect immensely, holding my erect cock and washing me like a little boy being bathed by his mommy. She finished soaping my erection and splashed the water around a bit, washing off the remnants of soap as my cock stuck straight up and out of the bathwater.

She put the soap down and reached for the towel.

“Ok, do you think you can stand on your own?” I looked back up and shook my head ‘no’. She leaned over, grabbing me under my arms. In doing so, I couldn’t help but look down her shirt and stare at her bare breasts hanging feely under the fabric. Her nipples were also hard. Just like my cock.

When I looked back up, we made eye contact again. She knew what I was staring at, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t chastise me for being so blatant in staring down her shirt at her milky white breasts hanging. No, she only smiled. She then helped me up and out of the tub. I shivered as she dried me off with the warm towels she had brought back from the laundry room. I was still hard and tried to cover myself. She looked down at my predicament, but it didn’t seem to bother her. If anything, I’d say she was enjoying it.

She led me back to the bed and despite my embarrassment, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I closed my eyes and was out again.

Gene and Donna are my business partners. They are also husband and wife. Gene hired me out of college over 20 years ago. He was a divisional manager at the firm and brought me on to join his team. In the time I worked for him, he taught me more than college ever did. He was a true mentor. We didn’t socialize outside of work on a regular basis, but did have corporate canlı casino parties where I had spent enough time to consider them friends. They also came to our wedding shortly after I began working for Gene.

About six years ago, he took a leave of absence for personal reasons. While a head-strong manager and leader, he was also quiet and kept his personal life separate from work. I was shocked six months later when he ended up resigning. No explanation given. Only his resignation.

He re-connected with me about three years ago and invited Tiffany and I to their house. We all sat in their living room as they made a business proposition. I inquired about his sudden leave and he only responded with it was a personal health matter, nothing more was said. But in the three years since he had left, he had started his own small firm. He had brought on three other junior accountants, but now needed someone else with experience. During the discussion, we learned that he had secured a sizeable government contract to audit two defunct banks. They needed help and wanted me to join. Gene knew full well I was one of the best in forensic audits of financial institutions.

Knowing I had a good setup at my job, they sweetened the offer by giving me a 30% stake in their company. This did two things. One, it allowed them to offer me a package that was overall better than what I was getting at my current firm. Two, it tied me to their company. This would allow them the ability to continue grow the business without worrying about me bolting if a better offer came along.

After several days talking it over with Tiffany, I made the move. The hours were long, much longer and more of a challenge than I had anticipated. But it payed off and we were able to sign more contracts and bring on even more staff. While Gene had the business knowledge and contacts, Donna was the one who ran the company and secured the contracts. She is type ‘A’ all the way and a very perceptive businesswoman. She understands how to read people and is excellent on closing the deal. I found they worked well together and balanced one another in a way very few partners do. Let alone a married couple.

The long hours took a toll on my relationship with Tiffany though. Ultimately, it ended up costing me my 20 year marriage over a year ago. No, that’s not entirely true. We had grown apart in many ways over the years and after our son moved off to college last year, we realized we didn’t have that much in common anymore.

Once the divorce was final, I poured all my time into the practice. The first few months were rough and I was in a state of depression. Donna was there when times were darkest and always a loving, listening ear. While she never took sides, she understood the demands of the job and was supportive. I could tell she felt bad about our divorce, but it wasn’t her fault.

As for Donna, while I would never ask her age, I knew she wasn’t as old as Gene who had just celebrated his 60th birthday. She was probably ten years or so older than me. If I had to guess, I’d say she was early to mid 50s.

Not that it matters. Not only were they my business partners, they had also become my closest friends. I would consider them the mentor / big sister influence in my life. They took a genuine interest in my overall mental state after the divorce. Donna was also interested and protective to an extent as I eased my way back into the dating world. She wanted to know about the women I was attracted to and even has helped me with an online profile.

And all I can say is that dating at 42 sucks. Sure, it’s fun the first couple of dates. Things are new and the sex is fun and fresh, which is nice because the sex towards the end of my marriage was non-existent. But after a few dates, the women start angling for what’s next. Wanting to settle down and asking if I really have to work all those hours. At least that’s been my experience. And I’m not in position to do that. At least not yet. There has to be something more. Donna has pushed me on what I mean by that, but I don’t even know if I know.

“You are still burning up. Here, take this ibuprofen.” I was in the middle of a dream when I woke to her shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and Donna was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a couple of pills again and a glass of iced water. As I began to sit up, I realized I was naked under the covers. It was then I remembered her bathing me and helping me to bed.

I then remembered getting an erection by looking down her shirt staring at her nipples. I began to feel embarrassed again. Only now I was more lucid and know I started blushing. As I took the pills and drank the water, my head was still spinning. I looked back over and she was no longer in her pajamas, but I still don’t think she was wearing a bra under her shirt.

“I’m sorry to wake you like that, but your fever seems to be getting worse and its’ been eight hours since you took anything.”

“Eight hours? What time is it?” It felt like she had just helped me kaçak casino to bed, I couldn’t believe eight hours had passed.

“It’s a little after 4:00. You’ve been out and seemed to be resting well. I hated to wake you, but you need to take this. I’m sorry. I also called your doctor and got some Tamiflu. The next time you go in, you will have to tell them I’m your older sister. I don’t think the nurse believed me.” She winked and laughed.

“I also sent a text early this morning, telling everyone to work from home the rest of the week. You are the third to get sick and I don’t want anyone else catching this.” In addition to running the place, Donna was also the ‘mamma bear’ of the office. All our employees were in their 20s and she cared for each of them as if they were her children. That’s just who she is.

“I’ve never been so wiped out in my life.” I lay my head back against the pillow, realizing I had to use the bathroom.

“Do you need anything?” I looked back at her and then the bathroom.

She laughed. “Okay, here, let me help you up.”

“Donna, I-I don’t have anything on.”

“I know that, Les. I’m the one who bathed you and put you back to bed this morning. Remember? We are both adults and you are sick. Quit being such a prude. I’ve already seen penis anyway. There is no need for modesty around me, okay? Now come on.” Just like that, she pulled the sheet back, leaving me exposed on the bed.

She helped me back to the bathroom and even helped me after I did my thing. Nobody has ever had to clean me like that as an adult. To make matters worse, I got another erection. There was no hiding it. It was a full-on hard on.


As she helped me back to the bed and pulled the sheet back over me, I apologized, closing my eyes and trying to make the moment go away.

“For what, your erection? Lighten up Les. You’re a man and have a penis. It gets hard sometimes. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. If I’m being honest though, you do have a lovely cock. Nice and hard.” She kissed my forehead as I opened my eyes. While doing so, she reached down giving my hard-on a firm squeeze through the sheet, then gave me a wink as she stood and walked out the door.

What the fuck just happened? Did she just say I had a lovely cock? I’ve never heard her use that term before, and I’ve know her for almost 20 years! And did she really just squeeze it?

I tried to go back to sleep, but was processing what had just happened. Or did it happen? I had been having weird dreams and running high fever. Maybe I was imagining her doing that? Then I started thinking about how beautiful Donna was. I’d never really thought of her that way before. Sure, she’s a woman and I’m a man and all men look at women like that at some point. Even older women. But she was Gene’s wife and my business partner. She has always dressed conservatively and been very prim and proper. She and Gene both. Surely, I was hallucinating about what had happened.

Then I started thinking about her bathing me and leaning over, her breasts hanging under her shirt. That did happen.

Didn’t it?

More dreams.

Vivid dreams.

Sexual dreams.

I had dreams about having sex with Tiffany. I dreamt about the last few women I’d dated and how the sex was with each of them. I also had sex dreams about Donna. She had me tied down on a table, slowly stroking my cock while I told her my fantasies and deepest desires. I told her about learning I loved to play with my prostate and how I asked once for Tiffany to play with me there but being shot down and made to feel foolish.

In the dream, she then began probing me with her finger while I was still tied down, doing what I’d wanted from Tiffany. My cock was hard as a rock as she moved her finger around inside, stimulating my prostate. I looked over and then saw a large dildo, larger than the toy I use on myself at home. Panic set in and I tried to get away. As I fought the restraints, I began falling. Just before I hit the ground, I shook and suddenly woke up.

“Shhhh. Don’t move, Les. I was hoping this wouldn’t wake you, but wanted to check your temperature again. This is almost finished. Just another 30 seconds and I’ll be done.” She patted my hip.

Fuck. It was a dream. Another, vivid dream.

As I gathered my senses, I realized her hand was touching my ass, pulling a cheek up. She was using a rectal thermometer!

“What are you doing!?” I suddenly became aware and self-conscious. My cock was hard as a rock, like in my dream, as she pulled the tiny probe out of my bum.

“I just told you. I’m taking your temperature again.” She looked down at the reading, thinking about making the temperature conversion.

“Okay, you are still at 98.2. That’s 8 hours with a normal temperature. You should be feeling better soon. You’ve certainly had a lot of rest and your fever finally broke late last night. You’ve been running between 100 and 104 for almost three days now. I didn’t think it was ever going to break. We’ve been close to taking you to the hospital a couple of times now.” She rolled me back on my back and covered me with the sheet. My cock was sticking straight up, tenting the sheet.

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