Amber Ch. 07

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It was a Teacher In-service Day, so the students were let out of school at Noon while the teachers stayed behind for specialized training. I would have loved to have been able to spend that afternoon with Amber, but I had unfortunately been called to meet with a client early that afternoon. Fortunately, Amber understood, but I could still tell that she was disappointed that we could not spend the afternoon together.

As I left the client’s office building, I used my cell phone to call ahead to a florist close to home and placed an order. Two hours later, I entered the house, briefcase in one hand and a dozen red roses in the other hand.

Unfortunately, however, Amber had fallen asleep. I smiled as I gazed upon her sleeping form from the doorway to her bedroom, admiring her angelic, innocent slumber.

Silently, I crossed the bedroom to the small vanity, placing the vase of roses directly in front of the mirror. I knew the flowers would be a pleasant surprise for her, although I also knew that they would not make up for my having been gone for most of the afternoon.

Turning, I looked fondly upon the sleeping young woman. Her legs were parted just enough that I could see the crotch of her black panty underneath the denim skirt. The slow rise and fall of her chest drew my eyes to her breasts as they strained against her low-cut top, the front of the sweater unbuttoned to reveal a little cleavage.

I felt compelled to go to her, to lay beside her upon the bed and touch her and kiss her. For a moment, I felt it best to just allow Amber to sleep. But then, I changed my mind – after all, she would probably appreciate being awoken by a gentle loving caress.

After taking off my shoes, I settled beside her upon the bed, and Amber instinctively rolled toward me, an arm draped over me. Still she slept, but she at least seemed subconsciously aware of my presence.

Even though she was sleeping, she was arousing me. Simply being so close to Amber created a stirring within me. My sex began to lengthen, harden, preparing to enter her.

I so desperately wanted to enter her, to join with Amber in the most intimate way possible, to know her outside and inside, to touch her deep within and shower her soul with my love and my desire.

Her hand moved across my back, and she stirred slightly, whimpering softly. She was beginning to awaken, so I gave her a gentle squeeze.

Her eyes opened slowly. “You’re home,” she noted with a weary smile.

I kissed Amber’s forehead. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be here when you came home from school today.”

She shook her head subtly against me. “It’s okay. I know you have important things to do with your clients. I’m a big girl now, you know. I don’t need to hog all your attention all the time.”

I kissed her forehead again. “I know you’re a big girl. I sometimes find it hard to believe that you’re not so little anymore.”

Amber made a quiet happy sound deep in her throat. Her hand gently scratched along my spine.

“Dinner out tonight?” I offered.

To my surprise, she shook her head. “Just hold me close,” she requested.

I did, and she drifted back into slumber.


The scent must have awoken her, for Amber appeared just as I was taking the steaks from the oven. She still looked somewhat sleepy, but knowing her love for steak, hunger was certainly overriding her need for sleep.

Dinner was mostly quiet, but it was very much a comfortable silence. Our ankles often slid together underneath the table. A few times, we briefly held hands. Throughout the meal, our eyes lingered freely. casino oyna

I had the sense that, finally, it was nearly time.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow night?” I asked.

“Yes, actually,” Amber admitted, “but I’m all yours Saturday night.”

“That sounds great. What’s happening tomorrow night?”

“It’s Zoe’s birthday, so her parents are throwing her a big party at their house. I’ll be home by midnight, though, I promise.”

“I know you will,” I said fondly, reaching for her hand again. “You’ve always been good about being home on time or at least letting me know where you are.”

“True… but her parents are kicking everyone out by 11:30.”

“Ah! Smart parents!”


While Amber was at Zoe’s party, I cleaned the house, then turned off all the lights and lit several candles in the living room and the bathroom and in Amber’s bedroom. About 11:30, I prepared a hot bubble bath, knowing that she would appreciate it, then went back to the living room to wait while listening to some soft jazz on the radio.

I soon heard a car idling at the end of the driveway, and a door closing a few seconds later. I stood in the candlelight and moved toward the front door, waiting, my heart soaring when I heard a key sliding into the lock.

“Wow!” Amber breathed at the candlelight. Only when she closed the door did she finally see me, and she eagerly stepped into my embrace.

“I made a bubble bath for you,” I finally said quietly, and her eyes sparkled. “I can give you a massage afterward if you want.”

She nodded, smiling. “I definitely want,” she answered.


It was well after midnight when I heard Amber meander from the bathroom to her bedroom. “Give me five minutes,” she called to me softly, then I heard her bedroom door close gently.

One by one, I blew out each of the candles in the living room, then went to the bathroom and did the same. The orange scent of Amber’s favorite bubble bath solution mixed quite nicely with the vanilla scent of the candles in the bathroom. The mixture of scents combined with the latent heat and humidity created a rather calming combination.

I meandered to Amber’s bedroom door and hesitated for a moment before knocking gently. “I’m ready,” I heard her call out to me.

She had left the candles burning in her bedroom, and they cast a soft romantic light which was augmented beautifully by the mirror of her vanity. But what really surprised me was that my sweet Amber was on the bed laying on her stomach, wearing only a skimpy black thong.

“Uh… Wow.”

Amber turned her head toward me, smiling sweetly. “I presume from your lack of intelligent comment that you approve of my attire?”

I closed the door behind me – rather silly of me, actually, since we were the only two people in the house – and approached the angel upon the bed. “I think I would approve of you in anything.”

For a long time, all was quiet as I massaged her. My hands enjoyed the feel of her bath-softened skin and the love which seemed to seep from her pores. It was the first time I had ever touched her bare skin other than her face or her arms or her legs, and I was definitely not disappointed. I was intrigued by the small mole on her upper spine, and remembered how she had injured herself when she was barely thirteen years old and she fell hard onto a log and severely bruised her lower left back, for there was still a very faint mark of discoloration visible in the candlelight.

I had seen Amber’s legs fairly often since she enjoyed wearing skirts and dresses, and late at night or canlı casino early in the morning would usually wear a robe, but there was something extra special, extra alluring about seeing her legs in their entirety. My eyes lingered, studying how the back of her thighs joined with her buttocks. I even traced that area several times, which elicited a soft giggle from the scantily-clad angel.

It was also nice to note her feminine curves, for the first time unencumbered by clothing. The curve of her back flowing into her buttocks was almost mesmerizing. The way her torso narrowed into her waist and then flared again into her hips made me want to ride those curves as if I was on a roller coaster.

Taking my time, I massaged her fully: the back of her neck, her shoulders, each arm and hand, her back, her firm derrière, each elegant leg and foot. She occasionally whimpered or sighed softly, clearly enjoying the delicate attention. The massage had been good for me as well – good in that I was able to view and touch Amber’s barely-clad body for the first time, and that combined with my growing desire had certainly aroused me… to the point that when I happened to glance down at my crotch, I could just barely see a slight wetness seeping through my slacks.

Glancing at her digital clock, I saw that it was after 1AM, and figured that it was time to bring this massage to an end. I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss between her shoulder blades, and started to move off the bed.

“No,” she protested quietly, turning over. “Please, don’t stop.”

I could not refuse. I did not want to stop anyhow.

The massage continued. I had to struggle, however, to avoid touching her breasts – in part to tease her a little, admittedly, but primarily because I did not want to appear as if all I really cared about was touching her breasts.

Amber’s eyes were closed through much of the massage, but I knew that she was enjoying it. I also enjoyed this wonderful new view of her, noting these exquisite curves and etching them forever into my memory. She was so warm, so soft, so open with me, and my appreciation and desire swelled and throbbed.

Her shoulders, her arms, her hands, her chest (except her breasts), her stomach, her mons, her legs, her feet… I left almost no part of her unmassaged. From her breathing and her soft sounds, however, I could tell that she wanted me to touch her intimately.

Ultimately, I did. I made the long yet enjoyable journey back up her legs, over her hips, along her stomach and her lower ribs, and finally turned my rapt attention to her soft breasts. To touch them for the first time without any clothing thwarting a direct hand-to-breast contact was an exhilarating experience for me. Feeling her pert nipples poking into my palms somehow made the entire massage seem all the more real to me. While I had caressed her breasts many times over the previous weeks, to do so on this occasion without the barrier of clothing made their gentle curves seem even more pronounced, more prominent.

When she held my hands to her breasts, I knew that Amber wanted this particular tactile contact as I as I had wanted it. Our eyes locked, as fused together as our hearts.

I could feel her heartbeat and her love. I could see her happiness and her desire.

It seemed that everything was indeed right with the world.

I used my hands both to help my precious Amber to relax and to demonstrate to her just how much she meant to me. Yet again, as my hands squeezed the most visible signs of her femininity, I thought of Amber in her younger years and was impressed at just kaçak casino how much she had grown and developed over the ten years I had known her.

Her hands seemed to glide up my arms, over my shoulders and neck, and she pulled my head down toward hers. With my hands still gently squeezing her breasts, we kissed – a long, slow, lingering kiss. She sighed several times into my mouth, and I inhaled her breath, inhaled her love.

I slid a hand to her head, stroking her hair. My other hand meandered down her body and into her thong, a fingertip ultimately tracing circles around her clitoris. She moved against my finger – subtly but noticeably. The kiss continued, my tongue brushing across her front teeth. Her jaw opened, and I directly flicked her clitoris for the first time, causing her to shudder against me and squeal softly into my mouth.

Simultaneously, I penetrated my sweet Amber with tongue and finger. They entered her slowly, tentatively, giving her a chance to nudge me away if she felt I was going too far or too fast.

She moaned louder into my mouth and gripped my back rather firmly, angling her head and her torso so that my tongue and my finger could each achieve maximum penetration.

The massage had clearly ended. Soon I was kissing her deeply, repeatedly plunging multiple fingers into her willing body as she squirmed against me and groped me through my clothes. Her wetness was unmistakable, not only in its feel and copiousness but also in its sound every time I thrust my fingers into her warm clenching sex.

I slid my thumb along her sacred entrance, wetting it with her passion, and brushed her clitoris. She tore her lips from mine, groaning with a primal sound I had previously only heard from the opposite side of her closed bedroom door. With my fingers still moving inside her, I focused my attention upon her sensitive nub.

Her reaction was 100% pure woman.

Her soft cries, her involuntary scratches, her rough groping, her impassioned writhing, her ragged breathing… She was definitely 100% pure woman.

For several beautiful seconds, she may have been as lifeless as a statue. Amber’s entire body went rigid. Her eyes were open wide, her mouth agape. She did not breathe. Her only movement occurred around my embedded fingers.

Gently, I kissed her cheek, and that was apparently the catalyst, for all the pent-up sexual energy was suddenly released in an explosion of sound and movement which touched my soul, and I instantly felt that I was indeed a better person for having witnessed it.

When she at last lay limp upon the bed, I respectfully extracted my fingers and brought them to my lips. Her taste was wonderful, a tangy passion which lingered on the tongue and hinted at even more to come. Through half-closed eyes, she watched me with a weary smile as I savored her nectar.

Sleep was starting to beset me as well, and the reason why was emblazoned upon the digital clock atop the dresser. Yet I was still extremely aroused by the young woman upon the bed with me, the young woman who had just allowed me to take one more step toward finally joining fully with her.

However, this was not the time to take that final step.

I kissed her, directly over her heart, and she held my head to her chest. For just a moment, I turned my ear to her sternum, listening to her steady love as I caressed her side, once again exploring the curve of torso into waist into hip.

At last, I began to rise, but she caught my hand. “I love you deeply, Aaron,” she whispered, her eyes still half-closed.

“I know, Amber,” I returned with a weary smile. “I know.”

I believe that she was asleep before I closed her bedroom door behind me, but I ultimately lay awake in my own bed for quite some time, reliving the events of the evening.

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