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After high school I enrolled in a nursing school in my hometown. That is where I met Stephanie. She was cute, with short sandy hair and deep blue eyes. She was smart and had a great sense of humor. It wasn’t long before we were best friends. At school we would leave the building and go shopping or out to lunch. My boyfriend was away at school, so on weekends we went out to bars together and had a few.

Growing up my girlfriends were just friends. We talked about boys and clothes and things like that. Stephanie was different. I looked forward to time with her. We thought a like. She knew what I was going to say before I said it. One weekend, when both our boyfriends were in town we had adjoining rooms at a motel. I could hear Stephanie and her boyfriend screwing in the next room. Even though I giggled to my boyfriend I was highly aroused! I imagined Stephanie’s face as she reached orgasm. I made sure Steph heard me when we were making love.

Not long after that I was lying in bed, half in and half out of a dream. My fingers were in my panties and my pussy was all wet. I was surprised when I realized I was fantasizing about Stephanie! Until now it hadn’t dawn on me that I thought about her that way. I thought I was in love with my boyfriend and faithful to him. I became anxious about my feelings. I had a strict Christian upbringing, I wasn’t supposed to feel this way about another girl. Was this wrong? I did things with my boyfriend that I had been told were wrong.

Stephanie was staying with her aunt and uncle out in the suburbs. They decided to go away for a week so Stephanie asked me to sleep over Friday night. We had some wine with dinner and were almost finished cleaning up. Steph was washing and I was drying when suddenly she leaned over and kissed me. “I’m so lucky to have a friend like you ” she said. I was a little shocked; Stephanie had never shown affection before.

We made some rum and cokes and sat down to watch TV. Before I knew it we had been through several drinks. I was beginning to feel a nice warm glow. “Lets play some cards.” Stephanie said and she got up and walked towards the bedrooms. She came back and laid a deck on the coffee table. I noticed the top card depicted a man licking a girls pussy. I felt a little nervous and yet excited; what kind of fantasies did Stephanie have? “I found those in my Brother John’s room, I didn’t think he’d mind.” She said with a devious grin. We started playing gin and after a hand Stephanie went for more drinks. I shuffled through the deck checking the cards. Sucking, Fucking, Dildos, Strap ons, I was really getting aroused!

Stephanie came back in the room with drinks and sat on the floor across from me at the coffee table. She picked up the remote and changed the channel. On the TV was a naked girl pinching her nipples. “I love this show! People talk about their turn ons while they

demonstrate!” Stephanie exclaimed. The girl on the TV had moved a hand down to her pussy and was slowly stroking it. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning a little. Stephanie dealt another hand and we continued playing gin. The game went slowly, we were both distracted by the TV.

The girl bahis firmaları on the screen was stroking harder now and I hardly noticed when Stephanie declared gin. “This is boring let’s play something else.” Said Stephanie. Knowing that we thought alike I was almost afraid to ask. “Strip Poker of course” she laughed, reading the look in my eyes. My breath caught in my throat! This was better than my wildest fantasy! My mind raced as I wondered where this might lead. The girl on TV now had a vibrator in her pussy and she was breathing hard. Stephanie dealt; I got a pair of fours. “You win!” Stephanie exclaimed. As she pulled off her top I became flush. I had never admitted to anyone that I found the female form exciting! She gently touched each breast and sighed. She didn’t have large breasts but they were shapely, and she had wonderful puffy nipples. “Do you ever play with yourself?” Steph asked as she stroked her tits. I heard myself whisper “yes I do.” electricity running through me as I said it. ” I thought so.” Steph replied

I dealt and got a lousy hand. Steph’s wasn’t much better but she was Ace high. Although I was excited I still felt a little shy. I slid my shorts off under the table. “OK side bet!” Steph declared. ” Loser has to kiss the person across from them.” The girl on the screen was moaning loudly, thrusting the vibrator hard into her pussy. Steph dealt and again I didn’t get much. Steph showed her cards and hers were worse. I was Jack high and Steph got on her knees and slid down her shorts. The front of her panties was all wet. She reached across the table and pulled me to her. I was stiff at first, confused by thoughts that this wasn’t done and how excited I was! I melted when she slid her tongue into my mouth. Her kiss rippled through me! She backed away a little and looked me in the eye “That was nice.” she said as she sat back down.

The next hand I had nothing higher than a seven and lost. Without hesitation I took off my top. My nipples were swollen. “Excited I see” Steph said as she dealt the cards. Once again a bad hand. Steph beat me with a jack. I got on my knees and slid down my panties.

The girl on TV had reached a raging climax and was replaced by two girls making out on a couch. ” I love watching girls make out.” Stephanie said. “When I was younger, when no one was home, I would go to John’s room and borrow one of his Hustlers.” Steph said. She had her hand inside her panties and was gently stroking her pussy. “I would look at the pictures of the lesbians and it really made me hot. At first I would just touch my self through my clothes, but eventually I started to strip.” she said. My pussy got wet as I listened, I could no longer resist massaging my nipples. “Playing with my clit while looking at those girls lick each other was such a turn on.” My pussy was tingling as I rubbed my nipples harder, then pinched them until they hurt.

“I’ve known for a while now that you wanted me.” Steph said as she rose from the floor. “Have you been with a girl before?” Stephanie asked. “No” I stammered. ” Would you like to try it with me?” she asked. My pussy gushed as I whispered “yes” She slid off her panties then bent kaçak iddaa over and took my hands. I rose into her warm embrace. Steph had a look of desire in her eyes like I had never seen before. Once again her lips touched mine. We kissed for a long while exploring the depths of each other’s mouths; sucking on each other’s tongues; lovingly kissing each other’s lips, her kiss more passionate than before stoking the fire burning in me. Her hand was on my ass, grinding me against her pussy. Her juices were running down my leg. I shuddered as she started to lick my neck my pussy getting wetter as she playfully spanked me.

Steph pushed me down to the couch and knelt in front of me. She began licking my belly then worked her tongue up to my chest. Slowly she slid her tongue towards one of my nipples and began to run her tongue around it. She started out in circular motions and then flicked her tongue across one and then the other. After a little more teasing, Stephanie took one of my tits in her mouth and the other in her hand. She simultaneously rubbed and kissed the breasts while I lay back with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of having her play with my tits. Steph began sucking the nipple, biting it lightly and pulling it. She gently twisted the other, pulling it and pinching it, sending small currents of sensual pain through my chest. A loud moan escaped my lips as I gave in to the pleasure.

With the fingers of her other hand Stephanie was exploring my pussy. She would stop sucking my breasts and pull the fingers from my cunt and put them in her mouth. Then she took her fingers out and touched them to my lips. “Taste your wonderful pussy” she said. I licked and sucked Stephanie’s fingers as if they were my boyfriends cock, intoxicated by the taste of my pussy. Stephanie then parted my legs with her hands. She kissed my stomach and licked around my waist. She caressed the inside of my thighs with her fingertips, while her nipples slid across my thighs. I had never been so excited, something so Taboo was driving me wild! She then slid her tongue over the top of my pubic hair and slowly towards the inside of my thighs. Her lips were hot and wet. I could feel her breath on my thighs. Then she lightly kissed me where I was wet. She paused for a moment then her tongue circling the outer rim of my pussy. I flinched my body arched as my vaginal muscles lightly spasmed. She proceeded to teasing me, licking me lightly.

Then I felt her suck my clit and nibble me with her teeth. My legs twitched, as she sucked and slid her tongue inside of me. She slid a finger in me and sucked on my clit, flicking her tongue in a way that made me shudder with delight. She twisted inside of me as I panted and moaned. My legs tightened and I could feel my insides begin to spasm. I moaned sharply as the orgasm came over and over, her tongue buried in my pussy. She braced me with her arms, around my thighs, licking me as wave after wave of fire shot through my pussy.

When I finally stopped convulsing Steph smiled and lay on the floor pulling me down with her. We kissed gently as I recovered strength. My mouth left hers and I kissed my way across her jaw, around to her kaçak bahis ear, down the smooth line of her neck, and then across her collarbone. My thumbs brushed across her nipples, instantly bringing them to taut peaks. I squeezed her lightly and continued my slow exploration as I began to kiss all over her luscious ripe breasts. When my tongue reached out to flick one of her nipples she let out a low moan, and when I sucked that same nipple fully into my mouth she cried out and arched her back up off the ground. I then licked my way over to her other nipple while my fingers explored the aching wet one I had just finished with. I began placing wet openmouthed kisses all along her flat stomach as my hands touched every inch of her thighs. I darted my tongue into her navel and was rewarded by another intake of breath. As I kissed the tops of her legs I moved so that I was kneeling between Stephanie’s thighs.

I was now living my fantasy. Her pussy was just inches from my face. It was wet with excitement and anticipation. The smell of musk filled my lungs, and I was curious for a taste. My hands gently moved her legs a little farther apart and I lowered my head to kiss the curls at the top of her mound. I spread the pink lips of her pussy with my fingers as I bent to lick the entire length of her slit. When my tongue found her swollen clit she cried out with pleasure and put her hands on my head to hold me more tightly to her. “Yes” she whispered, “That’s it! Keep doing it. Lick me like I licked you.” I licked and nibbled her wet pussy lapping up the sweet juices that were dripping from her. Her wonderful salty taste inflamed me. My tongue plunged into her cunt over and over as far as it would go. I put a finger inside of her and then a second. She was so tight my fingers were being squeezed together. As I felt her relax a little, I began to stroke her inner walls with my fingers. My head lowered once more and I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. “Oh, God, that feels so good,” Steph moaned as she writhed in pleasure against my tongue and fingers. Her total abandon turned me on like nothing else and I began to move my fingers in and out of her cunt faster and deeper while still sucking her clit. “Yes, yes, harder Cheri, harder.” Steph begged. I did as she demanded and plunged my fingers into her as deep as they would go. I picked up speed and began to fuck her with both fingers as fast I could go, sensing her climax was near. It took only a couple strokes more until I felt her pussy muscles clench my fingers tighter. I bent my fingers at the knuckles slightly and hit her G-spot perfectly. “AHHHH!!! God, I’m coming!” Stephanie screamed as her hips bucked up to meet my fingers. When the waves of her orgasm had subsided I withdrew my fingers from her and met her gaze as I licked every drop of her sweet cream from my hand.

We lay there next to each other for a while gently kissing. I couldn’t believe what we had just done. I could still feel my vaginal muscles spasming as we lay there. I had never thought that being with a woman would be so good. How would I explain this to my boyfriend, or would I?

She propped herself up on one elbow and put her hand out to spin her finger lightly around one of my nipples. “I knew we’d like this. I could tell that you loved it. You were so hot.” And she was right. It was great. I knew this would happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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