Am I Dreaming? Ch. 01

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I awoke, and slowly rose out of my bed. The morning was cold to my body. I staggered to the bathroom and I examined myself like I normally did in the mornings. My eyes were droopy and hazel. I gazed at the rest of my body. My belly was red with lines from sleeping on it. I wasn’t fat but I wasn’t skinny either. My body hair was in a fair amount. I fit the category cub to a T. I finally looked down and took notice to my morning wood.

I had the urge more and more often. It had been 2 years since my last relationship. I though to myself, “Am I ready for another commitment?” I quickly brushed off the thought before it webbed into anything that would bring up my past hurt. I grabbed myself and pulled the foreskin of my mediocre sized cock back. I spat and began to stroke. I quickly thought up an image of black haired muscle bear. Thick bearded and raw. I worked my dick till I felt the edge coming.

Then I slowed and savored the high. I fantasized about the black bear kissing me and having his way with me. Finally I let go and allowed myself to go over the edge and climax. My body tensed and my dick pulsed. My first nut landed in the sink, while the rest dribbled into my hand. I wiped everything up and rinsed the sink. I reached over and turned the shower on.

I finished washing/dressing and walked into the hall that opened into the living room and kitchen of my apartment. I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by the scent of coffee. I fixed my cup and stood in front of the kitchen window. I had put a new filter and coffee grains in for the next morning. I enjoyed this. It was the part of my day that was the most relaxing. I stood and savored the sun on my skin. I knew I would be in a cubicle designing ads for the next 10 hours so I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri savored the morning light. Something felt different. Somehow I knew today was going to be a good day.

My iPhone vibrated in my pocket and I gulped the rest of my coffee. The vibration meant I needed to head out or be late. My yellow dodge neon awaited my arrival. I sat in it bending my head forward as I did. As tall as I was you think that I would have something bigger, but this was paid for and good on gas. On my way to work I stopped at the Quickybreak breakfast drive through and ordered a sausage biscuit. When I came to the pay window I was greeted by the familiar faces and continued to pickup my food. I exited the parking lot and before I knew I had finished my biscuit and arrived at work.

I did a final run over and made sure my suite was up to par. My black jacket and pants appeared fine. Did a slight alignment adjustment to my caller and was on my way. Upon entering the building the smell of paint and wood dust caught my attention. I climbed the first set of stairs and upon rounding the corner I found out why the smell lingered. They were remodeling the 2nd floor conference room. I came to the door and took a peek. There were 4 scrawny early 20’s guys working.It looked like the renovations were coming along well.

As I turned right to exit the doorway I was almost shocked to death. What my eyes landed on were a real embodiment of the guy I pictured up earlier for my “session”. I was taken back by the likeness they shared. The guy spoke and said, “Sorry there bud, didn’t mean to startle you.” My heart started pounding as he spoke through his beard.

“No problem”, I finally choked out.

He gave a swift nod with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his construction cap and entered the room. I examined his figure. He wore a white stained t-shirt and blue jean pants matted with paint and who knows what else. With boots that where obviously steel toe due to the metal protruding through the worn leather. His ass fit his jeans well. I stared for a moment and left after that observation; my pants where starting he get tight in my groin. I shifted down the floor of cubicles until I made it to mine. I opened adobe Indesign and checked my inbox for customer design requests. I opened the first email and immediately started to work on the logo for the news article they required.

As my day progressed the image of the construction guy danced through my mind. I couldn’t shake it. He was perfect. 1:00 rolled in fast and I took my hour lunch. I eagerly stood and went to return to the stairs where I might get a peek at that handsome stud again. I came to the conference room and peeked inside. The equipment was still there, but the guys where gone. Disappointed I descended the stairs slowly. I walked through the Lobby and made my way to the outside bench. The building was surrounded by other equally tall and taller buildings. Queens New York was busy. It waited for nobody. I pulled open my left jacket flap and produced a pack of Newport Menthols and lit one. I took in a shallow drag, and sighed with relief. The cool mint matched the afternoon weather. The day was cool so no need to take off my coat. The pack was nearing empty, but they lasted two weeks. When I smoked it was mostly at work and not that often. I stared up the street and observed the people passing. I was deep in thought, when a deep güvenilir bahis şirketleri raspy voice came to me from my left.

“Can a bum a cig man?”, “Left mine in the car, and I’m here with my company’s truck. ”

I turned and my heart skipped a beat. It was him. My body started to sweat over, even though it was chilly.

“Sure.” I blurted out.

With my heart racing I dug into my jacket pocket and produced my pack and lighter. Generously I handed him both and said, “Have them. There are only a few left and I got another pack in my cubicle drawer.” The words flew out of my mouth faster than I could think.

“Are you sure? I just need one to hold me over.”

“I am positive. Name is Brock. ”

“Nice to meet you Brock and thanks.”

“I’m Will.”

We shook hands and he sat. He pulled a smoke out the pack and stroke the lighter. He took a deep inhale and exhaled through his mouth slowly. He opened the box and attempted to stuff the lighter back in. Clumsily he dropped it and bent over to pick it up. His tight fitting white shirt lifted to show his lower back. My eyes quickly jerked and observed the sight. His back was dark and furry.

“What a great tan I thought.”

I continued looking and as he came up his boxers loosened and showed a quick glimpse of his whiter ass and patch of fur they where hiding. I sensed his eyes on me and diverted my attention to his eyes which met mine. My heart started to race even faster than before and I felt lightheaded. His face was manly. His beard was dark and well kept. His hair was pushed down around his head flat from wearing his construction helmet. He made a quick smirk at me and said, “Where you checking out my ass?”. I blushed and he began to laugh. I didn’t need to answer as for he could already tell by my reaction. My face felt hot and I started to get up when he grabbed my arm.

“Hey bud it’s cool. I look at it as a compliment.” With a sly smile.

My heart jumped and nearly choked me to death. Did he just say that? Am I fucking dreaming?

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