Almost Chance Ch. 04

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The room through the doorway was smaller and darker than the one Jen had just left. The walls were painted a deep blue with the thick carpet under her feet a similar shade and a single window letting in dappled light from the rear of the house. In the centre of the room there was a bed in a wrought iron frame, the mattress covered with blue sheets only and what looked like ribbons hanging from the frame. From looking round the room, she could see that this was not Mistress’ own bed – the room was almost bare, except for a few small shelves with candles on them. Mistress stood on the other side of the room, the bed between her and Jen.

‘Come, my dear.’ She spoke, her voice warm and inviting. ‘Lie down here.’ She patted the bed with her hand. Jen obeyed the instruction and climbed onto the bed, noting as she touched it that the sheet covering it was silk, warm to the touch. She lay on her back, arms loosely at her side, legs straight, looking up towards Mistress standing over her.

‘Good. Now, my dear, it is time for you to learn of the pleasures of restraint. As this will be the first time this has been done to you, it may be uncomfortable at times because your body is not used to it but the minor discomfort should only serve to heighten your pleasure when you become accustomed to it. It is the role of a slave to accept whatever discomfort her Mistress deems her worthy of, of course, but I am still learning about the limits your body can take. If you reach a point when your body becomes too painful or you are about to incur irreparable damage then you are to say the word ‘strawberry’ and I will stop and untie you immediately. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress, I understand.’

‘Good. Now, hold out your arms for me.’ Jen stretched out her arms until she was in a cruciform position. Mistress grabbed her right wrist as it came to close to her and took one of the ribbons from the bed, tying it round Jen’s wrist firmly then affixing it to the frame of the bed. As she walked around the bed to do the same to the other, Jen could feel the smooth material rubbing against her wrist, some mix of silk and satin, fixed tight enough to prevent her hands from slipping out but loose enough to not damage her. As Mistress tied her other wrist to the other corner of the bed, Jen could feel the muscles of her shoulder and upper body being stretched and strained slightly, her breasts perking as the muscles pulled upwards.

She could see Mistress walking down to the bottom of the bed, wrapping the silk straps around her ankles and then fixing her legs in an open position, finally leaving Jen in an ‘X’ on the bed, stretched out but with just enough slack in the straps to move slightly and relieve the strain on her body when it was needed. She could see Mistress standing at the end of the bed, leaning on the iron frame as she looked over her, smiling wickedly.

‘Mmm. You look delectable, my sweet Jen. But a few more things first.’ She moved away from the bed and walked over to the left of the room. Jen turned her head and could just see her on the periphery of her vision, reaching up to one of the shelves and taking a box of long matches. Her eyes tracked Mistress around the room as best they could from that position, watching her light a series of candles, before she disappeared behind the bed. Jen heard a dragging noise as the room suddenly went darker and surmised that Mistress had drawn the curtains, the room now only lit by the flickering light of the candles.

The sound of Mistress’ heels was muffled by the carpet, and canlı bahis Jen was surprised when she saw her head appear directly above hers, upside down as she leant over the head of the bed, her hair, coloured all sorts of shades by the flickering candle light, falling around her face, casting it in shadow.

Her voice came out of that shadowed space, as commanding and irresistible as before. ‘One last thing. Raise your head for me.’

Jen pulled on the straps around her wrists to take the strain from her back as she raised her head up from the softness of the bed. As she did, she saw Mistress’ hands move swiftly towards her, something between them… and then, nothing as what felt like thick velvet covered her eyes, a blindfold swiftly fitted tightly, blocking out all the light.

‘Now lay your had back down slowly.’ Jen did as Mistress’ voice commanded, sensing that she was moving around the room as she spoke, but unable to pinpoint where. ‘Now, I must leave you alone for a few brief moments, but do not fear, for I shall return.’ Jen heard one of the doors open and close quickly, and then she was alone.

For a moment, Jen wondered if Mistress had tricked her, merely opening and closing the door while remaining in the room. She tried to remain still, breathing only softly, her heart slowly returning to its normal rate after its exertions in the other room. She tried to listen for sounds of Mistress moving round the room, or merely standing still and breathing, but she couldn’t tell. As she lay there trying to sense Mistress, she felt something else, something like an absence, a hollow in the centre of her self. She thought about what she was feeling and realised that Mistress had left her alone, that her body, her soul was telling her that she was alone, however temporarily. She shuddered as she realised what it meant, how close she was already becoming to Mistress, what she had become to Jen in this short time. Already, she had grown used to the collar around her neck, accepted it’s grip on her throat, the feel of the bonds around her wrists and ankles already felt natural to her.

She breathed deeply, trying to calm herself again, hoping that she could breathe in what trace of Mistress’ sweet scent was left in the room. Instead, she breathed in a new aroma, the heady, sensual smell from the candles as it filled the room. She could recognise some scents from candles she had burned herself, but others were new to her, mixing richly into an aroma that was just enough to distract her senses, just heady enough to relax her and make her happy to wait, knowing that Mistress wouldn’t abandon her. She relaxed, thinking of the path that had brought her here, and wondering what delights Mistress would show her next.

She didn’t move or speak as heard the door reopen, then close again swiftly afterwards, wanting to show Mistress how calm she was, how accepting she was of her new presence. She could feel that hole within her close as she heard Mistress walk around the room, her senses heightened by the blindfold, able to smell traces of Mistress’ scent amidst the aroma of the candles. The mattress to the left of her sank downwards as Mistress moved onto it and Jen was able to hear her shallow breathing as she slid close to her.

The first touch was a hand on her stomach, Mistress’ hand laid flat on it then moving around, her fingers tracing the lines of Jen’s muscles, making little patterns on her skin, then another hand added there, moving wider over her chest, along her sides and her arms, feeling the tension in her bahis siteleri sinews, caressing her softly and warmly. Then, a softness on her belly as Mistress’ hair moved across it, Jen vividly seeing the pattern of auburn curls on her pale skin in her mind’s eye. Involuntarily she squirmed as Mistress’ lips touched her navel, as soft and wet as she had imagined them being, but also cold, the brief chill unexpected to her warm body. Mistress’ lips moved up her body, her hands now stroking the sides of Jen’s breasts, kissing the little hollow between them before placing them on her left nipple.

Jen could feel her nipple hardening against the cold touch of Mistress’ lips, her body starting to pull against her bonds as her pleasure increased. Then she felt Mistress’ mouth open, sucking her nipple into her mouth and the cold touch became more intense as her nipple touched the shard of ice in Mistress’ mouth. She gasped at the shock of the cold, her body reacting to the strange new feeling as Mistress’ cold tongue flicked against the engorged nub, alternating contact with the ice. All her senses seemed to be concentrated on that one tiny point of her body and she could feel the patterns on Mistress’ tongue as it rubbed against her, sense the crystals of the ice melting as they came into contact with her body. Soon, all the ice had melted away and she felt Mistress draw away from her and climb off the bed. Jen felt herself about to plead for more but stopped herself, knowing this would displease Mistress.

Then, the mattress to the right of her sank down and she realised Mistress was about to repeat her actions on the other side. It came again, the soft caress of her hands, the smooth touch of her hair, the cold kisses on her chest and then her right nipple became the centre of her pleasure, as Mistress’ icy kiss landed upon it. She remembered what Mistress had told her earlier and focused on her pleasure, trying to control herself and not seek the release that was so close. Her legs pulled at their bonds as she tried to pull them together, feeling the wetness building in her slit, hoping would Mistress would soon pay her attention there.

As the ice melted, she felt Mistress move away again and this time the mattress between her legs sank away from her and she realised that Mistress was kneeling there, feeling the warm leather of her trousers rub against her legs. Again, she saw it in her mind’s eye, her pale body stretched out on the dark silk, flickering shadows playing across it while a vision of beauty kneeled between her legs, the leather on her legs flowing in the light like a second skin, colours playing in her hair.

Her thoughts was disrupted by a new sensation from her legs, a point of cold on the top of each of her thighs each a mirror image of the location of the other. She could sense them moving in parallel, Mistress using them to trace patterns on her legs. As each melted, they left a thin trail of water behind, leaving the pattern cool on her leg as it slowly dissipated into her skin. She tried to concentrate on the patterns to see what Mistress was tracing, but her mind was confused, distracted by the mirrored sensations coming from each leg, slowly moving higher. She could sense the shards melting against the warmth of her body, the tips of Mistress’ fingers coming closer to her skin, occasionally brushing against her, the spots of rare warmth adding to the crazy sensations moving through her. Then, as the shards became shorter, Mistress quickly traced them up over her chest, quickly circling her still erect bahis şirketleri nipples, along the cords of her neck and to her lips. Jen opened her mouth eagerly and felt Mistress slowly dangle one of the shards between her lips, gripping it between two fingers as it rubbed on her tongue. Jen let Mistress slide her fingers along her tongue, sucking on them and the ice, feeling it melt as she warmed the cool flesh of Mistress’ fingers with her tongue.

As one shard melted on her tongue, Mistress traced the other under Jen’s chin, the cool water mixing with the beads of sweat that had begun to form, it’s movement paralleling the up and down slide of Mistress’ fingers within her mouth. Swiftly, she swapped one set of fingers for the others, her warm fingers now stroking the side of Jen’s neck. Despite the effect of the ice, Jen could feel her body on fire, her hips moving up and down in rhythm with Mistress’ stroking, feeling the warmth of her body so close to her, but denied the contact she craved.

As the last of the ice in her mouth melted, Mistress withdrew her fingers from Jen’s mouth. Jen felt the mattress beneath her head sink as Mistress’ hands moved there, her weight shifting forward. Again, she felt the soft caress of Mistress’ long hair on her body, first on her stomach with additional delight as a few strands moved, gossamer-light, across her clit. Then, it moved up her body, brushing over her breasts, teasing her aroused nipples, around her neck until she felt it nestling around her face. She could sense it enclosing their faces together, just faint light from the candles breaking through the shadow, Mistress moving her face so close to hers it felt like there were only a few atoms of space between them. Then she felt it, soft breath on her lips, so close they were sharing the same breath, Mistress’ lips held just above her. Jen felt her heart beating hard and heavy, the blood running through her veins so warm, her whole body seeming to anticipate contact with Mistress’ lips. She remained poised like that for what seemed like an eternity, the sense of her breath driving Jen wild inside, so tempted to move her head just that fraction upwards that would reward her with that first taste of Mistress’ lips, but she knew she had to keep control and wait.

Soon, just when Jen thought she could take no more and was about to surrender to her desire, Mistress moved slightly, letting her lips brush against Jen’s just so slightly. Then, they moved back, brushing against her once more before finally claiming her, Mistress moving her head down firmly against Jen’s, their lips meeting forcefully, Mistress’ tongue pushing eagerly against them, Jen willingly opening up and letting her inside. As Mistress kissed her slowly and passionately, it was as though a switch had been flicked within Jen, fire running through her nerves, every nerve ending tingling with sensation as if her whole body was part of her lips. She felt a wave of pleasure within her unlike anything she had felt before, coming to a peak far beyond anything else she had ever known and she was powerless to prevent it. Mistress’ kiss continued as she came, her tongue exploring Jen’s mouth, their lips eagerly rubbing against each other. It was as though Mistress’ lips were the source of all pleasure, filling Jen up with delight. Wave after wave broke within her, her body twitching and straining, pulling at her bonds, the restraint she encountered acting like a mirror, reflecting her pleasure back at her, redoubled and more intense.

Mistress broke the kiss, pushing herself up and away from Jen, but she was already lost in her orgasm and barely noticed the movement of the mattress as Mistress climbed off. Jen felt like her body was exploding from within, gone far away into this new world of joy.

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