All in the Family Pt. 02

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The following narrative is a continuation of the previously published All in the Family and The Manhandler, which you might want to read first.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After Rita introduced her sister Teresa and husband Rodger to John and Beverly, John couldn’t help but remark how much Rita and Teresa looked alike.

“Rita, if you hadn’t already shared with us Teresa is older than you, I’d swear you were twins. All except for one distinct difference.”

As I mentioned in a previous narrative, and although Teresa is a year older than Rita, you’d swear they were twins. Both the same height (5′ 5″), same build and facial features, same red hair and green eyes, and both loaded with freckles. The only noticeable difference, which John alluded to, Teresa is a lot bigger busted. 38D to Rita being a 36C. But unlike Rita, she had a bra on under her tank top so her breasts appeared even larger.

Before either Rita or Teresa could respond, Beverly jokingly said…”And what difference would that be John?”

“If you don’t see the difference, then it must be my imagination.”

Rita laughed…”No it’s not your imagination John. Yes, Teresa is a lot bigger busted. It’s the one thing everyone seems to notice when they see the two of us together for the first time. But enough about Teresa’s big boobs. Now that we’re all here, what’s on the agenda for today?”

Bill responded first…”I almost hate to say it, but since I’ve got three able-bodied men available I hope you won’t mind helping me cut some honeysuckle that’s encroaching on the driveway by the main road. I know, Walter and I cut it back two summers ago, but it’s very aggressive and doesn’t take long to grow back. Let alone spread. I figure with the four of us we should be able to cut and haul off everything that needs to be in two to three hours. Otherwise it would probably take a day or two by myself.”

Between Walter, John and Rodger, none of them looked thrilled, but didn’t hesitate to say they’d be more than happy to help.

“Thanks guys, and while we’re gone, you ladies can enjoy yourself by the pool until we finish.”

The men first headed to the garage to get what tools they needed, which left us ladies on or own.

I was the first to speak after they left…”I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m going to get some sun before it gets too hot. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t see a need to wear a bathing suit.”

Hearing I wasn’t, Teresa eyes kind of widen before she asked…”Seriously? Oh my, I must be missing something. Seems I’m in the dark as usual. Does anyone care to fill me in on things?”

Of which Rita did, but not before Beverly and I got some towels and sunscreen and made our way to the pool. Once there we stripped naked and applied sunscreen to each other. Which we both enjoyed and took way longer than necessary while Rita had a discussion with Teresa on the deck. They talked for what seemed like a good half hour or more before joining us…minus bathing suits. And as they made their way towards us they were smiling and laughing so the discussion they had obviously went well.

Once they reached us they quickly undressed and also applied sunscreen to each other. And in a very lovingly way as you might expect two sisters would who developed a late life sexual affection for each other. As they were I couldn’t help notice how Beverly was eyeing Teresa’s boobs. I would have sworn I even saw her lick her lips. Not that I blame her. Teresa has tits most women would die for. Let alone a bi-sexual like Beverly, who most likely would love to touch and feel them. Very full with very little sag for Teresa’s age. Not forgetting how large her areola and nipples are.

But what caught my eye was Teresa’s freshly shaved pubic mound. It was clean and smooth as a baby’s bottom. First time I ever saw Teresa with a hairless pussy. Come to find out later her husband Rodger asked her to shave it after seeing Cindy’s at our recent get together. She reluctantly agreed, but only temporarily since she keeps it trimmed for the summer. Like her sister Rita, she has a very hairy pubic area and it would be a hassle keeping it shaved year around.

When done applying sunscreen to each other Rita asked me to lie with her on one of the oversized, or two-person chaise lounges. Which Teresa and Beverly decided to do also. And we arranged them so they were facing each other, which made having a conversation easier. And during our conversation it was easy to see Teresa and Beverly became fast friends quickly. Which lying naked together nearly touching might have had something to do with it.

After about an hour or so of idle chatter Rita came up with a brainstorm and suggested we share sexual fantasies. “That’s if we have any, or haven’t already fulfilled the ones we had.”

Teresa was the first to respond…”That’s casino oyna easy, at least for me since you’ve had more time and opportunities to fulfill your fantasies. While I’ve pretty much checked off most of mine on my ‘bucket list’ I still have one deep dark desire. But I’m somewhat embarrassed by it. Afraid you might think I’m a bit slutty.”

She then paused as though thinking about if she should share it with us. When she did I couldn’t restrain myself…”Don’t you dare leave us in suspense Teresa. You’ve never been shy about sharing your fantasies before. Besides, knowing you it can’t be all that slutty.”

“You’re right Lacey, I suppose it isn’t. Truth be known, I didn’t develop this strange urge until after viewing the video of when you were ass-fucked three times consecutively. More specifically, at the end of the video where Walter, David and Bill all cummed on you. Seeing the three of them shoot their cumloads on you like they did nearly caused me to orgasm at the time. I can’t describe how much it turned me on. I’ve fantasized ever since about having the same thing done to me. Only more so in the number of cumloads. I know, kind of strange to want to be covered in cum. But it’s more than that. The thoughts of a group of men circled around me while jerking off before they shoot their loads has a lot to do with it. Just talking about it gets me wet.”

Which she was. After she mentioned it I glanced at her pussy and you could see a small rivulet of vaginal fluids oozing from her slightly spread labia. Which were shimmering in the sunlight because of how wet they were.

“If it’s any consolation Teresa, at the time it was quite the turn-on when they shot their cumloads on me. First time something like it ever happened and I got quite a thrill from it. There’s nothing strange at all about your fantasy. First chance we get we need to make it a reality for you. I only wish you’d mentioned something before. The get together at Cindy’s house would have been a perfect time since there were five very willing men available.”

“What about you Lacey. Do have anything you never done or would like to do?”

“There’s not much I haven’t done or tried at least once that I’ve had a desire to. But come to think of it, there is one thing I’ve fantasized about and never done. That’s being fucked by three cocks at once. One doing me in the ass, and another in my cunt while one mouth fucks me. Actually I’ve never even had DP in the true sense of the term. I’ve had DP by being fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time, but never in my ass and vagina. And the finishing touch would be all three cocks unloading at the same time. I would love to experience the feel of two cumloads filling my ass and vagina while I took one in the mouth.”

Rita then jumped in…”Damn Lacey, now you’ve got me thinking. And very wet…let alone horny as hell. How come the men are never around when you need them. Seriously, that’s pretty hot and nothing I’d like better than to watch you taking three cocks at once. As with Teresa, first chance we get we need to make it a reality for you.”

“Thanks Rita, and knowing you, I’m sure you will. Now what about you. What’s your secret perversion?”

“Funny you should use the word perversion because it probably is in some ways. I’ve fantasized about being sexually used by multiple people while handcuffed and blindfolded. And when I say people, I don’t necessarily mean all men. Actually I’d prefer a mix of both genders to use and abuse me every way sexually possible as I’m blindfolded and handcuffed. And as with Teresa’s fantasy, when it’s all said and done I want to be covered in cum. As well as my face drenched with pussy juice.”

After listening to everyone’s secret fantasies, except Beverly’s, our hands found their way to our respective cunts, which we were all rubbing to one degree or another. Albeit gently with our legs just slightly spread except for Teresa, whose legs were bent at the knees with her ass slightly raised as she intently fingered her clit. The way she was going at herself it wasn’t going to be long before she orgasmed if she didn’t stop or ease off.

Feeling the way I do about Rita, I promised to make her fantasy a reality. And while I didn’t mention it, I was going to be sure to be the one that drenched her face in pussy juice. Plus I made a mental note to order special padded handcuffs and a blindfold when we ordered a “manhandler”.

Finally it was Beverly’s turn to share a fantasy…”I loved hearing all your secret sexual desires, which made for some very mind-blowing stimulation. But what I’m about to share might be a bit awkward for everyone. Especially me. If you asked me two hours ago to share a fantasy this wouldn’t have been it. It’s pretty spontaneous in that it suddenly became one after lying here naked all together while listening to yours. Please don’t think badly of me, but there’s nothing I’d like more than for the three of you to make love to me. I’ll be fantasizing about it for weeks, maybe months, after John and I canlı casino leave tomorrow morning.”

When Beverly finished Rita, Teresa and I just looked at each other. No one said a word. We were all but speechless. Teresa then surprised the hell out of Rita and I by first getting up to lower the back-rest of the chaise lounge her and Beverly were on. Once down flat she got back on it, but not in a lying position. She straddled Beverly instead. Around her midsection before bending down to kiss her…and very passionately. As soon as she did Beverly wrapped her arms around Teresa’s neck and they began tongue fucking each other like crazy.

Rita placed a hand of my thigh before saying…”Wow…I can’t imagine what got into Teresa all of a sudden.”

“We shouldn’t be surprised Rita. Ever since her and Rodger’s ‘coming out’ party she’s been full of surprises. Let’s just enjoy the show for a while before joining in.”

Which we did. And we had a nice view of Teresa’s ass bent over like she was. With her legs spread wide we also had a clear view of her anus and vagina. Of which pussy juice was dripping from the latter in steady droplets down onto Beverly’s abdomen.

Suddenly Teresa stopped kissing Beverly before asking…”I noticed you admiring my tits earlier and was wondering if you’d like to taste them?”

“Oh yes…very much so.”

Teresa leaned forward to dangle them in Beverly’s face after which she proceeded to sway them from side to side so her nipples brushed across her lips. While Teresa has big tits to begin with, they looked huge hanging down like they were. After Beverly invitingly opened her mouth Teresa lowered herself more so Beverly could suck and lick her already swollen nipples and areola. First one, then the other. Of which Beverly sucked so intently Teresa’s nipples nearly doubled in size.

After a few mintinues of some series sucking of her nipples Teresa raised herself up and asked …”Would you like to taste my pussy too?”

“Gawd yes…there’s nothing I’d like more.”

Teresa scooted forward on her knees until her cunt was directly over Beverly’s face. Once it was she lowered herself until her long labia just barely touched Beverly’s lips. When they did Beverly’s tongue snaked out and began licking them, which by now were soaked with Teresa’s love juice. After licking them clean Beverly took each one in her mouth and sucked them until nearly beet red.

By now Teresa was moaning ever so softly with her head bent backwards facing skyward. All while she groped and pawed her tits and pulled on her nipples. Just when Teresa probably thought it couldn’t get any better Beverly flicked her tongue over and around her clitoris. Big mistake on Beverly’s part as it wasn’t a minute or more before Teresa orgasmed. Which wasn’t surprising she did so fast because of how intently she was fingering herself earlier.

Teresa screamed so loud she scared some birds away which were milling around on the lawn in search of food. After which she began shaking as she let loose with a flood of pussy juice all over Beverly’s face. But Beverly didn’t seem to mind. If anything she enjoyed it as I swore I heard muffled squeals of delight by the cum bath she got.

As soon as Teresa stopped shaking she rolled off Beverly and laid down beside her. After which Beverly turned towards her and they passionately kissed. Teresa then all but licked Beverly’s face clean.

Once it was, Teresa was the first to say anything…”I’m so sorry for cumming all over you like I did. But I couldn’t help myself.”

“Are you kidding Teresa. I loved it when you did. It was simply awesome and the nicest facial I ever got. Not forgetting how sweet your love juice is. My only regret is it’s probably going to be the one and only time I get to taste it.”

Teresa then looked at Rita and I…”What are you two waiting for, a written invitation? Get both your asses over here and join us. Beverly hasn’t orgasmed and I’m leaving that pleasant task for you two.”

We didn’t have to be asked twice. As soon as we joined them Rita laid down beside Beverly opposite Teresa while yours truly went straight between her legs. Something we decided on beforehand since Rita felt I was better at eating pussy than her. And when it was all said and done, she wanted Beverly’s fantasy being fulfilled something she wouldn’t soon forget.

I first licked and nibbled all along Beverly’s inner thighs. Starting at the knees I slowly worked my way to her already soaked pussy lips. Each of which I gently sucked until swollen twice their normal size. In the meantime, Rita and Teresa were taking turns tongue fucking Beverly’s mouth. And while one was, the other was licking and sucking her nipples and tits.

Once Beverly’s labia were fully engorged I parted them with my tongue and began licking up & down with long stiff tongue strokes. Then as if reading my mind Beverly raised her ass so I could get at her anus. Once I could I licked her tightly puckered asshole for a few minutes before replacing my kaçak casino tongue with a finger and began flicking a fingernail over and around the anal ridges. Something I love when Rita does it and Beverly did also.

“Good God Lacey…that feels awesome. Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

“I’m afraid I am Beverly…but only so I can do something else.” Which was to insert my middle finger in her now not so tightly puckered bumhole.

“Damn Lacey…you know all the right things to do, and when. Now please finger fuck me…and until I cum.”

Which I did, but not before inserting a second finger while Beverly squealed with pleasure when I did. Once I established a steady rhythm with my hand I went down mouth first on her clit. And when I did I was surprised how big it was. I hadn’t noticed it before since it was partially covered by her clitoral hood and not fully engorged. Once it was, it was big as a thimble. And nearly as hard. I immediately took it between my lips and sucked it like you would the tip of your finger when hurt. It felt simply divine between my lips. Just like a tiny cock. Hard to describe how incredibly turned-on I got from sucking a clitoris as big and stiff as hers.

As I was, Beverly gently humped my face at first. But as I feverishly sucked her clit the frequency of her humping not only increased, but became more forceful. Eventually to the point it was obvious she was about to orgasm. Sensing she was I increased the pace at which I was fingering her asshole and also began flicking my tongue across the tip of her clit as I continued sucking it. Beverly then wrapped her legs around my waist along with holding my head firmly against her cunt. Rita and Teresa, who also sensed she was ready to orgasm, stopped kissing her before they intently began sucking one each of her incredibly long nipples.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as every muscle in Beverly’s body suddenly contracted, including her legs around my waist. Followed by a series of loud screeches and a huge gush of vaginal fluid. Which all but exploded from her cunt.

Needless to say my face got a good soaking. Not that I was complaining. Just the opposite. As much as I love a cock exploding in my mouth, and the satisfaction I get from it, bringing another woman orally to an explosive climax is twice as gratifying.

What was even more pleasing, Beverly not only had an exceptionally explosive orgasm, but did so repeatedly. Three times to be exact…one right after the other. And each one was accompanied by a burst of pussy juice. But thankfully she relaxed her grip on my head after the first one, which spared me getting showered by the second two. Afterwards she was nearly breathless for what seemed like five minutes. Literally gasping for air at first…let alone being unable to speak.

While waiting for Beverly to recover from her multiple orgasms is when we realized how sweaty we all were. Beverly and I more so than Rita and Teresa. We both were literally soaked and our bodies glistened in the sun.

“Why don’t you two cool off in the pool while I stay with Beverly. As soon as she fully recovers we’ll join you.”

Of which they did while I stayed with Beverly. About ten minutes later she reached out to hold my hand before finally speaking for the first time since she orgamed…”Did I pass out Lacey? Sure seemed like it. And you’re pretty incredible. Best orgasm I ever had from someone going down on me. Actually, it’s the first time I ever had multiple orgasms in such quick succession. You’re simply awesome. I wish I could take you on the rest of the trip with us…and then back home.”

“I don’t think Walter would approve Beverly. Nor Rita. But thanks for the kind thoughts and words. It was my pleasure actually. And even if I say so myself…you’re orgasm, or orgasms, were pretty intense.”

“Thanks to you they were. But look how sweaty we are. I think it’s time for a dip in the pool.”

Which we did, along with Rita and Teresa who were still in the pool. Not that I blame them since it was hot as Hades. And once all together again Beverly made it a point to thank them for making her fantasy a reality and the awesome orgasms she had.

As she was, I noticed the sliding glass door leading to the deck open. Out walked all the men of which two were carrying a very large cooler that was most likely filled with beer and wine coolers. Plus it had a bunch of towels on top.

When they reached the pool they acted surprised by the fact we were all naked. And when I say acted, an act is what it seemed like to me.

John spoke first after reaching the pool…”There’s nothing nicer than finding all you ladies naked as the day you were born. You make for a lovely sight. I’ve never encountered more beautiful water nymphs.”

Walter spoke next…”I hope you don’t mind if we join you?”

Of which Beverly replied…”Of course not. And minus the shorts I hope.”

As if to answer her, they quickly removed them before getting in the pool. And as fast as they did it was easy to see their cocks were at a minimum semi-erect. Even near fully erect for a some, which got me wondering. No way just the sight of us all naked in the pool got them so aroused.

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