All Day Opposite

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Day four of a long, slow, summer back at our parents’ house, and by now, Joyce and me were bored out of our skulls. Time to shake things up.



“Remember when we played that game we called ‘all-day opposite’? Like, literally, all day?”

“Um. No…”

“Really? We played that game religiously as kids. We were obsessed. You don’t remember?”

“No.” A smile played at the corners of her mouth.

“It’s the one where everything you say has to be the opposite of what – “

“Ethan. I said: I, don’t, remember.” She set her fork down and folded her hands under her chin.

“Oh… hah! Yeah. I get it…”

“I never did like that game.” Her smile curled up one side of her face.

“Hah, me neither,” I smiled back. Our eyes met. Challenge accepted! I was ready to draw first blood. “Guess I’m on for doing the dishes then?”

“Dammit!” She slapped her palm on the table and scowled.

I smiled contentedly, sipped my beer and watched as she cleared the table and ran water in the sink.

I decided to try one of my old tricks. Sometimes, this ended the game before it had barely begun. I crept up behind her at the sink and poked her in the love handles with both hands.

“Ah!” She jumped and flung her arms and a puff of dish suds spattered the window. “Don’t Ethan!”

“Hah!” I wagged my finger at her. “You win!”

“Ugh!” She yelled and stamped her foot, a petulant look on her face.

Then a different look came over her. A sneaky look. “I said, don’t touch me! The game’s already over!”

I raised my eyebrows at her. I made my hands into claws and stretched them out slowly toward her waist, giving her plenty of notice that I was coming in for the tickle. She didn’t move.

“I’m not even warning you,” she said. “Don’t!” She was fighting a smile, but she also sounded pretty convincing about not wanting me to touch her. I took a step forward, arms outstretched, closing the distance.

She spun away squealing and took off into the living room and I zoomed after her. I caught her above the hips with both hands, my fingers sliding up under her t-shirt, and her squeal morphed into a giggle fit. “Stop! Stop!” She cried when she caught her breath. “I mean it!”

I immediately stepped back, hands above my head. I was sure I had her then. But after her laughter subsided, she said, dead serious, “Don’t push me Ethan. Don’t touch me again.”

My questioning look must have faltered, and she stepped into the breach with a new… invitation? A dare? “Don’t even try to catch me.”

“Or… what?”

“Or… you’ll regret it.” Her smile had turned devilish. “You will regret it very deeply.” Hmm. When had my sister gotten so good at this game? What wouldn’t I regret?

“Oh well,” I shrugged. “Can’t say as I’m all that interested.”

She turned away and started walking slowly toward the front foyer. She glanced back over her shoulder at me and I got a sudden, dangerous thrill from that one green eye peering at me through her dishevelled hair. Then she took off for the stairs, and I ran after.

Her feet skipped lightly up the steps, three ahead of me. The backs of her bare thighs shone golden in the light from the chandelier. The dangerous thrill I felt before intensified.

She zipped down the hall and into her bedroom. She tried to close the door behind her, casino siteleri but I was too quick. I pushed my way in and she tumbled further into the room, falling back on the bed.

“No!” She yelled. “You can’t!” She slid her butt back on the bed and bent her knees up in front of her. One of the straps of her tank top had slipped off.

“What?” I said. I was grinning, but my grin started to feel weird. It wasn’t matching up with how I felt inside as I looked at my sister. With her knees hugged up against her like that, I could see a bit of her pale blue panties through the leg hole of her running shorts. I think my smile may have been turning into a leer.

“I’m not going to do anything, I promise,” I said, creeping toward the bed. “I’m certainly not about to touch you. I would never put my hands on my own sister…” Saying that made my throat clench and I gulped for air.

There seemed to be honest panic in her eyes and again I faltered, froze, waited.

She said in a trembling voice, “Just not my feet ok?” I looked down at her feet, tiny nails painted a rosy red. My dick flinched. I looked from her feet to her face and back to her feet. She wriggled her toes ever so slightly and that was all I needed.

I dropped heavily onto the bed and seized one of her feet in both hands. She screamed and kicked me with her free leg, but I held fast. I tickled the bottom of her foot and she arched her back and tried to writhe away, twisting first one way then the other. I tickled and tickled. She was screaming and laughing. “No, stop! Stop! Ethan stop!”

“I’m not doing anything! What? I’m not even touching you!”

She tried to pry my hands off her foot with her other foot, wriggling her toes against my fingers. I got the impression she wanted me to give that foot some attention too, so I dropped the first foot and grabbed the other. She started writhing all over again, squealing like crazy. Her shirt had ridden up with all that slithering around on the bed, and I got some flashes of the underside of her bare boobs. They were really jiggling around.

She was using her free foot to push against me. It had started up on my chest and then wriggled its way down, and now she had it buried in my crotch, and my cock was hard as hell in my jeans. She kept grinding her toes into my thigh and cock.

I started to move my hands up her leg, lightly massaging and tickling her calf as I went. She slowed down with all the writhing and squirming. She was panting like crazy. Her tits were heaving under her tank top, which was twisted around her. I was moving one hand up each leg now.

“Stop,” Joyce panted, her face turned away from me toward the back wall. Her hair was sweat-plastered all over her cheek. “I can’t take any more!”

And then she said something that made my heart skip and blood surge into my dick. I was sure my jeans would tear under the strain.

“I… I… don’t want you… to do that… I don’t want you… touching my body. Take your hands off my body… just… stop touching me…”

I stared down at her all twisted on the bed, her breathing more under control but still heavy. I climbed onto the bed and spread her legs around me as I knelt in front of her. I gripped each of her thighs with a new intensity.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned, head still turned away. “Stop, Ethan. Don’t.”

I worked my hands canlı casino up her thighs, gripping and groping and spreading her tanned skin, stretching it tight.

“Please don’t Ethan, I hate it, I hate the way your hands feel on me…”

I was losing my mind a little. My hands went to the waistband of her shorts and I started to pull them down.

“No! Ethan, no! Don’t!” She gripped both my wrists in her hands and I could feel her animal strength. But she was pushing my wrists, helping me get her shorts and panties off.

The insanity of the situation hit me full in the face and I sat back on the bed, dazed.

Her shorts and panties were halfway down her hips. The top of her mound was visible, her pubic hair trimmed just so. “What… are we… Joyce…?”

For the first time in minutes, Joyce turned her head on the pillow and looked at me. She sat up on her elbows. There was no trace of panic in her eyes anymore. Only desperation.

“Ethan,” she pleaded. “Ethan…” her voice climbed a notch. “You can’t fuck me Ethan – “

“Joyce! Jesus!”

“You can’t fuck me!” Her voice became shrill, frantic. “Don’t fuck me Ethan, whatever you do… Do. Not. Fuck me…” her eyes flashed and she stared hard into me.

“I…” I said. It was so crazy.

“I…” I said again. It was the absolute craziest thing ever.

“I don’t want to fuck you Joyce. I have never, ever, wanted to fuck you. I’ve never even fantasized about you… not even once. You… disgust me…. Your legs, your tits, your ass, your arms, your lips, your feet, your shoulders, your neck, your eyes…” I ogled all these parts of her body as I listed them off, my eyes roaming all up and down her. Her nipples were hard. “They disgust me. You disgust me Joyce. I would never, ever want to fuck you.”

“Then don’t do it. Because I don’t want you to. I cannot stand the thought of you… the thought of you… inside me…”

I jolted to life. I was a wild man. I lurched forward and grabbed hold of her shorts again. I yanked them down, panties included, and threw them aside. Joyce screamed for me to stop and tried to sit up, whapping me with her hands. I pushed her down on the bed.

“No, don’t Ethan! I told you no! Don’t take your cock out! I don’t want to see it! I can’t have it touching me! I can’t have it inside me!”

I had to get off the bed to undress. I tore off my shirt. When I reached down for my jeans, Joyce was already there. She’d sprung up from the bed and grabbed my fly and was yanking on the buttons.

“Stop Ethan! Don’t take it out! Don’t you dare!” I looked down at her crazy hair as she worked on my jeans. I groaned and stood there, letting her flail against my crotch.

Finally she got my jeans and my briefs down around my ankles. My cock was bouncing around. Joyce stared at it then backed up onto the bed again. I could smell her pussy when she climbed up, naked but for her tank top.

“Don’t you dare come at me with that thing!” she hissed, spreading her legs as she lay back.

“I won’t,” I said, putting my knee up onto the bed. “I would never…” I said, shaking my head slowly, incredulously, as I got my whole body onto the bed and over top of her. She put her hands up against my chest and looked down the length of us.

“Don’t touch my tits. Please. Don’t touch my tits. Don’t touch my nipples. Don’t put them kaçak casino in your mouth, please, I’m begging you, I won’t like it, don’t….”

I fell on my sister and ravaged her chest. I buried my face between her tits and nuzzled her tank top all around until I got to the skin. I stuffed her nipple into my mouth and slurped all around it, grunting and slobbering and smearing my face with my own spit. Then I moved on to the other one. She was moaning and groaning and thrusting her tits up into my face.

“Stop Ethan, stop… oh, stop…please don’t tell me you’re fucking me, please don’t tell me you’re fucking me!”

I took a break from swallowing her tits. “I’m not fucking you Joyce, I’m not, I swear I’m not! And I would never, ever think of shoving my dick right up into you!”

I was up on my knees, my cock waving around in the air while I leaned my head down into her tits. I felt her hands on my dick. She was grasping on to it and switching between hands and fingering it all over.

“Ethan, get off me Ethan, I want this cock away from me right now!” My sister’s hands were going wild all over me, yanking on my dick, pushing up against my chest, gripping my biceps, back on my dick — everywhere.

I lowered my body onto her gently, sliding myself forward, chest to chest, her tank top wrapped up around her neck, her tits flattened beneath me. My cock slid up against her mound and her belly.

“No! No Ethan! Don’t put it in me! Not inside me, never inside me!”

“I won’t!” I was gasping right down into her face. Her eyes were rolling around, crazed. “I would never do that to you! Not to my sister! I would never push my cock so, so fucking deep inside my sister!”

“Uuunnnhhhhh!” I pulled back and down and I felt her hands on me, positioning the tip. She drew her knees up beside my shoulders. I wrapped my right arm around her bent leg and pushed it up even higher on the bed, spreading her wider.

She was holding me back, playing the tip up and down over her pussy lips and her clit. She grabbed the back of my neck with her right hand and pulled my head down into her and hissed and spat into my ear.

“Ethan, no! Don’t… do it… Ethan… please… no… not inside… not inside me!”

She lined me up and I pushed and my cock went deep, deep into her.

“Nnnooooooohhh… nnnoooooooohhhhh… nnnuuuunnnnhhhh…sssstaaawwwwwp… sssstuuuuhhhh… ssssstuuuuuuhhh…”

I fucked my sister deep and hard. She wrapped herself around me tight and I just kept pushing into her, deep as I could go.

“Jusssst,” she moaned, “jussst… jussst… don’t… come… inside… don’t… come… inside… don’t… come… don’t… come… don’t… don’t… don’t… come… come… come… promise! Promise you won’t… come!”

“I won’t Joyce, I won’t come in you, I would never, I promise I won’t! Nnuunnh! Aaannhh! Uuunnhh! Nuuunhh!”

I grunted and pushed and thrust and sweated and finally gripped her leg and held myself inside her and came so goddamn hard. I came, I came, I came, I came…

I lay like that for a few moments while I slackened inside her. I felt her pulsing around me. She panted into my cheek. I slipped out and rolled off her and we both lay breathing and shivering.

She whispered, “You didn’t come inside me, did you?”

I stared up at the ceiling. “No. Not even close.” I was so hoarse I didn’t even recognize my voice. “Did you come?”

“Fuck yeah!”

We laughed. Then she said, “We’ll never do this again, will we? It was so awful. It was a nightmare.”

“Never again,” I said wistfully. “Never, ever, again.”

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