Alice Makes a Discovery

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Alice is a beautiful young woman of 19 and this is a collection of some of her adventures!

* * * * *

One night Alice had a friend over for a sleepover, her name was Meg. Alice and Meg had been good friends since kindergarten. Meg is a few months younger than Alice is, she is only 18. This was never a problem for her best friend Alice.

This was it! The big night of the sleepover. Even though they both have gone to other slumber-parties before together, Alice & Meg never had their own sleep-over by themselves. They had the whole house, nobody was there but Alice and Meg. This gave Alice a chance to find out something she’s been wanting to know for years.

The evening started out with girls enjoying some pizza they had ordered and a couple of movies Alice had rented. Alice rented two movies one was a slasher film and the other was a film about two young girls who lived in dorm at an all girls school. Alice definitely had something up her sleeve, because she knew that Meg didn’t like slasher movies. Alice proceeded to put the “other” movie in the VCR and sat down on the easy chair in the living room while Meg sat on the couch nearby.

The movie started out kind of slow, building up the relationship between the two main characters and their day to day life. Things were soon about to heat up! The scene started out with the two schoolgirls in their beds in the dorm with only the light of the moon beaming through the windows. This was the part that Alice was waiting for! In the middle of the night, one of the schoolgirls crawled out of her bed and crept over to the bedside of her roommate.

Since this was a racy movie to begin with, the girls were sleeping in their underwear and only covered by a thin sheet. At the bedside of her roommate, the one girl began to slowly pull down the sheet that covered her roommate. The sneaky roommate wasted no time. Still kneeling beside the bed, she began to caress the left breast of her roommate with her hand. This instantly made Meg squirm a bit. Alice knew it would. Next, the roommate began to gently pull down the panties of her sleeping friend. Meg’s eyes grew wide as Alice reclined back in the chair exposing her own panties. The “sneaky” roommate began tenderly kissing her roommates vagina and even started to make little lapping motions with her tongue like a cat licking it’s paws. Alice thought Meg was about to freak-out, but instead she moved forward on the couch watching with great curiosity.

After the roommate began lapping at her roommates sweet-box, canlı bahis the roommate began to awaken moaning with pleasure. With this her midnight friend really started in on her task of making her roommate go wild.

Alice caught Meg glancing at Alice’s exposed panties. This was making Alice practically wet with anticipation. Actually, Alice did have a small wet spot that showed through on her white cotton panties.

By now, both girls in the movie were going at it pretty good. They had moved into a “69” position for a display of oral pleasure. Then as most movies do, the next scene showed the girls in class together the next morning.

Alice thought this was a good time to announce that she wanted to take a shower before going to bed.

She went into the bathroom and started her shower. Meg stayed in the livingroom watching the movie, which had another scene of the two young schoolgirls making-out in their dormroom again. Meg drank down the last drops of her 44oz. soda and realized that she had to pee badly, but the house had only one bathroom. The one where Alice was taking her shower. Meg really had no need to feel nervous. After all her and Alice had been friends for years and have been in locker rooms together and changing to swimming in Meg’s backyard pool. No big deal.?

Meg went down the hallway to the bathroom and tapped on the door to tell Alice she needed to come in for a minute because she had to go before there was an accident in the hallway. Alice without thinking twice about it told Meg to come on in and take care of her business. Meg opened the door as a wave of steam filled the room. While Meg did her thing, she began watching Alice in the shower. Meg definitely had a good view since the showercurtain was totally see-thru. While sitting on the toilet, Meg noticed that the inside of her underwear had a large wet spot. Subconsciously she had been aroused by the movie as well.

Suddenly Alice pulled back the showercurtain and asked Meg for a favor. Meg’s pulse began to quicken.

Alice asked Meg if she could scrub her back for her. Nervously Meg agreed to the request.

At first Meg started to scrub Alice’s back while standing outside of the shower, but with the showercurtain open the water sprayed everywhere. Alice said, “wait a minute if your going to do this right you need to get in the shower with me”. “After all, weren’t you going to take a shower after me”? Meg started to get suspicious as well as curious at the same time. Meg figured what the hell. She took off her nightshirt, bahis siteleri pulled her panties off, and climbed into the shower with Alice. Alice immediately felt a warm gush between her legs.

Even though Meg was younger than Alice, she was more developed. Meg had well-rounded breasts with dollar-sized nipples, while Alice had small-ish breasts with hard perky nipples. Alice lathered-up the washcloth and handed it to Meg to wash her back. Meg’s hand was shaking as she began scrubbing Alice’s back. She could not grasp why she was shaking, but proceeded to scrub away. Like a sixth sense, Alice could notice the nervous vibes of her friend. Alice turned around to face Meg and said “your turn”. Meg answered “Ok”, in a shaky voice. Alice figured this would at least get Meg to relax. As Alice scrubbed Meg’s back, Alice noticed that Meg’s shoulders began to drop and could feel that she was feeling more at ease with the situation.

Alice said, “since I started the job”. “I might as well finish it”! Alice knelt down in the shower and started to wash the back of Meg’s legs. Alice didn’t want to rush things as not to alarm Meg of what else she had planned to do. Alice washed one leg and then the other being careful not move up too far on Meg’s long legs. Alice decided to act coy and told Meg, “well your a soaped-up back here except for your butt”! With her own curiosity now sparked, Meg told Alice to go ahead take care of that too. Alice didn’t want to act like she was getting aroused just yet, as she ran the soapy washcloth over Meg’s firm ass. Meg’s thoughts began to wander as she felt her best friend’s hand caressing her ass. Alice thought to herself that it was now or never. Alice’s hand moved further down on Meg’s ass. Time for Alice’s next slick maneuver.

On the next motion over Meg’s butt she “accidentally” extended her middle finger out from the washcloth and brushed over Meg’s vagina. Instead of Meg jumping out of the shower in disgust, she let out a small moaning sound. “Holy Shit”! Alice thought to herself, she actually liked it. Maybe the movie had some influence after all. Alice repeated the move, but this a little slower and pressed her finger along Meg’s pink pussy. This time she heard even a bigger moan from Meg. Alice pushed at the middle of Meg’s back causing Meg to have to put her hands on the tiled wall of the shower. This also exposed a little more of what Alice was after, Meg’s tender young pussy. Alice figured she didn’t need the washcloth anymore so she draped it over the showercurtain rod. Alice pulled the showermassage bahis şirketleri off the wall and started to rinse Meg off. After all the soap was rinsed away Alice changed the water pattern on the showerhead to pulse!

Alice positioned the pulsing showerhead under Meg’s pussy from behind. Meg almost began to shiver with pleasure. Her moans started to echo in the bathroom. Alice went for it and started to rub Meg’s pussy with her hand. Ever so gently, Alice inserted a finger in Meg’s warm pussy. After all Meg was still a virgin, believe it or not. Alice put the showermassage back in place and quickly went back to fingering her best friend’s pussy again. Now with a free hand, Alice reached around to caress Meg’s breasts. Alice her wet finger out of Meg’s pussy and started to work on her clit with her fingers. After only a few seconds of this Meg’s legs began to quiver uncontrollably as she reached an orgasm at the hand of her best friend.

Alice figured it was time to get out of the shower before they started to get wrinkly skin. So, without saying a word Alice & Meg dried themselves off and went back to the livingroom. Meg forgot to turn off the VCR when she left the room to go to the bathroom, which was ten minutes ago. Alice ejected the tape from the VCR and sat back down on the recliner again. Meg crawled over to Alice and said, “It’s time I repaid the favor”! With this Meg had Alice recline back in the chair and told her to lay back and enjoy. Meg suprised Alice at first by standing up and leaning forward a giving Alice a long french kiss. This certainly had Alice all worked up again. Meg worked her way down to Alice’s perky tits and began licking and sucking on each nipple. Alice could do nothing but to lean back and enjoy what Meg was doing to her.

Soon Meg worked her way down to Alice’s pussy. Alice’s pussy was still warm from the “hot” shower and still very wet from all the excitement. Meg quickly went to work on Alice. Meg decided to tease Alice’s pussy by gently kissing it at first. But as soon as Meg heard Alice begin breathe faster, it was all or nothing.

Meg started licking wildly at Alice’s pussy, lapping at her clit and moving her finger in & out of Alice’s pussy. Alice began grabbing at her tits and twisting her nipples until they were rock hard! Meg was so turned on by what she was doing and watching Alice that she began fingering herself. Alice saw what Meg was doing and remembered what the two schoolgirls were doing in the movie. Alice pushed Meg off for a moment and told Meg to lay down on the livingroom floor. With Meg sprawled out naked on the floor, Alice straddled her pussy over Meg’s face. Both girls were in “69” heaven as they, licked, sucked and fingered each other into a climactic frenzy.

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