After the Event

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There were 8 of us, that was it we knew of no one else who had survived its quite possible that else where in the world there were others who had survived but we didn’t know where and it would be foolish to try to find them when we had what we needed to survive here and had no way of getting anywhere other than walking. i was the eldest at 18 years old the others were my twin brother Alex, my younger sister Jane who was 16 and the youngest Paul who was 15. the the other 4 were our cousins the eldest James was 17 then there was Steve who was 16 and his twin (i guess it runs int he family) Alice, then there was Anna who was 14. we lived in my old house with radios every where in case we got some communication from other people. we had a few large fields out the back filled with vegetables and fruit, and a few cows in a pen for milk we hadn’t trusted ourselves to kill and cook meat yet not even one of the chickens that scrated around the house and provided us with eggs. we also had a basement full of tinned goods that we had collected from the surrounding houses and shops. Alex had managed to fix up a generator down there as well, he was good with his hands he had even made it run on rotting organic matter, he had been an apprentice in an generator company orf some kind, i had never been very interested in it, but he had taken about a year building it but it supplied us with electricity for lighting…most of the time. in short we had what we needed to survive no luxuries but the basics.

i had started writing. writing about the world as it had been writing about what happened, and how we were surviving. i did this in the evening after the work around the house had been done. one evening when i wasn’t writing we were all sat in the living room talking about the old world, how things had been, it was a topic we arrived at often and discussed at length but this time it was different it was about old boyfriends and girlfriends Paul piped up as a joke that the worst thing about the end of the world was that he had never had sex, we all laughed at the absurdity of the comment while Steve agreed vigorously. the conversation drifted from there but it had set me thinking about re-population, obviously nothing big would change in out life time but we could start off a chain of events that could re introduce the human population, it was unlikely i had read somewhere that the minimum safe number for starting a new population was 50 and even that was a serious genetic bottle neck. not only that but the 8 of us were related making an even smaller change of anything but the new line fizzling out with horribly mutated offspring within the second generation, but i still felt we had to try. then there was the non genetic problem of the re-population, incest was icky.

the next time we were all together i brought it up. “ok guys i have a suggestion which i realize is a bit unpleasant sounding but i feel we should give it a try because we have to a sort of obligation to the human race, although saying that, anyone who doesn’t want to do it doesn’t have to. what i am suggesting is” i paused “re-population, i realize it has a high probability that it wont work but think about it, a) when we get old we will struggle to farm the fields assuming we haven’t canlı bahis died of disease by then, b) if we are all that is left of the human race we should at least try to preserve it, c) there is no one left to judge us, c) we havent really lost anything if it fails, as long as we try not to get too attached to the baby’s, and finaly d) its not like we are going to get sex from anyone else for the rest of our lives, and Paul and Steven, and i think i am right in saying Anna and Alice will all be able to actually have sex which they wouldnt otherwise have, in there entire life”

there was a stunned silence before Steve finally spoke up “Well i suppose i am up for it, its weird but its not like im get any any other way.” there were a few more cautious grudging yes’s and a few more who said they would think about it. i was happy my proposal hand been seen as disgusting and vile leaving me an outcast.

Now i had to decide how we were actually going to do this. the subject didnt come up again for a few weeks we kept on with our lives that had fallen into an endless cycle, the same everyday we all got up about the same time we all went out to do our chores i had to milk the cows and search for eggs from the chickens then go in to make something for lunch i had to make a fire in the hearth with the wood that Anna and Paul had collected i then waited for the water to boil and cut up the vegetables and some days do something from the tins. after lunch we all went out to work in the fields when we got back in we collapsed on the sofas to tired to do anything at some point i had to get up to make something for tea. after tea we sat in the living room/ dining room of the house and i brought up the subject again. “so guys you have had enough time to think about it. What do you think?” at first no one said anything but slowly, amazingly the all agreed. i was stunned that i had persuaded them but i suppose it was a bunch of teenagers in a house all alone together so maybe not that surprising. “ok so now we have decided that we are going to do this, how are we going to do it? we can pair up or have an orgie of some kind”

“i think if we pair up it might get weird between the pairs” Jane said

“also it some people might get upset you know if no one wants to pair with them” James added

“well i could pick the pairs” i replied

“i think an orgy would be best to start with then possibly we pair up later” Alex

“sounds fair everyone up for that?” i ask. everyone agreed and we decided to work hard tomorrow to try to keep the next day clear and we would do it then.


the day had come. we woke up at about 12 and wandered downstairs. i was eating breakfast when James finally came down stairs he was the last.i smiled at him “hey sleepy head, the others are in the lounge, im just finishing off my breakfast then im heading in there”

“ok im not too hungry so i’ll wait with you and we will go in together” he said as he sat down at the table

“you ready for this?” i asked

“more than you know, its been too long since i have had sex. my wrist have practically doubled in strength with the work out they have been getting” he smiled i giggled at this bahis siteleri “i mean i have even thought about you as i did it, sometimes”

“seriously?” i asked, flattered

“yeah” he replied sheepishly

i swallowed the rest of the cereal and stood up “well lets go and see if i am as good as you imagined”

we walked in to find the other chatting they all looked up as we came in “finally took you long enough” Alex joked “ok lets strip we can do a bit of foreplay so that we get comfortable with each other before we get down to it.” we all stripped and stood there unsure what to do

Paul then walked over to me “well if we are going to do this lets stop standing like lemons” he reached out and touched my breasts everyone laughed at his bold move and we all moved closer together touching and feeling each others bodies i moved next to James and kissed him while stoking my hand up his penis “is it like how you imagined” i whispered in his ear. my hand wrapped around his dick and started pumping i knelt down to get a better hold of him and then Steve came up behind me and asked if i could do the same to him so i took one of them in each hand and started pumping, Paul then came over disappointed that i couldn’t do the same for him so i opened my mouth, he got the message and moved into my mouth and allowed me to gently suck on it. i sped up on my masturbation of the other two while expertly sucking on Paul’s dick. suddenly i felt the other two starting to pulse in my hands i knew what this and their groans meant as they both blew there load into my hair. the sight of his sexy sister who was sucking him off being covered in cum was clearly too much for Paul as he exploded into my mouth wave after wave of cum pulsed out of his shaft. mean while Alex Jane Alice and Anna had been having their own fun. Alex was licking out Jane and Alice and Anna were 69ing within a minuet only me and Alex hadn’t orgasmed. the others all lay recovering, i lay on the floor and beckoned Alex over he cam but was reluctant “i just think its a bit weird ur my sister and all, i dont want to be the first to cum in you, you know makes it more likely that my sperm will impregnate you and sibling baby’s are going to be more screwed up than cousin baby’s.”

“pull out when you are going to cum and i will swallow it then” i suggested Alex relented and climbed between my legs, he positioned himself and then thrust in gently, nervously. my hands rested gently on his shoulders as he continued to thrust my hands ran down his toned body my legs wrapped around his legs so that my feet were in between his. his cock felt so right as it gently moved in my soft yet tight pussy. he sped up his hips bucking and thrusting i saw the look in his eyes that meant he was about to cum, his grunts confirmed this so i pushed him off gently and wrapped my lips around his rock hard cock, immediately he released shooting wave after wave of hot sticky cum into my mouth as i swallowed i kept him in my mouth sucking and slurping until he was completely free of cum. i sat back unsatisfied. as yet none of my family had been able to make me cum.

then Alice stepped up to me and pushed me back while making out with me, all pretense that this was just for re-population gone, bahis şirketleri this was what it was just a group of horny teenagers finally expressing how the feel about each other. as Alice made out with me i felt two more of them start to feel my breasts while i felt two of the guys penetrate me one in the pussy and one in the ass. it was Paul who was taking his older sisters ass virginity and it was Steve who was pounding into my pussy while James and Jane softly caressed my breasts. the double penetration felt amazing i could feel the cocks get soo close to each other inside me i was also amazed at the size of Paul’s penis it was huge, filling my ass hole tight. Steve was fine for his age but nothing compared to Paul. and finally i felt the heat of an orgasm spread through me as i finally let rip with a huge long moan as all my muscles tensed and i was send into shuddering convulsions and i had the biggest orgasm i had ever had it lasted for a full minuet and the others didn’t stop once during that time, they just kept building the sensation, near the end i felt Paul cum into my ass pumping a few waves of cum deep into me. eventually it subsided and i lay exhausted on the floor. after we had all recovered i suggested we split up and tried to have some baby’s i paired with James, Alex paired with Alice. Paul paired with Anna and Steve paired with Jane. i took James up to my room and we lay there preparing ourselves and chatting a bit. then i snaked my hand along his chest “now lets see about these fantasies of yours” my hand slid down to his crotch and around his limp penis. it became hard within seconds, and boy was it hard, it was utterly rock solid. i licked my lips as i straddled James as he lay on the bed. i slid down and felt the tip of his shaft gently part my pussy lips i slid down further slowly taking more of him in loving the feel of his rock hard manhood sliding along the soft walls of my pussy. i took in his whole length and started to grind in circles on his cock, his hand enveloped my breast as i did so gently kneeing them. i then stared to slid off his cock, then i slammed back down hard impaling myself on his shaft, making myself let out a short moan as i did i so i did this a few more times until i started to ride him more smoothly gently rising up and down slowly speeding up until i was riding him at such a pace the bed was groaning in protest his hands had left my breasts and were resting on my smooth porcelain hip. then he wrapped his arm around me and picked me up he stood up and pushed me against a wall, his penis still buried deep inside me, i was trapped against the wall and his hard toned chest, a very pleasant place to be trapped i might add. he trust into me not getting the same depth as before but much more passion as his lips mashed against mine in a chaotic frenzy of lust and passion. eventually he couldn’t hold me any longer and we sunk to the floor while he still trusted into me as we entwined in writhed together until i felt my whole body start to tremble and shake and i felt his body tense on top of me and his cock start to pulsate shooting thick sticky cum into my pussy that contracted tightly around his shaft as i was rocked by my own intense orgasm my own juices being released to mix with his inside of me and to seep out over his balls and soak my thighs. we lay together a long time unable to move, we fell asleep with him still inside me, his head nestled into my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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