After the Cruise: Jamie , Brandy

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Note: This is a continuation of “The Cruise – Jamie” and “The Cruise – Brandi” – you should probably read those first.

* * * * *

Jamie and Brandi met for breakfast the morning they were to dock and return home. Both of them were very tired. Brandi had spent her last night on ship having every orifice in her body filled by three guys at once. She was tired and her body ached but she felt this incredible sexual buzz all through her body.

Jamie had spent her last night with Kris. The two of them spent most of the night holding each other, kissing, crying, making tender love together. Jamie was tired but she had that glow of someone with a new love.

The two girls kissed long and passionately, promised that they would call when they got home, then Jamie left to go meet Brandi. When Jamie and Brandi saw each other, they both laughed and hugged each other. Jamie could tell her friend had spent yet another night getting her brains fucked out. Brandi could see that Jamie was happy, and that made her happy.

“So tell me, Jamez, did you finally meet a guy? You look like you got laid or something!” Brandi said.

Jamie knows that Brandi is bisexual, but Brandi has no idea that Jamie and Kris have spent the entire cruise together. As far as Brandi knows, Jamie has only kissed one girl, and that was her, one time only, several years ago.

Jamie smiled, and said, “Well, you’re half right!”

Brandi looked at Jamie.

“No, I didn’t meet a guy, but yes, I got laid!”

Brandi stared at Jamie, stunned. “You don’t mean you spent your last night playing with yourself?”

“No, silly, I mean that now I know why you like girls!” Jamie said.

“Oh… My… God… Jamie, you didn’t!”

“Yes, I did! And it was incredible, Brandi! I don’t know why I never believed you. I mean, you keep telling me how hot it is to kiss a girl, I’m just glad I finally tried it.”

“So tell me, Jamez, who is it? Is she a hottie?”

“Definitely a hottie. It’s Kris…”

“I wondered about you two, it seemed like you were spending a lot of time together. So is she a lesbian?”

“No, it was her first time, too. But she said she had been curious for a long time. That first night, we went dancing then ended up on deck and started kissing. We never really stopped… She lives close and that we’re going to keep seeing each other, for a while, anyway!”

“Oh, God, Jamez, I’m so happy for you!”

“Thanks, I am happy about it, too. I mean, I don’t know what will end up happening but I know it feels really good with her so I’m just going to go with it!”

“You’re so lucky, Jamie… I mean, I had a great time on the cruise, but I don’t think that ANY of those guys are anything more than fast fucks. Not a single boyfriend-quality guy in the bunch!”

‘Well, Brandi, you certainly tried hard enough to find the right guy,” Jamie laughed, “How many guys did you end up fucking during this cruise?”

“I’m not totally sure, but I think it was 32 or 33. For once in my life, I am ‘fucked out.’ You know how much I love a hard cock, but I got my fill these two weeks. It kinda makes me jealous, thinking about you and Kris. I mean, it’s so much more tender and loving with a woman, and with most of those guys it was ‘wham, bam, thank you maam’! I really miss the cuddling and kissing afterwards, you know?”

“Yeah, Brandi, I know EXACTLY what you mean. That’s one thing I really love, lying next to another soft body, holding her close, kissing each other, stroking each other. So tender, so wonderful…”

“Careful, girl, you’re gonna get me turned on if you keep talking like that!” Brandi laughed, and so did Jamie.

“Maybe we can try that some time, after we get home. I remember how good it felt that one time we kissed, and I really always wanted to try it again.”

“God, Jamez, I wish I had known that… We have wasted a lot of time that we could have been together. I always thought you weren’t interested, that you had been grossed out by kissing me.”

“Not at all, Brandi, I just didn’t like the way other people reacted, calling us lezzies and dykes and stuff aftert that night. That was probably the big thing. But now I don’t care nearly as much what other people think.”

“Well, cool! I agree, I mean probably most of the ship thinks I am the biggest slut on the planet. And maybe for these two weeks I was, but Jamie, you know I am not like that at home. I just wanted to have a good time, and I did!”

“Yeah, I totally understand. I mean, if you had told me before we left, that I would spend the whole two weeks having sex with a girl I had just met, I’d have told you that you were crazy. But I am glad I met Kris, and glad we got together. And I am definitely glad you got as much cock as you needed. We both really needed that, ya know?”

“Yeah, baby! We did, I was going crazy at home…”

The two girls packed thieir bags and straightened their cabin. They disembarked, hand in hand. Their parents were all there to meet them, and there were hugs and kisses all around.

“So, honey, did you have a good time?” Jamie’s mother asked.

“Yeah, bahis firmaları mom, I did, I had a great time. It was a lot of fun, thank you SOOOO much for sending me.”

“How about you, pumpkin, did you enjoy yourself?” Brandi’s father asked.

“Yes, daddy, I did. I had a very good time and enjoyed myself very much! Thank you and mom so much!” Jamie and Brandi looked at each other and smiled.

The first night, Jamie asked her parents if they would mind if she spent the night at Brandi’s. She dropped her laundry off at home and headed over to Brandi’s apartment. Brandi has recently moved out on her own, mostly so she could feel free to bring a guy home without worrying about what her parents would think.

The two girls arrived at Brandi’s and tossed their stuff in the bedroom. Jamie plopped down on the couch, and Brandi came and snuggled up next to her. Jamie put her arm around Brandi’s shoulder, then the shorter girl slipped her arm around Jamie’s neck and turned her face.

“God, Jamie, you don’t know how my mind has been racing. Thinking about you and Kris together, it makes me wet just thinking about it. I didn’t realize how much I have missed being with another girl, it has been WAYYYYY too long!”

Jamie reched her hand out and gently stroked Brandi’s cheek, then down her throat. Jamie leaned in and the two girls kissed. SO gently at firsrt, lips just brushing. Then with more urgency, Jamie felt Brandi’s tongue slide forward, against her lips. Jamie’s tongue reached out to meet Brandi’s, and soon the two girls were kissing deeply.

Brandi twisted around so she was straddling Jamie’s thighs, and both her arms were around the taller girls’s neck. Jamie was exploring Brandi’s tight little body, exploring a breast with one hand and cupping one cheek of her tight little ass with the other.

Brandi was moaning into Jamie’s mouth, and she was grinding her hips against Jamie’s as they kissed. The kiss grew more passionate, their tongues dancing together wildly. Jamie slid her hands under Brandi’s shirt and up to her erect nipples. When Jamie’s fingers closed on them, pinching, pulling, Brandi moaned, “Oh, God, Jamez… Wanted you for so long…”

Jamie broke the kiss and whispered, “Come on, baby, let’s go to bed. I need to feel your skin next to mine…”

They stood up and dashed to Brandi’s bedroom, stripping off their clothes as they went. By the time they got to the bed, both of them were nude. While on the ship, Jamie had completely shaved her pussy. She had remembered how much Brandi loved to be eaten when she was shaved, and thought it was the perfect time to try it. And she loved it, loved the feeling, loved how Kris’s tongue felt sliding across her bare mound.

Brandi squealed, “Ooooooh, Jamie… You shaved? For me?”

Jamie smiled and said, “Well, for Kris actually… but for you, too! I mean, you were the one who told me how good it feels. And wow, were you right!”

Brandi walked up to Jamie and pushed her back on the bed. Jamie lay back with her legs spread and her shaved mound glistening with her juices. Brandi climbed onto the bed, between her thighs. She started kissing and licking her way up Jamie’s legs.

“Oh, no you don’t!” said Jamie, “Turn around, I need some too!”

Brandi smiled and turned around, lowering her pussy to Jamie’s waiting tongue. Jamie could see that Brandi was sopping wet, and she slid her tongue up Brandi’s slit then flicked it all over her clit. Brandi moaned and pressed her hips back, forcing her pussy onto Jamie’s face. Brandi then lowered her face to Jamie’s pussy, and the two girls began licking and sucking each other.

Jamie could feel Brandi’s juices running down her thighs, coating Jamie’s face. Jamie reached a hand up and began to tease Brandi’s clit with it, spreading her lips wide and sucking. When Jamie’s fingertip slid into Brandi’s pussy, the smaller girl moaned and arched her hips. Jamie began to slide her finger in and out, batting her tongue on Brandi’s clit as she finger fucked her.

At the same time, Brandi was sucking on Jamie’s clit. Sucking hard, even biting it gently and flicking just the tip of her tongue across it. Jamie could feel herself getting close to cumming, so she started fucking Brandi with hard, fast strokes of her finger. When Jamie slipped a fingertip into Brandi’s ass, Brandi almost screamed and she erupted, her juices spurting out of her pussy and coating Jamie’s face. Jamie’s orgasm hit at almost the same instant, she could feel Brandi’s tongue sliding deep inside her, licking up all her juices.

The two of them spent most of the night fucking each other. Jamie and Brandi were exhausted but happy the next morning. When Jamie got home, her parents innocently asked if she had had a good time at Brandi’s. With a big smile, she said, “Yeah, it was fun, I am so lucky to have her for a best friend.”

For the next few days, Jamie struggled to get back on “real life” time. Pretty much every morning on board, she and Kris had not made it out of their cabin until noon. She talked to Brandi a few times, and her best friend was having the kaçak iddaa same problem adjusting to her schedule. She also talked to Kris every night, and the two of them agreed that they missed holding each other, missed falling asleep next to each other.

The following Friday, Kris drove down to spend the evening with Jamie. Jamie’s parents were surprised that she had made a friend on board, but seemed to genuinely like Kris. The two of them talked to Jamie’s parents for a few minutes then went up to Jamie’s room.

When they were inside, Jami closed the door and slipped her arms around Kris’ neck. The girls kissed, and Kris slid her hands under Jamie’s skirt and cupped her ass, pulling Jamie’s hips tight to hers. Jamie moaned softly and arched her hips forward, pressing her mound against Kris’ thigh.

“Oh, God, baby, I have missed you…” whispered Kris.

“Me, too, darling, it’s been so bad, being all alone. I’ve been wishing you were here next to me.”

“Me, too. So what shall we do? I think your folks might get suspicious if we just stayed in here all night…”

“Yeah, they are pretty clueless but even THEY might figure it out if we were in here with the door locked and moaning together… You want to go dancing? We can call Brandi…”

“Sure, that sounds fun. You told me she was acting out of character on ship, she does seem like a nice girl!”

“She is the best! And I know we could have fun with her, I don’t know if this town is ready for the three of us together…”

“Cool, so call her up!”

Jamie called Brandi, and she agreed to meet them to go dancing at a new club in town. It had only been open about a month, and neither of them had been there before. The buzz was that it was THE place to go, and that gays and bis were welcome there, too. Jamie wondered if Brandi had picked it because she knew about Jamie and Kris, so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable dancing together.

“The only thing is, I didn’t bring any ‘going out’ clothes, I just have my jeans.” Kris said.

“That’s okay, you can wear something of mine, we are almost the same size. And if it’s a little tight, so what? So much the better, show off that sexy body of yours!” smiled Jamie.

“But I don’t want to show it off to anyone but you…”

“Awwwww, you are SOOOO sweet, Kris. Okay, I want everyone to see what a sexy girl friend I have, is that better?”

Kris held Jamie tight and kissed her tenderly. “I like the sound of that, you calling me your girl friend…”

They settled on little shorty tank tops and mini skirts. Neither girl wore a bra, and they both had on thongs. Their shoes made them exactly the same height, and they were amazed at how similar their bodies were. They put on jackets and headed out to meet Brandi.

Jamie suggested that Kris bring her overnight bag, as she thought there was a good chance they would end up at Brandi’s. They told Jamie’s parents that was the plan, and her mom said, “Okay, that’s fine. You girls have fun, okay?”

Kris and Jamie smiled at each other, and Kris said, “Oh, I’m sure we will. It was nice to meet you!”

Jamie drove, but they didn’t go straight to Brandi’s. They stopped up the street, and Jamie reached for Kris. “I just needed to kiss you before we got there, baby!”

The two girls shared a long, deep kiss, and Jamie had her hand inside Kris’ jacket, cupping her breast through her top. Kris put her hand on Jamie’s thigh, and slid it upward as their kiss grew more passionate. Kris could feel that Jamie’s thong was damp, and when she pushed it aside and slid her finger into Jamie, the blonde girl moaned into Kris’ mouth.

“Oh, God, Kris… I can’t believe how bad I want you!”

“Me, too, Jamie, these past few days have been horrible, being away from you.”

“I know, me too. I wanted to warn you, though, that Brandi knows about us. She’s my best friend, and I thought I should tell her. I hope that’s okay, she is bi and has been forever, and you and me being together is very cool with her. She actually said she was surprised it took me this long to get with a girl.”

“No, it’s cool. I told my best friend at home, too. She couldn’t believe it, either. We have talked many times about being bi-curious, but she has never had the nerve to try anything. And now that I tried it without her, she’s a little jealous!”

Jamie smiled and drove up the block to Brandi’s. Brandi opened the door, and gave Kris and Jamie big hugs. Brandi was dressed in a little white silk halter top and very short mini skirt. She was obviously not wearing a bra, and her erect nipples were clearly visible against the silk.

Jamie reached out and tweaked Brandi’s nipple. “Looking to play tonight, are we? You looking for a guy or a girl?”

Brandi grabbed Jamie’s hand and held it tight to her chest. “Well, since it looks like you two are taken, I guess I’m gonna have to find a different girl tonight!”

Kris smiled and put her arms around Jamie. “You better believe it, this one is ALL MINE!”

Jamie leaned back against Kris, and said, “Yeah, Brandi, find your own girl. This one is taken…” and kaçak bahis put Kris’ hand on her breast.

Brandi laughed and said, “God, you two, you’re insatiable… We better get out of here before you start going at it right here!”

Kris laughed and gave Jamie’s breast a squeeze. “You’re right, if we don’t get going now, we may never…”

The three of them piled into Brandi’s car, with Jamie and Kris in the back seat. Kris slipped her arm around Jamie, and Jamie put her head on Kris’ shoulder. Jamie put her hand on Kris’ thigh, and the two of them started kissing as Brandi drove.

“Okay, you two, quit that before I stop the car and jump in the back seat with you!” Brandi laughed.

Jamie broke the kiss and winked at Brandi, “Yeah, yeah, promises, promises…”

Kris whispered into Jamie’s ear, “And I have a surprise for you for later. Brandi isn’t going to mind if we fool around at her place is she?”

“Of course not, although it sounds like she might want to join us. What would you feel about that?”

“Mmmmmmmm…” Brandi ran her tongue around the inside of Jamie’s ear. “Two sexy women instead of one? I think I could handle that… If it’s okay with you, of course!”

“Of course, Brandi and I are best friends. I love her and making love with her is a natural extension of that love. If it’s okay with YOU, of course!”

“Anything for you, baby. I just want us to be happy, and I know that Brandi is a sexy little thing. So yes, I would love to fuck both of you tonight!”

Jamie responded by kissing Kris deeply. The two girls were really into it, kissing and caressing each other. They were startled out of the kiss by the car stopping suddenly.

“Ahem, sorry to disturb you two, but we’re here, unless you guys want to stay out in the car all night!” Brandi said.

Jamie looked at Kris, then over at Brandi. “What do you think, Kris, should we stay here or go inside?”

Kris laughed and said, “Well, if it was up to me we would stay here, but I DO feel like dancing, so let’s go have some fun!”

They climbed out of the back of Brandi’s car. Jamie had to smooth her skirt down, it was up around her waist. The three girls put their arms around each other and headed inside.

It was dark in the club, with lots of flashing lights and pounding music. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they could make out tables and booths, a dance floor, the bar. They found a booth in the back. Jamie slid into the middle, with Brandi on one side of her and Kris on the other. A waitress came and they ordered drinks.

They looked around and could see lots of people that they knew, and some that they didn’t. On the dance floor were some groups and some couples, mostly mixed but the occasional girl-girl couple. In the booths around them they could see couples of every “flavor” sitting together, talking, nuzzling, the occasional kiss.

Kris slipped her hand under the table and put it on Jamie’s thigh. Jamie pressed her thigh into Kris’s as they sat and talked. Pretty soon a guy came up and started talking to them. It was someone Jamie and Brandi had gone to high school with; he was just as obnoxious now as back then.

He kept trying out his tired one liners on Jamie. Brandi was behind him, and she kept rolling her eyes and making faces, making Jamie laugh. Finally Jamie said, “Look, Brad, we’re not interested in your tired act. Go find someone else to bother, okay?”

He scowled at them and said, “Oh, still a dyke?” and stomped off.

Kris shook her head and laughed out loud, “Jeezus, what an asshole! I hope all the guys in this town aren’t like THAT!”

Brandi smiled and said, “Oh, no, girl, trust me. Some are FAR worse!!”

Jamie just nodded her head, “But really, there are a few nice guys here. The problem is that they are either married or gay! Or both!”

Kris piped in, “I know just what you mean. It’s the same way where I live. The guys who think they are ‘God’s gift’ aren’t. It’s the quiet ones who make the best boy friends.”

Jamie said, “Yeah… or the best girl friends!!!”

Kris reached for Jamie and said, “Okay, girl friend, let’s dance!”

Jamie didn’t want Brandi to be left out, so she said, “C’mon Brand, let’s go. We can be a thruple!”

The three of them headed to the dance floor. Jamie could see that both Kris and Brandi’s nipples were erect, matching her own. She had always enjoyed being out with Brandi, but especially so now that they were both openly bi together.

They danced together for a while, then a slow song came on. They looked at each other, unsure of what to do. Jamie reached for both of them, and the three of them wrapped their arms around each other. Brandi put one arm each around Jamie and Kris’s neck, and the two taller girls each put one arm around Brandi’s waist and their other arms at each other’s waist.

Brandi pressed her body forward against Jamie and Kris. Brandi stepped in so she was straddling Jamie’s thigh. Both girls’ short mini skirts rode up so that her bare thighs were rubbing against Jamie’s. Kris slid her hand down under the shorter girl’s skirt and cupped her bare ass cheek. Brandi was grinding herself up and down on Jamie’s thigh, and it was obvious that Brandi had come out without panties. Jamie could feel Brandi’s smooth mound sliding up and down against her thigh.

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