Aerobic Spank 5

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It would be good for you to read Aerobic Spank Parts 1-4 before reading this conclusion. Just click the link milkman2 at the top of the page, and you will find links to the first 4 parts of the story.

Sonia’s body shuddered in ecstasy as her daughter, Molly, licked and sucked on her stiff, pink clitoris. Hope, Bridgette, Sharon, Robin and I stood watching in awe what must have been my wife’s sixth or seventh orgasm. Robin was stroking my erect penis with one hand as she played with her own wet pussy with the other. Hope and Bridgette fondled each other as they watched, and Sharon’s middle finger moved rhythmically in and out of her own anus.

As Sonia’s body relaxed and the shaking subsided, Molly’s tongue made a few languid circles around Sonia’s puckered asshole. Then Molli sat up, grinned up at the circle of onlookers, licked her lips like a satisfied cat and said, “My mom has the best tasting pussy and bottom ever!”

After a few minutes, Sonia and Molly headed off to the shower together, and the rest of us sat on the living room floor talking over what was to come.

“It’s interesting that Sonia got so upset about the idea of having Molly make love to her, but she enjoyed the actual experience so much.”

“I think I know the answer to that,” I responded. “Sonia had relations with her own father and mother, as well as her sisters and brother, but she was forced. Even though she felt pleasure in many of her experiences, she also felt tremendous guilt, so the prospect of having sex with her own daughter brought back all the old feelings. She really has quite a story to tell if she will!”

“Well,” Bridgette chimed in, “Molly surely doesn’t have any problems with guilt! She’ll try anything, and she just loves it if it’s sexy and feels good. I know from experience!”

“Hmm, you’ll have to tell us all about it one of these days,” Hope said.

Molly and Sonia returned from the bathroom, still naked and damp from their shower.

“I’ve been thinking…” Sonia began hesitantly.

“Yes?” Hope answered encouragingly.

“Well, today has been quite an eye-opener for me. You guys have definitely showed me some things about myself and about my family. I was just thinking that since Molly has been so loving and giving to me, I probably should return the favor.”

“That’s interesting!” Robin exclaimed. “We were just talking about the same thing. Great minds must run around in the same circles.”

We all laughed.

“Molly, would you like for your mom to lick you?” Hope queried.

Molly looked lovingly at her mother. “If you’d like to, Mommy, I would love it!”

Molly lay down on her back and spread her legs apart. Hope immediately took one of her ankles and Robin the other, lifting her legs up until her puss and her bottom were fully on display.

Sonia lay down on her stomach and ran her tongue up and down Molly’s pink pussy lips. She licked slowly, savoring the juices that were already illegal bahis oozing from Molly’s spread hole.
Molli moaned in delight as her mother’s tongue made circles around her clit and then delved once again into her puss, moving in and out, fucking her like a miniature cock.

“OOOH, Mommy, that feels so good,” Molly groaned. Her pussy spasmed as she began to orgasm, and her juices flowed even more copiously. Sharon knelt down on one side of Molli and Bridgette on the other, and each took an engorged reddish-pink nipple in her mouth and began to lick and suck as Sonia began to lick Molly’s clit again. Hope and Robin were caressing Molly’s legs and feet. It didn’t take long before Molly began to shake with orgasm for a second time as the four women stroked and suckled her.

No one stopped as Molly settled down after coming. They continued to suck and lick and play.

“Mommy, would you PLEASE lick my bottom hole?” Molly breathed passionately. “It’s nice and sweet after you washed it in the shower! Your finger felt so nice up inside me!”

Sonia complied immediately. Her tongue made its journey from Molly’s clitoris down to her anus slowly, licking every inch of sweet flesh in between. Molly moaned when her mother’s tongue began to lap her asshole. Sonia pursed her lips and kissed Molli’s exposed hole tenderly, and then resumed licking with the flat of her tongue, thoroughly bathing her daughter’s little rosebud.

“Oh, mom, oh please, put your tongue inside me. Fuck my little asshole!”

Sonia pointed her tongue and licked in little circles around the pink hole, teasing Molly.

“Inside, inside, oh please,” Molly pleaded, and Sonia pushed her tongue deep into Molly’s rectum. Molly squealed with pleasure as Sonia’s tongue fucked in and out of her anus. Molli’s hand moved to her pussy and became a blur as she rubbed her clit vigorously.

“Oh, God, Mom, I love that!” Molly shouted. “I’m gonna come again!” And she did, shaking and shivering and calling out to her mother not to stop.

Ten minutes later, Hope said, “We have to go home pretty soon, but we have two more things in store for you, Sonia!”

“Oh no! What now?” Sonia asked.

“You’ll see!” Hope replied, laughing. “OK, everyone get in position, just like we planned.” All the girls and I stood up and lined up one behind the other with our legs about shoulder width apart and a couple of feet separating each one in line.

“Get on your hands and knees, Sonia! You have to run the gauntlet! You have to stop as you go under the legs of each of us and get a spanking, ten spanks each. When you get all the way through, you’re almost done!”

Hope was first in line. Sonia crawled between her spread legs, and stopped as Hope spanked her bottom, slapping one cheek and then the other. After administering ten slaps to each buttock, Hope said, “Next,” and Sonia crawled to Bridgette and stopped between her legs.

Bridgette administered ten mild swats, illegal bahis siteleri using both hands at the same time. She tickled Sonia’s anus with her fingertip for a moment and said, “OK, next.”

Now it was my turn. My wife crawled between my legs. He bottom was bright pink and I could see that her pussy was wet. I spanked her bottom, using just one hand and then pushed my finger in and out of her puss for a moment. She moaned and spread her legs a bit further apart. After a moment I said, “Next,” and Sonia crawled on back to Sharon.

Now I got out of line, as Hope and Bridgette had before me, and stood watching to see what Sharon would do. She bent over and licked one of Sonia’s bottom cheeks and then gave it a firm slap. Sonia squealed. Sharon repeated the treatment nine more times, pulled Sonia’s bottom apart, licked her hole and then finger fucked Sonia’s asshole for a minute.

Robin was next in line, and after administering her swats, Robin put one finger up Sonia’s bottom and two in her pussy, moving them in and out rapidly, while her thumb made circles on Sonia’s clit. By now Sonia’s puss was dripping wet, and she crawled over to her daughter, Molly, who was the last in line.

“I always wanted to give you a spanking, Mom, and by the way, you never spanked me anywhere near as much as I would have liked. Molly had the ruler and gave Sonia her ten swats with a loud smacking noise and squeals and exclamations from her mother. When she was done, Molly picked up a bottle of massage oil she had set next to her and began to rub it generously on her mother’s red bottom. After a while, Molly’s fingers moved to her mother’s anus, and she inserted first one finger and then two as she fucked Sonia in the asshole.

After a few minutes, Sonia reached back and began to rub her clit, her hand sometimes straying back to feel her daughter’s fingers moving in and out of her anus. Molly removed her fingers for a moment and her mother inserted her middle finger into her own bottom. She moved her finger in and out, fucking herself, and moved her finger in circles when it was buried as deeply inside as she could get it.

Hope walked over with a blue vibrator she had taken from her purse and handed it to Molly. “Put this up her bottom and see how it fits,” Hope grinned.

Molly slowly inserted the dildo in Sonia’s bottom and then turned the vibrator on. Sonia squirmed and moaned as the blue penis tickled her insides.

After a few minutes, Molly said, “OK, I think she’s ready now! Daddy, you get to be the grand finale. We all want to watch you love Mom in her bottom.

I looked questioningly at Sonia; she smiled and nodded. As Molly and Bridgette helped Sonia to her feet and led her into our bedroom, Hope and Sharon each took one of my hands and we followed behind. In the bedroom, the girls had me lay on my back on the bed. Hope crawled up on the bed and began to kiss my lips. I looked over at Sonia, Molly and Bridgette canlı bahis siteleri and saw that they were alternately kissing each other, their hands caressing breasts, bottoms and pussies.

Sharon and Robin got on the bed with Hope and me and began to play with my penis, then licking and sucking it as Hope and I continued to kiss, our tongues entwined. Finally Sharon and Robin began to take turns licking my balls and sucking on my shaft until I was rock-hard and not that far from coming.

Molly and Bridgette brought Sonia over to the bed and had her watch the women loving me. Molly rubbed more oil into Sonia’s anus, and then all the women got up and stood around the bed as Sonia climbed onto the bed with me.

Sonia stood over me, facing forward and then squatted, pulling her cheeks apart as she did. When she was in position, I placed the head of my penis on her bottom hole and began to rub it gently around her anus. I did not try to insert it; I knew from previous experience, this needed to be her timing, not mine.

Sonia pressed down and I felt the tip of my cock slide inside of her bottom. She stopped and just let it rest there, getting used to the fullness of it. Then she pressed down a bit more, stopping with every half inch or so until my penis was completely engulfed in her bottom. She waited some time, with me completely inside of her and then began to raise and lower herself, riding my hard penis. She raised up until just the head was inside and then lowered bottom to take me completely inside again.

Around the bed, the other women were watching raptly as my cock disappeared into Sonia’s bottom, and then reappeared only to disappear again. All five of them were playing with themselves as they watched. Finally Molly got on the bed on her knees and bent down to lick her mother’s pussy and suck her clit as my penis moved in and out of Sonia’s bottom.

And suddenly, I felt my step daughter’s warm, moist mouth on my balls and then her tongue, licking softly. Now her mouth was gone and her mother moaned in pleasure as Molly licked her; now her mouth was back caressing me. I felt Sonia’s anus contract as she began to come and felt my own orgasm begin. The women around the bed were moaning wildly in the throes of their own orgasms, and then Sonia raised up off of my penis and moved back to straddle my stomach. And then my cock was in Molly’s mouth and I was coming and Molly was swallowing. My wife got off of me and took my penis out of Molly’s mouth and began to suck on me. Molly’s smooth lips and tongue caressed my testicles once again.

After everyone had cleaned up and dressed, there were hugs and kisses all around as our guests departed for their own homes. We all assured each other that this certainly would not be our last adventure together.

Sonia and I slept that night snuggled in each other’s arms, closer than we had ever been before.

This concludes the series entitled Aerobic Spank. I hope you have enjoyed reading my fantasy (based, in some part, on actual events) as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Watch for Sonia’s Story and Bridgette’s Story in the near future!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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